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Why Is Fentanyl So Addictive

There Are Intense And Negative Side Effects Associated With The Repeated Use Of Fentanyl

Specialist discusses dangers of Fentanyl, how to get help

As well as feelings of euphoria, fentanyl also creates sensations of drowsiness, insomnia, nausea, slowed heart rate, irregular breathing, and sedation. There is also the risk of death a dosage of 2 milligrams of pure fentanyl is sufficient to induce a fatal episode. One ounce is 28,000 milligrams.

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What If I Take Too Much

It’s important not to take more than your prescribed dose, even if you think it’s not enough to relieve your pain. Speak to your doctor first, if you think you need a different dose.

Too much fentanyl can be dangerous. However, the amount that can lead to an overdose varies from person to person.

If you’ve taken too much you may feel very sleepy, sick or dizzy. You may also find it difficult to breathe. In serious cases you can become unconscious and may need emergency treatment in hospital.

Make sure the patch does not get stuck to someone else’s skin, especially a child’s, by accident for example if it falls off in bed or if the patch falls on the floor.

Immediate action required: Call 999 if:

  • you’ve taken too much fentanyl and find it difficult to breathe
  • you or someone else swallows a fentanyl patch

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Co-Occurring Disorder / Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis treatment is available to help those who have co-occurring disorders. There are several mental health conditions that could be afflicting a person who suffers from fentanyl addiction, such as:

For many people, using opioid drugs like fentanyl becomes a way for them to self-medicate their mental health symptoms.

In fact, many people are not even aware that they have a mental health issue they just know that they do not feel like they think they should.

Fortunately, dual diagnosis treatment can make a huge difference. Once the mental health issue has been addressed, the reason for their self-medication is removed. This makes it far easier for them to recover in the long-term.

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Will My Dose Go Up Or Down

Before taking or using fentanyl, you will usually start on a low dose of another type of opioid, such as morphine. This will be increased slowly until your pain is well controlled.

Once your pain is under control, your doctor may swap you to fentanyl patches. This will avoid you having to take tablets or capsules each day.

If your doctor agrees that you can stop taking fentanyl, they will reduce the strength of your patch gradually. This is especially important if you’ve been taking it for a long time to reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms.

Your doctor may switch you to morphine tablets or liquid or another similar painkiller so that they can reduce the dose of fentanyl even more slowly.

Fentanyl Compared To Other Opioids

Pills that kill: why are thousands dying from fentanyl abuse?

Opiates such as heroin and morphine are manufactured from opium, a substance produced by the seed pods of the poppy plant. However, fentanyl is a substance that is artificially synthesized in a laboratory. All opioids function is a manner that provides pain relief, but fentanyl is different than other opioids in that it is significantly more potent. As mentioned above, fentanyl is approximately 50x more potent than heroin and 100x more potent than morphine. Due to the increased potency, all of the risks of using opioids are amplified when it comes to fentanyl including the potential for addiction. The greater euphoric effects and risk of developing a significant physical dependence both contribute to the reality of how addictive fentanyl is: highly addictive.

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Talk To Your Loved Ones Including Your Kids

Dr. Banta-Green emphasized that the best way to prevent fentanyl use is to educate loved ones, including tweens and teens, about it. He said that this works better as an ongoing dialogue in short spurts rather than one long, formal conversation. Explain what fentanyl is and warn that it is very dangerous, and that it can be found in pills bought online or from friends even if theyre sold as something else.

You may want to explain that sometimes people take these drugs because theyre depressed, are having trouble sleeping or have untreated pain but that there are better, safer ways to treat these problems, and that they can and should talk to you if they ever need help or have questions.

Focus on not blaming, not assuming, expressing concern, asking for two minutes to share information, Dr. Banta-Green said. Josh McKivigan, a licensed adolescent therapist based in Pittsburgh, added that the goal is to eliminate the taboo and keep conversations happening. If you feel you cant have these conversations with your child, ask a trusted adult, such as a coach, family friend or relative, to talk to them for you.

Fentanyl Reacts With The Brains Normal Systems In Order To Create Feelings Of Intense Pleasure

The brain has a very good system when it comes to pain. As part of that system, it contains a number of what are called opioid receptors. These receptors release natural opioids when the body feels pain and these opioids act as a natural pain killer. Opioids such as morphine, heroin and fentanyl trigger these opioid receptors so that they go into overdrive. This is what creates the intense sensations of pleasure and euphoria.

However, these sensations come at a cost. Once a non-natural opioid is experienced, the brain now expects opioids as part of its natural way of functioning. If the brain does not get what it wants, it releases chemicals that cause feelings of discomfort. These are experienced as cravings and the only way to get rid of these distressing sensations is to add opioids to the brain.

