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Greenwich Hospital Addiction Recovery Center

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Road to Recovery: Defeat addiction at the New Start Center for Recovery at Intermountain Hospital

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Contact Your First Step’s National Hotline

If you are seeking drug and alcohol related addiction rehab for yourself or a loved one, the YourFirstStep.org hotline is a confidential and convenient solution.

If you wish to contact a specific medical detox center then find a specific treatment center using our addiction treatment locator tool.

Alternatives to finding addiction treatment or learning about substance:

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I’ve had several surgeries recently due to an accident at work and I was prescribed numerous opioid descriptions such as oxycontin oxycodone now my addictions to the pills got worse and has when using heroin I’ve been going through lots of sicknesses and and suffering trying to detox but I cannot seem to win this battle YouTube my surroundings and not having any type of help I overdosed a few times where I was found in my car buy police and ambulance I’m really scared of losing my life and I just want to get better I don’t know how to help myself from this grave situation I’m in I really need help and I don’t know where to look for it

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We Offer Grace Coaching

Grace Coachesare battle-strong Christians with a strong testimony of Gods amazing Grace, having endured and persevered in faith by Grace.

Knowing that Jesus IS their only answer, let our Grace Coaches POINT YOU to Jesus, as HE IS YOUR ONLY ANSWER! We dont have to tell you that the world is dark. You know it you are living IN IT now. There is another way. God designed everything to work together for GOOD for those who love HIM.

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

NEED PRAYER? CALL 435-574-4518

The antics and behaviors of an addicted teenager or young adult is one of the worst situations a parent could find themselves into. who cares about how it looks to the outside world? If your child is addicted, you need to act now. It is a life-or-death situation.

Many “sleepless nights” are reported by parents as they wonder if their child is going to end up dead from an overdose. Don’t suffer any longer. You don’t have to agonize over the drug abuse of your child.

There are great options near Ontario, CA. Using an addiction treatment center is not a failure, it is not the end of the road… it is a lifesaver. For immediate help in your search for the perfect addictions treatment center call 876-1985.

Other Specialties At Greenwich Hospital Addiction Recovery Center

Recovery is Something to Celebrate in Greenwich
  • Opiate Addiction Recovery Program

Accreditation & Qualifications

The Greenwich Hospital Addiction Recovery Center is licensed by the State of Connecticut and approved by the Joint Commission, the nations top healthcare accreditation organization.


The Greenwich Hospital Addiction Recovery Center accepts most major insurance plans including Medicare and Husky.

More about Greenwich Hospital Addiction Recovery Center

The Greenwich Hospital Addiction Recovery Center has one goal: to match treatment to the needs of the patient. ARC achieves this by offering a spectrum of services to match the biological, psychological, and behavioral elements of the patients disease.

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Holistic Treatment Approaches For Drug Treatment

Holistic addiction rehab programs use a range of therapeutic techniques to enhance your mind, body, and spirit throughout the recovery process. In recent years, holistic treatment approaches have gained popularity among both patients and care providers because they help to address the underlying problems that led to substance abuse. We can incorporate holistic approaches into any Connecticut addiction treatment plan to help patients learn to live a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.

Contact Recovery Place In Savannah Ga Today

For premier substance abuse and mental health services administration in Savannah, GA, we hope youll choose Recovery Place. We offer mental health online services, virtual addiction treatment and recovery support, and so much more. Contact us today to schedule a tour and take the first step toward a new and healthy life. We take all insurance except Medicare.

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Opioid + Opiate Addiction Treatment In Greenwich Ct

Opioid addiction is a common form of addiction, often caused by prescription drugs that are abused. Addiction is treated by detoxifying the body and following up with therapies to correct behavior and target the root of the problem.

Most opioid addiction begins with patients being prescribed painkillers after an injury or surgery. The body becomes used to the chemicals in these medications and soon no longer responds to their presence. As a result, addicts seek out stronger opiate-based medications like Oxycodone to compensate for the lack of effectiveness.

The most dangerous aspect is that these addictive behaviors often get carried over onto illicit drugs like heroin, which are increasingly potent and result in lower life expectancies.

Alcohol Abuse, Opioid Addiction, Substance Abuse

Addiction Recovery Center/greenwich Hospital In Greenwich Ct

Magee Rehabilitation Video Tour

Addiction Treatment Address

Primary Focus Of The Treatment Program

  • General health care services
  • Buprenorphine detox
  • Relapse prevention for alcohol – naltrexone
  • Buprenorphine used in treatment
  • Anti-alcohol medication – Disulfiram Antabuse
  • Psychiatric disorder medications
  • Naltrexone oral
  • Opioid blocker – Vivitrol injectable Naltrexone
  • Prescribes administer buprenorphine and or naltrexone

Approaches For Addiction Treatment

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy – mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Counseling approach for addiction treatment
  • Contingency management incentivised behavioral therapy
  • Motivational interviewing – motivation to make positive changes

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Greenwich Ct Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient programs mostly conduct meetings on weekdays. Group therapy is the main element in most intensive outpatient programs. Most IOPs last for about 90 days and include drug use monitoring and testing. A Connecticut IOP, like whats offerd at Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital, take much more time than a standard outpatient program. Some programs offer other services as well, such as employment assistance and medication management.

