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Where Can I Buy Addiction Cat Food

Acana Pet Food Ingredients Vs Addiction Pet Food Ingredients

My Strange Addiction – Karlee eats dogfood (please read description)

Here are some of the controversial ingredients used only by Acana.

Canola Oil

Canola oil is a plant-derived oil from the seeds of canola plants. Although fat is an essential component of any diet, canola oil is controversial in pet food. Proponents claim that canola oil provides a better fat profile in comparison to other plant based oils. However, opponents claim that canola oil is typically produced with genetically modified rapeseed and that rapeseed oil has multiple adverse health affects.

Is Addiction Worth Trying

Addiction is a company with a great mission and a promise to add eco-friendly and naturally-grown ingredients that have never seen antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides.

In general, they live up to their pledge and add simple and organic ingredients to all their recipes. All the formulas are cooked from novel proteins like duck, salmon, and venison. Thanks to this, the Addiction food is great for felines that suffer from chicken, fish, or beef allergy. However, all formulas include chicken fat, which might also be the reason for allergies. But all cat parents assure that none of the issues happened, and the pets seem to tolerate this source of animal fat.

The only thing I didnt like much about Addiction cat food is the excessive use of vegetables and fruit. As carnivores, cats should have a diet based on meat and proteins rather than carbs and fiber.

In general, Addiction cat food is a great option for allergic and sensitive felines. It would also work great for those families who would like to feed their pets a natural diet free of fillers, by-products, additives, and other red-flag ingredients.

You might not be impressed with the selection of recipes , but who cares about the variety if the cat cleans the bowl every time you serve it? Most felines love this food, absolutely.

About Addiction Dog Foods

Addiction Foods Limited commenced in 2002 when the founder – a leading holistic veterinary surgeon and clinical nutritionist with over 20 years experience – began to notice that most everyday pet foods were under nourishing our pets and in many cases causing them harm. By creating only natural and wholesome foods with no compromise on quality, Addiction is as close as what nature intended for your pets to eat. This holistic hypo-allergenic range of New Zealand food reduces the risk of allergies, eczema and itchiness in your pets. More information is available from the USA site

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Is Addiction Good For Your Cat

With all being said, let me tell you what I think about Addiction cat food. This is a holistic pet food brand known for manufacturing hypoallergenic products with ethically sourced proteins and naturally grown fruit and vegetables. Their product line is very limited, and you can choose only between the duck, salmon, and venison kibble flavors. But in fact, these are the recipes with limited ingredients that would benefit felines with allergies and some food intolerance.

The price of these recipes is higher than average, but as you take a look at the ingredient list, you understand that every cent is justified. Meat is also the first ingredient in all the formulas, and youll never find grains that are frequently used to add mass to kibble, but in fact, they are poorly digestible by cats. Of course, there are many plants in the Addiction cat kibble like potatoes, peas, kelp, apples, and more, but these are the vegetables and fruit that are not that heavy on the felines tummies. Frankly speaking, I expected more meat in the Addiction recipes. But since they aim at providing pets with allergies with a healthy alternative that wont cause any reaction, the decision to add fewer meat types is a wise one. After all, its all about the ratio of meat and plants in the recipe .

Anyway, I am convinced that Addiction cat food is definitely worth your attention, and I would add it to my top 20 cat food brands I would recommend without any hesitation.

While Cats Are Particularly Drawn To Japanese Food Which Is Rich In Meat And Seafood You’re Unlikely To Find Them Stealing Ice

Whiskas Dry Cat Food, Tuna flavour for Adult cats (+1 year ...

The sixth taste is thought to be particularly popular with carnivorous animals, which may discern it via receptors in their mouths that evolved to detect calcium. And as you would expect, pet food companies have already begun targeting it with cocktails of flavour-enhancing chemicals.

But there are some flavours that you will never find in certain pet foods.

For example, most wild carnivorous animals lack the receptors for tasting sugar or carbohydrates. And unlike dogs, which have been living around humans and feasted off our scraps for up to 40,000 years, domestic cats have only been around for about 4,300. For the majority of that time, they were considered a kind of free pest-control that could fend for themselves.

So, while cats are particularly drawn to Japanese food, which is rich in meat and seafood, you’re unlikely to find them stealing ice-creams or doughnuts unlike dogs, they simply haven’t been around humans for long enough to have evolved the ability to taste sugar.

Cats are irresistibly drawn to the chemical compounds found in rotting fish

On the other hand, because vegan animals eat exclusively vegetable matter, which is often rich in fibre and carbohydrates, they tend to prefer sweeter pet food.

Pet obesity is a growing problem in the developed world, with one survey of veterinary professionals at a vet show in London suggesting that around 51% of dogs, 44% of cats and 29% of small mammals are now overweight or obese.

