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Bhg Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Treating Opioid Addiction Starts With Admitting There’s An Issue

If you have actually gotten connected on pain relievers , it might not be so easy to get off of them. Whether you or somebody near to you started taking opioids after surgery or an injury, or you have actually gotten the medication from another person, for some people the pain-relieving feeling is so euphoric that after just a couple of doses, they become totally dependent and wanting more. And for some of those people, that dependence– of needing to have the drug in the body to feel comfortable– becomes full-blown opioid dependency.

Over 1 Billion Dollars To Fight Opioid Crisis

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services has awarded $1.5 billion in an effort to support States in their fight against opioid addiction.

The grant programs will provide funding to increase access to 24/7 Opioid Treatment Programs. $104 million will be specifically allocated to bring treatment services to rural areas of the country that have been historically underserved.

While stabilizing and rebuilding lives through medication-assisted treatment is a priority, the prevention of overdose deaths is a distinct goal of the new funding initiative. Major confiscation of fentanyl continues month to month as law enforcement authorities intercept huge quantities of the drug pouring across the southern border.

Another $20.5 million is being earmarked for the development of programs that help connect individuals with addiction issues to local community resources that can enhance their overall recovery effort.

Additional focus will be placed on increasing the availability of naloxone which is the emergency medication that can quickly reverse the effects of opioid overdose. Thousands of lives have been saved in the last 10 years through the timely administration of naloxone to those who have overdosed.

The White House report outlines further efforts to disrupt global drug trafficking through the addition of more law enforcement officers.

Talent And Passion Power Everything We Do

At Behavioral Health Group, we value trust, professionalism, teamwork, and high ethical standards in all that we do. Our people accept accountability, act responsibly, and work together toward a shared destiny. We take pride in our employees creativity, diversity, and relentless drive to innovate.

We empower competent, well-trained team members to make critical decisions that directly impact the lives of patients, their families, and the communities we serve. Because were a growing company, each employee is a key stakeholder, making decisions every day that directly impact our overall vision and direction.

We reward high performance with competitive pay, competitive benefits, and opportunities for advancement within our dynamic and growing organization.

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Mental Health And Substance Abuse:

A combined mental health and substance abuse rehab has the staff and resources available to handle individuals with both mental health and substance abuse issues. It can be challenging to determine where a specific symptom stems from , so mental health and substance abuse professionals are helpful in detangling symptoms and keeping treatment on track.

How Effective Is Opioid Treatment

Denver Treatment Centers

The success of treatment for substance usage disorder differs by client and by intensity of the disorder, and also can be affected by complications of comorbidities, such as alcohol usage or mental illness. Research study has revealed that there is a greater rate of substance use in patients with diagnoses such as anxiety and those who use other compounds such as alcohol.

Integrated treatment for both psychological health and compound utilize disorders are needed in cases where these take place together. The environment and family or friend relationships can likewise play an essential role. Some clients will repeat treatment and regression many times before having success.

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Ways To Cover The Cost Of Opioid Treatment

Facing the prospect of paying for opioid addiction treatment can seem daunting, especially if youâre underinsured or you donât have insurance. But there are many federal, state-level, and local programs that can help you pay for the treatment you need.

Treatment options for opioid addiction include medication-assisted treatment with drugs like methadone and naltrexone, inpatient rehab, and outpatient programs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse , medication-assisted opioid dependence treatment through an outpatient program costs between $460 and $1,176 per month. The average cost of inpatient treatment is $4,383, says a 2018 study in the Journal of Pain Research.

When you look for ways to pay for opioid addiction treatment, itâs important to realize there isnât a one-size-fits-all solution. Available programs will vary depending on where you live.

âEvery state is set up so differently that it is hard to say what someone can do in, say, Tennessee, compared to Michigan,â Julie Bayardo, MSW, deputy director at Community Mental Health for Central Michigan, tells WebMD Connect to Care.

âThe best place to start is always with your primary care physician. He or she can not only do a complete physical examination, but also refer to substance abuse providers. They can also call treatment facilities directly because they typically know how to guide them through getting funding for treatment.â

Get The Help You Deserve In Four Easy Steps

contact The We Are Foundation

The first step in getting help for yourself or a loved one is to have all of your questions & concerns addressed. Our addiction specialists are standing by 24 hours a day to answer your call.

check insurance coverage

Health insurance typically covers most or all of the costs associated with drug & alcohol treatment. We can verify your benefits in minutes and help you determine what course of action would be best suited for you.

arrange for travel

We work with individuals from all areas and assist with placement into facilities nationwide. If needed, we will help facilitate any travel arrangements that need to be made in order to get you to your destination safely.

begin your journey

We have multiple fully licensed locations throughout the country, all with proven and successful track records. Quality addiction treatment does not have a one-size-fits-all approach and our programs are tailored around your unique individual needs.

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We Are Your Recovery Care Team

We understand that this is your journey, your treatment, and your recovery. We are here to advise, coach, and guide you along the way and be the best partner we can be. Your BHG recovery care team includes highly-trained physicians, counselors, nurses, and support staff all working with you on your unique recovery journey.

