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Can You Get Addicted To Ambien

What Are The Signs Of Abuse And Addiction

I’m addicted to Ambien!

Because you or someone you love may have a prescription for and a real need for Ambien, it can be harder to recognize when a problem with abuse of the substance has begun. However, there are certain signs you can watch out for, including:3

  • Taking the medication when it is prescribed for someone else.
  • Consuming Ambien to induce effects other than improved sleep.
  • Using more of the medication than prescribed by increasing the dose or frequency.
  • Changing the route of administration by crushing and snorting or injecting the medication.
  • Mixing Ambien with alcohol and other drugs to modify their effects or to create a stronger high.

Someone abusing and/or addicted to Ambien may also often show signs of intoxication that are similar to those of alcohol, such as:7

  • Slurred speech.

With continued Ambien misuse, a person can develop a sedative use disorder, signs of which include:7

  • Using more Ambien than intended or using for longer than you set out to.
  • Trying to cut down or stop taking Ambien altogether but not succeeding.
  • Having to use more and more Ambien to get the effects youre used to.
  • Feeling strong cravings to use Ambien.
  • Going through withdrawal when not using Ambien.
  • Continuing to use Ambien despite serious risks to your physical or mental health.
  • Problems fulfilling your normal responsibilities .
  • Increased conflict with or isolation from friends and family.

How To Know If Someone Is Abusing Ambien

It is difficult to tell if a person is abusing Ambien, particularly when theyve been given a legitimate prescription from their doctor. However, there are signs of abuse of prescription drugs that may indicate someone who takes Ambien is abusing it:3,4,5

  • Taking Ambien in a way other than prescribed, such as crushing and snorting the pills.
  • Taking Ambien that was prescribed to someone else.
  • Taking more Ambien than prescribed or taking it more often than directed.
  • Appearing overly sleepy or looking drugged during the day.
  • Frequently requesting refills on the prescription or doctor-shopping to get more prescriptions for Ambien.
  • Lying about their Ambien use.
  • Noticeable changes in behavior.
  • Financial problems or requests for money with no good reason.

Abuse of Ambien often occurs in conjunction with abuse of other drugs. For example, someone abusing a stimulant drug like cocaine may take Ambien to counteract the stimulant effects with Ambiens sedating effects. One of the biggest red flags for Ambien abuse is taking the drug in conjunction with other mind-altering substances.

Mixing Ambien And Beer And Other Alcoholic Beverages

Websites like Bluelight, Erowid and Reddit prove that Ambien and alcohol are a popular combination. These two drugs should never be used together. When you combine Ambien and alcohol, death is a very real possibility. You should also never use Ambien and drink wine with dinner.

When you use Ambien and alcohol, overdose is possible. These drugs are both depressants, and they donât go well together at all. They could depress your breathing significantly, leading to an emergency medical situation.

Therefore, if youâre wondering, how long after drinking can I take Ambien?, the answer is simple. You shouldnât drink alcohol until you are no longer taking Ambien at all.

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Is Ambien An Addictive Substance

It takes users longer to develop an addiction to Ambien than to Benzos. The withdrawals from Ambien are less severe than Benzos. Ambien is, in fact, an addictive substance. It is recognized that Ambien has a very similar potential for abuse as Benzos. The physical dependency can form in as little as two weeks. The user will develop physical dependence whether they are abusing or following a prescription. Users create tolerance, which is where the user requires more significant amounts of the substance to feel the same effect. Withdrawal symptoms will appear if the user stops taking the drug or reduces the dosage. Ambien use will eventually become a full-blown addiction.

The signs of Ambien addiction include but are not limited to: refilling your prescription unusually often, repeatedly taking larger doses than prescribed, experiencing cravings, engaging in dangerous situations without any memory of them later, spending large amounts of money to buy the drug, and isolating yourself from family and friends. Most cases will begin with short-term insomnia. Some users underestimate the addictive properties of Ambien because it was initially and pervasively advertised as a safer alternative to Xanax. Ambien will cause insomnia to get even worse after using it for only a couple of weeks.

When taken not as prescribed or in excessive doses, sleeping pills can undoubtedly build a physical dependence and be addictive.

Detox & Rehab Benefits

Can You Get Addicted to Ambien?

Some of the advantages to rehab include:

  • Medically assisted detox with medical professionals at hand 24/7 to ensure your safety and to ameliorate the worst effects of withdrawal.
  • An attractive, secluded, and tranquil environment within which you can focus on your recovery without the temptations of the outside world.
  • Complete confidentiality to reassure you that details of your condition will not become common knowledge outside the facility.
  • Highly experienced, non-judgemental, hugely qualified staff at hand to help you through the key stages of your recovery process.
  • A variety of therapy models enabling you to uncover the causes of your addiction and address them in a manner that most suits your requirements.
  • A peer group of fellow recovering addicts who understand your experiences and can share support and advice.
  • Bespoke fitness and dietary plans to give you the healthiest foundation for recovery.
  • One years free aftercare to ensure you have the necessary support long after you leave the facility.