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Pet Food Manufacturers Have A Really Difficult Time Because They Have To Make It Disgusting Enough So That The Animal Will Eat It But Not So Disgusting That The Owners Wont Buy It

Examples include putrescine and cadaverine, colourless chemicals produced naturally by the breakdown of proteins. They’re largely responsible for the revolting smell of rotting flesh and cats love them. While in human food, their levels are sometimes closely monitored as a way of ensuring the freshness and safety of meat, they’re often actively added to cat and dog food, either as offal extracts or lab-made additives.

In the case of naturally vegan animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, irresistible smells such as mint and oregano are sometimes added in the form of concentrates.

Japanese-inspired cuisine

Other insights are arguably more surprising. A recent study identified nine volatile compounds in common pet food flavourings that are linked to how delicious they are to dogs, including heptanal, nonanal, and octanal, which all have strong, fruity odours.

However, taste is also important and here the preferences of carnivorous pets are not so different from ours.

One of the most popular additives in human food is the enigmatic “hydrolysed protein”, which is formed by breaking down the long strands of proteins into their constituent amino acids, usually using enzymes or hydrochloric acid. It imparts a flavour similar to that achieved by meat or vegetable stock, and often comes with MSG, which is produced as a by-product of the same reaction and is responsible for the savoury taste of tomatoes, cheese and Iberico ham.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food

In my research, I learned that it’s not a good idea to feed a dog primarily cat food because

  • cat food may not have the correct amount of vitamins and minerals a dog needs
  • cat food may contain too much protein and fat than a dog needs

This surprised me, because I always thought raw dog food and raw cat food were nearly the same with the exception of taurine, an amino acid cats require .

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The Were All About Cats Standardrating Addiction On What Matters

Weve analyzed Addiction and graded it according to the Were All About Cats standard, evaluating the brand on species-appropriateness, ingredient quality, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. Heres how it rates in each of these six key areas.

We give Addiction cat food a 39 out of 60 rating or a B- grade.

My Cat Is Addicted To Addiction Catfood

Best Wet Cat Food Brands: What I Feed My Cats and How I Organize Them

Ive had Honeygirl, my cat, for almost 19 years. Shes almost always been finicky about her food. Back when I didnt know any better & I bought catfood from the grocery store, I remember feeling very pleased with myself because she seemed to like Meow Mix.

I later got the idea that I should use premium catfood & then began buying Iams. I know I didnt know my petfood facts back then. I also fed my cats raw for about a year but when my work schedule changed it became too difficult to maintain.

When I finally got smarter I bought my cats Innova, but it just didnt have as much grease as Iams & Honeygirl never really took a shine to it. And she hasnt liked much of anything Ive tried Prairie, Instinct, some other super expensive brand I cant remember until now.

I was cruising my favorite pet supply store & was excited when I saw a new brand of catfood on the shelves. This was exciting because every time I found something new that I could try I was possessed by a glimmer of hope that maybe this time Id get my cats approval. Maybe.

The Addiction Viva La Venison kibble was $18 for a 4 lb bag. The first ingredient was Venison meal, & it was free range venison. It was grain free & contained natural probiotics, which are nice in the case of an 18-year-old cat who sometimes has digestive issues.

The normal routine with me, Honeygirl, & a new bag of catfood was this:

Healthy food simply doesnt taste as good as unhealthy food, right?

She wouldnt eat it.

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What Kind Of Cat Food Products Do They Offer

Addiction is a company that only offers dry pet foods. Their dog food products including both traditional dry food and freeze-dried options, though their cat food products are limited to three dry food recipes. Choose from duck, salmon, or venison as the primary protein. Because Addictions products feature proteins novel to most cats, they are a popular choice for cats with food allergies and intolerance.

Here is the nutritional information for some of the most popular cat food recipes:

Products Included In This Review

Name 33.89%Ingredients:Venison Meal, Dried Potatoes, Dried Tapioca, Chicken Fat , Peas, Natural Flavors, Dried Kelp, Dried Cranberries, Dried Apples, Dried Spinach, Brewers Dried Yeast, Dried Enterococcus Faecium, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Dried Bifidobacterium Longum, Dried Bifidobacterium Thermophilum, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin , Calcium Pantothenate , Vitamin A Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate , Riboflavin Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride , Biotin , Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid , Sodium Chloride, Taurine, Choline Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Cobalt Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Extract.

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Our Final Thoughts: Is Addiction A Good Brand

The Addiction pet food brand is often marketed as a hypoallergenic choice for pet owners. Their dog food products are more extensive than their cat food line, however, and we werent particularly impressed. One of the three recipes contained more than a single source of protein and all three made heavy use of synthetic supplements.

Generally speaking, Addiction doesnt appear to be a bad pet food brand, but we arent sure its worth the price especially when you compare it to other brands in the same price range.

