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Can Hypnotherapy Help With Alcohol Addiction

What Causes Alcohol Dependency

Hypnosis to Stop Drinking Alcohol | Hypnotherapy Unleashed | End Alcoholism #hypnotherapy

The causes of alcohol dependency can vary but there are a number of factors thought to contribute to an individual developing alcohol dependence. It can stem from using drink as a way to cope with big stressful life events, such as bereavement or redundancy, or as a way to numb day-to-day stresses, anxiety or worries.

Drinking alcohol may seem like nothing – a normal part of your life – and you may not think its a problem at first, but over time, relying on alcohol as a way of emotional support will become second nature to you. When you immediately turn to drink instead of other ways of dealing with a situation, it is a cause for concern.

Your environment and past experiences can also contribute to developing a dependency on alcohol. For example, if you saw members of your family using alcohol as a way to unwind and cope, you may develop similar coping mechanisms. Whether we realise it or not, those around us – family, friends, even media depictions of people we look up to – can all have an impact on our behaviour, how we approach problems, and what we do to try and manage our own issues.

Hypnotherapy: Can Hypnosis Treat Alcohol Addiction

Although not a proven treatment method, hypnotherapy is an alternative technique that has been gaining popularity in the past few years for various ailments including alcohol abuse. The idea is to relax the mind of the addicted individual and open them up to new concepts that may help them overcome their addiction.

Alcohol has been recreationally consumed for centuries. Many people drink alcohol and have no problem setting a limit to how much they drink and how often. Yet for some, alcohol is a substance that can have detrimental effects on their health and their lives. In fact, as the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism explains, throughout history, weve struggled to understand and manage alcohols power.

But in recent decades, researchers and medical professionals have spent quite a bit of time studying alcohol addiction, its effects, its development, its treatment, and prevention. Effective treatment methods include alcohol detox, outpatient counseling or group therapy, and/or treatment within an inpatient drug rehab program. These programs usually include the use of evidence-based modalities, such as behavioral therapy or medication. Although research behind this technique is lacking, one newer alternative means of treatment that is gaining popularity is hypnotherapy.

The Cons Of Using Hypnosis To Stop Drinking Problems

Unfortunately, not everyone can be hypnotized, according to research conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine. A senior author of the study, Dr. David Spiegel, stated that there was no specific behavioral trait that makes someone hypnotizable. Instead, it has to do with a persons neural traits.

For instance, the researchers looked at three unique neural networks in 24 participants, 12 highly hypnotizable and 12 who could not be. The people who were highly hypnotizable had increased connectivity between the neural system that makes decisions and decides the order of importance between them. The science is interesting, but the fact remains that hypnosis to stop drinking isnt doable for everyone.

Also, another fact is that alternative therapies like this arent as explored or understood as other forms of treatment. Modern therapy is the product of hundreds of peer-reviews and decades of tweaking. However, with time, using hypnosis to stop drinking may be on par.

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Quit Drinking Hypnosis Recordings

Several recording companies market hypnosis sessions specifically for quitting alcohol use. These hypnosis audios are intended to help you focus on positive thoughts about sobriety.

Many of the CDs come with a money-back guarantee, so use them even if you dont think they are helping you to quit drinking. You may be surprised at how powerful the mind can be.

Quitting drinking is a struggle that never seems to end. But hypnosis is one of the most promising ways to get your life back.

Pros And Cons Of Hypnosis For Alcoholism

Hypnotherapy For Alcohol Addiction Near Me

Hypnosis for alcoholism offers the following potential benefits:

  • Relief of anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Increased relaxation
  • Improved immune system function
  • Successful treatment of addiction

Although rare, there is a chance that some patients may develop adverse short-term reactions to hypnosis. The potential negative consequences of hypnotism include:

  • Headache

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Do I Need This Program

The following is a listing of concerns that continually run through a lot of our minds:.

Because the first thing you think about is, ⢠Do you wake up in the morning feeling anxious.

what you claimed last evening after a few beverages?

