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Addiction Treatment Centers In Washington State

Olalla Recovery Centers Olalla Washington

Mt. Washington addiction treatment center offers help, hope for people struggling with addiction

You can receive residential treatment for alcohol and drug dependency through Olalla Guest Lodge.

Here, holistic healing for addiction is the focus, with a specialized Native American treatment track available.

Rehab programs are tailored to individual needs and may include a combination of the following treatment services:

Inpatient treatment here is gender-specific, with services occurring in gender-separate facilities.

The rehab facility is supported by the following:

  • CARF accreditation

12850 Lala Cove Ln. SEOlalla, WA 98359 822-6201

Northpoint Washington Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Northpoint is a rehab treatment facility in Edmonds, Washington, that offers inpatient and outpatient care as well as mental health programs and aftercare services.

7416 212th St SWPhone: 773-6856

Addiction Treatment

Northpoint Washington treats people with addictions to alcohol, marijuana, heroin, meth, cocaine and prescription drugs. They offer residential treatment programs for people who struggle with drinking and substance abuse.

  • Medical Detox Northpoint offers medication-assisted treatment for people during detox, the most critical and difficult stage of recovery. The meds suppress the cravings that peak during the second and third days of chemical withdrawal.
  • Alcohol Rehab People develop drinking disorders for numerous reasons: stress, depression, anxiety. For some people, its down to a lack of self-restraint. Whatever the case, Northpoint can help.
  • Drug Rehab It generally takes three days to develop a tolerance for drugs and one week to grow dependent. Some drugs are more deadly than others.

If someone you know has spiraled into alcoholism or opioid addiction, act now before its too late. Northpoint offers rehab programs for anyone seeking addiction treatment in Washington.

Treatment Programs

Northpoint offers a private and convenient solution for anyone who struggles with drug abuse. The center has several treatment options. Patients can reside at the facility or come in during the day.

Mental Health Treatment

Effective Drug And Alcohol Addiction Rehabs In Washington

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol require a holistic therapy approach that promotes physical, psychological, and spiritual restoration. Effective drug rehab clinics in Washington include the following addiction treatment modalities:

  • A thorough intake evaluation is performed to discover the recovering addicts individual circumstances and triggers.
  • An addiction treatment strategy that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient.
  • Care management and the engagement of family and friends in the rehabilitation process
  • Detoxification under medical supervision and management of withdrawal symptoms
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy , dialectical behavioral therapy , and motivational interviewing are examples of behavioral therapies .
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention programs, such as sober community living, are available.

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Residential Treatment Facilities In Washington Need To Get Licensed By The State

Washington calls residential addiction treatment centers RTFs, which is short for residential treatment facility.

According to the Department of Health, all RTFs must get licensed by the state before opening or advertising services in Washington:

A current license issued by the Department of Health is required before operating or advertising a residential treatment facility. A license is effective for one year from the date it was issued.

Treatment Centers In The State Of Washington

Addiction treatment center Washington

For those in need, Washington has a wide choice of treatment clinics as well as certain state-funded options. Many statewide rehab clinics accept private insurance plans and offer financial assistance.

When looking at treatment choices, its critical to consider the programs therapeutic methods, recovery rates, rehab duration, and location. A program that is further away from home, on the other hand, should not deter you. Choosing a treatment center in another state may allow you to concentrate on your life, health, and long-term recovery more effectively.

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Guided Tour We Level Up Alcohol Drug Treatment Center

Not sure which addiction center to choose from? Dont despair, just call or chat on one of our addiction and mental health hotlines. Our professionals know and can guide you to the best-suited treatments for your needs. There is no one best place. But, We Level Up Washington State Rehab offers a great choice for your addiction and mental health therapy.

Finding A Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Washington

Start by contacting a trained chemical dependency professional

In Washington, the first step is to contact a trained chemical dependency professional near you. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services has compiled a list of qualified providers in each county through the Washington Recovery Help Line. For more information, visit the DSHS website.

The purpose of contacting a trained chemical dependency professional is to determine what type of help each individual needs, as well as the resources available for each individual. The trained chemical dependency professional is also the first point of contact for anyone who may need assistance paying for treatment. To learn if you qualify for low-income Medicaid services, and to determine eligibility, visit the Washington State Health Care Authority.

Use our database to find a treatment center near you

The tool below lists all of the treatment centers in the state of Washington recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration . Input your zip code and select the filter icon to find relevant treatment centers near you.

Treatment is available for veterans in Washington who are suffering from a substance use disorder. As of 2017, 42 substance abuse treatment facilities in Washington representing 10.6% of all treatment facilities catered specifically to veterans.

