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Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Addiction Suede Brooks Light Breathable Alternative To The Addiction 2

Brooks Addiction Walker SKU: 7414346

The Addiction Walker Suede is similar to the Addiction Walker 2. The main difference is the suede upper, as opposed to the regular Walkers heavier leather. Both models are well cushioned, slip-resistant, and have stability tech for people with low arches. But if you want a lighter, more breathable model, the Walker Suede might be for you. What youll notice:

Although the upper is entirely made of suede, it has tiny holes that allow air in and heat to escape. If your feet tend to get sweaty throughout the day, youll appreciate how this shoe keeps them cool and dry. FYI: Shoes with as much structure as the Addiction Suede wouldnt typically be so light and airy. But this is what makes this model unique.

Staff Product Review: Brooks Addiction Walker 2

Next time you pop into Track Shack, check the picture out of our original shoe wall. We had just ten styles of shoes! And no, there were no color options or widths. But, we did carry the Brooks brand even in 1977. Brooks has evolved and since then ownership has changed three times. In the running industry, Brooks currently takes the number one spot on most shoe walls.

Recently we received an update of what I call the get better shoe, the Brooks Addiction Walker 2. Your running shoe probably updates every year but the Addiction Walker 2 doesnt and we were excited to see the new and improved model. This is one of two leather walking shoes we carry and by far the most popular. The fit is contoured just right for most customers whether they are in need of that get better shoe or they need a sturdy leather shoe for work. This model does come in widths and is available in white or black. This year there is also a suede model and continued research will hopefully tell us if the volume is as high as the leather option. My thought is that the leather shoe is still the better get better shoe because suede is so much softer therefore not as stable. The leather models also come in a Velcro option but we save this option for the folks that truly cannot use laces as shoes with laces always are more secure on the foot. Although the sole is stamped as Slip Resistant we know that this is for water only on most surfaces.

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Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Wide Fit 45 Only

  • Our Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is a support system for your entire body. It strategically positions arch support to guide and keep your body in its natural path of motion.
  • BioMoGo DNA, our proprietary cushioning, adapts to your stride, weight and speed. Why? So it can help protect you by reducing impact on your joints.
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Heel Type: low-heel
  • Shoe Width: Wide womens_us
  • What stands between you and a lack of traction? An innovative outsole thats been certified for slip resistance.
  • The full-grain leather upper is both comfortable and durable.

Your order will be dispatched by our dedicated team at Alton Sports. We have a very diverse team with many of our staff members being involved in various running disciplines including 800m to 10km on the Track or Road, Half Marathon to Triathlon and everything in between. Some of our colleagues compete to a high level in both domestic and international competition. Our skills are wide ranging from having qualifications in anatomy and physiology to nutrition to postural assessment and even exercise and coaching.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to know more about Alton Sports or the services and products we offer, please email us

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Best Brooks Shoe For Leisure Walking & Errands

For casual tasks like walking the dogs, going to the post office, or just wearing them at home, youll want to make sure you have a comfortable shoe. Youd probably like a model like the Addiction Walker Suede because its got pillowy cushioning, lightweight, and its breathable to keep your feet cool.

Who Should Not Buy Brooks Addiction Walker 2


If you like what the Addiction Walker 2 has to offer but are not fond of the leather upper, thenthe Walker Suede is an option to consider. Unlike leather on the Addiction Walker, the suede material on the Walker Suede is perforated. It offers slightly more aeration for the foot.

You can also choose from our selection of best slip-resistant models, like the Hoka One One Bondi SR, if you are not satisfied with the grip of the Addiction Walker 2.

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Whats The Best Way To Clean My Brooks Walking Shoes

The best way to clean your walking shoes is to wash them with a soft brush and mild soap.