What Next?

If you are struggling with addiction to zolpidem, you are by no means alone: unfortunately, many thousands of Britons are dependent on sleeping pills. However, one silver lining to this greatly problematic cloud is that there is now a great level of expertise in dealing with this condition, and if you are ready to take the first key step and reach out for help, that expertise can be at your disposal.

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Pathways Real Life Recovery Is An Ambien Addiction Treatment Center In Utah

Do you want to free yourself from the shackles of substance abuse? Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah has your back. Our Ambien addiction help services are personalized based on the unique needs of each client. We offer financing and accept most insurance plans. In case you have any questions, contact our customer care 24/7 on 895-3006.

Making You Feel Worse Not Better

Depression is a serious condition that can cause lack of sleep. In some people, insomnia occurs before symptoms of depression. In others, symptoms of depression occur before the onset of sleep problems. As a result, many people with depression take sedatives such as Ambien.

However, sedative use is associated with a higher chance of developing depression, or worsening existing depression. Alcohol use, which should be avoided when taking Ambien, can compound this risk. Report any new or worsening symptoms of depression to your doctor. Ambien may not be the right sedative for you.

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Drug Rehabilitation Programs For Ambien Addiction

Going to drug rehab is very important following the detoxification process. This is because people need to take the time to explore the reasons behind the addiction. This is something that is done through therapy.

Once the reason for the addiction is determined, that is when real healing begins to take place in the personâs life. Rehab is a place where they can relearn what it is like to live without being dependent upon substances.

The Impact Of Ambien In Idaho

Episode 4: Ambien or Zolpidem issues and addictions, ways to get off

The Idaho Office of Drug Policy has a lot to offer regarding the prevalence of Ambien in the state. According to their statistics, 16% of high school students in Idaho report having used a prescription medication without a prescription at least once. Also, an Idaho resident dies every 39 hours because of drugs.

Ambien is becoming more and more popular, although it has been around for many years. But because less doctors are prescribing opioids due to our countryâs opioid crisis, patients are asking for different medications at their appointments. Ambien is among the most common, with more than 38 million prescriptions written between 2006 and 2011.

SAMHSA reports that the number of people who go to the ER because of adverse reactions to Ambien has increased dramatically. Over just five years, those numbers went up 220%.

Prepare for âAmbien Zombiesâ

It is not uncommon for people to take Ambien for the euphoric high they can experience if they stay awake. In fact, a term has been coined â Ambien zombies â to describe what happens to people when they are under the influence of this drug.

In an article in The Spokesman-Review from Spokane, WA, one woman discussed her experience with Ambien. She had planned a trip to visit her daughter, and she mistakenly took one pill before she left home. After she got to the airport, she says she went to sleep.

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Causes Of Ambien Addiction

As with many substances, there are many potential causes of Ambien addiction.

From a physical perspective, Ambien works by slowing down what is happening in your brain. This essentially allows your mind to calm down and let you get a good nights sleep. Ambien tends to work very quickly in as little as 30 minutes and helps you stay asleep. There are side effects, of course, as many people find themselves less alert in the morning. More severe side effects include memory loss, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and more.

There are multiple dangers associated with using Ambien for more than a short-term period. It is meant to be used as a temporary sleep aid, and even then, only to help people sleep when they have issues doing so or are in a particularly stressful period. Using so for longer periods can alter your body chemistry and make someone dependent on the drug. This, of course, can lead to other significant physical and emotional problems.

Long-term Ambien users can develop a tolerance to the drug. Tolerance to Ambien occurs in different amounts and at different levels for everyone, but taking the same amount of the drug will not lead to the same desired effect. As a result, someone may need to take more and more Ambien to sleep. This can lead to an Ambien addiction, and it is one of the more common side effects of the medication, specifically and other sleeping pills.

The Rise In Ambien Addiction

While Ambien shouldnt cause patients any problems if they take it according to their doctors prescription, people may build a tolerance to the drug if its consumed on a regular basis and over a long period . This results in them taking more and more Ambien to try and feel its benefits, which deepens their dependence.

According to statistics revealed in the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1.1 million people in the US misused zolpidem products in 2015.

Furthermore, the rise in Ambien addiction is leading to an increasing number of people being admitted into emergency rooms as a result. A report produced by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicated that there had been nearly twice as many zolpidem-related visits to emergency departments due to overmedication in 2010 compared to 2005 .

24 Hour Ambien Addiction Hotline Get Help Now

In 2010, 68% of those visiting emergency rooms were female, with those aged 45 to 54 representing the highest proportion. And over half of the overall visits included other pharmaceuticals that had been combined with zolpidem.

Perhaps more worryingly still 47% of the emergency room visits in 2010 resulted in either a hospital transfer or admission, with 26% of cases being referred to an intensive or critical care unit.

