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Addiction Recovery Center Ashland Ky

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: The Bluffs

Understanding addiction to support recovery (:60)

Vertava Health has a residential treatment center in Sherrodsville, Ohio, just under four hours from Ashland. The Bluffs offers multi-level care for adults suffering from addiction.

The facility provides a healing environment with private rooms and large dining areas. The care focuses on evidence-based treatment plans and individual strategies.

The retreat-like setting will soothe your mind and body with luxury amenities and professional care as you find your path to sobriety. To learn more about our continuum of addiction treatment at The Bluffs, contact us today.

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Eagle Creek Recovery Center Located In Owenton Kentucky

Eagle Creek is a residential treatment center for women suffering from addiction located in Owenton, Kentucky.

The facility sits inside a former hospital that closed several years ago. Our team and developers worked tirelessly to restore the building for several months, just like our staff will help you re-establish your life in the community. It is no secret it takes faith and grit. While you might see the lows, we see an incredible opportunity. Let us help you discover the destiny youre intended to live.

At ARC, we are leading the way when it comes to combining drug treatment and vocational training that results in second-chance employment. We believe the solution to the nations workforce issues is lying dormant in the lives of those struggling with a substance use disorder. ARCs Crisis to Career approach allows those suffering from substance use disorders to reenter the workforce and live flourishing lives.

The treatment program is holistic with CARF-accredited clinical programs, medical services directed by an addictionologist, a Christ-centered spiritual emphasis that includes the 12 steps and chaplaincy care, and a broadening scope of vocational training opportunities for clients.

Acres Of Hope: Arc Gives Officials Glimpse Into Olbh Future

  • Henry Culvyhouse | The Daily Independent

SPRINGFIELD John Cooper was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

The son of a county attorney, and the grandson of a Kentucky Supreme Court Justice, Cooper had everything he needed and almost everything he wanted, he tells the crowd polishing off tacos and rice in a conference room.

Despite a stellar upbringing, Cooper said he still had that hole in my soul. He never felt good enough, he never fit in.

I was insecure, I felt less than because I never felt I like measured up, Cooper said. I still feel like that sometimes.

But when Cooper got a hold of his daddys Makers Mark, he had arrived. All those icky feelings went away he was gregarious, he felt peace, ease and comfort.

He was 12 years old. Hair wasnt even growing on his chin.

From there, Cooper said he got into a a lot of shenanigans throughout his teenage years. At 16, he transitioned to prescription pills, after his mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. Cooper said he remembered belly-crawling across the bedroom floor to snatch up her Percocets.

Despite it all, Cooper found himself at the University of Kentucky in 1999. After his freshman year, he hit the needle. Then his mother died thats when Cooper said he went nuts.

Even with all he had been through and his education, he still graduated with a bachelors in spite of his drug use

Two addicts cant make each other well, Cooper said.

He has hope.

Next-door neighbors

From broken to whole

The need

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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers In Ashland Kentucky

It is essential to comprehensively understand the levels of treatment for substance use disorders. There are two major types of treatment levels for addiction issues. These include inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Each of the treatment programs is designed for specific groups of substance use disorder patients.

Outpatient programs are individually structured and less formal. They allow patients to attend therapy while residing in their own homes. The treatment level may take an extended period while allowing you to attend to your daily errands and responsibilities. Patients in this type of treatment program should be able to manage drug cravings. Outpatient treatment plans serve as a continuation of residential and partial hospitalization treatment plans or as a starting point for patients who exhibit mild substance use disorders.

Your choice of treatment plan should be suited for your specific condition. There are several factors that you should consider while making this important decision. These include the type of substance dependency, the history of your addiction and the cost of the treatment plan. Professional assessment and advice may be helpful as you get to understand the available treatment plans.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs


During the first couple of days of sobriety, the body goes through the process of detoxifying. It must adjust to not getting the drug or alcohol it has become dependent on and that can be rough. You may be uncomfortable and experience potentially dangerous side effects.

A managed detox program allows medical professionals to help you through this time using counseling, support, and drug therapy. An inpatient program allows you to stay in a hospital-like setting. Outpatient services mean you travel to the facility for care.

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Finding A Rehabilitation Center

Where you go to rehab is entirely up to you. Life long abstinence is attainable wherever you are. The most crucial step of getting sober is taking the first step and seeking help now.. If you attend a rehabilitation near where you live then you are close to by loved ones, but you are also around to old individuals that may diminish your of staying sober. The most crucial decision, that you have to make is that you are ready to get help and change your life. If you attend a rehabilitation further away you could have a stronger ability to make a fresh start and form a support group to help you stay sober. For help deciding what the best option is for you, feel free to use our sponsored hotline, 207-7436to talk to a treatment specialist today.

Mental Health And Substance Abuse:

A combined mental health and substance abuse rehab has the staff and resources available to handle individuals with both mental health and substance abuse issues. It can be challenging to determine where a specific symptom stems from , so mental health and substance abuse professionals are helpful in detangling symptoms and keeping treatment on track.

