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Can You Get Addicted To Gabapentin

What Are The Side Effects Of These Medications

How to Quit Gabapentin (Neurontin)

While gabapentin and pregabalin are similar in that they are both used to treat nerve pain and seizures, there are a number of side effects unique to each drug.

Side effects of gabapentin use that are not common with pregabalin include:

  • Viral infections
  • Impaired balance or coordination
  • Vomiting

Anti-epileptic drugs are tend to increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior. Patients should monitor and report any changes in their mental well-being that occur while taking either of these medications.

What Is Psychological Dependence

Psychological dependence, also called psychological addiction, develops when the person using a substance exhibits the following symptoms:

  • The person has intense cravings for the substance because they enjoy the sensations the substance produces
  • The person generally believes that they need the substance to function, socialize, or perform specific tasks, like sleeping
  • The person becomes obsessed with the substance and will go into a panic when they run out of it
  • The person begins to lose interest in activities they usually enjoy because they spend too much time thinking about the substance

Even though gabapentin does not necessarily produce a drug dependence, the psychological dependence on the drug can become very powerful. So, people who abuse gabapentin can experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using it.

Mixing Neurontin With Opiates: A Serious Risk Of Overdose

The combination of opiates with gabapentin can be a fatal mixture. Because both substances sedate the central nervous system, users who mix the two drugs increase their risk of overdosing. Once the central nervous system slows down to a certain level, the respiratory system will start to shut down and the users heart may stop functioning properly.

As weve pointed out above, many addicts who died in opiate-related overdoses showed traces of the drug in their system. A study conducted in Ontario, Canada reported that 6.8% of all opiate overdoses in the region involved Neurontin or another similar drug.

In most of these cases, the addict had been prescribed the drug for one reason or another. This study, therefore, does not account for the users who had consumed it unknowingly.

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Treatment For Gabapentin Overdose

Although it has been found to have low risk for abuse, gabapentin addiction still occurs. If you are struggling with gabapentin abuse or addiction, you should get professional help as soon as possible. You might think that this is a problem that can be solved without outside assistance and support, however, not seeking expert help could delay your recovery.

Seeking help from a professional inpatient recovery center is advisable if you are suffering from gabapentin abuse or addiction. Inpatient recovery centers provide a variety of services to those who need them: detoxification, therapy sessions, medication management and aftercare planning as well as 12-step recovery programs. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way as we provide education about your current situation and explore different ways to get clean from addictive substances such as drugs or alcohol.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse and would like more information on how we can help you, contact Lighthouse Treatment Center today.

Do You Think You Might Be Addicted To Neurontin

Can You Get Addicted to Gabapentin?

Perhaps youâve been using this medication for quite some time. Whether your use of it has been as prescribed, or recreationally, youâre concerned you might be addicted. It is very possible that you are if youâre worried. However, you need to know how to identify the various Neurontin signs of addiction.

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Can Gabapentin Abuse Is Possible

Gabapentin abuse and addiction are still absolutely possible. Gabapentin has a very similar structure chemically to the GABA receptors in the brain, which are responsible for affecting the bodys nervous system. Therefore, it produces feelings of calmness and relaxation that can help reduce nerve pain, anxiety and even help with poor sleep.

Seek Help In A Specialized Treatment Centre

If you have been combining Gabapentin use with other addictive substances, you may need to check yourself into a specialized facility that helps with treatment for addiction. These facilities have comprehensive addiction treatment plans which help you to get off drug addiction.

They usually include individualized and group therapy sessions aimed at an in-depth understanding of the whys of addiction.

Here, you are exposed to a team of certified clinicians Psychiatrists, Therapists, Psychologists, Pharmacists and Nurses who are constantly available to help you develop strategies for dealing with the triggers and the cravings.

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Ready To Get Help For Your Addiction

Admitting that there is a problem is widely dubbed as the first step towards recovery. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. A person who has a positive, genuine attitude towards their recovery is much more likely to go through with quitting and maintain abstinence. If you feel like you are ready to make the effort to change, it is time to seek medical help.

Whats The Difference Between Addiction And Dependence

What is Gabapentin – Highly addictive Prescription Drug! | Beginnings Treatment

People will often use the words addiction and dependence interchangeably. While they are similar, theyâre not the same. However, when you suffer from an addiction to Gabapentin, youâre also dependent on it.

Neurontin dependence is the step that comes before addiction. You may increase how much of the drug youâre taking on a daily basis. You might find yourself experiencing slight withdrawal symptoms if you miss a dose. If no other symptoms are present, youâre believed to be dependent on this drug.

An addiction is more of a physical and psychological condition. For someone who is addicted to Gabapentin, they feel as though they need the drug. Without it, they donât feel OK anymore. They may obsess about it constantly, and even use it when they wake up in the morning. If they run out of it, itâs a cause for panic.

