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What Can You Do With An Addiction Studies Degree

Bachelor Of General Studies Degree

Addiction Studies What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s in general studies takes students about four years to complete and leads to diverse career opportunities. This program provides learners with marketable skills that apply to many industries and professions.

General studies enrollees at this level can often customize their program to emphasize the training that interests them most, or they can choose a major during their senior year. Some schools offer similar programs through interdisciplinary studies degrees, which provide more focused training in a few complementary disciplines.

University Of Holy Cross

New Orleans, Louisiana

Standardized Test Score Requirements: requirements varyPoints: 18

At Northwestern State University of Louisiana, you can earn an affordable BS in Addiction Studies. The Bachelor of Science degree will focus on psychology coursework and will prepare you for careers in the human resources or communications fields. In addition to learning and understanding human behavior, youll also gain valuable and marketable skills like how to collect, organize, analyze and interpret data and solid communication skills. An advanced graduate degree is also available for those looking to advance their education. NSUs program has several accolades, including spots for affordability and online coursework. Northwestern State University of Louisiana is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Net-Price Tuition: $10,448

Standardized Test Score Requirements: requirements varyPoints: 18

Net-Price Tuition: $9,273

Social And Human Service Assistants

Another potential job you can use the training from our addiction certification programs is a social and human service assistant. A social and human service assistant helps people in a number of ways. You will have clients who need help but may not know how to get it. You will help clients find the aid that they need and even develop a drug treatment plan so that they understand the steps they must take to become sober. You can coordinate services to help your clients as well as research what services are available to your clients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the social and human service assistant jobs are growing 11 percent growth, which is faster than many other jobs.

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Addiction Counselor Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects substance abuse counselor jobs will grow by 25% through the year 2029 a much faster rate than the average for all occupations.

States are creating networks to improve services for children with serious emotional disturbances and their families. These networks need staffing.

The criminal justice system will create additional demand for licensed professional counselors to treat drug offenders as an alternative to jail time.

Substance abuse professionals who have earned a masters degree, have professional and field experience, and have earned specialized accreditation or certification have the best job prospects in this field.

Outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers, as well as nursing and residential care facilities employed 44% of substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors. Individual and family services, as well as non-education and hospital state and local government facilities make up around 13% of the rest of the prospective jobs.

What Skills Are Needed

What Can You Do With A Degree in Communication Studies ...

Getting a degree is just the first part of your journey, but youll need more than that!

People who wish to become counselors in the field of addiction need soft skills, which are character traits or interpersonal skills. While hard skills are teachable, soft skills come naturally.

For example, people with compassion, good listening skills, empathy, and a strong desire to see a persons well-being mended make exceptional counselors in substance use disorders. These skills can rarely be taught, so if you believe youre a person with these character traits, you may make excellent alcohol and drug counselor.

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Ask A General Studies Degree

Emma Alda is the co-founder of Emma graduated from the University of Michigan in 2014 with a degree in general studies. She has utilized nearly every inch of her degree to build the skills and platform from which her business resides. Emma followed in the footsteps of three other members of her family who are also business owners and have received their degrees in general studies.

How Much Money Do People Make With An Addictions And Recovery Degree

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, addictions counselors earn a median salary of $43,000. Salaries vary based on your credentials and the state you practice in. New Mexico, Alaska, and North Dakota offer the highest pay. Close runner-ups include New Jersey and New York.

Projected job growth for addictions counselors over the next decade is 23 percent. This is much faster job growth than average. There are several reasons for this accelerated rate. Most notably, more insurance companies are financing substance abuse treatment than ever before.

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What Concentrations Are Available For A Cheap Masters Degree In Addiction Studies

Typically, we have found that there arent many concentrations available in this field because Addiction Studies seems to be a specialization in itself, as a part of a Psychology or Counseling degree. As a whole, the study of Addiction tends to be synonymous with drug/alcohol abuse. However, it is important to remember that those are not the only kinds of addictions you can study. Your elective coursework could include the study of addictions in general, which could address things like relational addictions or gambling addiction . If you are interested in specializing in the Drug/Substance Abuse side of Addictions, you can find many programs that concentrate in this area.

A special note: if your program allows you to take any graduate level electives in your program, think about what would complement not only your degree but also your career goals. Think about choosing elective coursework in fields like criminal justice, psychology, sociology, counseling, etc.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Drug Counselor

What can you do with a Disability Studies degree?

