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Why Do Drug Addicts Have Sores On Their Faces

Methamphetamine And Premature Aging

The Faces of METH: Before & After

Abusing meth frequently causes people to age beyond their years. A person may look haggard as their skin becomes leathery and takes on a grey cast. As an individuals skin loses its elasticity, they may have more wrinkles than a person typically should at their age.

Meth has also been linked to the development of certain diseases that are associated with aging, including coronary artery atherosclerosis, pulmonary fibrosis, and liver steatosis . Recent research has found that meth can cause cellular aging and inflammation, factors that may contribute to these problems.

Methamphetamine Aka Meth Is A Highly Addictive Stimulant That Is Known By Several Slang Names Including Crank Chalk Ice And Bump

It can have serious long-term side effects and change a persons physical health, mental well-being, behavior, and physical appearance. Because methamphetamine can be so damaging, it is important to get someone help sooner rather than later. Our drug rehab center in Philadelphia can help people quit these addictions before it is too late.While sometimes spotting a drug addiction in your loved one can be problematic, methamphetamine addicts are often easy to spot. While many drugs lead to some changes in overall physical appearance, methamphetamine often leads to some of the most alarming transformations. Before and after photos of meth users faces are usually drastically different, leading to the term meth face.

The Untold Health Damage Endured By Meth Addicts

Regardless, apart from being known as a dangerous and illicit drug, meth and crystal meth are equally acknowledged as the direct source and cause of phrases such as meth mouth describing severe tooth decay and gum disease, which causes teeth to either break or fall out.

Meth use also causes the development of distinct facial sores on the user, and a sallow complexion, as shown below:

The Untold Health Damage Endured by Meth Addicts

However, perhaps its most destructive effect on human health is invisible to the naked eye unless you happen to be a county coroner, a medical examiner or a pathologist. The brain damage inflicted on an individual by the use and abuse of methamphetamine is extensive and, sometimes, permanent.

1. Methamphetamine-Induced Brain Damage

The primary brain damage caused by continued meth use results in recurring psychosis, and both emotional and cognitive dysfunction. Additionally, the damage can be attributed to an increased risk in both stroke and Parkinsons disease, even after addicts have found an abstinent recovery.

2. Methamphetamine-Induced Dental Damage

Meth Mouth

Source: U.S. Depart of Justice Archive Meth Awareness

In fact, one NIDA study of over 500 meth users found that:

3. Methamphetamine-Induced Skin Damage

Methamphetamine-Induced Skin Damage

The destruction of blood vessels and muscle tissue in a meth users face prematurely ages the user these photos show the worsened skin over a period of only 2.5 years.

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Dermatillomania Also Known As Skin Picking Disorder

This is a mental disorder that involves body-focused repetitive behavior in this case, picking the skin. While this is officially classified as a mental health issue driven by obsession and compulsion, many people who use meth develop Dermatillomania during periods of prolonged use. The individual who suffers from this condition feels powerless to stop the behavior, even though it causes physical injury. Dermatillomania causes obvious signs of skin abuse. It involves obsessive and compulsive picking of the skin. Users may have an uncontrollable urge to pick, squeeze and even scratch their skin, causing many defects to appear. The most targeted area is the face, although some users will also pick at their arms, legs, back, stomach and chest. To be clear, Formication is the sensation of feeling bugs under the skin. Dermatillomania is the need to pick at the meth sores caused by digging into or scratching the skin to get the bugs. Also, someone with meth-induces Dermatillomania will pick on moles, scars, acne, or other skin conditions. They may also dig into their skin and create sores where there were none. Those who struggle with dermatillomania will often do the majority of their picking in only one area. Obsessive picking can lead to scarring and other types of injuries, like infections and tissue damage. The condition can even lead to disfigurement. In some cases, skin grafting is needed to treat the condition.

Meth Sores: What Are They

Heartbreaking gifs show how quickly drugs take their toll ...

So, you may have heard about meth sores or even seen pictures of them in an educational class on drugs before. Either way, meth sores are a common part of meth addiction.

They are open wounds that form almost anywhere on the body, but most commonly in the mouth area, on the chest, hands, and arms. These sores are one of the most noticeable signs of regular meth use and meth addiction.

If you use meth once, twice, or occasionally, youre not likely to develop meth sores. However, meth sores are a result of consistent meth use.

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How Meth Affects The Body

Meth abuse can cause serious physical harm even in the short term, but as abuse continues, this damage can become more severe.

As a person begins to use meth more frequently they may develop a tolerance. When a person is tolerant to meth, the dose theyre used to taking may not create the effect or pleasurable feelings they seek.

Because of this, many people will increase their dose, an action that could push them closer to addiction. The more a person uses meth, the greater the likelihood that theyll become dependent.

When a person is dependent on meth their body will likely struggle to function in a normal way when they dont take the drug. Should a person suddenly stop taking meth, or quit cold turkey, they may go into meth withdrawal.

