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Can You Get Addicted To Weed Yahoo

Let People Know Make Yourself Accountable

Is MARIJUANA Addiction SERIOUS Or REAL? (Why I QUIT Marijuana And The WEED Withdrawal Symptoms)

While you might think that you can handle this on your own, its much better to involve other people in your struggle against cannabis dependency.

Make use of your support network, whether its family, friends, partners or colleagues. The people that you surround yourself with this time can play a significant role in helping you overcome your dependency and progress towards your goals.

You may want to just stop smoking and tell everyone later but this is often hard.

By telling people, it will keep you accountable.

It will let people know not to offer you a joint or a reefer and you can get social support with your goal.

If you feel intimidated to tell everyone before you are successful, there is another option.

Find a reliable and trusted accountability buddy. This friend, family member or partner can check in on you and help you stay on track when you seem to be forgetful of your goals.

Its vital to realize that ultimately, giving up your drug disorder is down to you. Nobody else can achieve this for you.

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We Know Why People Become Addicted We Understand Why They Don’t Want To Quit However The Majority Of People Who Use Or Smoke Marijuana Do Not Become Addicted

Marijuana use disorder becomes addiction when the person cannot stop using the drug even though it interferes with many aspects of his or her life. Estimates of the number of people addicted to marijuana are controversial, in part because epidemiological studies of substance use often use dependence as a proxy for addiction even though it is possible to be dependent without being addicted. Those studies suggest that 9 percent of people who use marijuana will become dependent on it,24,25 rising to about 17 percent in those who start using in their teens.26,27

To summarize this excerpt, the ‘use disorder’ of weed becomes an addiction when you cannot force yourself to stop using it, despite having one or more compelling reasons in your life to do so.

According to, only 10% of people will become addicted, a much lower rate than heroin or methamphetamines. If that’s the case, then why is it so important to reach out to and try to help marijuana addicts?

Paralleling the rise in marijuana use disorders, treatment admissions for primary marijuana dependence have increased both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of total admissions, from 7 percent in 1993 to 16 percent in 2003 . The extent of marijuana use and its associated consequences clearly indicate a public health problem that requires systematic effort focused on prevention and intervention.

The Bottom Line No One Should Be On Autopilot When Theyre Using Mind

My days of Sharknadomarathons and green outs are a distant, bizarre memory, which Im pretty glad for. My circus does not need any additional monkeys, even if those monkeys also happen to make ice cream taste 10 times better .

Im completely sober , which wound up being the best possible choice for me.

At the end of the day, this is a personal decision that only you can make .

It may be just a plant, but plants can be harmful, too. Did you know that tomato leaves, for example, are mildly poisonous? If you tried to eat an acorn, you could still chip your tooth or choke on it .

Take it from someone who learned the hard way its all fun and games until youre so paranoid that youre convinced the illuminati is after you . Which makes for a hilarious story, but trust me, there are a million better ways to spend a Friday night than having a completely unnecessary panic attack.

Cannabis might be just a plant, but that doesnt make it inherently safe for each and every person! My best recommendation is to tread carefully, seek out additional support, and be thoughtful about your use.

Your brain is a very precious organ, so treat it that way, okay?

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Comparison With Other Substances

All substances that affect the mind carry their own set of risks and harms, some unique to the substance. The most well-established, long term harm of regular cannabis use is addiction. It is often difficult to compare risks and harms between substances. Nevertheless, based on what is currently known, the risk of cannabis addiction is lower than the risk of addiction to alcohol, tobacco or opioids. And, unlike substances such as alcohol or opioids where overdoses may be fatal, a cannabis overdose is not fatal.

Because Of The Patchwork Of Laws Employees Who Rely On Marijuana For Health Reasons Or Are Regular Recreational Users May Face Limited Career Prospects

Can You Get Addicted to Weed?

Because of the patchwork of laws, employees who rely on marijuana for health reasons or are regular recreational users may face limited career prospects. Their opportunity to move may be eliminated if theyre authorised to use medical marijuana in one state, but it isnt allowed in another state or country, Fiore says. It also would hurt the employers, who couldnt transfer some workers and their needed skills overseas.

Complex and changing issue

There are no statistics on how many people have been fired or not hired because of testing positive for marijuana use, but theres no question that it is happening. Marijuana in the workplace is a complex issue that will only require greater attention from employers as more states and countries decriminalise it, says Todd Simo, chief medical officer at California-based HireRight, which provides background-screening services to businesses. A positive marijuana screen is now a yellow light, not a red light as in the past.