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Recovery Meetings Near You In Ashland

After completing drug rehab, patients are advised to enroll in programs that address mental, spiritual and emotional factors that may be underlying contributors to the addiction. Recovery meetings offer peer support that encourages maintaining sobriety each day. Many recovery fellowships are held in Ashland, and you are at liberty to choose any of the meetings discussed below.

Ashland Drug & Alcohol Rehab Detox & Treatment Resources

Former college to become addiction recovery center

The city of Ashland is the largest city in Boyd County, Kentucky. The area is home to a population of residents living at the southern banks of the Ohio River. This city forms part of the fifth largest metropolitan area in the state and serves as an important medical and economic center for northeast Kentucky. The community dates back to the 1786 Poage family migration from Shenandoah Valley through the Cumberland Gap.

Ashland and the state of Kentucky in general are experiencing a significant increase in drug abuse. As evident in almost every urban community in the United States, the abuse of alcohol, , meth, heroin and prescription opiates has hit record levels, attributing to overdose fatalities and other associated problems. Those involved also find it hard to reach out as they are often subjected to stigma by people around them. Substance use disorders, just like other ailments, can affect anyone and can also be helped with the right treatment.

The Recovery Village does not operate in the state of Kentucky. Our closest facility is in Columbus, Ohio and can be seen in the map above.

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Levels Of Care Offered

Ultimate Treatment Center offers a variety of treatment.

This center offers a variety of custom treatment tailored to individual recovery. Currently available are Aftercare Support, Detox, Drug Rehab, Intensive Outpatient, Intervention, Outpatient, with additional therapies available as listed below.

Ashland Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Detox is the first condition that you should fulfill before embarking on the journey to complete recovery as it helps in breaking the physical dependence on substances. Patients who begin with this process are known to achieve successful recoveries, and the process is best carried out under the supervision of a clinician. These professionals help by monitoring your recovery and administering any form of medication, which may be required to ease the withdrawal symptoms that may be life-threatening if not handled in a medical setting. The clinicians also look for complications that may come up during the treatment because most substance dependencies are characterized by health deterioration.

While some patients may take weeks to get rid of these substances from their bodies completely, others may require just a few days. The time you need in a drug or alcohol detox clinic will depend on the severity of your addiction problem and the form of substance dependence. When you finish detox, you will be in good condition to enter the next stage of rehabilitation.

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What Is Addiction Treatment

Sometimes someone suffering from drug and alcohol addiction is also losing to other mental health conditions as well. It is imperative that you find a treatment facility that will cover all of your needs. A co-occuring disorder rehabilitation clinic will address you problem with substance abuse addiction and other mental health concerns. If you find yourself suffering from a alcohol , it is crucial that you get help today. If you are losing to drug and alcohol addiction, dont hesitate any longer to get help. To look further at what your choice from a sponsored provider call the toll-free line at 207-7436 for confidential assistance.

14.99 miles from the center of Ashland

Addiction Recovery Care Moves Forward With Plans For Greenup County Treatment Center

Best Kentucky &  Drug Treatment Centers

Addiction Recovery Center – Stock photo by Roman Chazov

ASHLAND, KY – As substance use and overdose fatalities continue to rise, Addiction Recovery Care , a leading provider of addiction treatment and recovery services throughout the Commonwealth, is moving forward with plans to bring a comprehensive, new treatment center to Greenup County. ARC has announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Bon Secours Mercy Health for the purchase of a portion of the former Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital campus.

Eastern Kentucky has been significantly impacted by the addiction crisis, and we feel a tremendous responsibility to ensure our fellow Kentuckians can access the resources and services they need to begin their journeys to recovery, said Tim Robinson, ARC president and CEO. Today marks a major milestone in our plans to bring hope, purpose and recovery to Greenup County, and we are thankful for the communitys support as we move forward with this initiative.

ARC estimates 250 jobs will be created to operate and support the Greenup County facility.

Addiction Recovery Care has been providing comprehensive addiction recovery services in Kentucky since 2010 and has treated more than 25,000 Kentuckians across 30-plus locations in Eastern and Central Kentucky. ARC has received national recognition for its Crisis to Career model of care, which focuses on helping individuals in recovery become healthy enough to find meaningful employment in their communities.

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Ultimate Treatment Recovery Program

Ultimate Treatment Center was established in 2009 and accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities in 2010. Were a clinic driven by a single goal quality, compassionate, and innovative care to adults struggling with substance use disorders. Whether you are looking for treatment for yourself or for a loved one, well create a personalized treatment plan that can help you heal.

Our purpose is to empower you, your family, and our Ashland community by helping you achieve long term recovery and reclaim your life. to learn more about how to get help.