Why Does Meth Change Your Face

As said before, meth can cause sores because people who abuse the drug tend to lack self-care and personal hygiene. A person addicted to meth is prone to neglect cleanliness and can cause their meth sores to become infected and spread to more patches of skin in the body.

Meth is also known to be a substance that can be dissolved in water or alcohol. Since users dissolve meth and inject it into their veins as a liquid solution, this meth can be sweated out. This sweat can form around the hairline and come in contact with the skin of the face. This can damage the pores of the skin and cause even more sores. This is why meth face happens.

The mouth is also prone to have these meth sores. This happens because not only does the meth damage teeth and gums, it also triggers less saliva production. That leads to a drier mouth, and its natural acids will begin to eat into the teeth and gums, causing them to break down and rot. The lack of good dental hygiene, combined with tooth and gum decay, allows sores to form in and even around the mouth.

Continuous meth use will then eventually change the appearance of a persons face because of these long-term effects. Meth is seen to induce other skin issues as well as facial fat and muscle loss.

When meth is used for long periods, a users face tends to appear more aged or even deteriorated as a result.

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Meth Mites And Psychosis

Meth Mites are the non-scientific term used to describe formication caused by stimulant abuse. Formication, the obsessive belief that one is being bitten by or infested by bugs and insects, is a symptom of meth-induced psychosis. Psychosis describes the condition of somebody whose thoughts and emotions have become impaired and compromised to the point that they have lost all touch with reality.

In research published by Neurologic Clinics, more than 40% of meth users admitted to drug treatment facilities reported experiencing the phenomena of meth mites. Psychosis caused by meth abuse occurs from sleep deprivation, one of the many side effects of stimulants like methamphetamine.

Meth users will go days without sleep because of repeated use. Meth increases dopamine levels in the brain followed by extreme withdrawal and increased agitation, depression, and mood swings. To continue feeling high, users will binge on the drug and will not sleep in the process.

Skin Damage Caused By Prescription Stimulants

Your Meth Use Isn’t A Secret

Skin problems for drug abusers and alcoholics can seem like commonplace, but even prescription medicines are known to also cause skin problems and damage, particularly stimulants. There are many different types of prescription stimulants. Adderall, for example, is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder . Different prescription stimulants can cause different types of skin disorders. Not everyone will experience skin disorders from using these drugs. It all depends on your genetic makeup. Prescription stimulant use can cause rashes, hives and hypersensitivity. Angioedema can also be a reaction to prescription stimulant use. This is a swelling of the epidermis, just below the skin. Serious conditions that have been linked to prescription drug use include Stevens Johnson Syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis.

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The 4 Worst Drugs For Your Face

via of meth

For this post, well focus on the four main food groups of drugs: Meth, heroin, alcohol, and cocaine. All drugs will take their toll on your pretty little visage but, here for practical purposes are the 4 worst drugs for your face.

#1. Methamphetamine, aka Crystal Meth

First and foremost, you need to understand that abusing meth renders your body unable to repair itself and therefore causes the destruction of tissues and blood vessels. Characteristics of faces of meth are acne, sores from picking , lackluster skin, and accelerated aging meth reduces your skins elasticity, making you look years and even decades older than you actually are.

And lets not forget the infamous meth mouth. Due to a meth abusers poor nutrition and typical lack of personal hygiene, as well as the tendency to gnash and grind their teeth , tooth decay and loss of teeth is highly common. This is because meth also causes the salivary glands to dry out saliva being a built-in defense to cavities and other oral ailments which allows the mouths acids to eat away at the tooth enamel, causing cavities.

Meth mouth, then, is characterized by broken, discolored and rotting teeth. And this is an understatement.

#2. Alcohol

#3. Heroin

Many heroin users also scratch and pick at their skin, because opiates tend to cause you to itch. This can lead to acne, open sores, and scarring. Lovely.

#4. Cocaine

What Drugs Cause Sores On The Face And Body

Home / Articles / What Drugs Cause Sores on the Face and Body?

Drug abuse can harm users in many ways. We often think about the long-term psychological damage that addiction can cause, but rarely do we consider the effects that drugs can have on our bodies and appearance.

One particularly nasty consequence that drug users may have to deal with is sores on the face, arms, legs, and other areas of the body. Certain drugs are more likely to cause these sores, and they can happen in a number of ways.

You might know someone who has peculiar sores on their face or body. If this is the case, you should know what drugs can cause these sores, and why they appear. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about skin issues and drug addicts. Keep reading to find out more.

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Skin Issues From Heroin Use

Probably the most commonly seen effect of heroin use on the skin is in those who inject the drug rather than smoke or snort it. Repeated penetration of the skin while seeking a vein can lead to venous sclerosis, which is a scarring of the veins, also known as track marks. Venous sclerosis can also lead to a range of other problems, including skin infections, abscesses and cellulitis.

