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Best Books About Drug Addiction

I Love You More: Short Stories Of Addiction Recovery And Loss From The Familys Perspective

The Drug Users Bible: A Guide to Safe Drug Use

Most family members do not know where to turn for support and guidance when a child, parent or spouse becomes ill. Society offers little to educate the public or de-stigmatize the problem of addiction. I Love You More is distinct and unique from other books on the market on addiction as it is meant to be an emotional education on the family systems affected by addiction using three, fictional short stories, all with very different endings. These three powerful stories have common threads of hope, pain, mistrust, grief, worry, change, acceptance, belief, and the constant presence of varying levels of sanity across a broad spectrum.

The author, Blake Cohen, is currently in recovery from a substance use disorder himself for multiple years. He has a bachelors degree in psychology, is a Certified Addictions Professional, and is currently earning his Masters degree in the field of Leadership. He currently works in the field of substance abuse treatment as an Interventionist and Recovery/Family Coach. Blakes role allows him to be of assistance to families, and their loved ones, as they begin their journey into recovery. Blake is also a public speaker using his experience and education to help bring understanding to the public regarding the disease of addiction.

Dreamland: The True Tale Of Americas Opiate Epidemic

In 1929, in the blue-collar city of Portsmouth, Ohio, a company built a swimming pool the size of a football field named Dreamland, it became the vital center of the community. Now, opioid addiction has devastated Portsmouth, as it has hundreds of small rural towns and suburbs across Americaaddiction like no other the country has ever faced. How that happened is the riveting story of Dreamland.

With a great reporters narrative skill and the storytelling ability of a novelist, acclaimed journalist Sam Quinones weaves together two classic tales of capitalism run amok whose unintentional collision has been catastrophic. The unfettered prescribing of pain medications during the 1990s reached its peak in Purdue Pharmas campaign to market OxyContin, its new, expensiveextremely addictivemiracle painkiller. Introducing a memorable cast of characterspharma pioneers, young Mexican entrepreneurs, narcotics investigators, survivors, and parentsQuinones shows how these tales fit together. Dreamland is a revelatory account of the corrosive threat facing America and its heartland.

Memoirs From Musicians Who Survived Addiction

Clapton: The Autobiography by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is a world renowned singer, songwriter, rock and blues guitarist, member of the Yardbirds and Cream.

My second visit to Hazelden was, on the face of it, much like the first, but, on a deeper level, it was very different. This time I had no reservations about why I was thereI had tried to control my drinking and failedso there was no more debate, no more gray area for me. Also, my life had become very complicated and completely unmanageable during my relapse. I now had two children, neither of whom I was really administering to a broken marriage assorted bewildered girlfriends and a career that, although it was still chugging along, had lost its direction. I was a mess.

The Autobiography of Gucci Mane by Gucci Mane and Neil Martinez-Belkin

Gucci Mane is a rapper and pioneer of trap music.

In the beginning, lean

The Hard Stuff: Dope, Crime, the MC5, and My Life of Impossibilities by Wayne Kramer

Wayne Kramer is the co-founder of Detroit rock group the MC5.

Hit So Hard: A Memoir by Patty Schemel

Patty Schemel is the former drummer for Hole with Courtney Love.

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis and Larry Sloman

Anthony Kiedis is the lead singer and songwriter for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Slash by Slash

Slash is the original lead guitarist for Guns N Roses

The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star by Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx is the co-founder and drummer for legendary rock band Motley Crue.

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Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions

This guide covers virtually all type of addiction. Although there are different levels of addiction, this book by Russell Brand explains, in simple and clear terms, how best to pull away from the shackles of addiction.

It goes further to provide self-help solutions to complete recovery. The period of addiction recovery can be a very challenging one. This book explains the emotional, physiological, and psychological problems individuals may face. It also provides a solution on how to deal positively with these problems.

Those who have struggled with food, fame, sex, alcohol, and heroin will learn a lot from this book. It has helped thousands of addicted individuals to recover completely.

The Author is a practiced yogi and therapy regular who has coached a lot of addicts and helped them gain their freedom from addiction.

Christian Addiction Recovery Program

Top 25 Books On Drug and Alcohol Addiction  Inspire Malibu

If you are interested in finding freedom from your addiction to drugs and alcohol, Recovery Centers of America has a Christian Addiction Recovery Program, Freedom, which will allow you to fortify your faith as you liberate yourself from the chains of addiction. With its combination of proven general treatment techniques together with the best in faith-based Christian addiction counseling, the Freedom program provides ideal Christian help for addiction.

If youd like to call me directly to discuss your recovery and/or our Freedom program, call 877-730-0438. I wholeheartedly welcome and look forward to your calls every day of the week. Do not hesitate to reach out.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs and alcohol, call Recovery Centers of America now .

Pastor Jason Krail

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The Language Of Letting Go

Here is another moving self-recovery book that chronicles the experience of a former addict. The daily meditations have helped a lot of people deal with their drug and alcohol dependency.

The author tells her life experience and how she was able to get a grip on herself to stop her addictive habit. It is an interesting read that has motivated thousands of people. The author explains why its important to feel responsible for our self-care and pains.