Drug Addiction Treatment For Youth

We can help your struggling child start the journey of recovery. Admitting your child to an addiction treatment program is an experience that goes beyond most other “parental experiences“. Its indescribable. Our professional staff of interventionists can help you through the selection process. Throuch advocacy, coaching, and assistance we can help you assess your child’s situation and steer you in the right direction. Our Family Interventionists have help thousands of parents find the perfect therapeutic option.

A less restrictive intervention option for parents of troubled teen boys and girls and young men and young women is to look at outpatient addiction treatent centers near Ontario, CA.

0utpatient addiction treatment programs are referred to as intensive outpatient treatment where youth participate in individual and group therapy and attend 12 Step meetings, but they do not stay at the program overnight.

Usually, in order for an outpatient program to be effective, the individual must really want the help. If they are not totally 100% engaged and bought into the outpatient program, the chances of success are slim.

See seach results for addiction treatment centers for adolescent boys and girls or for troubled young men and women in Ontario, CA below.

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Substance Abuse + Addiction Treatment At Addiction Recovery Center

Substance abuse is defined by the continued use of drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences, such as legal or work problems. It can be treated using a variety of services, including therapy and medication.

Substance abuse treatment is beneficial for:

  • People who have been using drugs or alcohol for a long time.
  • People who have been using drugs or alcohol to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • People who have a mental health disorder in conjunction with substance abuse.
  • People who continue to use drugs or alcohol despite the harmful effects they cause on their own life and the lives of others.
  • People who have had multiple failed attempts at recovery without medical assistance.

If you believe that addiction treatment is right for you or a loved one, you can contact your primary care physician, or search for addiction treatment centers in your area. Treatment is beneficial to people who are motivated towards recovery, and who understand the benefits of professional care.

About The Addiction Recovery Center

BankNewport grant to help purchase rehabilitation equipment

Greenwich Hospital’s Addiction Recovery Center is licensed by the State of Connecticut and approved by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is the nations top healthcare accreditation organization whose mission is to match treatment to the needs of the patient. ARC achieves this by offering a spectrum of services to match the biological, psychological, and behavioral elements of the patients disease.

Patients receive expert treatment from a multidisciplinary team. The team includes a physician certified in addiction medicine and psychiatry, highly specialized addiction counselors and registered nurses. This team is knowledgeable in all aspects of substances that may be involved in substance use disorders including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription painkillers, sleep agents, and marijuana.

Treatment for individuals 18 years of age or older is provided along a continuum of care that includes: crisis intervention, outpatient group-based programming with aftercare planning, and medication consultation, when appropriate. Regularly scheduled support groups for addiction recover are available. .

Each staff member is sensitive to the specific treatment needs of both the patient and the patients family, who are also impacted by the patients illness.

In order to achieve a lasting recovery, the ARC focuses on providing patients with comprehensive services:

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Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital

Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital is an addiction treatment center located at 5 Perryridge Road in the 06830 zip code in Greenwich, CT. It is operated by a private non-profit organization. Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital provides relapse prevention from naltrexone, administers naltrexone and suboxone prescription. Some of the treatment approaches used by Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital include motivational interviewing, matrix model and motivational incentives. Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital provides intensive outpatient treatment program, outpatient services and outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone treatment. It also provides treatment for substance abuse.

Call to get 24/7 help with treatment.

Here are the full facility listing details on Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, CT:

Types of Care:

  • outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone treatment
  • regular outpatient treatment
  • General Hospital

Opioid Medications used in Treatment:

  • Buprenorphine treatment

Type of Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment:

  • Prescribes medication for alcohol use disorder

Type Of Treatment:

  • Buprenorphine with naloxone
  • Buprenorphine without naloxone

Treatment Approaches:

  • Certified by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Certified by the Council on Accreditation
  • Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program
  • Certified by The Joint Commission
  • Certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance

Information Hub Substance Misuse Mental Health

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Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital In Greenwich Connecticut United States

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  • Treatment for co-occurring serious mental health illness – serious emotional disturbance and substance use disorders
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Outpatient methadone – buprenorphine or naltrexone treatment
  • State-financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid
  • Anger management
  • Buprenorphine maintenance for predetermined time
  • Buprenorphine maintenance
  • Buprenorphine sub-dermal implant
  • Buprenorphine with naloxone
  • Smoking not permitted

We are standing by to help locate a drug rehab center that works for your situation. CALL: Who Answers?