Breaking into the field of substance abuse counseling takes less time than mental health counseling, which generally requires a master’s degree. However, most employers look for relevant work experience or a higher level of education than high school, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics .1

You could get a certification without a degree, and you could start a career that way, said Seth Matthews, associate dean of human services at Southern New Hampshire University. But without that academic foundation of the bachelors degree, youre going to hit a wall.

Substance abuse counselor degree programs train students to observe and interview patients, carry out treatment plans, and handle crisis situations. Many programs include opportunities to participate in fieldwork to provide hands-on experiences. Such practical experience can go a long way toward fulfilling your career aspirations to become an addiction counselor.

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Career Opportunities In Addiction Studies

For most therapists and counselors, a masters degree is required. Thats not often the case in the field of substance abuse, where opportunities are growing at more than three times the average job growth rate for all occupations. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, while most jobs in the field require at least a bachelors degree, some jobs require as little as a high school diploma and a certification class.

Different states and employers have different requirements. With an associates degree in this field, you might find opportunities such as program counselor or addiction counselor in inpatient or outpatient facilities, or you might be limited to support roles in substance abuse and mental health services. Often, workers in the field of substance abuse counseling who dont have a masters degree must work under the supervision of counselors who have this advanced degree. To attain a counselor role with only an associates degree, you may first need to gain a couple of years of work experience in a support or assistant role in substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Having a bachelors degree expands your career options in the field of substance abuse counseling considerably, but it still might not be the end of the line for your college studies. While 19 percent of substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors have a bachelors degree, 30 percent have a masters degree and another 16 percent have a professional degree.

Finding Quality Treatment For Substance Use Disorders

This fact sheet serves as a guide for individuals seeking behavioral health treatment. It provides three necessary steps to complete prior to utilizing a treatment center and the five signs of a quality treatment center, which include a review of the accreditation, medication, evidence-based practices, position on the role of families, and support networks.

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How To Get Into An Addiction Counseling Master’s Program

For admission into a master’s degree in addiction counseling, prospective students typically need a bachelor’s degree. Some schools may require a psychology-related degree and a minimum GPA. Others may require some counseling or psychology course prerequisites.

Applicants may also need to submit letters of recommendation and GRE scores. Though rare, some programs may require prospective students to have professional experience.

How Do I Start A Career In Addiction Counseling

What Can You Do With a Hospitality Management Degree ...

If youre eager to get into the field, you dont have to wait until you complete your substance abuse counselor degree. Many substance abuse clinics have positions that offer students the chance to gain practical experience while working toward a degree and/or license.

Theres a desperate need for peer support, parenting support, mentorships, said Seth Matthews, associate dean of human services at Southern New Hampshire University. There are all these jobs out there related to substance abuse treatment that dont require the need for a certification to get your foot in the door.

Its also worth noting that graduates of SNHU’s substance abuse degree concentration are prepared to provide entry-level, non-licensure services. That can open you up to immediate opportunities in residential addiction treatment facilities, outpatient addiction programs and more.

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Undergraduate Addictions Counseling Degree Options: Is It Even Necessary

If you are beginning to consider addiction counseling as a career, you probably realize there are a lot of options! Addiction counseling degrees are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Is the bachelors degree in addictions primarily career preparation or grad school preparation? Primarily, its the former but it can be both. You can earn a substance abuse license or certification with an undergraduate degree. You may continue on to graduate school for any of several reasons: You may want to expand your scope of practice. You may want to provide therapy to the large segment of the population that has concurrent substance abuse and mental illness. You may want to practice privately and/ or independently. You may want the option of having your diagnosis and treatment services funded through government programs. You may want the various perks that come with having a professional counseling license.

Lewis And Clark College

Portland, Oregon

Graduate Enrollment: 1,309Points: 21

Lewis & Clark College offers a low-cost Masters degree in Addictions Studies. Students can choose between a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree option. The MS curriculum is best suited for students who are interested in psychological research. Next, students will choose a major in Professional Mental Health Counseling and choose an area of focus in Addictions. The program is 62 credits in length and can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. Graduates are eligible to pursue licensing as professional counselors in Oregon, as well as able to take the National Counselor Examination and apply for status as a Nationally Certified Counselor . While the school is accredited by the NCCU, the Addictions program is specially accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs standards for Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs.