  • Are you shocked that despite how active you are, you can not wait to end up job and have a drink?
  • Do you really feel separated from other individuals when you do not consume?
  • Do particular scenarios or individuals trigger you to binge drink?
  • Do you identify how you are affected by tension?
  • Do you feel like you are going mad sometimes because you canât get your head around a problem and a drink helps clear your mind?
  • Do you feel like you are going mad sometimes around a drink and a problem assists remove your mind?
  • Do you feel anxious consuming with individuals without having a drink? ⢠Do you enjoy.
  • Do you get frustrated with other individuals that do not drink when you wish to?
  • Do you consume alcohol to assist you in specific situations?
  • Do you drink to assist you handle confrontation?
  • Do you hesitate about life as well as placed points off by drinking?
  • Do you avoid sexual contact until you have had a drink?
  • Do you consume alcohol to minimize emotional discomfort often?
  • Do you have drinking friends that encourage you to over-drink when you do not want.|When you donât want, to?
  • Do you have drinking buddies who encourage you to over-drink?

I Hypnosis For Alcoholism

In using hypnosis for alcoholism treatment, the hypnotist leads the alcoholic into a trance-like state. The alcoholic can become more imaginative and better at problem solving. In short, theyre in prime position to sort out strategies for conquering their own addictive behaviors.1 The person must also want to stop drinking and must be sober at the time of hypnosis. Thats because clear thinking is essential.

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Is Hypnotherapy Effective For Addiction

Hypnosis as entertainment became popular in the United States in the 1980s. As a result, some health professionals lost faith in the practice as a treatment for dependence.

However, the application of hypnosis for dependence is regaining credibility, and there have been many studies over the past several decades showing its effectiveness including:

  • A study of 18 patients completed in 2004 showed that participants receiving intensive daily hypnosis sessions had a 77% success rate after a one-year follow-up.5
  • A study of 4 groups of veterans showed that hypnosis can be a useful adjunct in helping those with chronic substance misuse with their reported self-esteem, serenity, and anger/impulsivity.6
  • An unusual case worth mentioning is of a woman with a five-gram per day cocaine dependence who used hypnosis to overcome her dependence . Her withdrawal and recovery were extraordinary because hypnosis was the only intervention, and no support network of any kind was available.7
  • A study including70 volunteers in a methadone maintenance program found that those who received hypnotherapy experienced much less discomfort and illicit drug use, but a significantly greater number of withdrawals. At six-month follow-up, 94% of the subjects in the experimental group who had achieved withdrawal remained narcotic-free.8

Here Is A Guide To Help You Understand If You Could Benefit From Hypnotherapy Ask Yourself If You Relate To Any Of The Following:

3 Myths About Alcohol Addiction – Hypnosis Help (Part 1)

“I used to think I was an alcoholic but it is three years since I stopped drinking alcohol due to the hypnotherapy appointments, thanks.” Tina from Durham

“I had a big drinking problem over several decades. I didn’t really remember a time when I wasn’t drinking. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to stop drinking but each time I tried to stop the alcohol withdrawal got the better of me as the cravings were so strong. Giving up alcohol seemed impossible. But the hypnosis alcohol help has changed that to my surprise. Now my drinking is under control and so is my weight.” Pauline from Adelaide

“I was always the last one to leave the party and would hardly remember anything about what had happened. I was desperate to change but found I could not stop drinking now or ever it seemed. But that changed with the hypnosis to stop drinking with Ailsa. I feel happier and more in control. I am thrilled. I can go to meet friends and know I will come home sober at a sensible time. I would recommend your hypnotherapy alcohol program to a friend.” George from Leeds

“The hypnosis download for alcohol reduction has stopped me from losing my driving license as I was regularly drink driving. If I lost my licence I would have lost everything, my job and home. I can’t thank you enough.” Debbie from Maidenhead

I wish I had met you 20 years ago, it is the best money I have ever spent.” Sarah from Birmingham

Facts about alcohol:

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Facing Addiction In America: The Surgeon General’s Report On Alcohol Drugs And Health

This executive summary of the Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health addresses alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription drug misuse in the United States. Chapters of the report cover neurobiology, prevention, treatment, recovery, health systems integration, and recommendations for the future.

