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How To Overcome Gaming Addiction

What Are The Symptoms Of Gaming Addiction

How to Overcome Video Game Addiction

Gaming addiction can cause various symptoms and the severity will vary from person to person. Some of the symptoms can also be caused by other kinds of stress, so it can’t alway be assumed that it is gaming that’s the cause of any problems. The symptoms of gaming addiction are as follows:

  • Gaming behaviour:
    • Preoccupation with games, constantly thinking about previous games and anticipating playing the next game. Gaming becomes the dominant activity in daily life.
    • Self-imposed isolation in order to guarantee uninterrupted play.
    • The use of gaming to relieve negative moods, such as guilt, anxiety or hopelessness.
    • The need to spend increasing amounts of time gaming.
    • Withdrawal symptoms when gaming is taken away. These symptoms are often described as irritability, restlessness, anxiety, or depression.
    • People with increased gaming symptoms may have greater levels of depression and also an increased tendency to become aggressive.
  • Effects on other activities:
    • Loss of interest in real-life relationships, previous hobbies, and other entertainment as a result of gaming.
    • Risk of losing, or actually losing, a job, educational or career opportunity, or a relationship due to gaming.
  • Persistent tiredness due to lack of sleep.
  • Continued excessive gaming despite being aware of the problems it’s causing.
  • Being unable to reduce playing and having failed attempts to quit gaming.

Gaming Addiction And Depression

Depression and similar disorders have been identified as both a potential cause of and the potential consequence of, gaming addiction. Depression can leave an individual feeling apathetic and hopeless about the future, thus reducing the apparent importance of any long-term work or academic aspirations and increasing the appeal of effectively inconsequential but immediately gratifying activities such as computer gaming.

The often solitary and effectively meaningless nature of computer gaming makes it even more dangerous in this regard, and various vicious cycles can develop as an affected individuals self-worth can become ever more diminished by loneliness, fatigue, obesity, poor hygiene, an inability to communicate successfully with others, lessened employment or career prospects, guilt and shame, and even a poor performance within a game or games.

Debates On The Classification

A meta-analytic review of pathological gaming studies concluded that about 3% of gamers may experience some symptoms of pathological gaming. The report noted problems in the field with defining and measuring pathological gaming and concluded that pathological gaming behaviors were more likely the product of underlying mental health problems rather than the inverse.

Barnett and Coulson expressed concern that much of the debate on the issue of addiction may be a knee jerk response stimulated by poor understanding of games and game players. Such issues may lead both society and scholars to exaggerate the prevalence and nature of problematic gaming, and over-focus on games specifically, while ignoring underlying mental health issues.

Other scholars have cautioned that comparing the symptoms of problematic gaming with problematic gambling is flawed, and that such comparisons may introduce research artifacts and artificially inflate prevalence estimates. For instance, Richard Wood has observed that behaviors which are problematic in regards to gambling may not be as problematic when put into the context of other behaviors that are rewarding such as gaming. Similarly, Barnett and Coulson have cautioned that discussions of problematic gaming have moved forward prematurely without proper understanding of the symptoms, proper assessment and consequences.

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Draw On Proven Research And Support

Many of the principles of gaming addiction share a lot in common with other addictions, especially those digital in nature.

But it can help to start your research on how to stop gaming by understanding this specific type of self-destructive behavior better.

There are also a lot of ideas out there to try that may not fall within the scope of this article today.

Emotional Symptoms Of Gaming Addiction

  • Feelings of restlessness and irritability resembling withdrawal symptoms, when you are unable to play
  • Thoughts are dominated by gaming even when you are not actively playing
  • Becoming isolated and detached from friends and family in order to free up time to play video games
  • Mood changes, often dictated by whether you are able to game or not

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How To Stop Playing Video Games: 3 Effective Strategies

When a gamer learns about video game addiction, the first question that comes to their mind is, âHow do I stop playing video games?â

There are three ways to stop playing video games:

  • Quit all forms of gaming instantly.
  • Slowly reduce the amount of time you spend gaming.
  • Find a competing interest that pulls you away from video games.
  • However, for these strategies to be effective, it is essential to understand how bad your video game addiction is. Here is a quiz to figure that out:

    Continue reading to learn how video games affect your brain and behavior, and how you can stop playing video games.

    Can A Video Game Addict Ever Play Video Games Again

    Theres an old saying: Once an addict, always an addict. If this statement is to be taken conclusively, it means someone who has been diagnosed as a video game addict should avoid video games in the future. Even one video game session could lead to a relapse.

