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Why Is Addiction So Hard To Overcome

How You Get Addicted To Sugar And Carbs And Its Impact On You:

Why are Drugs So Hard To Quit

Keep in mind, when discussing sugar as an addiction, were talking about sugar in the same vein as a true substance addiction such as; alcohol, drugs, or even nicotine. The same type of drive and need for these substances can be experienced by a sugar need.

Now there are natural sugars found in fruits and were not singling out these here, as at least food science at the moment categorizes these differently. Certainly not all fruits are created equal when it comes to amount of natural sugars they contain, so moderation is advised in consuming anything containing natural sugars. For example bananas are good for you but contain a lot of natural sugars so consuming a bunch in a sitting is overkill!

Since sugar is in almost anything thats sweet most people assume its just food and part of a food group. If its sold to eat, then it must be okay, right?

Well, cigarettes are also sold with some restrictions, but nobody today would argue theyre healthy not even the tobacco companies! But the food industry continues to sell and develop new products drenched in processed sugars. No warning labels from the surgeon general on foods yet! Generally, the food industry is all about profits and not worrying about your health.

These companies have huge clout in Washington to further their agenda, and influence attempts at releasing studies, highlighting the damage to the nations health, processed sugars is injecting in foods we consume.

Truly these folks are hooked!

Avoiding Replacement Addictive Behaviors

Some people find that when they quit or change an addictive behavior, another comes along to replace it. Heavy drinkers and smokers often find themselves overeating and putting on weight. People struggling with sex addiction might find themselves obsessed with exercise.

Addictive behaviors have similar neurological and psychological processes and create rewarding feelings and sensations. So replacement addictive behaviors are common among those trying to overcome an addiction.

The trick to avoiding replacement addictions is to find satisfaction in the experiences of normal life. These experiences may lack the intensity and high of addictive behaviors, but getting to know and like them can introduce a new level of calm you may have never experienced before.

Many people feel they are more in touch with reality;and that relationships are more authentic than when they were constantly seeking pleasure.

The other important aspect of avoiding replacement addictions is to address any underlying mental health problems. Addictions can cover up past trauma, or underlying feelings of emptiness, sadness, or fear. Psychological therapies, as well as medications, can provide long-term relief for these problems, which addictions tend to worsen over time.

Rock Bottom And Willingness To Quit Addiction

It is common for those in recovery to claim that they were finally able to break away from addiction after they hit rock bottom. What they mean here is that things got so bad that there was no way that they were willing to return to addiction. This idea of a rock bottom is subjective there is no sweet spot in the downward spiral where the individual is guaranteed success. For some people there rock bottom will be death or insanity while other people will hit their rock bottom after losing relatively little. The point is that the person has come to the conclusion that they have already lost enough, and they do not wish to lose anything else. Some people have misunderstood the concept of rock bottom to mean that the person has to lose everything before they can get better. This type of thinking is not only clearly wrong, but it is also dangerous. Hitting the proverbial rock bottom has been compared with entering a descending elevator it is up to the person to decide where they want to get off.

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Dangers Of Continued Substance Abuse

Those people who fail to escape their addiction are in real danger because:

* Addiction is a downward spiral, and this means that over any significant amount of time the individuals situation will deteriorate. The final destination for those caught up in this descent is death.* The longer the person remains addicted to alcohol or drugs the more they will lose. The individual will keep on going until they hit a rock bottom where they become unwilling to lose anything more for some people their rock bottom will be so low that they will be unable to recover from it.* The longer the individual remains addicted the more their family and friends will suffer.* The time spent trapped in addiction is wasted because the person will be unable to live life to the fullest or reach their potential. The addict is deluded in their belief that these substances are making life more bearable it is alcohol and drugs that is the source of their suffering.* These substances are toxins that can cause great damage to the body organs and mind. The longer the person remains addicted the more likely they are to do permanent damage to their body.* The longer people remain addicted the harder it can be for them to escape. This is because addiction consumes the individuals self esteem so that they feel helpless and begin to believe that they actually deserve their suffering.

Why Is Alcohol So Hard To Stop

Food addiction: Why addictions to certain foods can be so ...

People use addictive substances for various reasons. Said chemicals mask pain, elevate mood, and help struggling individuals forget bad times or remember good ones.

However, increased and heavier ingestion of such products could result in dependency. Once addiction commences, it can be quite difficult to shake. Many addiction specialists argue that alcohol is one of the hardest dependencies to conquer.

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Overcoming Addiction Through Increasing Self

Self-efficacy is really self-confidence, or a belief in your ability to successfully handle lifes challenges.

