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De Addiction Centre In Kerala

Family Support Is Important

Addicted To Gaming? Kerala To Launch De-Addiction Centres For Kids | NewsMo

He also notes that what makes it easier for some to overcome the problem is family support. A man in his 60s once called Vimukthi for help. He had earlier been dependent on alcohol and got over the alcoholism with the support of his family he spent time talking to his grandchildren, got busy with farming and watched television with others. He called the counselling centre not for himself but a friend of his who was also dealing with alcoholism. He was a divorcee and lived alone. When the lockdown came, he refused to see anyone and slipped into depression, unable to get a drink.

The problem is, everyone need not reach out for help. People may, in their desperation, try to substitute the drinks with other spirits. We get calls asking if it is okay to consume the sanitiser, which has alcohol content in it, Vinu says.

Sam Christy Daniel, Additional Commissioner, Enforcement Excise Department, says that a couple of cases of people trying to sell sanitiser as a substitute for alcohol have been caught – once in Muvattupuzha and another time in Palakkad. We have also caught 1,970 litres of Ayurvedic preparation, which is fermented and claims to have 14% alcohol. This is, however, not unusual, and you can say there have not been many cases of spurious liquor since the lockdown, he says.

Toll free number of Vimukthi Call Centre is 14405.

Domain Experts On Call To Run Digital De

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The police department will join hands with child psychologists and other domain experts to set up a digital de-addiction centre to address the growing over-dependence of children on digital gadgets and online games. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday announced the formation of the centre by the polices Cyberdome, but stopped short of giving any additional details about the project. Cyberdome nodal officer ADGP Manoj Abraham said the police force would chalk out its own plan to set up the centre, as no such centres were working on a large scale anywhere in the country.

We are pioneering the initiative. Hence, we have to do things on our own. There are no other ventures which we can emulate and we will be moving ahead with our own concept and ideas, said Manoj. He added that the department would avail of the services of the domain experts, such as the child psychologists to run the facility.

He said the officers across the state have come across scenarios such as suicides of children owing to their digital addiction and that have prompted the department to formulate an action plan to deal with the challenge. We are going to do this as no other department is doing it now on a larger scale. The challenge of digital addiction is so enormous that all the agencies and departments will have to step up their efforts to deal with it.

Teachers, principals to coordinate

Addiction Is A Chronic But Treatable Disorder People Who Are Addicted Cannot Control Their Need For Alcohol Or Other Drugs Even In The Face Of Negative Health Social Or Legal Consequences This Lack Of Control Is The Result Of Alcohol Or Drug

Drug addiction is a condition characterized by compulsive drug intake, craving and seeking, despite negative consequences associated with drug use. Although being addicted implies drug dependence, it is possible to be dependent on a drug without being addicted. People that take drugs to treat diseases and disorders, which interfere with their inability to function, may experience improvement of their condition.

Such persons are dependent, but are not addicted. One is addicted, rather than merely dependent, if one exhibits compulsive behavior towards the drug and has difficulty quitting it. To qualify as being dependent a person must: Take a drug regularly, Experience unpleased symptoms if discontinued, which makes stopping difficult. Substance abuse can occur with or without dependency, and with or without addiction. Substance abuse is any use of a substance, which causes more harm than good. The brains of addicted people have been modified by the drug in such always that absence of the drug makes a signal to their brain that is equivalent to thesignal of when someone is starving.

We Treat Through :

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What Are The Withdrawal Symptoms Of Alcohol

When you drink heavily, your body gets used to alcohol. The moment you stop drinking, you can experience a large number of symptoms such as jumpiness, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, shakiness or trembling, fatigue, headache, irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc. In severe cases, you can also experience confusion, fever, hallucinations, seizures and agitation. If you seriously want to quit alcohol, take help from your nearest alcohol de-addiction centre today.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Addiction


The symptoms will also vary from one patient to another. Some may experience suicidal thoughts, while some may display restless behaviour. There can be a sudden weight loss or gain as well due to regular substance abuse. Moreover, there can be a change in the sleeping pattern which means sleeping abnormally during the day or night. There can be an abnormality in breathing, pulse rate, red/yellowish eyes most times, and tiredness. Sometimes, addicts may showcase abnormal energy level, either full of energy or deficiency at times. There can be a huge change in the appetite of the person under the influence of addiction they may eat a lot at a time or not eat at all in a single day or eat very little. The withdrawal symptoms are the most concerning because they affect a lot of things like a sudden change in the mood- irritation, aggressiveness, unhappiness, dangerous acts, shouting, which are opposite of the actual nature of the addict.

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We, at the Metro Mind strive to the cause of good mental health by believing in proper communication with our care seekers, giving respect, building trust and treating them with dignity and honour.

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Try to solve some problems

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Centre Can Treat 20 Inmates And Caters To All Kinds Of Addictions Including Complications From Failed Love Affairs

Kerala has launched a new action plan to integrate de-addiction schemes and inking them to the national action plan for drug demand reduction.