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Can Recreational Pot Smokers Become Addicted

Posted December 5, 2010

A realistic concern for recreational users of marijuana is whether or not they will become addicted. There are no easy answers to this question. In my opinion, the most unbiased book on this and other related topics is The Science of Marijuana . The Science of Marijuana is written by Leslie L. Iverson, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Cambridge in England. In the book, he reviews decades of international research on marijuana, both laboratory research and survey research. Based on his review of the scientific literature, between 10 to 30% of regular users will develop dependency. Only about 9% will have a serious addiction. For an excellent post on the biology of marijuana addiction see

The large majority of people who try marijuana do it experimentally and never become addicted. Unlike other substances, pot has very few severe withdrawal symptoms and most people can quit rather easily. When present, withdrawal symptoms might include: anxiety, depression, nausea, sleep disturbances and GI problems.

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Suffering From Withdrawal When You Try To Quit

Have you tried to quit smoking pot? Do you feel anxious, agitated or sick to your stomach when you dont smoke? Have you had trouble sleeping or do you have strong cravings when you arent smoking pot? These are all signs of withdrawal and they signify your bodys physical and psychological dependence on marijuana also known as marijuana addiction. If youre feeling symptoms of withdrawal when you dont smoke, youre likely addicted to marijuana and should accept this as a sign that you need further help.

Lung Health And Marijuana Smoke

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Smoking marijuana clearly damages the human lung. Research shows that smoking marijuana causes chronic bronchitis and marijuana smoke has been shown to injure the cell linings of the large airways, which could explain why smoking marijuana leads to symptoms such as chronic cough, phlegm production, wheeze and acute bronchitis.4,9

Smoking marijuana has also been linked to cases of air pockets in between both lungs and between the lungs and the chest wall, as well as large air bubbles in the lungs among young to middle-aged adults, mostly heavy smokers of marijuana.

However, it’s not possible to establish whether these occur more frequently among marijuana smokers than the general population.4

Smoking marijuana can harm more than just the lungs and respiratory systemit can also affect the immune system and the body’s ability to fight disease, especially for those whose immune systems are already weakened from immunosuppressive drugs or diseases, such as HIV infection.4,9

Studies have shown that smoking marijuana may increase the risk of opportunistic infections among those who are HIV positive, although it does not seem to affect the development of AIDS or lower white cell counts.4,9

Another potential threat to those with weakened immune systems is Aspergillus, a mold that can cause lung disorders. It can grow on marijuana, which if then smoked exposes the lungs to this fungus.4 However, it rarely causes problems in people with healthy immune systems.

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How Can I Tell If Im Addicted

You may be addicted to or psychologically dependent on cannabis if youve had three or more of these symptoms in the last year:

  • you’ve tried to cut down or stop, but havent been able to
  • youre concerned its having a damaging effect on your day-to-day life but you cant stop
  • you find youre smoking more to get the same effect
  • youre starting to lose interest in other things, such as hobbies, family, college or work
  • you get withdrawal symptoms when you don’t smoke

Signs Of Trazodone Addiction

The first signs that users are abusing trazodone are the short term physical side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and feeling hungover after use. If individuals ignore these symptoms and continue to misuse trazodone, the drug can lead to physical dependence and addiction. Common signs that you or someone you know has a trazodone addiction include:

  • Neglecting personal or professional responsibilities because of trazodone use
  • Visiting multiple doctors to get trazodone prescriptions
  • Obtaining more trazodone even when its no longer needed
  • Faking symptoms to get trazodone
  • Buying or stealing trazodone from friends or family members
  • Obtaining trazodone from a drug dealer
  • Needing to up your trazodone dosage to feel the same sedating effects it originally provided
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using trazodone

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Both Drugs May Be Linked With Risks While Driving But Alcohol Is Worse

A research note published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that, when adjusting for other factors, having a detectable amount of THC in your blood did not increase the risk of being involved in a car crash. Having a blood-alcohol level of at least 0.05%, on the other hand, increased that risk by 575%.

Still, combining the two appears to have the worst results.

“The risk from driving under the influence of both alcohol and cannabis is greater than the risk of driving under the influence of either alone,” the authors of a 2009 review wrote in the American Journal of Addiction.

Age People Begin Smoking

Can You Get Addicted to Marijuana?