A distressing cycle then begins. As the brain grows accustomed to opioids, the sensations of pleasure released are diminished. This leads to the opioid-reliant person taking stronger doses in order to experience the levels of euphoria they previously experienced. Fentanyl has additional negative effects on the brain too and these effects can lead to death.

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Save A Life With Naloxone

Naloxone is a medication that reverses opioid overdose so a person can breathe until EMS arrives. It comes in several forms including nasal sprays and injectable liquids. You can get naloxone from a pharmacy without a prescription. Many insurances including TennCare cover naloxone at a minimal cost.

Dangers Of Mixing Fentanyl And Heroin

Fentanyl: A Closer Look At The Highly Addictive Opioid

Heroin and fentanyl are two potent opioids that are highly addictive and harmful. Heroin is derived from morphine, which comes from the opium resin of poppy plants. It is refined from morphine to become a psychoactive drug that may be injected, smoked, snorted or sniffed. Occasionally, fentanyl is added to heroin to boost its strength, which can be deadly due to the potency of fentanyl.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administrations 2019 National Drug Threat Assessment, the heroin and fentanyl markets are closely linked. The majority of heroinas well as fentanylis smuggled across the Southwest border from Mexican transnational criminal organizations. Drug traffickers add fentanyl to white powder heroin to extend their supplies while still providing a strong product.

There are a few things you should know about heroin combined with fentanyl: People who use heroin blended with fentanyl have a chance of dying in minutes. There may be indications of one before someone is unconscious from a heroin overdose, but this isnt always the case when fentanyl is used.

Its not unusual to see someone OD in 24 hours on more than one occasion. Its difficult to tell if heroin is mixed with fentanyl because both are similar in appearance. The only way to determine whether heroin has been mixed with fentanyl is by looking at the color. Heroin is generally yellow, whereas fentanyl is usually white.

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Signs Of Fentanyl Addiction

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th edition considers individuals to have a substance use disorder if they display two or more symptoms of addiction in 12 months. The symptoms of fentanyl addiction include:

  • Loss of appetite, weight loss

Lisa Waknin is the Founder and Director of Silver Sands Recovery, located in Prescott, Arizona. Lisa started Silver Sands Recovery after immersing herself in the addiction treatment world for several years to figure out what could be done differently to help her daughter and others like her to overcome addiction and stay sober. She believes in a hands-on treatment approach, which includes taking someone out of their environment, providing a 90-day program in a structured environment. During treatment, clients not only recover physically but also learn to live their life again. Lisa is a sought-after expert speaker for recovery support groups, charities, schools, communities, and companies wanting to educate themselves on the explosion of opiate and heroin abuse in our country and the best way to understand, treat, and beat it.

Getting Help For A Fentanyl Addiction Today

If you suspect yourself or a loved one of Fentanyl addiction, it is time to get the help you need and deserve.

At Brookdale, our team of professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to help you begin your liferecovered. Here, we will work tirelessly to construct the individualized treatment plans that are most conducive to YOUR journey. Before you leave us, you will know that you were cared for in the most compassionate way possible, always having a place to turn for support and guidance.

To begin your journey to recovery call Brookdale today at

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How Can You Obtain Naloxone

Naloxone is available by prescription at most pharmacies, including at Kaiser Permanente, and is provided at no cost by some community organizations, such as needle exchange programs.

In some states, including Oregon and Washington, people can get naloxone without a physician prescription, after consulting with a pharmacist. The medication can be distributed to people at risk of an opioid overdose as well as to people who want to help others who might overdose.

If you are using drugs or in a social group where using is prevalent, someone needs to have the drug on hand to prevent possible death, said Dr. Leitz.

What If I Forget To Take Or Apply It

Have You Heard Of Fentanyl?

This will vary depending on which type of fentanyl you’re using. Most types of fentanyl are only taken when you need them and so you are unlikely to forget.

Never take 2 doses at the same time to make up for a forgotten one.

Always remove the old patch before applying a new one. Never use more than 1 patch at a time, unless your doctor tells you to.

If you often forget to change patches, it may help to set an alarm to remind you.

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Heroins Relationship To Morphine

At the base of heroin, there is a modified morphine molecule. Scientists made some chemical adjustment methods to create heroin from this modified morphine. It also created a more dangerous and addictive drug than the original morphine.

Scientists created heroin as an alternative to morphine and hoped that the modified drug would provide additional pain relief when morphine fell short. They designed one of the most addictive drugs ever known.

The addictive qualities of heroin are because this drug crosses into the brain at a faster rate than morphine ever could. A view of the heroin molecule reveals that there is still a morphine molecule, but two more molecule groups join it. These two new molecules help the drug cross into the brain more quickly.

Why Would Drug Dealers Add Fentanyl To Drugs If It Can Kill People

Because Fentanyl is cheap and so highly addictive, it creates a much greater profit margin. The occasional loss of one or two users are not detrimental to their bottom line because they know that another addict can be easily created.