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Sleeping Pill Addiction And Abuse Statistics In The United States

The CDC has released a number of statistics regarding the use of prescription sleep aids in the United States. They state that:

  • About 4% of all adults in the United States aged 20 and older have used prescription sleeping pills in the last month.
  • More women use them than men .
  • The percentage of people who use drugs like Ambien increases by education and age.
  • The use of sleeping pills is highest among people who sleep more than 9 hours a night, or less than 5 hours a night.
  • One in six people with a sleep disorder report using these medications.
  • One in eight people who claim to have trouble sleeping report using them.

Without a doubt, sleeping medications like Ambien can be useful when they are needed. But the reality is that people are staying on them for far too long. Too many doctors are willing to overlook the dangers of them in favor of what they see as the patient getting the desired result.

Seeking Help For An Ambien Addiction

Can You Get High on Ambien?

Despite the fact Ambien was originally advertised as a safer and less addictive alternative to benzodiazepines , users are still at risk of becoming addicted to this drug. Nevertheless, due to the increasing problem of Ambien addiction, there are a number of services available that can help people who think they may have a problem.

Typically, a detox program for Ambien will include whats known as a medically monitored drug taper, whereby the dose is reduced slowly to avoid any neurological or physical reaction. Once the detox is complete, the rehab centers therapeutic services can address the behaviors and patterns that underlie the addiction perhaps establishing what was causing the insomnia in the first place.

Regardless of a persons Ambien abuse level, rehab often provides the most effective way to recover psychological and physical health.

If you think youre addicted to Ambien or youre concerned about a loved one, the team at Find Addiction Rehabs is here to help. Simply call our 24-7 hotline to access a treatment plan quickly and affordably.

24 Hour Ambien Abuse Hotline Get Help Now

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Financial Woes Continue To Grow

Ambien isnt cheap. It costs a lot of money to keep up with prescriptions for it. This is especially true if your addiction has progressed to the point where you are taking very high doses. Perhaps you are doctor shopping to get more Ambien than should be taken. Maybe youre taking Ambien prescribed for other people, like Dana shared in her sad story. You might even resort to mixing Ambien with other sedatives or painkillers to intensify the effects.

Is feeding your Ambien habit is costing you way too much for your budget? Perhaps Ambien abuse has even cost you your job and steady income. If thats the case, then you need to seriously address your Ambien addiction before things spiral further downward.2

Is It Possible To Get Addicted To Ambien

Ambien addiction is possible, but how? First, the individual must develop a dependence on Ambien. This can happen once a person uses Ambien for a long time, or uses too much Ambien frequently. If an individual is suffering from Ambien dependency, that means that their body cannot function without it. Additionally, this means the individual would experience withdrawal symptoms if they missed a dose of their medication.

If a person who is Ambien dependent continues to use the medication, they will develop an addiction. Addiction causes a number of brain changes, making it very difficult for a person to control their Ambien use.

These changes may include brain alterations in the following areas:

  • Frontal cortex
  • Ventral pallidum
  • Others

Additionally, the structural changes that Ambien addiction causes lead to additional symptoms that make it difficult for the individual to quit using Ambien on their own. This may include concentration and memory problems, intense drug-related memories, a decreased ability to control impulses, and a strong drive to seek drug intoxication.

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Zolpidem & Eszopiclone Special Precautions

Users of Ambien may experience a waking sleep, in which they engage in activities, such as driving, eating, having sex, engaging in conversation, or otherwise being active and ambulatory as if they are awake when they are in fact asleep. They often have no memory of what occurred the next morning. This can be extremely dangerous, and patients who believe that this is happening to them should contact their doctor.

Users of Lunesta have reported engaging in activities while under the influence of the drug, but waking without memory of those events. Behaviors can include making and preparing food, having sex, having conversations, driving a car, and more. If this occurs, patients are encouraged to contact the prescribing physician right away.

Sleep Problems Common Sleep Aid Use Increasing

Ambien Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, & How To Get Help!

Sleep deprivation is no joke. Numerous motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical errors have been linked to insufficient sleep. Sleep problems often stem from stress, pain or medical conditions that may not always respond to lifestyle changes recommended to improve sleep.

So maybe it’s no surprise for you to hear that more than 10 million prescriptions are written for Ambien or Ambien CR every year. Ambien is a sedative, also called a hypnotic, that is used to treat insomnia. Other brands of zolpidem include Edluar and Zolpimist .

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Original Doses Packed Too Big A Punch

The FDA regularly monitors prescription drug information and makes label changes based on reported side effects.

In 2013, the FDA ordered Sanofi-Aventis, the manufacturers of Ambien and Ambien CR, and all other manufacturers of zolpidem to change their dosage recommendations.

This was in response to over 700 reports of zolpidem-related driving accidents, including drowsy-driving and sleep-driving . People also report eating, walking, making phone calls, or having sex after taking Ambien and having no memory of doing so.

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