The book is filled with motivational words that will help anyone maintain their stand to quit completely. Those in a codependent relationship, through this book, can take necessary steps to free themselves. The book is inspiring and simple to follow.

Up From Down: A True Story Of Recovery From Addiction

If you or someone you know is struggling to find out how to recover from addiction, this book can help.

Up from Down: A True Story of Recovery from Addiction, tells the story of how Ted Adamson got out of heroins claws. He details how he spent years of his life satisfying his hunger for heroin.

Ted Adamson also talks about his journey from county jail to state prison and the raw truth of what happened to him when he was a junkie. This is one of the best books about addiction recovery that offers hope for people who are struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Find the motivation you need to beat addiction with this book.

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Truth Of Addiction Help With Addiction

The Truth of addiction help with addiction is another perfect example of helpful resources that can surely help with nearly any kind of addiction people might be struggling with.

They can find ways to manage their addiction by following the advice. As people have shared they have alleviated their addiction based actions like binge eating junk food, drug addiction, and drinking issues quite easily and have learned to stop their issues and desires related to addictive behavior.

You will know your addictive behavior and you will be able to learn unique and unusual ways to encounter and inhibit in a smooth way that will never bother you in the future at all.

Addict In The Family: Stories Of Loss Hope And Recovery

The Best Explanation of Addiction Ive Ever Heard Dr. Gabor Maté

Personal stories are one of the best ways to learn about any subject, and addiction is no exception. In Addict in the Family, Beverly Conyers educates us through heart-wrenching stories that validate all of the feelings families of addicts feel. Some of this book can be painful to read, but its so cathartic to learn that others feel the same intense pain that weve felt. There are many important lessons to be learned in this book.

Words of Wisdom: Todd was voicing important questions that haunt anyone who has ever loved an addict: What did I do that caused this problem? and What can I do to fix it? He had not yet discovered the simple truth about addiction that is so hard for families to accept: You didnt cause it, you cant control it, and you cant cure it.

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Start Your Journey To Sobriety With Haven House Recovery Center

These best books on addiction offer the help and inspiration you need while in recovery.

If youre looking for a nearby center for addiction recovery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, choose Haven House. Our 12-step, Christian-based treatment program helps men recovering from addiction to find their way back to a clean and sober life. Start your journey with us today!

Addicted To The Monkey Mind: Change The Programming That Sabotages Your Life

In his book, J.F. Benoista visionary thought leader in the fields of addiction treatment and personal developmentuses the journeys of two relatable characters to teach you how to develop a powerful new mindset and finally break the pattern of negative self-talk.

Addicted to the Monkey Mind offers a toolbox of practical skills to shift self-sabotaging, programmed ways of thinking and learn actionable steps to:

  • Overcome addiction & debilitating habits

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In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts By Gabor Mat

This is the single best work about the psychology of addiction. Maté writes about his time as a physician working with heroin and crack addicts in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside, telling the heart-wrenching stories of the people he treated while providing a radical new way of understanding addiction. Synthesizing his clinical experience, deep scientific research, and profound insight into the childhood trauma that triggers dependency in adults, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts is a powerful call for compassion and understanding in the treatment of drug usersand offers hope for healing and change.

Fiction Books About Substance Addiction

Drugs: The Ultimate Guide To Defeating Drug Addiction and Getting Back ...
  • 6 Fiction Books About Substance
  • While non-fiction books can be intellectually enriching and even emotionally compelling, fiction has a special way of making us feel connected. The brain makes sense of things through story. It is one of the reasons people are generally more drawn to fiction of all kinds. It is why we watch movies and TV shows when we want to be entertained or experience different sensibilities.

    If you are struggling with substance abuse or currently recovering from substance abuse, it can often feel overwhelming. Even hearing other peoples experiences, whether that be through support groups or reading memoirs, can sometimes feel just as overwhelming. We find it difficult to make peace with pain that exists outside of a contained narrative.

    That is where fiction comes in. Fiction contains painful experiences into something we can more easily accept and understand. It is often the case that we start off reading a work of fiction for enjoyment, and gain unexpected wisdom and perspective by the end of it.

    The following are some fictional books about substance use and addiction you can turn to the next time you are feeling lonely, curious, or stuck in your own head.


    The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


    The Shining

    Requiem for a Dream

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    The Mindfulness Workbook For Addiction By Rebecca Williams And Julie Kraft

    Most addictive behavior is rooted in some kind of loss.

    Triggers can come from all directions when you least expect it and emotional triggers are no exception. Based on the relationship between loss and addictions, this book address the depression and grief that lie at the heart of addiction.

    Full of self-assessments, exercises and strategies, you will learn mindfulness skills to help you deal with emotional issues, understand your addiction and discover new healthy coping behaviors.

    This book is best suited for those who is willing to do the work and open to mindfulness practices.