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Are Gabapentin Abuse And Addiction Big Problems In Idaho

For years, Gabapentin was considered a low-risk way to treat certain medical conditions. It is often prescribed alongside opioid painkillers as a way to treat pain following surgeries or injuries. But the northwest region of the country has felt the sting of what might possibly be the newest drug epidemic. Idaho is no exception, and we feel it too, right here at home.

Gabapentin is one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the country. The recent increase in the number of prescriptions can be attributed to less opioid painkillers being prescribed. Doctors found that they needed an alternative, which this medication provided them with.

But here is the problem â many doctors are not aware of the addictive potential Gabapentin has. In their minds, it is a much safer option than opioids, which is why it is often substituted for them. The risks are greater for people who have a history of abusing various drugs.

A lot of experts believe that as many as 25% of opioid users also use Gabapentin. Taking both of these drugs at the same time increases the risk for deadly overdoses. Fortunately, our country seems to be changing their views on this drug. They are making adjustments to help keep people safe from becoming addicted to it.

Risks Of Gabapentin: Getting Help

Whether youre abusing prescriptions or buying Neurontin illegally to supplement an opioid habit, this drug can be dangerous. As illustrated above, it carries a high risk of chemical dependency and overdose, particularly when used in combination with heroin, prescription opioids or alcohol.

If you or someone you love is currently struggling with an addiction to the drug, it may be time to reach out for help. The withdrawal symptoms of Neurontin can be quite uncomfortable, so you may need to detox in a professional addiction treatment center.

Fortunately, facilities like AspenRidge Recovery can offer you support as you move toward long-term sobriety. Our staff addiction specialists will work to limit your withdrawal symptoms and help you move on to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Contact us directly at .

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Stat Forecast: Opioids Could Kill Nearly 500000 Americans In The Next Decade

Athens, home to Ohio University, lies in the southeastern corner of the state, which has been ravaged by the opioid epidemic. Despite experience in combating illicit drug use, law enforcement officials and drug counselors say the addition of gabapentin adds a new obstacle. As providers dole out the drug in mass quantities for conditions such as restless legs syndrome and alcoholism, it is being subverted to a drug of abuse. Gabapentin can enhance the euphoria caused by an opioid and stave off drug withdrawals. In addition, it can bypass the blocking effects of medications used for addiction treatment, enabling patients to get high while in recovery.

I dont know if we have a clear picture of the risk, said Joe Gay, executive director of Health Recovery Services, a network of substance abuse recovery centers headquartered in Athens.

Gabapentin High And Abuse

Is Gabapentin Addictive?

Gabapentin is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. In 207, it was the fifth-most prescribed drug in the country. Much of this is related to the crackdown on the prescribing of opioids occurring in the U.S. Due to the opioid epidemic many doctors have to look outside of opioid pain medications to treat pain in their patients, so theyve started using gabapentin.

Gabapentin is widely available, and its not a federally controlled substance, unlike opioids.

That widespread availability coupled with the effects of the drug has led to growing gabapentin abuse.

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What Is The Treatment For Gabapentin Addiction

Since most Neurontin abusers use other drugs to enhance its effects and achieve a recreational high, people addicted to gabapentin will most likely be addicted to other substances like opioids or cocaine.

Therefore, treatment for gabapentin addiction should address polydrug abuse as well as the physical, mental, and social effects that come with it.

After completing gabapentin detox, continuing your addiction treatment by enrolling ina rehab program is an essential part of maintaining your sobriety and preventing relapse. In rehab, youll learn the essential life skills to sustain sobriety and address the social, behavioral, and psychological issues associated with addiction.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, long-term addiction treatment of at least 90 days is most effective for people who want to sustain their sobriety for good. Anything less is of limited effectiveness. A 90-day drug rehab program is considered a long-term program and is typically comprised of the following things:

When Someone Continually Abuses Gabapentin It Makes Sense That This Would Eventually Lead To Addiction As Time Goes On You Develop A Tolerance For This Medication You Need To Increase Your Dosage On A Regular Basis Eventually You Feel As Though You Cant Manage Your Life Unless You Take It

This happens because of the way this drug affects the dopamine levels in the brain. When you use it, you experience higher than normal surges of this pleasure inducing chemical. Those surges make you happy, and they can be very addicting.

As time goes on and you continue to use, your brain doesnât make dopamine on its own any longer. Itâs almost as if itâs forgotten how. This is because the drug has started taking over that job. This is why when you arenât using, you donât feel like yourself. You may feel down or depressed. You also have cravings for Gabapentin, encouraging you to use again.

How Long Does it Take to Become an Addict?

