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Can You Be Addicted To Orgasms

How I Kicked The Habit

Is it OK to fantasize while recovering from PIED/PMO addiction?

In short: with a lot of frustration and basically feeling annoyed AF for a while. Its not that I dont love masturbating without a toy , but my vibrator had just become such a habit. I found I could orgasm without it, but it felt like it took forever, so sometimes I gave up halfway through. That had never happened before Im committed to my orgasms. And whereas I would only sometimes watch porn when I was using my vibrator, I found myself always watching it without one. It was like I needed that extra component to take the place of my favourite toy.

Masturbation was normally my me time and a way to reset. I may have never been the kind of woman who gets the candles out and dims the lights to treat herself, but even with my sweatpants and a half-off bra covered in stains, it was still my happy place. After I gave my vibrator up, masturbation felt almost like a chore. I would get tetchy, distracted, and even sometimes a little bored.

May Prevent Prostate Cancer

For men, Masturbation may reduce the risks of prostate cancer in the future. Research conducted on the regularity of masturbation and the likely effects found that men who ejaculated 4-7 times on average across their lifetime were more likely to develop prostate cancer than men who ejaculated at least 21 times or more every month. Those with higher ejaculation frequency had a 31% lesser risk of the disease.

How Expressions Of Love Differ For Men And Women

Sex Addiction Treatment and Management

Sexual addiction treatment follows many of the same techniques that are used in overcoming addiction to gambling, shopping, and other behaviors. These include:

  • Therapy. Doctors have found that a combination of individual and couples therapy can help a person better understand and confront their addiction. The goal is to re-establish a healthy sex life based on shared intimacy, joys, and emotions rather than compulsions.
  • 12-step programs. It can be very helpful for a sex addict to join a 12-step program. These provide moral and emotional support, as well as a degree of accountability from other group members.
  • Medication. Some drugs can help control a person’s sex drive. These include anti-anxiety drugs, tricyclic antidepressants, progestational agents, and serotonin enhancers. However, doctors have found that taking these drugs alone does not serve as an ultimate cure for sex addiction, much as cleaning the home of a chronic hoarder will not stop the person from creating clutter again.

Sex addiction is a serious behavioral problem that requires an equally serious commitment to stop. Getting help is usually necessary to rebuild an existing relationship or be able to create a truly meaningful one.

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What Kind Of Sexual Problems Do Men Experience

Some men cannot get or maintain an erection, fail to reach a climax, fear their genitals are too small, or simply arent that interested in sex in the first place. They may experience sexual impairments related to age, sickness, or certain medications they may be taking. These sexual difficulties often have nothing to do with their partner or their satisfaction with the relationship

Definition Of Sexual Addiction


Sexual addiction is defined as any compulsive sexual behavior that interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on the family, friends, loved ones, and one’s work environment. Sexual addiction has been called sexual dependency, hypersexuality, and sexual compulsivity. By any name, it is a compulsive behavior that completely dominates the addict’s life. Sexual addicts make sex a priority more important than family, friends, and work. Sex becomes the organizing principle of addict’s lives. They are willing to sacrifice what they cherish most to preserve and continue their unhealthy behavior . Hypersexual desire has been delineated as desire based on a lifetime assessment of the frequency of sexual behavior and time spent in associated sexual fantasies. In males, an evaluation of hypersexual desire was defined by Kafka and Hannen as the highest sustained period of persistently enacted sexual behavior . In fact, a longitudinal history of hypersexual desire, operationally defined as above, was identified in 72-80% of males seeking treatment for paraphilias and paraphilia-related disorders .

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How To Stop Masturbating

If youre worried and want to know how to stop masturbating, Sher says its important to remember in and of itself, there is nothing wrong or unhealthy about masturbation. But, he says its necessary to practice healthy masturbation habits in order to avoid possible negative outcomes.

As with any addiction, Hill points out that the first step to getting help is to acknowledge there may be a problem and that you want to change your behaviours.

As with any addiction, the first step to getting help is to acknowledge there may be a problem.

If your masturbating habit has reached a point that feels problematic, know you are not alone. Sher advises you seek out support from an appropriately trained health professional. Speak to a clinical psychologist with experience in treating addiction, or a sex therapist, in order to get some support, he says.

Moyle says, It can be useful to speak to someone and access help to better understand what is going on for you, any potential triggers and to help you change your behaviour to a more healthy one that works for you.

When Does Masturbation Become Addiction

Dr. Elizabeth Waterman, an Addiction Psychologist, says masturbation addiction is likely a way to reduce anxiety, seek comfort, and cope with feelings of loneliness and sadness.

The biggest sign you may have a problem is that the urge to masturbate is interfering with your relationships, with work, or even with school.

If your partner is complaining that they feel neglected or rejected or lonely because youre spending a lot of time taking care of yourself, then that can be a sign that theres a problem.

After about two months, I began to get better and better at dealing with urges as well as taking care of potential problems so that they didnt become anxieties later.