If youre looking for a single source protein recipe, Addictions salmon or venison formulas are reasonably priced and decent in quality. Just know that the carb content of these foods is fairly high, and you could probably find a cat food that doesnt contain so many synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements.

Was this article helpful?

Crude Protein Comparison For Dog Food

25% OFF: Addiction® Raw Dehydrated NZ Forest Delicacies ...

Addiction cat food where to buy. Their coats have become fuller, softer, and they all look healthier. We carry a large selection and the top brands like purina, fancy feast, and more. Overview of addiction cat food canned and dry .

There are a number of factors that set this brand apart from the competition, but the main point is the quality of their ingredients. The addiction brand was founded in 2002 and made in new zealand, with the intention of creating only natural and wholesome foods with no compromise on quality for the local market. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best pet food brand for your pet.

Get the best cat & kittens food in singapore at catsmart! The food provides protein rich and meat like flavors to cats. Addiction cat food buy cat food.

Currently, item can be shipped only within the u.s. But one woman is so addicted to cat food that she gorges on a staggering 900 kitty treats every single day. This includes canned food, dry food, and cat treats from brands including almo nature, applaws, natural balanace, natures variety instinct, and royal cannin to name a few.

Addiction cat food canned and dry reviews: Purchase cat food products from some of the leading makers in the industry. Addiction dog food buy dog food.

Addiction cat food is produced and manufactured by the addiction foods company which is based in new zealand. Buy the selected items together. It contains all favorable and delicious ingredients that usually like to eat.

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What Are Pet Owners Saying About Addiction

So, as Addiction seems to be a little bit pricier than the kibble you used to purchase for your feline, you might be wondering if it is really better than other options out there. And thats completely OK as you are going to spend your hard-earned money on cat food, so you want to make sure its quality and safe for your feline.

As a cat parent of two beautiful babies, I know how your decision about pet food is made. At first, you might ask a vet about the best option for your feline. Then you do the research asking Google about brands that look appealing and fit your budget. You read reviews like this one, check product pages, and other stuff. And, finally, you read customer reviews. But, unfortunately, thats pretty time-consuming because youve got to browse through different platforms and switch between products to get a general understanding of companies and their food. But wait, Ive got a shortcut for you.

In this section, I gathered Addiction cat food reviews Reddit and from other sources so you could make up your mind based on what the brand customers say.

All the flavors by Addiction are loved by cats. The customer purchased three tastes and offered his cats to give the verdict about each flavor. He was very surprised that all the felines just wolfed down food from all the bowls.

Grain Free Dog Treats

With many qualitydog food options available today, you might wonderwhat dog food is good for dogs but there is no need to wonder anymore. Addiction is one of thedog food brands with thebest dog food – simply because of their dedication and drive to provide your dog withquality pet food. With ingredients kept in their most natural state and food recipes formulated to meet health needs, Addiction is able to provide thequality pet food promised and become thedog food singapore loves.

Addictionpet food products are formulated to behypoallergenic dog food that is packed with vitamins and minerals – providing your dog with optimum nutrition and making Addiction thedog food for dogs with allergies. Theirdry dog food product line, offers a sizeable range of qualitydog kibble options that are designed to boost and support your dogs overall health. Remaining consistent, Addictionsdehydrated raw dog food product line also includes nutrient-dense recipes that will help support your dogs overall health and wellbeing. Theircanned dog food recipes are rich in meat protein and packed with nutrients like Omega 3 to help with skin and coat conditions. Theirmeaty bites dog food treats are soft, nutrient-rich goodness that make great snacks and rewards.

If you were wonderingwhere can I find dog food from Addiction or how much does Addictionpet food cost – we got you covered. Here at, you will be able to find attractive offers on the Addiction dog food you need.

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Addiction Does Not Sell Their Products On Their Own Website


These various products will have different ingredients that cater to your cat’s specific nutritional needs. 20,142 likes · 30 talking about this · 20 were here. A week after your product ships, you will receive an email with instructions on. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Addiction grain free canned cat food. Even some of the healthy food options are complete garbage and end up doing more harm than good. Where can i buy royal canin? Each box contains 6 or more samples from participating brands. At diamond pet foods, we work with a network of vetted authorized retailers who share our commitment to providing the best nutrition to pets. Cat parents might wonder if they have to buy hypoallergenic cat foods. Addiction does not sell their products on their own website. Purina’s cat chow gentle dry cat food formulation is one of the most unique products we’ve seen so far when it comes to kitty chow. Worst cat foods, sounds really bad right?


Addiction’s unagi and seaweed entree is reviewed here #catfoodreviews #catfoodratings. The association of american feed control officials requires a minimum amount of 0.1% taurine content in cats’ diet. Worst cat foods, sounds really bad right? There are plenty of recipes online for cat food. Cat parents might wonder if they have to buy hypoallergenic cat foods.


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