Graduate Tuition: $16,704

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Why Major In Addiction Studies

“I am majoring in Addiction Studies because I want to help others recover, just like others helped me recover.”“I chose to major in Addiction Studies to help adolescents recover from addiction of all types and to live a better life.”“I chose addiction studies because I want to help adolescents and young adults stay away from using and save those who have already started.”

Most Affordable Online Addictions And Recovery Degrees

What can you do with a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies?

Are you ready to find your fit?

Are you interested in a career helping people and saving lives? Explore the most affordable online addictions and recovery degrees.

When you think of careers that save lives, you might not immediately think of an addictions counselor. But drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. Addiction is a disease that destroys lives and families around the world.

But with the right help from someone like you, recovery is possible. In these programs, youll learn to support individuals with addiction and their families. Youll gain tools to screen and assess patients, provide individual and group counseling, and develop treatment plans.

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Associates Degree Options In Addiction Studies

Its not surprising that prospective students of addiction studies often wonder if an associates degree is even an option for them. After all, most counseling degree programs arent offered at the associates or even the bachelors degree level, but instead at the masters degree level. Undergraduate students often have to settle for the most closely related majors they can find, such as psychology, sociology or social work.

Fortunately, when it comes to programs for aspiring substance abuse counselors, this isnt the case. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse recognizes more than 175 associates degree programs in addiction studies across the United States. Degree titles can vary greatly, ranging from Chemical Addiction Studies to Addictions Counseling. Often, substance abuse is a concentration within another major, which means that the coursework comes from approaches ranging from Criminal Justice to Human Services Technology.

Although it is important to choose a program that aligns with your career goals, you should expect to spend much of your time at community college completing general education requirements outside the area of substance abuse and addiction studies.

Substance Abuse And Behavioral Disorder Counselors

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors are in high demand. They expect a 22 percent growth from 2014 to 2024. These counselors specialize in helping people with drug addictions, alcoholism, and other problems. You may work in a variety of places including community health centers, mental health centers, substance abuse treatment facilities, private practices, and prisons. You will help treat and support those afflicted with addictions.

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Choosing An Affordable Addiction Counseling College

There are several factors you should consider when choosing an affordable counseling college. Every institution is different, making it important to compare and contrast several different options prior to making a final decision. As you assess the various programs available to you, pay close attention to cost, location, accreditation, instruction methods, and graduation requirements.

Why Did You Choose To Pursue A General Studies Degree

What Can You Do With a Legal Studies Degree?

I decided to pursue a degree in general studies because I did not want to be limited to a single field upon graduation. My parents were both business owners, as well as my sister, and they all pursued general degrees as a way to round out their education and allow them to have proper insight into many topics. They aren’t strictly bound to being experts in economics or marketing. They have a well-rounded and opportune degree, and this was something I wanted to follow them in, too.

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Earning Potential For Addiction Counselors

The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011 data reports the national median annual salary for substance abuse and addiction counselors at $41,000. The bottom earners made less than $25,000 and the top earned more than $60,000. Colleges, universities and professional schools were the top paying industries for this group with an average median annual salary of about $55,000.

What Is An Affordable Masters Degree In Addiction Studies

If youve decided to get an affordable Masters degree in Addiction Studies, then youve already got the heart for studying substance abuse issues and people with addictive behaviors. To pursue this degree path, youll already need to have a Bachelors degree in a related Psychology field, like Counseling, Mental Health, or Substance Abuse Counseling. While your studies at the undergrad level could focus on fundamental topics in the field like defining addiction or examining the causes of addiction, your graduate studies will dive deeper into the subject matter. Getting a Masters degree in this field means that you will be taking graduate-level coursework related to Addiction Studies. These courses will closely examine advanced elements of the addiction and substance abuse field. The curriculum will explore the external, internal, social, cultural, and behavioral components that affect addictive behaviors, and how those behaviors can then affect the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of the person. You will extend your studies beyond the basics and really hone in on aspects like intervention, treatment, and prevention. Youll research and, in most cases, gain real-world experience through internships and practicums. Depending on the coursework of your specific program, it is possible youll be ready to sit for your licensure or certification exams, getting you that much closer to becoming a licensed counselor!

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Find A Substance Abuse Counselor Program Today

GetEducated offers pertinent information about online degrees available to those seeking entry into new careers, professional transitions, and any credential that can push adults forward in todays competitive marketplace. Click the link below to start your search for online substance abuse counseling degrees!

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