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Substance Abuse In Washington State

In keeping with nationwide trends, drug and alcohol abuse in Washington has been rising in the past couple of decades. Direct access to Canada and the Pacific Ocean has made Washington vulnerable to drug imports. Listed below are some of the statistics that demonstrate the gravity of the problem and the need for effective drug rehabs in Washington. Even at a rate thats lower than the national average, a total of 742 people died from opioid-related overdoses in 2017 in Washington State.

Best Drug Rehab Centers In Washington

VIDEO An Affordable Washington Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Yakima, WA

Inpatient treatment in Washington provides recovery services for people with an addiction. These facilities also offer treatment for people with co-occurring mental health disorders, which may include behavioral therapy and detoxification.

Inpatient treatment, also called residential rehab, for addiction to opioids and other substances can help you to achieve sobriety and manage behaviors that contribute to addiction.

Long-term recovery centers in Washinton often provide services such as group therapy, relapse prevention groups, and referrals as needed.

For individualized drug and alcohol treatment choices, consult this list of nine alcohol and drug rehab centers in Washington.

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Treatment Centers In Washington

Washington offers a wide range of treatment centers, as well as some state-funded options for those in need. Many statewide rehab facilities accept private insurance plans and provide solutions for financial difficulties.

While researching treatment options, its important to look into the programs therapy methods, recovery rates, rehab duration, as well as location. Its possible that the program for your situation is available is out of state. A program further from home, however, shouldnt deter you. Choosing a treatment center in another state can better allow you to focus on your life, health and long-term sobriety.

Division Of Behavioral Health And Recovery

The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery in Washington provides funding for prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services to those enrolled in Medicaid.

Between 2013 and 2015, the DBHR helped serve more than 83,000 youth and adults struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Due to an overwhelming number of individuals seeking state-funded treatment, DBHR has implemented levels of priority. Those who receive priority for state-funded treatment are:

  • Pregnant women who use IV drugs.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Others who use IV drugs.
  • Post-partum women .
  • Parents/legal guardians involved with Child Protective Services.
  • Parenting adults.

With the help of services provided by DBHR, individuals have timely access to treatment and recovery programs.

Jeffrey Juergens

The Costs Of Washington Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Treatment with Washington alcohol and drug rehab centers will vary in price, but in most cases, addicts and their families will be able to use health insurance. The majority of health insurance providers in the state will assist in defraying some of the treatment costs. Medicaid and Medicare, as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, and Tricare insurance, are examples.

In the state, low-cost and free treatment options are available, which will benefit persons who live below the poverty line or who do not have health insurance. Some private drug treatment programs will accept private health insurance or be self-pay, while others will have a sliding fee schedule to assist spread out the costs. Finding a top alcohol rehab Seattle, or elsewhere in the state, does not always depend on cost or even insurance provider. A confidential call to the Find Addiction Rehabs hotline can align you with the right center to fit your needs.

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The Center A Place Of Hope

In order to treat drug abuse and any co-occurring disorders, The Center A Place of Hope provides comprehensive, whole-person treatment services. All individuals participate in an initial assessment which helps their clinician determine what needs to be treated and how. A program will be developed based on that assessment and will touch every single aspect of the individuals life, including their mental health, living environment, work, underlying traumas from childhood, and personal relationships. Along with the general therapies that most substance abuse treatment facilities offer, The Center provides access to nutrition education and fitness as forms of creating a sense of overall wellness. Throughout the entire program, each client will work with a treatment team of addiction specialists, fitness coaches, nutritionists, spiritual guides, and counselors. The Center accepts most health insurance plans, and they also offer financial assistance options for clients who need them.

What they treat:

What If Im Not Experiencing Substance Abuse

James Oldham Treatment Center

The absence of substance abuse has no impact on your experience of healing at The Clearing. Weoffer treatment for a variety of mental health issues and traumatic events.

A difficulty for people who are not challenged by substance abuse is “where can I go for healing? Unfortunately, your options for treatment are often less structured these may include relying heavily on medications, weekly counseling, and perhaps even mental hospitalization. Hospitalization is an option because, frankly, most addiction treatment programs would be very poor choices for your needs given their focus on substance abuse as the primary issue.

In our remarkable and substantive Program, healing your issues will be in lock-step with our curriculum. We don’t focus or address individual substances because we know that’s not the problem.

Regardless of the origin, our focus is entirely on the issues causing life to be out of balance.

Substances are merely the coping mechanisms some have chosen to deal with ‘underlying core issues.’ In your particular experience, you may cope in other ways: isolation, self-loathing, feelings of hopelessness, excessive exercise, ignoring or powering through your feelings the list goes on and on.

– M.P.

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Facts About Opioid Addiction In Washington State

Trends in Opioid Addiction in Washington State

  • In the decade and a half leading up to 2016, crime lab data showed a 134 percent increase in opioid abuse.
  • Between 2002 and 2015, there was a 257 percent rise in drug treatment admissions at publicly-funded drug rehab centers in Washington.
  • In 2015 alone, 692 people in Washington died of opioid-related causes.