There is no definite period of time that it takes to become an addict. When it comes to Neurontin, some people may be able to take it at normal doses for a long time. Others may become addicted to it quickly, even at their regular dose.

If you abuse it, youâre likely to form an addiction to the drug much faster. This is especially true if you have a history of addiction to another drug, or if youâre an alcoholic.

Regardless of how long it takes to become addicted to this medication, you will if you continue to abuse it. The next time you use could be the time that pushes you past the point of abuse. This is something that anyone who uses Gabapentin should keep in mind.

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Mixing With Alcohol: Not Recommended

Its never smart to mix prescription drugs and alcohol. Drinking alcohol while you have gabapentin in your system, however, is something we strongly advise against doing.. If you consume either of the substances before the other has exited your system, each drug will potentiate one another. This means that the effects of both will be increased by the other drug.

The potentiation factor makes these two substances a popular cocktail for drug abusers. Its important to note, though, that the mixture can put you in the hospital. You can end up losing control of your motor skills, blacking out and experiencing the detrimental effects of mixing alcohol and gabapentin.

Can I Get Addicted To Gabapentin

Is Gabapentin Addictive?

Yes, it is possible to get addicted to gabapentin. While gabapentin has a lower risk for abuse, it is still possible to get addicted to the drug. Gabapentin addiction can occur from getting hooked on its effects without seeking out medical help. Abuse of the medication can lead you into gabapentin addiction, which is dangerous for your overall health and well-being.

A lot of people take gabapentin not realizing that it could be addictive. Thats because gabapentin is widely considered as a non-addictive drug so its being used as an off-label drug for many different conditions including pain and anxiety. For the most part, people can use it without becoming addicted if they follow their legitimate prescriptions and they will not have withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing use of the drug. However some individuals become highly dependent on gabapentin and use it for a long time.

In the past, gabapentin was rarely used as a recreational drug because many people do not believe that they can get addicted to the drug. However, as other prescription drugs like opioids and anti-anxiety drugs became more difficult to acquire, some users turn to gabapentin to satisfy their drug cravings. In fact, due to the rapid increase of gabapentin use in the United States, there are some states including Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Michigan that reclassified the drug as a controlled substance.

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What Other Substances Shouldnt Be Mixed With Gabapentin

As is the case with any other drug, mixing multiple substances together can have negative consequences. Mixing gabapentin and tramadol, an opioid, can result in the development of severe respiratory issues. In some cases, it can cause an overdose and even death. In addition to opioids, the following substances should not be taken and mixed with gabapentin:

  • Acid reducer or heartburn relief medication
  • Ethacrynic acid
  • Sevelamer
  • Caffeine

Before mixing any sort of substance with prescription medication, talk to your doctor. Ask them to make sure that mixing the substances will be OK and wont cause severe health issues.

Why Is Gabapentin Addictive

The reason why gabapentin is addictive is related to its effects on the brain. The chemical structure of gabapentin is quite similar to one of the brains neurotransmitters known as GABA. Like GABA, gabapentin reduces the activity of nerve cells in the brain. This inhibitory effect causes a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Interestingly, the reason why gabapentin is addictive is less related to the high it creates, and more related to the feeling people get when they use it with other drugs of abuse. People who misuse opioids prefer the feeling of calmness they get when they also misuse gabapentin. Thus, as people develop an addiction to an opioid, they also crave the sensations that are caused by taking gabapentin at the same time. This craving is the major reason why gabapentin is addictive.

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Is Gabapentin A Controlled Substance

The U.S. government doesnt currently consider gabapentin a controlled substance. However, certain states have created laws to ensure that gabapentin is treated as such. It might also be monitored by a states prescription drug monitoring program.

Since opioids are considered a controlled substance, doctors prescribe gabapentin as an alternative. However, gabapentin does have the potential for abuse.

Start Your Recovery Today

What are the signs someone is addicted to gabapentin?

At PAX Riverbend, we are here to help you overcome your addiction to gabapentin from start to finish. We provide all services, including medical detox as well as both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation treatment programs.

Our caring staff works with you one on one to develop a plan of care to get you on the road to recovery. With the help of our licensed counselors, youll be able to get sober and stay sober for years to come.


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What Is The Withdrawal Timeline For Gabapentin

Gabapentin is a medication that is prescribed for partial seizures, postherpetic neuralgia, and other neuropathic pain conditions. In more recent years, there has been a growing concern that the medication has more abuse potential than previously believed and is sometimes mixed with illegal drugs for recreational consumption.

Because of the potential for some significantly troublesome withdrawal effects, the safest way to quit using the drug is to work with a physician on a tapering schedule.

Abuse of gabapentin may be indicative of a larger drug problem. We can help you. Our treatment center offers both treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. If you need help, call us now at . We can discuss all your treatment options with you and how we can help you begin your recovery.

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