The debilitating effects of heroin can be seen in several photo essays showing users years apart to illustrate the drugs impact on the skin and overall health.

Necrotizing skin lesions have also been found in users who injected heroin subcutaneously, in a practice known as skin popping. Skin popping leads to tissue trauma and allows bacteria to penetrate the skin. It may also introduce cutting agents, which can irritate the skin. People who use heroin in this way are five times as likely to suffer from abscesses or cellulitis.

Heroin has been known to reduce moisture content in the epidermis, causing dry, itchy skin, often due to cutting agents.

Another common condition for heroin users is an itchy hives-like rash caused by cell degranulation and the release of histamines. Intense itching happens directly after the drug is injected and can last for several days.

Why Meth Users Have Meth Sores And Scabs On Their Faces

Why Do Meth Heads Have Sores On Their Faces. Why do meth ...

Some of the tell-tale signs of meth abuse include meth sores, scabs, and acne on the face. Meth causes many users to feel a crawling sensation under their skin , often referred to as meth mites, causing them to pick obsessively at their faces, leading to meth scars. Heavy meth usage cuts off the supply of blood to all parts of the body, which destroys blood vessels. This leads to meths effects on the body including acne, sores, and scabs that can dramatically alter a meth users appearance.

Chronic meth abuse suppresses the immune system, leading to slower healing of acne, meth sores, and meth scabs, plus the skin loses its luster and elasticity as a result of decreased blood flow. A heavy meth addict users often looks years or even decades older than their actual age. These effects are intense and can happen quickly. This is why its best recommended to seek the support of a rehabilitation center in order to successfully beat meth abuse or addiction.

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Meth Face And Mouth Sores

Many people addicted to meth may choose to dissolve the drug in water in order to inject it. This is especially common with advanced meth addicts. This means that as meth becomes water-soluble, it escapes the body through our pores as sweat.

The pores on the face tend to sweat and excrete oil the most, hence developing meth sores on the face and around the mouth. This meth-laden sweat irritates the skin, which results in meth sores.

Skin picking is also common among many meth addicts, leading to open wounds on the face that become infected. This leads to large, open wounds that can take weeks to heal.

Mouth sores are also common among crystal meth users who smoke the drug through a pipe. As the pipe heats up, it can burn the lips and the skin around the mouth, resulting in blisters that develop into open wounds.

While These Drugs Can Cause Scabs Or Lesions On The Skin There Are Plenty Of Other Health Risks Associated With Addiction

All of these symptoms are potentially very dangerous, so it is always suggested you seek medical care in order to get the help you need. No drug is worth the permanent damage that may be caused to your body or mind from prolonged and consistent drug use. Drug abuse is the cause of a number of other, very serious health risks.

If you are wanting to get sober but are worried about the detox, then we are here to help. Here At More Than Rehab, we know just how difficult that getting sober can be, as many of us have been there before, and all we want to do is help to make that process easier.

We believe that everybody deserves the chance to have a healthy, sober, and fulfilling life, so we have many different types of treatment programs that are designed to fit your needs. We truly care about the health and well-being of both you and your family. Call us any time of day, 24/7, 365 days of the year and we will be here to answer your call. We would like nothing more than to give you the tools for recovery and put you on the right path!

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A Lack Of Motivation And Sense Of Responsibility

Someone who has become highly involved in heroin abuse is not going to be able to continue their normal routine. School or work performance will downward spiral. They will likely sleep a lot and not get out of bed for important engagements. They will have decreased motivation and absolutely no interest in doing anything, including activities they used to love to do.

What Causes Meth Sores

Recognizing a Meth Addict

According to The Meth Project, meth sores occur due to:

A worsening immune system Meth can weaken ones immune system by suppressing white blood cells that fend off germs, viruses, and bacteria. Fewer white blood cells mean a weaker immune system and a higher risk of skin infections.

People on meth also are less motivated to maintain personal hygiene routines, which increases acne breakouts, skin dryness, and infection. This can be a common sign of drug abuse in general.

Reduced blood flow to the skin Meth restricts blood flow, which, in combination with other factors, such as worsening hygiene and toxins that are released through pores, can result in acne breakouts.

Meth thats released in sweat Meth is water-soluble, which means it can be sweated out through ones pores. This can cause skin irritation and sores on the face that appear red and bumpy like acne.

Burns from paraphernalia Meth sores can form as a result of how the drug is used, such as burns on or around the mouth from a hot pipe.

Excessive picking from meth mites or meth bugs Meth psychosis is a possible side effect of meth usage. Meth psychosis is a mental disorder that affects a persons thoughts and emotions. It can lead to meth hallucinations, where the user can feel and sometimes see meth bugs or meth mites crawling on or underneath the skin. This can lead to scratching, which can both form new sores on otherwise clear skin or open existing sores which can lead to infection.

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