    The good news is unlike food addicts who need to eat, video game addicts do not have to play video games. Of course, for kids who are addicted to video games, not gaming may mean not going to social events like parties and other celebrations where gaming will be available. This is similar to the practice of alcoholics not going to functions where alcoholic beverages are likely to be served.

    In general, its best if the video game addict never returns to gaming. That way, they have a much better chance of beating the addiction completely.

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    I’ll No Longer Settle For Less That I Can Be

    I’ll no longer settle for a life that I’m unhappy with. I’m no longer going to settle being alone in my life, not having friends, being insecure, or not having confidence. ;What really pushed me over the edge is when I wondered what my life was going to look like in five years from now or ten years from now, if I continued down this path. ;What would it be like? I thought to myself, I’m going to be even more alone, even more isolated, even more unhappy with myself. ;That pain of facing the truth will set you free.

    If you can get to the truth, you can change anything in your life. Most people don’t want to face the truth because it hurts. It doesn’t feel good. It feels uncomfortable, because you have to admit to yourself that you are not enough. You have to admit to yourself that you are not happy. If you can get to the truth, you can confront that pain. That pain can drive you to make that decision to change.

    When I made that decision, I got rid of my PlayStation. ;I sold it. I got rid of all my games. I got rid of my TV. I remember that I didn’t get rid of the TV right away, but I just disconnected it. I was like, You know what? I’m going to disconnect my TV. ;I sold my accounts. I got rid of everything. I made like a hundred bucks for all of the years that I spent building up these accounts. ;I didn’t really get much of a return for it.

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    How to Overcome Gaming Addiction (Part 1)

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    What Is Gaming Addiction

    Gaming addiction has been a topic of controversy and debate for some time now. Even though gaming has been around since the seventies, psychological research about the potential harm gaming can cause is still in the early stages of development. There is currently no conclusive evidence the suggests that gaming cause detrimental effects, leading many to speculate if addiction is even a correct categorization of the behavior they have observed as a result of gaming activity.

    In 2018, The World Health Organization officially included gaming disorder in their medical reference book: International Classification of Diseases. However, the American Psychiatry Association did not recognize the disorder in their DSM-5 manual. Although, in general, the latter has only recently begun to acknowledge non-substance-related addiction. It has classified just one so fargambling.

    Having said that, there have been documented cases of addiction-like behavior from some individuals. Some gamers exhibit clear signs and symptoms towards gaming that are not unlike addictions to any other stimulus. Parallels can be drawn from the rewarding and reinforcing nature of gamessome aspects of which are deliberately designed by developers to cause an irrational appeal amongst players.

    The Current State Of The Issue

    As time went by and the tech industry flourished, the gaming industry expanded with it. Over the decades, gamings popularity has continually increased every year to the extent that it is now the highest-earning media sector. Gaming has outperformed the music and movie industry by approximately three and four times, respectively. Figures show that the gaming industry generated an estimated $165 billion in 2020, and projections indicate even higher revenues for 2021.

    In fact, gaming is one of the few industries to show economic growth during the pandemic. With lockdowns and social distancing restrictions in place across the globe, people are forced to spend more time indoors and apart from friends and family. Many have turned to gaming to alleviate stress, boredom, and to fulfill their need to socialize. For countless gamers, gaming has been a lifeline and a connection to humanity.

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    Physical Symptoms Of Video Game Addiction

    • Fatigue: many people play computer games for very long periods of time indeed, as noted above gaming-related fatigue has been a factor in numerous deaths in recent years and often sacrifice sleep for the sake of continuing to play. This is especially common amongst those who work or attend college or university and who are therefore unable to play during working hours.
    • Migraines: prolonged gaming has been known to spark off migraines even in those who have previously not suffered from them.
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome: repeated, very protracted bouts of gaming using manual controls such as drawing pads, keyboards or mice can lead to the wrist condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, causing pain and tingling in the fingers and hands.
    • Poor personal hygiene: some gamers allow their levels of hygiene to slip significantly as a result of their protracted gaming and/or because their isolation leaves them feeling that they do not need to make any effort in this regard. Some e-sports competitions have been obliged to post notices warning that gamers exhibiting poor levels of hygiene will be disqualified and removed from the venue.

    Addiction Or Underlying Mental Health Problem

    How to overcome video game addiction

    In the debate around video game addiction, you often hear the objection that gaming is better understood as a coping mechanism for underlying mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder , and not a disorder in its own right. Is this true?