Outdoor Options For Addiction Treatment

Beating Opioid Addiction | Joy’s Story

When you are recovering from an addiction, it is important to have a reason to keep a positive attitude about the recovery process. Unfortunately, some care providers lock their patients in a dreary environment that fails to facilitate high levels of motivation.

Many times throughout your treatment, our addiction treatment programs in Greenwich CT provide treatment in a relaxing outdoor environment that has been proven in studies to lead to the type of learning that helps patients to make a thorough recovery. Recovering in nature helps patients to heal their minds and bodies while learning to start a new life free of substance abuse.

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Opioid + Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction is one of Connecticuts most prominent forms of addiction. Drugs, including heroin, oxycontin, and fentanyl, are the most common. To relieve pain, or ease other ailments, they are professionally prescribed, but they are often abused because they and the feelings they give are addictive.

Addiction is treated by detoxifying the body, so the medications chemicals are no longer impacting the individual. Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital offers therapies to correct behavior and target the root of the problem are supplemented during and throughout treatment.

Addiction, Adolescent Substance Misuse, Anxiety, Autism, Crisis, Depression, Developmental Disorders, Divorce, Drug Addiction, Dual Diagnosis , Emotional Disturbance, Family Conflict, Life Transitions, Mental Health, Opioid Addiction, Parenting, Peer Support, Relationship Issues, Stress, Substance Abuse

Our Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

At Recovery Place, we offer behavioral health services that include substance use disorder detoxification services, day treatment, residential services, mental health services, virtual addiction treatment and recovery support services, and long-term recovery residences. Our detox program helps manage the physical withdrawal process, while the 28-day residential program assists patients who need short-term, intensive care. Our rehabilitation program includes individual counseling and group therapy. We also provide services geared towards families, such as our eight-week educational program. Our other services include the following:

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About The Addiction Recovery Program

The Addiction Recovery Program is a beacon of hope for those struggling with addiction or substance abuse in Greenwich, Colorado and surrounding areas. The program is offered through the Greenwich Hospital and it includes a few different parts.

ARC begins with inpatient detox and medical stabilization and this continues with outpatient based group programming. In addition, the center also offers aftercare to provide further assistance even after the individual completes the main program. The program employs a multi-modality approach, which allows the right treatment to be found and delivered to each person.

Addiction Recovery Program accepts self pay, as well as many different types of private medical insurance.

Premier Rehabilitation Center In Savannah Ga

Greenwich Hospital Outpatient

Are you looking for a comfortable, welcoming treatment center dedicated to helping you or your loved one overcome a drug or alcohol addiction? Consider Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, a special place of healing. With over 30 years of experience and more than 45 licensed and credentialed clinicians, you can count on our compassionate and professional team. We offer both in-person and virtual care recovery services. With the addition of virtual technology, individuals can use their smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or any device with an internet connection and camera to participate from the convenience of your home.

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Substance Abuse + Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse is the excessive use of any type of drug. This includes alcohol, medications and illegal drugs. Substance abuse is treated with a combination of physical and mental treatments. Addiction Recovery Center Greenwich Hospital patients detox and follow up with therapies that target the underlying cause of the addiction.

About Recovery Place In Savannah Ga

Our renowned substance abuse treatment center offers patients mental health services, a personalized treatment plan for substance abuse, and so much more. Our treatment center is located in the heart of beautiful Savannah, GA. Since 1985, we have helped over 20,000 individuals successfully complete their treatment programs. We are fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and have been named a best practices model facility, setting the standard for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment centers all over the country.

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Getting The Care You Need

When you are struggling with an addiction, attempting to overcome your problems on your own can seem like an impossible task. Our Greenwich rehab center team is ready to help by providing a treatment plan that is designed to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Reaching out to our specialists is an important first step on the road to recovery. We will work with you and your insurance provider to select a Connecticut drug treatment plan that is tailored to the unique obstacles that you face. By initiating your path to recovery, you will soon be able to return to a healthy life.

Connecticut Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

High Watch Recovery Center: Hope

When choosing an addiction or mental health treatment center, it is important to select addiction treatment programs in Greenwich CT that are experienced in managing the type of mental health issue or drug or alcohol addiction that you are facing. Over the years, our team has successfully helped thousands of patients with a broad range of mental health issues and addiction and alcoholism problems, including chronic users of the most addictive substances available.

Our addiction and mental health treatment center uses evidenced-based therapy to help anyone seeking to overcome mental health or addiction issues. We focus on underlying mental health issues to identify the root cause of an individuals internal pain or addiction.

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