Finally, these drugs are being mixed and cooked in open air “labs” in rural parts of China and Mexico. These labs are not being run by individuals with an interest in quality control and scientific measures. They use large vats over inconsistentheating elements.

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Why Is Fentanyl Use So Widespread

Written byShannon Weir, RN| Updated on Nov 1, 2022

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid prescribed by doctors to treat severe chronic, post-surgical and cancer-related pain. Experts warn fentanyl is twice as potent as heroin and up to 100 times more potent than morphine. If used as prescribed, the drug is effective, but if misused or purchased illegally, fentanyl can be deadly.

The Food and Drug Administration warns health providers and consumers that fentanyl carries a severe risk for abuse, addiction, overdose, and death. In fact, the FDA requires manufacturers to label the drug with a black box warning, alerting prescribers and users to the potential for injury or death.

Due to fentanyls addictive properties and potentially life-threatening effects, doctors are hesitant to prescribe the drug unless other pain relief options have proven ineffective. All patients taking prescription fentanyl must remain closely monitored by their physician.

Provisional data released by the CDC on July 14, 2021, found drug overdose deaths in the U.S. increased about 30 percent in 2020. Of the 91,799 overdose deaths reported, synthetic opioids, primarily fentanyl, accounted for 56,516 of those deaths.

Researchers are still gathering statistics about to what extent the pandemic has caused an increase in drug usage and overdose deaths, but most experts believe there is a direct connection.

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay In Your System

Why it took months to arrest Spokane man accused of selling fentanyl-laced pills

Fentanyl can be increasingly dangerous if you are unaware of how long it is in your system. If you think it has cleared, and you decide it is okay to take another prescription medicine, it still may be in your system, which can cause serious harm to your body.

Fentanyl can be found in the blood and urine for two to three days after use. If you are taking fentanyl as a prescription, you mustnt stop using it without speaking with your doctor about how quickly symptoms should improve over time before stopping completely.

There may still be remnants of fentanyl lingering in your body if you have used a drug containing this powerful opioid within the last couple of weeks, making any other drugs potentially unsafe to take together.

Its very difficult to say precisely what would happen because of factors such as each persons biochemistry. Still, there is no doubt that mixing substances increases the risk exponentially, especially when one or more contain an opiate-like Fentanyl.

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How Does Fentanyl Affect The Brain

Like heroin, morphine, and other opioid drugs, fentanyl works by binding to the body’s opioid receptors, which are found in areas of the brain that control pain and emotions.8 After taking opioids many times, the brain adapts to the drug, diminishing its sensitivity, making it hard to feel pleasure from anything besides the drug. When people become addicted, drug seeking and drug use take over their lives.

Fentanyl’s effects include

  • unconsciousness

How Can You Identify A Counterfeit Pill

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, many counterfeit pills are made to look like prescription opioids such as oxycodone , hydrocodone , and alprazolam or stimulants like amphetamines . Others are imprinted with M30 and known as Blues or Oxy 30s.

Bottom line: Never trust yourself to determine if a pill is legitimate. The only safe medications are those prescribed by a trusted medical professional and dispensed by a licensed pharmacist.

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Fentanyl Addiction Treatment And The Road To Recovery

The process for addressing a fentanyl addiction at a professional rehab center is roughly the same as dealing with other opioids like heroin or codeine. Because fentanyl is notorious for being a leading cause of fatal overdose, it is vital to seek help immediately for a substance use disorder.

The process for helping a patient break free from their fentanyl addiction can involve several levels of care, varying for each individual. Typically, treatment begins with a process known as detoxification, otherwise known as detox. While in detox, all addictive substances are slowly removed from the body under medical and clinical supervision. It is essential to undergo this step in a medical setting, as licensed physicians can properly mitigate potential withdrawal symptoms with the use of interventions, such as medication and therapy. It is never recommended to detox cold turkey as specific side effects have proven to be extremely dangerous.

How To Find Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Near Me

Why fentanyl is deadlier than heroin, in a single photo

If you believe that you have a problem with fentanyl use, it is imperative that you find fentanyl addiction treatment near me immediately. Fentanyl is extremely dangerous to the body, and the mind and individuals who are currently using it should seek treatment immediately.

Places like Findlay Recovery in Findlay, Ohio, have the resources to support individuals in need of fentanyl addiction treatment. Our onsite detox program and addiction treatment center offer the best therapeutic support in a brand new facility run by individuals with decades of experience in addiction treatment.

Through comprehensive addiction treatment, we believe that our clients can achieve sobriety. We are ready with same-day admissions to support clients prepared to make this change in their life. Contact an admissions coordinator today to verify your insurance and see about getting the help you need today.

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