Behavioral Health Group Launches Second Opioid Addiction Treatment Center In Springfield Missouri

DALLAS, May 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Responding to the continued public health crisis of opioid addiction, Behavioral Health Group, LLC announced today the opening of an addiction treatment center in Springfield, Missouri.

Drug overdose deaths in the United States exceeded 52,000 in 2015 and now claim more lives than automobile accidents. The majority of those deaths are a result of opioid drugs including prescription pain medication and heroin.

“Opioid addiction continues to ravage communities across the United States,” said Jay Higham, Chief Executive Officer of BHG. “Our Company’s mission is to expand access to evidence-based treatment in underserved markets across the United States. With this new location, BHG now operates two full service opioid addiction treatment centers in the greater Springfield area and eight in all of Missouri.”

“The first 90 days are critical,” said Dr. Mark Carlson, Medical Director of Springfield and North Springfield Treatment Centers. “During that time we work hard to ensure the patient is responding well to the medication and improving in their lives. For patients in treatment for 90 days, we have excellent results as measured by almost all objective criteria abstinence from drug use, improvements in employment, family dynamics and general well-being.”

For more information, phone 214-365-6100, email or visit

For more information:

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Medicines Used To Deal With Opioid Addiction

Methadone, when administered properly, is included in treatment plans with therapy and is constantly supplied in a center setting when used to deal with opioid usage disorder. It helps to alleviate withdrawal and address cravings.

The medication buprenorphine likewise eliminates opioid yearnings without providing the same high as other opioid drugs. Recommended by many physicians from office settings, this is normally a daily dosage put under the tongue and likewise can be delivered as a once-a-month injection or through thin tubes that are inserted under the skin and that last 6 months.

These medications for opioid misuse and addiction both trigger opioid receptors in the body that reduce cravings and are effective and comparable in safety and side effects, and usually used for upkeep treatment. They also can be used to taper an individual off of opioids. However, it is common for clients to relapse, and physicians need to attempt something various with those clients who relapse a number of times. Patients who are extremely inspired and have great social assistance have a tendency to do better with these therapies.

Naltrexone is an extremely various medication and doesn’t turn the opioid receptor on, but rather obstructs the euphoric/sedative effects of opioids. A client’s system need to be entirely free of all opioids prior to beginning naltrexone. It can be taken orally or as a once-a-month injection.

We Grow Better Together

The BHG brand highlights our commitment to individuals and our communities: Hope, Respect, and Caring. Our mission statement compels us to restore lives, strengthen families, and rejuvenate communities. These core principles by which we operate remind us that ALL people deserve hope for their future, are worthy of respect, and can thrive when they are truly cared for.

Racial equity

At BHG, we believe that Black lives matter, that all humans are created equal, and that we are at our best when we embrace our unique differences. We also recognize that people of color often lack access to medication-assisted treatment, critical mental health services, and healthcare services in general. We pledge to be intentional and proactive in our outreach to all underserved populations in our communities, and to continue the fight for access to care.

Diversity and inclusion

Actively advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace allows all employees to feel accepted and valued. When this happens, individuals are happier in their workplace and often stay longer with a company. Our diverse workforce offers a wide array of experiences, skills, perspectives, and insights, which increases innovation, creativity, problem solving, and strategic thinking.

For all the reasons that diversity and inclusion are important to us, weve outlined several steps to guide us as we move forward:

Hiring practices
Training and development
Vendor relationships
Community involvement

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New Opioid Treatment And Recovery Center Coming To Staunton

STAUNTON “The largest network of Joint Commission-accredited outpatient opioid treatment and recovery centers in the U.S. is expanding their footprint in Virginia with the acquisition of Staunton Treatment Center in Staunton.

“In response to the continued public health crisis of opioid addiction in the United States, Behavioral Health Group, will assume ownership of the local opioid addiction treatment center and hit the ground running,” according to a press release.

The business will go forward under the name BHG Staunton Treatment Center. This location, employing 11 clinicians, counselors and staff, will be able to treat more than 100 patients with opioid use disorder. Added to the existing BHG treatment centers in the state, this brings the number of BHG locations in Virginia to eight.

BHG Staunton Treatment Center includes both an outpatient opioid treatment program clinical model offering all three FDA-approved medications for opioid use disorder, and an office-based opioid treatment program enabling prescription-based medications. Located in the same facility, these programs combine to offer choice as best fits the clinical needs of each patient, the release said.

“Opioid addiction continues to ravage communities across the United States, exacerbated by the current coronavirus pandemic,” said Jay Higham, BHG’s chief executive officer. “Our Company’s mission is to expand access to evidence-based treatment in underserved markets across the United States.”

First Ever Mobile Methadone Clinic

Denver, CO MATS Opioid Treatment Program Directory

Providence, Rhode Island is the first location in the United States to offer a mobile methadone service. This article profiles CODAC Behavioral Health who operate a 27 foot RV that has been modified to function as a mobile methadone unit.