    Rewired: A Bold New Approach To Addiction And Recovery By Erica Spiegelman

    Rewired is considered as one of the best books for people who are looking for a speedy recovery from addiction. In her book, Erica Spiegelman, a very much regarded addiction counselor, speaker, and writer, has imparted her own battle to addiction and chronic alcoholism. Rewired can assist you with your routine habits that lead to addiction and how you can change your concentration and make healthy choices to restore brain, body, and soul.

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    Ask Again Yes By Mary Beth Keane

    Ask Again, Yes is the perfect fictional family drama about two families whose histories are forever entwined. Francis Gleeson and Brian Stanhope are two rookie cops in the NYPD, and they live next door to each other, with their respective families, outside the city. The families lives become altered in negative and positive ways by one explosive event for decades to come.

    It is about mental health, addiction, forgiveness, growth, and love. It is told from numerous perspectives, and these perspectives also often intersect in unique ways.

    The Addiction Recovery Workbook: Powerful Skills For Preventing Relapse Every Day

    Addiction: Tomorrow Is Going To Be Better Brandon Novak’s Story #theaddictionseries #dontgiveup

    Get the tools you need to recover from alcoholism and other forms of addiction, and create an effective relapse prevention plan. This substance abuse workbook equips you with actionable strategies and coping techniques to succeed in recovery when faced with daily challenges, stressors, and triggers.

    From navigating intimate relationships to handling high-risk situations and environments, this addiction workbook offers practical tools and hands-on exercises that you can use in your home, work, and personal life.

    Develop addiction recovery skills through:

    • A comprehensive introduction that helps you understand your addiction and outlines the path to recovery.
    • Coping skills to deal with thoughts, emotions, relationships, and high-risk situations and environments.
    • Prevention tactics that help you succeed in lifelong recovery by setting new, addiction-free lifestyle habits and routines.

    Foster the skills youll need to persevere with this addiction recovery workbook as your guide.

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    Healing The Addicted Brain By Harold Urschel

    This book is about treating alcoholism and drug addiction as a biological disease. A brain disease can be treated with medications just like other chronic illnesses.

    Combining behavioral interventions with brain function research, the strategies and treatment suggested in the program are designed to overcome the biological factors that cause addictive behavior.

    Furthermore, this book helps you understand how you became addicted and why you behave the way you did.

    If you are interested in science-based interventions and open to using medications to help your addiction, this is the book for you.

    | eBook | Audio

    Recovery Addicts Often Write The Best Books On Drug Addiction

    When struggling with drug addiction, your own or that of a loved one, having a good selection of books to consult is very helpful. Others have fought the battle with substance abuse and are the authors of many of the best books on drug addiction and recovery. There are a variety of written works on drug and alcohol abuse. Some books are written from personal experience in the form of a journal, others include before and after stories, accounts by family members of an addict, and educational volumes.

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    The Patrick Melrose Novels By Edward St Aubyn

    I read these five autobiographical novels twice: once as a heroin addict and a second time in rehab. Together they are perhaps the most powerful depiction of the full life cycle of addictionfrom childhood trauma to chaotic dependency to tentative recoveryin English literature. And somehow, they manage to be both terrible and hilarious . Every addict will relate to the St. Aubyns beautifully paradoxical line: The way other people felt about love, he felt about heroin, and he felt about love the way other people felt about heroin: that it was a dangerous and incomprehensible waste of time.

    Drug Addiction Books Collection Addiction Recovery Books Pdf

    Drug Addiction: Breaking the Chains of Addiction for Improved Health ...

    About 300 drug addiction books free. Some books: Dope, This is Your Country on Drugs, Scientific Basis of Drug Dependence, Narcotic Addiction, The Drugs Epidemic, The Making of a Heroin Addict, The College Drug Scene, New Facts about Marijuana, Thinking Simply about Addiction, Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment, Teen Addiction, many more free books on Drug Addiction. Free addiction recovery books.

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    The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober

    Catherine Gray has seen it all when it comes to addiction to alcohol. In her experience, she has sworn never to go back but found herself going back on countless occasions. She made horrible decisions and saw her life trammeling steadily due to her alcohol addiction.

    She finally found a way to deal with her demons. Since then, Catherine has been helping those who are in a similar situation. This book is a chronicle of her experiences in those alcohol addictive years.

    She didnt just explain what happened during her struggling periods. It goes beyond that. The book explains in practical terms how she was able to cope when she finally decided to stop. The recovery period can be very overbearing and overwhelming.

    The book is a guide to those who have found it difficult to cope after quitting.

    Terry: My Daughters Life

    George McGovern was Democratic candidate for the US president election in the year 1972. He also served in the U.S. Senate for 18 years. Her daughter, Terry was found frozen to death in Madison, Wisconsin in December of 1994. The reason of her death was found to be chronic alcoholism. Terry started drinking at 13. This book includes some of Terrys journal entries outlining her drinking habits and feelings.

    Drug addiction is something that can affect anyone during any stage of their life. What is harder for such patients is the recovery phase. The situation not only emotionally and mentally tests the patient but their family and friends. A similar story of someone in addiction might clear the path of recovery in some addicts. Given above are the best Books to Read on Drugs Addiction & Recovery.

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