    No.;It is widely established;in the addiction field that comorbidity the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases or conditions in a patient is common, and gaming disorder is no exception 4

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    What To Do After A Video Game Addiction Relapse

    Relapsing is a commonplace phenomenon in the area of treatment for video game addiction. A relapse can be considered part of recovery, however, and not an end to it. As soon as the relapse has occurred, its necessary for the video game addict to return to their treatment center or therapist. The faster a relapse is evaluated, the sooner the addict can continue toward complete recovery.

    If youre the parent of a child or teen who has undergone treatment for video game addiction, and you suspect a relapse has occurred, do not hesitate to take action. You may feel uncomfortable confronting your child with your suspicions, but its better to have an awkward conversation than to enable them to experience a full-blown video game addiction again.

    Note: You Dont Necessarily Need Our Program To Do This

    On a no-tech/low-tech level, you can lock up your xbox or gaming computer in the garage or attic.

    And you could always create rules for yourself and turn the computer off.

    Of course, you can always go out and get it if you really want to

    But putting even a small obstacle in your own way is often enough to make you stop, think, and decide better.

    In any case, we can all agree that having a tool that blocks you from your own distractions can be priceless for quitting or cutting back

    And our digital solution cuts off the problem at its root!

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    Why Do You Need To Stop Playing Video Games

    One of the biggest mistakes we make when we realize we have an addiction is to try to drop the vice entirely. However, that does not go very well. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, up to 90% of alcoholics will have at least one relapse during the first four years after they get sober. Unlike video games, alcohol creates a biological addiction. However, video game addiction statistics are somewhat similar. More research needs to be done to estimate how often gamers relapse.

    Simply putting an end to your gaming habit will not necessarily fix your life. However, you have a better chance of having a healthy relationship with video games if you figure out why you play video games. If you understand what needs video games fulfill, you will be able to find other ways to satisfy those needs.

    If you want to learn more about video game addiction, its signs, symptoms, causes, the effect on a gamerâs life, how to stop playing video games, how to wean your child off video games, whether games cause violence or make you smarter, then the Comprehensive Guide to Video Game Addiction might be of use to you. to read the complete guide on video game addiction.

    Long And Short Essay On Video Game Addiction In English

    How to Overcome a Gaming Addiction

    Havent found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Essay on Video Games Addiction

    Here some long and short important essay on video game addiction in English are given into different word limits according to the need and requirement of students. These essays will provide you the specific knowledge of the affects of playing video games.

    You will know about the symptoms and adverse effect of playing video games continuously. It is also discussed in the essay on video game addiction that how people get attracted towards them and spent their valuable time on it and get addicted.

    You can use the essay on video game addiction in your school assignments on video games or in discussions on the subject with your classmates and teachers. You will also get aware about the facts that how video games leave their good and bad impact on its users.

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    Or Consider Using Focusmes Blocking Software To Limit Digital Addictions Of All Kinds

    FocusMe is our famous productivity app for blocking out distractions and beating procrastination.

    A lot of users also turn to it to finally win the battle with addiction to games, porn, or online gambling.

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    Seeking Help And Treatment

    Video games have had a tremendous impact both positive and negative on the cultural attitudes, psychological development, and lifestyle choices of both children and adults. While these games can be viewed as a risk to players physical or emotional health, they have also been promoted as effective educational tools and have even been used for physical or cognitive rehabilitation in clinical settings. Yet for individuals who have become caught in a cycle of compulsive gaming, video games can become destructive.The growing popularity of video games has created a new awareness of the problem of compulsive gaming, which in turn has led to the development of treatment programs for this addictive process. Treatment for video game addiction focuses on behavioral modification therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , that guide the client away from the obsessive thought patterns and obsessive habits of addiction. Group therapy is a valuable source of motivation and moral support, especially for individuals who have lost contact with friends or peers as a result of their game addiction. Family or marriage counseling can help educate loved ones about the disorder and create a more stable home environment.

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    How Can I Get Help For A Video Game Addiction

    If you know its time to overcome video game addiction or help someone whos struggling with it, there are many resources available to help you get started. There are programs all over the country as well as in-person and online support groups which are dedicated to helping people break free from addiction to video games.

    The first step to ending video game addiction is to put the controller down and step away. This can be difficult, which is why many video game addicts made a successful recovery only when they discard their gaming equipment or go away on a wilderness retreat. A severe problem with video games might require drastic solutions. If you have questions about treatment for video game addiction, please contact a dedicated treatment provider today. A video game should not be the center of anyones life, but if it is, there is hope for getting unshackled from the screen.

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