When it comes to drug and alcohol use, those who are highly confident that they can stay sober and clean are more likely to successfully complete treatment and maintain their sobriety.10

How do you develop more self-efficacy?

Building strong coping skills through cognitive behavioral therapy and then successfully bringing those to bear in everyday life is the best way to shore up belief in yourself.

In fact, a 2005 study identified coping skills as central to relapse prevention.11

Coping skills involve building communication, social and problem-solving skills. Each time you use these newfound skills in life instead of turning to drugs and alcohol, you have a mastery experience. In turn, each mastery experience builds your belief in yourself as someone who can successfully cope without illicit substances.

Ways To Overcome Sugar And Carbs Addiction:

The number one best way to quit your intake of sugar is to remove it from your house. If you cant get your hands on it easily then youre more likely to resist. You need to treat it the same way as if youre quitting smoking. Smokers who are stopping shouldnt leave a pack of cigarettes around just to test their resolve.

If youre buying cakes and cookies for somebody else in the household then just realize youre going to have to devote a lot of your willpower to resist. Like a smoker trying to quit when their spouse is still smoking itll be tough and unfair to you from the start. Have a discussion with the other person about processed sugar and tell them youre not bringing it into the house in any form, and theyll need to go elsewhere to get their own sugar fix!

Dont buy products with added sugars such as anything on the label with: brown sugar, corn sweetener or syrup or syrup on its own, fruit juice concentrates, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, invert sugar, malt sugar, molasses, raw sugar, sugar, sugar molecules ending in ose . This list was extracted from an article on the Go Red for Women website and Ive included a link to the full article in the resource section below.

Here are some food alternative suggestions for you:

  • Berries.

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Problems With Current Gambling Addiction Treatment

In 2013, Dr. Flora Matheson and her researchers at St. Michaels Hospitals Center for Research on Inner City Health collaborated with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to look over the current literature and studies regarding drug use and gambling addiction. They noticed a high correlation between pathological and problem gambling and substance abuse, but also realized these individuals are not as responsive to the present methods of treatment.

There is a significant amount of people struggling with both substance abuse and gambling addiction, and treatment centers specific for their needs would prove to be beneficial. However, some treatment centers are beginning to incorporate the treatment of pathological and problem gambling into their programs due to the large amount of gamblers they see coming through their doors. In order to provide proper treatment for all patients, the issue of gambling addiction must be taken into consideration during treatment.

As the awareness of gambling addiction increases, so will the number of treatment centers dedicated to the rehabilitation of these individuals. Additionally, greater numbers of existing treatment centers will equip themselves with the capabilities to provide the proper care. Like all addictions and mental health disorders, with more awareness comes more understanding.

Helping Individuals Overcome Some Of The Most Addictive Drugs

Why is it so hard to beat addiction

Here at Meta Addiction Treatment, we believe that all individuals can live a drug-free life. We also believe that recovering from addiction doesnt have to mean pausing your entire life. Our outpatient addiction treatment programs can help individuals overcome methamphetamine addiction while maintaining aspects of their daily lives. Our recovery services include:

  • An intensive outpatient program designed for individuals who have completed our Partial Hospitalization Program or an equivalent outpatient treatment program at another provider and are ready to continue their recovery.
  • An outpatient program designed for individuals who have completed higher levels of outpatient addiction treatment either at Meta Addiction Treatment or another accredited provider.

As part of our treatment, we provide clinical services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, case management, peer support, and nutritional counseling.

You or a loved one dont have to continue living life addicted to methamphetamine. Let us help empower and equip you to take charge of your recovery. Contact us today to speak to one of our recovery experts.

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Why Alcohol Addiction Treatment Helps To Beat Alcohol Addiction

There are many reasons why alcohol addiction treatment aids in beating alcoholism. First and foremost, its important for you to understand that recovering from alcoholism should not be attempted on your own. Its certainly tempting to try to stop drinking without professional help first. You may consider it just to see if you can do it. However, its an attempt that could result in devastating consequences.

When you go to alcoholism treatment, youll get assistance for your withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal is so difficult to deal with; not to mention, it can also be dangerous. Stopping the use of alcohol is very hard once withdrawal sets in. Youre likely to either put your life at risk, or just go back to drinking to get relief.

For these two reasons, it makes sense to get the professional support you need at an alcohol rehab center. Of course, there are other reasons as well. These can include:

  • Being separated from people that may be contributing to your alcoholism
  • Being around others who are also concentrating on beating alcoholism
  • Having professional support every day, all day long.
  • Gaining access to proven treatment methods that actually work.