While the excise department has launched the Vimukti campaign to fight drug abuse, the department of social justice is implementing a plan under the Indian governments Nasha Mukt Bharat to tackle substance abuse among the young.

Six districts including Kozhikode, Malappuram, Ernakulam, Idukki, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram will benefit from the special action plans under the central scheme.

The social justice department set its first de-addiction centre for women and girls at Karukutty in April in Ernakulam district. The centre can treat 20 inmates and caters to all kinds of addictions including drugs, alcohol and surprisingly, mobile phones. It also tackles complications from failed love affairs.

Recently, it got a 16-year-old girl for treatment for drug abuse. She was into substance abuse for five years and at the centre it took her three weeks to get rid of withdrawal symptoms. The class 7 dropout, who was from a separated family, became an addict and also a drug carrier.

Joseph Parecattil, director of the centre, told the media, that she was talented and had innate skills in crafts. “We got from her the names of 12 other potential substance abuse addicts, said Parecattil.

But before we could track them down, her mother started pushing for her custody though she was a long way from full recovery.

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What Are The Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

While sometimes the signs of alcoholism are clearly noticeable, sometimes it may take a longer time to identify the problem. The chance of a successful and speedy recovery is high when the issue is identified at an early stage. Some of the most common signs of alcoholism are listed below.

1. Finding difficulty in controlling the consumption of alcohol.

2. Feel the need to keep drinking more.

3. Craving for alcohol when you are not consuming it.

4. Spending more on alcohol.

5. Sweating, nausea or insomnia when you are not drinking.

6. Putting alcohol above personal responsibilities.

7. Trying to hide your drinking.

8. Drinking during any time of the day.

9. Unable to maintain sobriety after drinking alcohol.

When your alcohol consumption starts to take a toll on your health, it is very important to find treatment options which will help you to curb over-dependence. With trusted alcohol de addiction centres Kerala, Thrissur has, you can get the most effective treatment and soon bid a permanent goodbye to alcohol.

What Kind Of Rehabilitation Options Are Available To You

BREAKING| Zeme News Headlines 26/09/21||Kerala to open digital de-addiction centres for children

Rehabilitation is typically of two types, which are inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehabilitation involves an intensive treatment program which needs you to stay into the facility for a certain period of time, which is generally 30, 60 or 90 days. This program provides more services and is costlier to outpatient rehab. In outpatient rehabilitation, you can participate in a recovery program while continuing with your daily schedule. It works best for those who have a mild to moderate alcohol addiction. The kind of treatment you would need will depend on your stage of alcoholism. Talk to your doctor to know which form of alcohol recovery program will best fit your need.

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To Rid Youngsters Of Cell Phone And Online Gaming Addiction

The Kerala Police will launch digital de-addiction centres to rid youngsters of cell phone and online gaming addiction, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said here on Saturday.

He said a centralised facility would soon be established and the service would be extended to all districts later.

The Chief Minister was inaugurating new police station buildings and child-friendly spaces established at various places via videoconference.

Pointing out that the police would play a crucial role during the reopening of schools in November, Mr. Vijayan said they would have to strictly enforce the COVID-19 protocol and ensure that drivers, helpers, and other workers in school buses were vaccinated.

Saluting the services rendered by the personnel during the pandemic, the Chief Minister said the police force acquired a different role by serving the public amid intense challenges.

During the past year-and-a-half, many police officers contracted the infection and some even succumbed to the disease. Despite such hardships, the police have persevered to help the public, he said.

Besides 20 child-friendly buildings and several police station buildings, the Tourist Protection and Police Assistance Centre at Ponmudi, a Command and Control Centre at Munnar, a mess barrack at the Women Police Battalion at Menamkulam in Thiruvananthapuram, and a womens barrack at the Special Operation Group at Areekode in Malappuram were among those that there inaugurated.

Does A Relapse Mean That The Treatment Given At A De Addiction Centre In Ernakulam Has Failed

No, not really. Addiction is a chronic problem and hence, a relapse is likely at any time. It also has physical and behavioural components and treatment from a registered de addiction centre involves changing the thinking and behaviour patterns. A relapse means that the treatment has to be reviewed.

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Kerala To Open Digital De

20 more police stations have become child-friendly making it a total of 126 of the kind in the state.

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the state will open digital de-addiction centres for children addicted to online games under the leadership of the police. CM announced this during the digital inauguration of different police stations that were newly constructed and renovated, across the state.

Only a few police stations do not have own building and CM promised to build new ones soon. Also, 20 more police stations have become child-friendly making it a total of 126 in the state. Poojappura, Vizhinjam, Kottayam East, Kumarakom, Kuravilangad, Gandhinagar, Karukachal, Thrissur West, Peramangalam, Mannuthy, Thrissur City Womens Police Station, Kodungallur, Tirur, Ulikkal, Aralam, Kumbala, Vidyanagar, Ambalathara, Bedakam and Bekal are the new child-friendly police stations.