So Im eight months in and really am not tempted toward my old habits. I am happy to be still communicating with other guys who are working toward the same goal. They see my success as proof they can do it but its such an extremely difficult multi-layered addiction.

People who dont have a PMO cycle addiction truly have no idea how difficult it is and how depressed and ashamed many men are.

While Daniel understands that addiction to the PMO cycle is the problem, he isnt anti-masturbation. He just doesnt want others relying on porn for stimulation like he did and forsaking relations in the name of it.

Now Daniel is happily married and has shared his struggle with addiction with his wife. He has used his experience to help other people identify their problem and help them deal with PMO addictions.

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Multiple Vs Stacked Orgasms

Multiple orgasms happen when a person orgasms, comes down from the orgasm and returns to a less stimulated state before having another orgasm. Essentially, it means they have multiple separate orgasms a few minutes apart.

A stacked orgasm aims to prevent a person from fully climaxing so that they experience a wave of orgasms and remain in an orgasmic state for much longer.

Epigenetics And Sexual Activity

Part 1: Introduction | Your Brain on Porn | Animated Series

A review of the literature reveals that a number of recent articles point out the importance of epigenetic effects on sexual activity. For example, Matsuda reviewed the epigenetic changes of the estrogen receptor a and influence on sociosexual behavior . In fact, alteration of ER alpha gene activity mediated by epigenetic mechanisms, such as histone modifications and DNA methylation, alters one’s sexual behaviors. In terms of homosexuality, Rice, et al. developed a model that may explain the canalization homosexuality sexual development . They explain that this model is based on epigenetic marks laid down in response to the XX vs. XY karyotype in embryonic stem cells. Accordingly, these marks boost sensitivity to testosterone in XY fetuses and lower it in XX fetuses, thereby canalizing sexual development. It has been postulated that a subset of these converting epigenetic marks quantitatively may carry over trans-genetically, and could lead to mosaicism for sexual development in opposite-sex offspring-the homosexual phenotype.

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Sex Addiction And Substance Abuse

Newsweek reported that there are 9 million sex addicts in the United States and at least 40 million Americans log onto 4.2 million pornographic websites daily. The growing speed of sex addiction may be attributed to the easy access to all things explicit found on the internet. The internet is accessible in many different forms and sex and/or porn addicts can access their drugs of choice from various sources of technology throughout the day.

Sex Changes Brain Chemistry

Much like a drug addict, a sex addict is also dependent on chemical changes in the brain which produce a euphoric feeling. Having an orgasm produces a neurochemical change in the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system is responsible for emotions, drives, impulses, desires, decision making, happiness and survival. Dopamine is the primary neurochemical that activates your reward circuitry. It can be released through various activities which include but are not exclusive to sex, eating, taking risks and even drinking water. Once the reward activity is ceased, dopamine activates cravings for it. For example, dopamine will create a motivation for eating chocolate cake because consuming chocolate cake activates natural opiods found in the brain which produce feel good sensations. Dopamine is never satisfied and continues to crave opiods. Regarding sex, dopamine drives the desire for an orgasm however, it is opioids that are responsible for the production of the orgasm.

Addiction Can Lower Your Sex Drive

Yes, its true. Addiction can actually lower your libido, making it more difficult to sustain healthy relationships with sexual partners. However, many people believe that the use of addictive substances can actually increase libido. While this may be true during the momentary situation in which the desired effects of addictive substances are still present, long term addiction is different.

Many individuals struggling with addiction experience personality changes which include apathy for past passions. This can include the desire to have sex altogether. Additionally, addiction often impacts a persons emotional state, leading to the challenge of managing emotions. This can also impact an individuals libido and energy levels, resulting in a lack of sexual desire.

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Why Do Women Fake Having An Orgasm

Some women are too embarrassed to communicate clearly what they want to their partners as a result, they wind up faking enthusiasm that they dont feel, which only hurts intimacy in the relationship in the long run. Women who are more vocal about what they need generally are more satisfied with their sex lives.

When A Love Of Sex Becomes Addiction

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When Jenny met her boyfriend last year, he was almost six months into a celibacy agreement with a counsellor treating him for sex addiction. Just two weeks after their first date, however, her partner relapsed and it wasn’t long before the pair became regulars on the local sex club scene.

‘The first time I went I was a bit nervous,’ Jenny admits. ‘When I walked in the door, I saw a woman lying on a table with six different men wanking over her body while she gave someone a blow job. I thought it was beautiful.’

At the height of their addiction, Jenny and her boyfriend were spending four nights a week at sex clubs and have spent close to £2,000 over the last year on entry charges alone.

‘If we had the chance to go to sex clubs all day, we would,’ she admits, saying the only obstacle is childcare for her young daughter from a previous relationship.

Recalling one orgy with at least 10 men and women and several onlookers, Jenny says: ‘I remember a mass of bodies and hands touching me all over the place. At one point, my boyfriend put a foot over my vagina to stop people entering me without a condom. I can proudly say I’ve never had an STI in my life.’