  • The first step is to remove the insole and the shoestrings.
  • Next, youll want to softly brush the shoe with mild soap to scrub away dirt.
  • After that, youll want to use cold or cool water to rinse the shoe.
  • Last, be sure to let them air-dry. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight as this could cause damage.
  • Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Suede Black/prime 110319

    A BEST SELLER! The Addiction Walker offers you ultimate support and stability when comes to a walking shoe. The Brooks Addiction Walker in Suede is designed for someone who over-pronates and is looking for maximum support. The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is featured in the Addiction Walker and is a support system for the entire body. In addition, the outsole is now slip-resistant and safe to wear for everyday use or for work.

    • Our Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is a support system for your entire body. It strategically positions arch support to guide and keep your body in its natural path of motion.
    • BioMoGo DNA, our propriety cushioning, adapts to your stride, weight and speed. Why? So it can help protect you by reducing impact on your joints.
    • What stands between you and lack of traction? An innovative outsole thats been certified for slip resistance.

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    I Use To Love Wearing These

    I use to wear Brooks addiction but had a lot of pain due to plantar fasciitis . I brought the Brooks Addiction walker 2 and they were great and I’m now pain free. Fast forward to now and I can’t wear them anymore because these shoes are advertised as slip resistant which is false. I’ve had 3 falls because of these shoes being very slippery on wet surfaces. I only kept wearing them because they got rid of the pain in my feet but its time to find something better. Yes they are comfortable but they are just not worth it. If you need a slip resistant shoe give these a miss.

    Purchasedin at The Athlete’s Footfor $250.

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    Who Should Buy Brooks Addiction Walker 2

    Much like the original Brooks Walker, the 2nd edition is meant for people who needextra support for overpronation and flat feet. Its improved design makes it a better choice, which will let you pair this with formal work outfits.

    This is also ideal for the colder season it is guaranteed to provide comfort during colder days and drizzly weather.

    • Linear platform has a broad midfoot and wide toe box
    • Generous fitting allows for accommodation of foot deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, and corns
    • Footbed uses Brooks MoGo cushioning design for a cushy first feel that doesnt fade and doesnt reduce stability
    • S-257 Cushsole decreases midsole breakdown and improves energy return
    • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar stabilizes the foots motion minimizing unhealthy pronation
    • Features the Brooks patented HydroFlow®, a sealed viscous fluid chamber that cushions and absorbs shock at the heel and forefoot strike zones
    • Engineered MC Pod Construction provides maximum motion control and biomechanical correction to prevent walking injuries
    • HPR Plus Green outsole is an ecofriendly outsole designed to efficiently decompose in landfill conditions
    • Exceptional support helps prevent and relieve pain from plantar fasciitis


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    Brooks Addiction Walker 2 Men’s Walking Shoes New

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    I Need Help Deciding: Which Would Be The Best Walking Shoe To Start With

    • Addiction Walker 2 The Walker 2 is a great all-around walking shoe. Its got plenty of plush cushioning to keep your feet comfortable all day. Its got a supportive leather upper. And its got a slip-resistant outsole in case of a potential slipping hazard.
    • Walker 2 V-Strap Its the same as the Walker 2 but with two super simple hook-and-loop straps so you can slide the shoe on even easier and quicker.
    • The Walker Suede If youre not going to be standing or walking for hours at a time, youll probably want a lighter, casual shoe. The Walker Suede is light and breathable , but still has plenty of cushioning.

    How Often Should I Replace My Brooks Walking Shoes


    Generally speaking, walking shoes need to be replaced around 300 – 500 miles. Here are some signs that its probably time for a new pair:

    • If you notice the tread on your shoes are wearing down, especially if its wearing unevenly.
    • If the cushioning is no longer keeping your feet comfortable like it used to.
    • If you notice your feet sliding around in the shoe, as if its not holding you in place as well as before.
    • If youre experiencing aches or pains after standing or walking for hours, this could mean that the technology in your shoes is no longer working.

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    Brooks Addiction Walker 2 Mens White/white

    Feel supported on every step with the Brooks Addiction Walker 2. These slip-resistant walking shoes offer a unique outsole thats certified for slip resistance and provides maximum traction. Enjoy complete control from the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar support system, which promotes proper alignment and guides your body through a natural path of motion. Savor of the soft cushion from the BioMoGo DNA midsole, which adapts to your stride to provide all-day comfort. For walkers seeking an incomparable combination of cushion, support and traction from their shoes, let the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 take you on a smooth stroll to your next destination.