Experts are finding a link between the age you begin using cannabis and the likelihood that you’ll develop a dependence on it. One study found that people who used cannabis starting at age 14 to 15 had a higher probability of developing dependence. On the other hand, for those who started using cannabis after age 15, the risk of developing a dependence drastically decreased.

Another study found that those who begin using marijuana before the age of 18 are four to seven times more likely to develop a cannabis use disorder later in life.

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Marijuana’s Legal Status Isn’t A Huge Barrier To Use

Asked why they don’t use pot, 27 percent of marijuana abstainers cited its illegality. But the rest pointed to a host of other reasons: 26 percent said they simply don’t like it. 16 percent said they don’t use because it’s not healthy. Others said that it would interfere with work or school or that they simply had no desire to use it.

These numbers are mirrored in another question: Asked whether they would use marijuana if the federal government legalized it nationally, only 28 percent said they’d be likely to do so. The rest said the legal change wouldn’t make much of a difference in their behavior.

This points to a simple reality: Marijuana is already the most ubiquitous illicit drug in the country, rivaling legal drugs like tobacco in popularity. For most people who want to use it, getting hold of some pot is simply a matter of trip to the darkweb, or Craigslist, or a call to a friend-of-a-friend.

Can Medicine Help With Cud

If youâre dependent on cannabis, you could go through withdrawal for weeks or relapse after you quit. Thatâs why experts are studying how medicine can ease withdrawal symptoms like bad mood, anxiety, restlessness, and sleep issues. Theyâre looking at antidepressants, cannabinoid agonists, mood stabilizers, and insomnia medication, but there are no FDA-approved meds for CUD. Some of these may treat mental health problems that worsen CUD.

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Does Pot Act As A Gateway To Harder Drug Use

People who use one drug are more likely to use others, but there is no evidence to suggest any chemical correlation between marijuana and subsequent harder drug use.

Theres definitely a correlation between cigarette smoking and pot smoking, especially among teens. Some tests on animals have shown that tobacco, alcohol and marijuana can all prime the brain for a heightened response to other drugs, in a process called cross-sensitization, but this isnt a proven theory.

While some people see pot as a gateway drug, others note that this is also largely based on correlation: research supports the theory that harder drug use stems from peer associations rather than a chemical factor induced by pot. For example, a 2014 study by researchers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette found a much higher association between marijuana and alcohol use than between marijuana and other substances. The researchers concluded there was no scientific link between hard drugs and marijuana other than patterns determined by social factors, and that poly-drug use is based on cultural and social factors.

Healthmarijuana Worse For Teen Brains Than Alcohol Study Finds

What Opioid Addicts Want You to Know About Addiction | Iris

Patricia Conrad, professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal, believes that more research needs to be done to see the effects of chronic marijuana use on the brain.

Potency has increased over time, said Conrad. “More sophisticated technology is being used to extract CBD oil from the product, resulting in more and more products with potent levels, said Conrad.

One study that received a tremendous amount of publicity looked at 38,600 samples of cannabis confiscated from 1995 to 2014.

Analysis of these samples found that the average amount of THC, the psychoactive portion of the drug, rose from 4 percent in 1995 to over 12 percent in 2014. During that same time, cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, fell from 0.28 percent to 0.15 percent. This shift in the ratio of THC to CBD has a pronounced effect on the drug’s perceived potency.

The average potency of the flower product sold in Washingtons state-licensed markets is over 20 percent, and the average potency of extract-based products like oils for vaping pens, dabs and the like is in the neighborhood of 70 percent, said Caulkins. He believes more research needs to be done to see how this difference in potency affects the body, compared with the weaker product studied in the past.

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Other Factors That Make Quitting Difficult

There will be days that are difficult to stick to the outlined plan of weed reduction.

The following would be factors that can contribute to it being more difficult:

Experiencing intense emotions

When you experience extreme happiness, sadness or anger, you are more likely at risk for increasing your weed use. Hence, a higher likelihood of relapsing back to higher substance use.

Interpersonal conflicts

If you have a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you have an issue with a coworker, you are going to be more likely to return to higher substance use. When some people have relationship issues, they often turn to substances for self-soothing.

Environmental factors

If you go to a party, see friends who smoke weed, go to your favourite park where you used to smoke your mind will automatically be triggered to thinking of smoking. You will be cued into wanting to use even though you have set out your goals.

Social support

If all of your friends, your partner and family engage in smoking weed, this is going to be very difficult.

If your loved ones are not encouraging you to quit, this will require some workaround communicating about your desire to change and what you need from them.

If your social network is supportive still explain to them what you may need.

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