On another occasion, Jenny’s boyfriend satisfied one of her favourite fetish desires – public humiliation – by making her squirt across the dance floor ‘like a machine gun’, throwing a towel on the ground and forcing her to mop it up in front of everyone.

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Case For Sex Addiction

Research indicates that the same reward system in the brain is activated in sex addiction as in a number of other addictions, including drug addictions. This supports the idea that sex addiction has a similar physiological and psychological process as other addictions.

People with sex addiction often have concurrent substance and/or behavioral addiction problems, or “crossover” to other addictions when they attempt to overcome their sex addiction.

Some authors argue that the existence of crossover addictions lends support to the legitimacy of sex addiction as a real addiction and that, if recognized, cross-over risk can be addressed directly to prevent it from happening after treatment for other addictions.

Sex addiction causes a great deal of distress to those affected and their loved ones. Sexual desire and expression in people with sex addictions are commonly reported to be unmanageable and unpleasant, in stark contrast with the way that healthy sexual experiences are reported, which are typically described as fulfilling and satisfying both physically and emotionally. Recognizing sex addiction means these people can get the help they need to overcome their addiction, and eventually resume enjoyable sexual relationships.

If you or a loved one are struggling with sex addiction, contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP for information on support and treatment facilities in your area.

Case Against Sex Addiction

An important criticism is that the sex addiction concept does not provide enough differentiation between similar conditions that might look like sex addiction, such as hypersexuality related to mania or hypomania in bipolar disorder personality disorders some forms of depression and PTSD.

Critics of the concept of sex addiction argue that it has grown out of a cultural focus which associates sex with danger, powerlessness, and victimization, and is merely a new way of making moral judgments about people who enjoy sex. As such, the concept of sex addiction can be used by people with a political and/or religious agenda to be negative about sex.

There is also a risk that the label sex addiction might pathologize normal sexual desire and behavior, making healthy people appear to have an illness that does not exist.

The concept of sex addiction has also been criticized for being based on the idea that some sexual experiences, for example, intimate relationship sex, are better than others. These are argued to be moral rather than clinical arguments.

At the other end of the spectrum, some people believe that a label like sex addiction can be used as an excuse for irresponsible sexual behavior, such as rape and child molestation. According to this criticism, people who have committed sex crimes can hide behind the label of sex addiction and avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

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Getting Over The Hump

Luckily, that feeling passed. I skipped a couple of days I would have normally masturbated, because it suddenly felt like more effort. But on the days I did, my vibrator stayed in its drawer. And within a couple of weeks, I was a whole new woman. Well, at least a woman who loved masturbating again, even when batteries were not included.

Sure, it was frustrating at first. Really frustrating. But I actually came to like the fact that I didn’t go from zero to OMG in two minutes or less. The longer it took to build up, the stronger the orgasms were when I actually got there. Like really effing strong. And taking my time meant that I really, really appreciated them. Not only that, you know those weird dud orgasms? The ones where you’re not really sure what just happened? Since I started taking my time, I haven’t had a single one. All mind-blowing, all the way!

My favourite toys still kicking around, but now I save it for special occasions. It turns out when you dont use them all the time, vibrators are incredibly intense – in the best way. So if you love yours and have no problem using it all the time, keep on vibing. But if you worry youre a little too used to it, take a break. Sure, itll be frustrating for a while – but youll reap some rewards on the other side. Some insanely intense, mind-blowing rewards.

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First Genital Stimulation Sends A Signal To Your Limbic System That Its Go Time

Animals who can have addiction of masterbation

This is basically the emotional control center of the brain. This includes the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and fantasies, says Komisaruk.

It also includes the amygdala, which is another emotional part of the brain involved in sexual functioning, fear, and aggression. This doesnt necessarily translate into rough, angry sex it just means that this highly emotional area is also activated when you’re sexing.

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Hypersexuality And Gender Differences

It is well established that in the human sexual community and literature sexual desire is capitulated as the presence of sexual fantasies, activities or urges, and motivation by the human to engage in sexual behaviors. There are both internal and external relevant cues . Evolutionary theory proponents have argued that men and women have different agendas when it comes to sexual activity . Numerous studies reveal distinct differences between males and females. Males have increased sexual fantasy , increased frequency of masturbation , increased propensity for externally generated visual sexual arousal permissive attitudes toward casual sex , ease of arousal , and intrinsic motivation . In contrast, females show a different sexual landscape with sexual motivation, sexual arousal, and sexual behavior being shaped by evolutionary factors and greater biological, emotional, and temporal investment in reproduction and child-rearing . Females are less vulnerable to hypersexuality and adapted to foster affiliative relationships and longer-term partner commitment . While sexual addiction is estimated to afflict up to 3% to 6% of the population, the clear understanding of the neurobiological antecedents are limited as well as clinical assessments . We encourage further reading on sexual compulsion, attachment and sexual orientation , and gender differences in responses to sexual stimuli .

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