The concept behind this innovative approach is to bring essential medication-assisted treatment services to the rural areas of Rhode Island where many prospective patients are underserved.

Access to methadone and buprenorphine-based treatments remains an ongoing challenge as nearly 83% of those with opioid use disorder are not yet utilizing medication to help with their opioid withdrawal symptoms. Opioid withdrawal sickness is the primary driver of illicit opioid use, opioid overdose, and lifestyle disruption.

CODAC received their FDA approval in July 2022 to begin dispensing methadone from their mobile unit.

Methadone clinics are a lifesaver for many thousands of recovering individuals across the country. There are a number of new clinics opening each week, but the provision of a methadone mobile service offers an interesting alternative that will be closely watched and evaluated in the years ahead.

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We Focus On Real Recovery Not Just Treatment

At BHG, we know that opioid addiction, or opioid use disorder , is not a moral failing. Its a chronic disease of the brain that requires evidence-based treatment and management.We also know that real recovery is possible, even as patients continue their daily lives living at home, holding down a job, and engaging with their families and communities.We believe in Medication-Assisted Recovery . The FDA-approved medications that we use arent the treatment, they just assist the treatment. It would be almost impossible for someone actively using opioids to sit through treatment like group or individual counseling sessions. But we at BHG take this one step further. The point of this whole process you are starting isnt just to go to treatment the point is to get into recovery. Real, life changing recovery.

A New Class Of Recovery Center

Behavioral Health Group is the largest network of Joint Commission-accredited outpatient opioid treatment and recovery centers in the U.S., delivering comprehensive, personalized evidence-based medical and behavioral therapies for individuals with opioid use disorder . BHG is committed to a mission of real recovery that goes beyond treatment to include long term solutions for healthier living.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to therapy that is patient-centric and individualized. Each treatment center is staffed by experienced addiction physicians, counselors and nurses. Treatment utilizes all three FDA-approved medications for OUD, counseling and behavioral therapy, and low-cost drug testing designed to help manage medication dosage and ensure compliance with treatment. Integral to the BHG recovery program is comprehensive counseling and behavioral therapy.

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Our Services For Opioid Addiction Treatment:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – such as methadone, buprenorphine or Suboxone to address withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • Counseling: individual one-on-one, group and family
  • Medically supervised withdrawal
  • Medical exams to ensure safety
  • Convenient outpatient services
  • Take-home benefits after meeting key criteria

Caution: Street Oxycodone Might Be Fentanyl

Minnesota officers recently seized a large quantity of fentanyl in the Midwest based on extensive investigation and very, very good police work.

The drug bust removed enough fentanyl pills to kill over 1 million people, and the suspected dealer now faces federal charges for possessing a large quantity of synthetic opioids.

Of particular concern was that the fentanyl doses had been pressed into a familiar pill that was indistinguishable from that provided in a typical oxycodone prescription. So oxycodone obtained on the street now presents with a much higher risk of fatal overdose than was previously thought.

The article reported that large quantities of fentanyl continue to come across the U.S. southern border. The U.S. Senate is currently examining how this influx of fentanyl is impacting American communities as drug seizures hit historic levels.

Those currently struggling in active opioid addiction should explore getting professional help as soon as possible. Fentanyl in disguise is making its way across the country.

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Our Patients Say It Best

At the age of 40, I found myself divorced and addicted. With the help of doctors, nurses and staff at CATC, I got my life back.

Client from Ontario

Ive been dealing with Aylmer St. Pharmacy for a few years. Very excellent people and help from all the workers. Very friendly workers. Thanks for caring for me and all the customers.

Client from Peterborough, ON

I am writing about my experience with Park Ave pharmacy. I recommend the pharmacy and give it 5 stars. I have dealt with lots of other pharmacies and have never felt comfortable. Whenever I had questions I felt like I was an inconvenience, but with this pharmacy, Ive had all excellent experiences with all the staff. Jessica and Shawna have gone above and beyond to help me find answers and have always returned calls and emails quickly. Ive had many health issues or concerns about methadone and I always got excellent help and advice. The staff treats their customers as if they are family and not once have I had a bad experience or felt uncomfortable speaking to anyone there. I dont just get my methadone, but all of my prescriptions here.

Client from Kitchener

Client from Windsor, ON

Client from Pembroke, ON

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Common Signs Of Opioid Dependency

A significant warning sign of addiction is if a person keeps using opioids despite the fact that taking them has triggered issues before like problem keeping a job, relationship turmoil, or run-ins with police. Other signs can include:

  • Trying to stop or minimize drug use, but not having the ability to.
  • Using drugs because of being angry or upset with other individuals.
  • Taking one drug to get over the effects of another.
  • Making errors at school or on the job because of using drugs.
  • Drug use hurting relationships with friends and family.
  • Being scared at the idea of lacking drugs.
  • Taking drugs or money to spend for drugs.
  • Being arrested or hospitalized for substance abuse.
  • Developing a tolerance, and needing bigger quantities of drugs to get the exact same effect.

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