    Whats New?

    • Refreshed leather upper offers a classic look.
    • Certified slip-resistant outsole provides maximum traction.

    Shoe Technology

    Upper: Full-grain leather upper adds comfort and durability to enjoy your shoes longer.

    Midsole: Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar support system strategically positions arch support to align your body and guide it through its natural path of motion. BioMoGo DNA cushion adapts to your stride, absorbing shock at high-impact areas to reduce pressure on your joints.

    Outsole: Certified slip-resistant outsole keeps you safe and secure with maximum traction on any surface.

    Whos it for?

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    Good Shoe But Heavy And Cumbersome

    I wear orthotics and Brooks shoes make a couple of great shoes that allow a wearer to insert custom orthotics.

    I had the early model of these shoes and they are great. They have ample room once the orthotics were installed and were very comfortable and incredibly stable. They were a little heavy and could make the feet very warm to hot but a wearer some discounted this for the comfort they afforded. The same cannot be said for their successors.

    I purchased the latest model on-line hoping for a repeat. Fortunately, I not overly fashion conscie…

    • IncentivisedReview

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    Toned Down Design Of The Brooks Addiction Walker 2

    This time around, Brooks has put an emphasis on the shoes appearance. The brand still uses a full-grain upper but gives it a cleaner and more streamlined shape. The foam midsole also has a visibly less aggressive design.

    Many users claim that the second iteration has significantly improved the aesthetics department. The basic color options of this model easily match formal work outfits and uniforms, says multiple reviews.

    Asics Gel Fortitude 7

    Brooks Addiction Walker SKU#:7414348

    The Asics Gel Fortitude places a special place in every runners heart, from the moderate to heavy overpronators. It apparently stays away from the excessive heights of the classic type of motion control footwears. With a much better ground responsiveness, tons of comfort and incredible overpronation measures, the athletes owning flat arches and inflexible feet would be now on their way to a more comfortable and fun road in this model.

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    The New Model Addiction Are Not Like The Old Ones

    This is my fourth pair of Brooks Addiction and very disappointed. The back of the shoe is very weak and you require a shoe horn to put them on. The back of the she crushes down and will not return to its shape. Makes you wonder if cardboard has been used the back of the shoe? I could go on, but truely they are not the shoe they use to be . I have persevered with these shoes for 2 months and I usually get 12 months out of a pair of Brooks. At $250 I will no longer be buying Brooks

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    Brooks Addiction Walker Leather

    100% ! , . , . , brooks addiction walker leather . – , . 60 000 .

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    Brooks Addiction 2 Brooks Classic Stability Walking Shoe

    The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is a popular go-to walking shoe for overpronators/ Its designed to be a motion control shoe. This means itll stabilize your arches to make sure your foot doesnt roll inward with each step. To achieve this, they added a rollbar that guides your motion. And the leather upper does a nice job of holding your foot in place.

    The Addiction Walker 2 is also a heavily cushioned walking shoe. This makes it a great pick if you struggle with plantar fasciitis or if you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day.

    The shoe is a podiatrist recommended shoe for anyone who needs extra orthopedic support. An added plus: the Addiction Walker 2 is slip-resistant. This makes it great if you work in a restaurant or a job where slipping can be a problem. The Addiction Walker comes in two different styles: regular laces or velcro V-straps.

    The V-strap version is great for anyone who appreciates the convenience of velcro. Just note: they tend to run small. Keep this in mind when choosing your size. What youll notice:

    Brooks designed these shoes with comfort in mind. When you slip them on, youll immediately feel the pillowy cushioning. This makes the Brooks Addiction a great shoe for walking or even standing all day.

    • Easy on your leg muscles

    The Addiction Walker 2 has a heel-to-toe drop of 12mm. This means youre more likely to land on your heel . This helps reduce strain on your calf muscles.

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