Looking For Cocaine Addiction Centers

Cocaine addiction can occur very quickly and can be difficult to break. Addicts often have many serious physical and psychological problems that can be dangerous to themselves or others if not properly cared for. This unique addiction requires specialized treatment methods for the best results. Cocaine addiction centers can help cocaine abusers overcome their unique challenges to recovery.

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Ashland Ky Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Choosing drug & alcohol abuse treatment in Ashland, KY, there are a lot of options to choose from. You have already chosen the right path by deciding to look for help for you or your loved one. However, some Ashland, KY drug & alcohol abuse treatment centers may have numerous factors that make their center better for a particular addict and their specific situation. When starting the search process, the main factors to think about include the types of treatment thecenter offers, how you will pay for treatment, and any facility specializations that may relate to you. Once you have decided to seek treatment, the next step is to understand what the different options are for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Our Outpatient Program Will Help You Or Your Loved One Continue Their Journey Toward Recovery And Sobriety

Understanding addiction to support recovery (:30)

For successful residential clients and those seeking a more flexible treatment option, Addiction Recovery Care provides an outpatient treatment program.

For outpatient clients, we provide clinical treatment that includes either group or individual counseling at one of our conveniently located outpatient centers or via outpatient telecare.

Clients recommended for Addiction Recovery Care outpatient treatment programs do not need medically supervised detoxification or stabilization, have stable mental and physical health, have had few if any prior treatment experiences, and have a stable, supportive home and work environment. If you or a loved one is in need immediate assistance or is having a relapse crisis, call us immediately at 677-0215.

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Addiction Recovery Care Finalizes Purchase Agreement For Part Of Former Olbh Complex

GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. Treatment for people suffering from substance abuse issues is another step closer in eastern Kentucky.

Addiction Recovery Care announced Friday that its purchase agreement with Bon Secours Mercy Health for part of the former Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital complex in Russell has been fully executed.

The region was tied to that facility. Its been a staple of the community for years and for decades, and being able to open that back up, its going to mean more than just economic opportunity, its going to mean more than just addiction treatment help, its going to mean hope for an entire region, said Matt Brown, senior vice president of administration at ARC.

Last December, ARC announced plans to develop the former campus as a residential treatment center. They also plan to open detox and psychiatric units, as well. OLBH closed in 2020 after nearly seven decades of service.

Bellefonte had one of the most successful detox facilities in our region at the time and psychiatric unit. Well be able to open those back up, and not only those, but add the residential drug treatment and job skills piece of our program, Brown said.

All four phases of treatment will be housed at the former hospital.

According to ARC officials, its new treatment center is expected to create about 250 local jobs, including nurses, counselors, case managers and maintenance workers, among others.

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National Drug Abuse Hotline And Treatment Locator Service

Higher Ed Center is dedicated to helping those individuals who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. We provide a free treatment locator service with over 10,000 facilities broken down by state and city to help those in search of treatment. Higher Ed Center also provides free and confidential services for those individuals who would like to speak with a counselor about treatment options.

100% Free and Confidential

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Find Cocaine Addiction Centers

Abusing cocaine has a variety of adverse effects on the body. For example, cocaine constricts blood vessels, dilates pupils, and increases body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. It can also cause headaches and gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal pain and nausea. Cocaine tends to also decrease appetite, therefore chronic users usually become malnourished as well. Working with cocaine addiction centers can help to curb these complications and provide the addict with the right resources to get help.

You can learn more about the problems associated with cocaine use and cocaine addiction centers at A number of addiction specialists are listed on the sight as well as tips on how to combat your addiction.

No matter which method of cocaine you take, it has negative effects on your mind and body as well as your family and friends. Increase blood pressure and heart rate, decreased appetite, paranoia, irritability, and mood disturbances are all reason to quit the abuse of cocaine. Getti…

Insurance And Financial Obligations Associated With Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Ashland Ky

Best Kentucky &  Drug Treatment Centers

Have you considered the cost for treatment? Getting help from a drug rehab can be expensive, but funding should never prevent you from getting the help you need. There are quite a few different options to cover to cost of addiction recovery in Ashland, KY for you to consider:

Private Insurance – Whether your employer offers insurance or you pay for a private insurance plan your self, private insurance is a common method of payment for drug and alcohol treatment. Most private insurance plans do offer benefits that will cover drug and alcohol rehab. Most treatment facilities in Ashland are able to offer help in confirming if if your insurance will cover the treatment they offer. If you have private insurance, your recovery is likely covered!

Out-of-pocket – Whether your employer offers insurance or you pay for a private insurance plan your self, private insurance is a common method of payment for drug and alcohol treatment. Most private insurance plans do offer benefits that will cover drug and alcohol rehab. Most treatment facilities in Ashland are able to offer help in confirming if if your insurance will cover the treatment they offer. If you have private insurance, your recovery is likely covered!

Government Funding & Healthcare – The government provides financial assistance for addiction recovery in Ashland, KY in a number of ways. There are state funds set up in addition too Medicare for people over 65 and Medicaid for residents who make under a certain income.

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