Methamphetamine Abuse in Washington

  • There were 89 deaths attributed to methamphetamine abuse in 2003. By 2018, this number had risen to 531 deaths per year.
  • Crime lab cases involving methamphetamines increased from 45 percent in 2002 to 62 percent in 2018.
  • Treatment admissions in publicly funded drug rehabs in Washington with methamphetamine as the primary drug were 797 in 2008 and 633 in 2015.

Heroin Addiction in Washington

  • There were 328 deaths involving heroin in Washington in the year 2018.
  • In 2014, heroin-linked fatal overdoses rose dramatically by 58 percent in the Seattle area, the biggest increase in drug-associated deaths in nearly two decades.
  • Crime lab cases involving heroin increased from 738 in 2002 to 2894 in 2018.

Cannabis Laws in Washington

In 2012, initiative marijuana was legalized in Washington with the following restrictions:

How Do I Know Ive Found The Right Treatment Program

When it comes to substance abuse treatment programs, your choices are endless. However, not all rehab programs are the same. Programs differ widely based on the modalities they offer, the number and qualifications of their staff, and the kind of environment in which treatment is provided. Most importantly, you want to choose a facility that sees and treats you based on your unique personality, history, and experiences.

An individualized program that includes a comprehensive course of treatment, counselors who are qualified and experienced with addiction treatment, and a comfortable environment that takes all distractions out of the recovery process offers recovering individuals their best hope. Bayview Recovery provides all of these critical components, as well as a commitment to your recovery that extends far beyond your last day with us.

Call Bayview Recovery today at to regain control of your life and begin a healthy future.

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The Center For Alcohol & Drug Treatment Wenatchee

The Center for Alcohol & Drug Treatment is a nonprofit center operated by a volunteer board of directors. Their programs are based on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. The Center is staffed by certified chemical dependency professionals who oversee their adult and youth outpatient programs, the intensive inpatient program and their detox services.

For more information on this facility go to

Evergreen Recovery Centers Multiple Locations

Spokane’s Daybreak treatment center faces indefinite closure over allegations of inappropriate staff

This addiction treatment center has rehab facilities in Tacoma, Seattle, Mount Vernon, Lynnwood, and Everett, Washington.

The treatment facility is backed by:

  • CARF accreditation
  • membership in the National Institute of Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network

Outpatient programs are available in the Everett, Lynnwood, and Marysville locations, and options include:

  • intensive outpatient program

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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Washingtons Prescription Drug Monitoring Program went into effect in 2011. . Medical practitioners and pharmacists use the program as a safety tool. Physicians can review the information before prescribing drugs using the information provided by a patient care tool.

The following are some of the advantages of Washingtons PDMP:

  • Keeping drugs out of the wrong hands and preventing overdoses.
  • Promoting pain management referrals.
  • The treatment of drug addiction.
  • Detecting insurance fraud is a difficult task.
  • Providing assistance with patient care.

Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers Kirkland

Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers is an affordable, comprehensive drug treatment program that provides all of their clients with access to a full continuum of care and varying services. Inpatient residents will have access to highly-structured schedules that provide treatment and support throughout every hour of the day. Outpatient clients will have less structure and more freedom, but their services continue helping long term. Each treatment plan is customized to the individual client, allowing them to only participate in the services that benefit their individual situation. Some of the services that Lakeside Milam offers include nutritional guidance, withdrawal management, family education, individual therapy, relapse education, and continuing care planning. Though they do accept most health insurance providers, Lakeside Milam also works with each client to provide the most cost-effective payment plan.

What they treat:

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Other Ways To Get Help And Washington State Rehab Resources

In Washington state, there are numerous groups to help with long-term recovery. These include:

In addition, you can call crisis lines to get help in Washington state.

How Do I Get Apple Health Treatment For A Substance Use Disorder

Shelton Health &  Rehab Center

In Washington, the name of Medicaid is Washington Apple Health.

  • For 24-hour emotional support, and referrals to treatment and recovery services anywhere in the state, call the Washington Recovery Help Line.
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    Consejo Counseling And Referral Services

    Consejo Counseling is a community-based substance abuse facility that specifically addresses the behavioral health needs of Latinos in the Washington state area. Their services are offered in both English and Spanish and work for clients of all ages, allowing for increased accessibility to necessary mental health services. Adults, young adults, and adolescents are offered customized, age-appropriate programs, but they often include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, case management, medication management, peer support, psychosocial assessments, nutrition guidance, life skill development, and so much more. Each dual diagnosis treatment program for substance abuse disorders is extremely flexible, allowing clients to fit treatment around their life and other responsibilities. Consejo Counseling does accept Medicaid and other forms of payment for the services they offer.

    What they treat:

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