The police assistance centre at Ponmudi, the district forensic laboratory at Irinjalakuda and the district training centres at Malappuram AR Camp and Kozhikode city became operational from Saturday. DGP Anil Kant, ADGPs Vijay Sakhare, Manoj Abraham, DIG Shyam Sundar were present.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Alcohol Addiction

Best De addiction centre in trivandrum, KeralaSimans ...

Too much dependency on alcohol can lead to a number of short-term and long-term side effects. Some of the short-term negative effects of alcohol are poor vision, sudden black-outs, depression, seizures, anxiety, malnutrition, difficulty breathing, restlessness, poor reflexes and paranoia. There are multiple long-term effects of alcoholism, some of which are a high risk of stroke and heart failure, permanent damage to the brain, cirrhosis of the liver, suppressed immune system and high risk of mouth and throat cancer. With heavy use, you may also notice personality changes such as an increased tendency toward aggression, inability to function at work and unprompted mood swings.

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How Do De Addiction Centres Proceed With The Treatment

The treatment procedure will vary from one patient to another depending on the treatment plan chosen i.e. inpatient or outpatient treatment. Every drug abuser has his/her share of story and hence the type of treatment may not match for two different patients. The procedure will be influenced by a lot many factors like the signs and symptoms of the patient, the kind of substance the individual is addicted to, the duration of the treatment, medical tests and diagnosis, etc.

It all begins with the admission of a patient at a de addiction centre. Good de addiction centres Ernakulam has, will usually need a few documents regarding the patients and their familys health background for reference purpose. There are patient-wise wards where they have to stay until the treatment is over. Usually, the treatment begins with a detoxification process wherein the doctors specialized in de-addiction treatment use different traditional and modern techniques based on the stage of the patient. This may continue for up to 7 weeks or less depending on case to case basis. The detoxification procedure detoxifies the substance dependents internal organs which are damaged. It is a vital part of de addiction treatment.

Why Calls To Kerala Govts Alcohol De

While there were more calls in the first two weeks of the lockdown, these have reduced afterward, with many people overcoming alcohol withdrawal issues.

The caller sounded frantic. He has never seen his dad like this. The 67-year-old has been digging the ground in the backyard of the house with sticks and rods. The old man seemed convinced there was a dead body buried there. He scared the family.

At the other end of the call, a counsellor listened patiently to the sons woes. That call is one of the more than 760 calls that have come to Vimukthi, Kerala governments anti-narcotics campaign, since the lockdown for COVID-19 began in the country, and the sale of alcohol stopped.

The callers father has been exhibiting a classic symptom of alcohol withdrawal syndrome hallucination that occurs for severe cases. We have divided the cases into three mild, moderate and severe. The mild includes not so problematic symptoms, such as lack of sleep and excessive sweating and dehydration. When it is moderate, there would be shivering , or pain in some part of the body. In severe cases, one can observe behavioural issues incoherent speeches and hallucinations, says Vinu Vijayan, a sociologist at the Excise Deparment that runs Vimukthi. There are counselling and de-addiction centres working under Vimukthi.

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Why Should You Seek Counselling For Alcohol Addiction

For a successful recovery from alcohol addiction, you need professional help. No matter how strong-willed you are, you may find it challenging to conquer addiction because overuse of alcohol change the way your brain works. Alcohol de-addiction centres have trained professionals who play a vital role by helping alcoholics change the way they lead their lives. Techniques like motivational interviewing and motivational enhancement therapy may assist addicted individuals to identify the damage that alcohol is causing to their lives.

How Can Justdial Help In Choosing The Best Alcohol De Addiction Centres Near You

PUBG NEW STATE RELEASE DATE / Bgmi Hacker Ban / Kerala Digital De-Addiction centres #bgmi

You can search Alcohol De Addiction Centres in Kerala on the basis of your location, popularity, ratings & reviews on Justdial. To get the best offers from business listed with Justdial, click on the Best Deals tab beside listings and fillup the requirements. Businesses will contact with their best offers. You can negotiate with them. You can now chat with businesses and get multiple quotes in a jiffy on the JD Android and iOS app.

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Quit Drinking For A Better Life

While having a glass of wine or a mug of beer is fine to wind down but when you start drinking beyond a certain limit, it is known as addiction. If you are alcoholic and find difficulty with controlling your drinking habit, you need to seek counselling and rehabilitation because ignoring the problem can lead to a lot of physical, emotional, social, and mental problems. These can negatively affect your relationships and result in depression. Alcohol rehabilitation centers are here to get you the right help that you need to get rid of your uncontrollable drinking habit. Overcoming alcohol addiction may need a considerable amount of time. Alcohol de addiction centres in Kerala, Thrissur providing reliable alcohol de-addiction treatment help their clients to quit drinking so that they can live a healthy and alcohol-free life.

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