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We All Fall Down Living With Addiction

We All Fall Down: Living With Addiction

Donnie McClurkin – We Fall Down

In his bestselling memoir “Tweak,” Sheff shared a heartbreakingly honest account of his days as a crystal meth addict. In this powerful follow-up, Sheff writes candidly about stints at in-patient rehab facilities, devastating relapses, and hard-won realizations about what it means to be a young person living with addiction.

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What I’m Reading And What I Think About It

I loved Nic Sheffs memoir Tweak and, even more, his dads memoir Beautiful Boy, so of course I wanted to read Nics sequel. We All Fall Down is subtitled Living with Addiction and that really is what its about. It starts in rehab and ends with Nic clean and sober at least for now but its in no way a straightforward or triumphant journey.

The thing with Nic Sheff is, hes still really young and hes still really an addict. You could argue that he didnt let enough time go by between recovering from his horrific addiction and becoming the latest addiction-memoir-author. It seems he relapsed at least once while writing Tweak and then again while promoting the book on tour. We All Fall Down is the story of what happens after the addiction-memoir happy ending how Nic struggles with rehab and its rules, tries to get clean on his own, succeeds and fails, convinces himself hell be OK if he limits himself to drinking alcohol and smoking weed, writes a book about addiction, promotes it, gets worse, gets better, gets wiser. Its a really messy book, and if you read Nics now-defunct blog or his columns at addiction/recovery website The Fix , you can see that Nic Sheff is living kind of a messy life, out there in public . Hes not writing about his youthful addiction from the distance and perspective of a wiser old age hes writing right through the middle of it, and if you know much about the life of young addicts, its almost painfully realistic.

Nic Sheff Author Of We All Fall Down Interview: Part 1 Of 2

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Nic Sheff, Author of We All Fall Down and Tweak

Join Together sits down with Nic Sheff, author of the new memoir We All Fall Down, to discuss his personal journey of recovery from substance abuse. Nics 2008 bestselling memoir, Tweak, chronicles his battle with crystal meth and heroin. In 2008, while on a highly publicized book tour with his journalist father, David Sheff, author of the bestselling Beautiful Boy: A Fathers Journey Through His Sons Addiction, Nic relapsed again. We All Fall Down explores Nics recent relapses and presents a young man struggling to find his own personal path to sobriety.

Join Together: Please provide one piece of advice, or insight, to share with families who may be sending their kids into treatment for the first time.

We All Fall Down: Living with Addiction

Join Together: Looking back do you recognize any warning signs that may have drawn you to substances at such an early age?

To find out what else Nic Sheff shared with Join Together, stay tuned for Part 2 of his interview on Friday, April 15.

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