Being able to learn how you can live your life without being dependent upon alcohol to do so.

Warning Signs Of Addiction

Addictions begin with experimentation with a substance. There are many reasons someone might initially try a drug: curiosity, peer pressure, stress, and problems at work or home being some of them.

If you are concerned someone you care about is struggling with addiction, there are several red flags you can look for. However, its important to remember everyone is different; it may be harder to detect an addiction in some people than in others. That being said, here are some general warning signs to be aware of:

  • Ignoring commitments or responsibilities
  • Staying up later than usual or sleeping in longer
  • Lapses in concentration or memory
  • Being oddly secretive about parts of personal life
  • Withdrawal from normal social contacts
  • Sudden mood swings and changes in behavior
  • Unusual lack of motivation
  • Weight loss or changes in physical appearance

No one expects to develop an addiction when they begin experimenting. But continued experimentation can lead to addiction, often without the person realizing they have become addicted until they try to stop.

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Controlling Behavior After An Addiction

Even if your goal was to quit completely, you may decide at some point in the future that;you want to be able to occasionally indulge without doing so excessively. This is possible, but it is important to be very clear about what it is you want to do.

For example, if you want to be able to have an occasional drink with friends, then you need to be able to have one drink and then;stop.

Many drinkers find it easier to stay completely abstinent than to drink occasionally. If you intend to have one drink and end up having several, you should reassess your goals and what is achievable for you at this time of your life. This might be a new experience for you, and it could be liberating. It;could also seem boring and difficult.

Opioid Addiction Why Its Not All About Self

6 Reasons Why Addiction Is Hard to Overcome

People have been able to accomplish great things through sheer will alone. With strong will, tenacity, support, and a good plan, people have been able to overcome negative pasts, breakthrough certain addictions, and much, much more.

Unfortunately, when it comes to opioid addiction, even the most determined person will have a hard time moving past their addiction.

The reason for this is the way opioids affect the brain, as well as the overall emotional and mental health of the person with the addiction.

Many who have become addicted to opioids struggle with things like PTSD and anxiety disorders. Trying to overcome an addiction adds more stress into the mix, making it seem nearly impossible.

How about the effect opioids have on the brain? Well, opioids bind to certain brain receptors, which gives off a feeling of euphoria. Anyone who has been in pain or suffers from PTSD or anxiety can tell you getting a sense euphoria is a welcome change.

In addition to this, opioids trigger the brain to release dopamine, also known as the happy or feel good drug. The part of the brain which is triggered when an addict takes an opioid is the reward center of the brain. Humans are hard-wired to repeat an action which releases dopamine.

Another obstacle which comes into play is the symptoms of detox. Even someone who is determined to overcome their addiction can be caught off-guard by the ill-effects of detox. These can include:

  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Insomnia

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Opioid Addiction: Why Its So Hard To Treat And How Atlanta Nad Therapy Can Help

Addiction is frustrating for addicts and their loved ones.

Trying to overcome addiction is just as frustrating, especially when it comes to opioid addiction.

Opioids are one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. As much as people would like their opioid-addicted loved one to just quit, its definitely not easy.

Why is this such a difficult drug to overcome? Is there any hope for those struggling with a dependence on opioid medications?

How Personal Behavior Affects Beating Alcoholism

At the beginning, it is a persons choice to take a drink. However, over time, the regular use, and especially the regular heavy use/abuse of alcohol precipitates changes in that persons brain, making even heavier drinking and, eventually, alcohol dependence more likely.

The ability to choose gets taken away as the person becomes powerless over alcohol.

According to scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine, up to one in four adults in the US have engaged in binge drinking within the past month. Binge drinking defined as the consumption of a large quantity of alcohol in a single session can significantly increase risk of developing an addiction to alcohol.

90% of the alcohol consumption of underage drinker happens during incidents of binge drinking.

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Why Is Drug Addiction So Hard To Overcome

Although not everyone who uses illegal drugs or prescription medication will go on to develop an addiction, there are some who will become physically dependent on these substances. This is because the drugs alter the way the brain functions and, over time, the affected persons brain and body will come to expect these substances to arrive. The brain will adapt to the presence of drugs and will produce less feel good chemicals than it did when the individual initially began taking the substance. This is known as tolerance and usually results in a temptation to take more of the drugs in order to achieve the desired effect. However, the more drugs the individual takes, the more he or she will come to depend on them, which can quickly lead to addiction. Once you understand this, it will mean the question of why is drug addiction so hard to overcome starts to make more sense.

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