It’s Hard To Imagine Being Able To Take Back Control Of Your Drinking Easily But Here Are Some More Client Comments After Hypnotherapy Appointments With Ailsa Frank:

” I lost my job due to my alcohol abuse. Since I have found the alcohol hypnosis downloads to change drinking habits I am back to my old self. I now have a better job. I only drink occasionally with friends.”

“I love Ailsa’s hypnosis downloads. The control alcohol one has changed my life. Now I listen to other titles like the Stop worrying and Releases everyday stress.” Sandy from Miami, Florida

“Every day I was being offered alcohol by mums at the pickups from playdates, after a school football match, work events, friends and families houses. To say ‘no’ to an alcoholic drink would make me sound like a weirdo. But since I have started listening to the alcohol hypnotherapy recordings I don’t care what other people think. I just drink a small amount, have more fun and have the confidence to be myself without alcohol too. I think many people are alcoholics or verging on alcoholism but don’t even know it. Is it normal to drink a bottle of wine per day, but now I don’t think so. Thank you. Penny from Liverpool

“Really impressed with the results of the alcohol hypnosis appointments, very pleased. I never imagined I could leave wine in the bottle and not feel the urge to finish it. The hypnosis recordings work really well at relaxing me.” Jan from Seattle, Washington

“Best value, I have saved so much money since reducing down alcohol, the hypnotherapy has paid for itself already.Great.” Dean from Edinburgh

“I’ve let go of worries”Ascot Berkshire

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Hypnotherapy Techniques To Stop Drinking

Hypnotherapy has a long-standing history of helping people overcome various bad habits. Maybe youve heard of hypnosis to stop smoking, or hypnosis to eat better. Just like those other hypnosis types, hypnosis to quit drinking is about altering habits and beliefs. There are quite a few ways hypnotherapists can help you with your alcohol problem. Here are some of the most common alcohol hypnotherapy techniques:

What To Expect During Hypnotherapy For Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Addiction  Lisa Pryce

Quitting drinking hypnosis usually begins with an assessment to determine what kind of treatment is necessary. The hypnotherapist will look for triggers that cause your alcohol use disorder.

Once the quit drinking hypnosis process begins, the therapist will outline a treatment plan to help you quit drinking or reduce your alcohol intake. You may need only one session to meet your goals.

Or it may take longer if you have struggled with alcohol addiction for many years. The number of sessions varies with each individual. Alcohol use disorders vary from person to person as some may take the occasional social drink while other may be binge drinking on the regular.

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How To Cut Down On Drinking Without Quitting

Over the last couple of years there has actually been a pattern far from the done in remedy of going to a 12 step program. Nowadays, you are more probable to be recommended an alcohol decrease program in organization with 7 days to consume less. When you function with professional programs you can train on your own right into the most effective long-term routines. Occasionally medicine is called for to minimize the impacts of food craving as well as you locate your feet in a new way of living. In various other situations, only some mentoring and also inspiration is needed. Everybody is different, yet a beverage less program will certainly have all the opportunities available for each sort of enthusiast. Can Hypnotherapy Help With Alcohol Addiction

The Easy Way To Stop Drinking With Hypnosis

Are you looking for an effective way to stop drinking for good? Perhaps someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction? Or you just want to be more mindful about your health and cut down on social drinking?

Whatever reason you are here, in this article you discoverwhy it can be difficult to quit alcohol by yourself and the easy way to stop drinking using hypnotherapy.

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Where To Find Alcohol Hypnotherapy

There are many ways to find hypnotherapy for drinking, and all of them can help you change your life for the better.

One excellent option is to use a hypnosis app, like Primed Mind. Primed Mind uses hypnosis audios created by professional hypnotherapists and offers a specific Primer for reducing alcohol consumption called, Reduce Alcohol. The audio helps you identify why you want to change, and the benefits you would receive from changing your drinking habits. It also helps you realize your drinking triggers and what you can replace those triggers with.

Pre-recorded audio tracks are great because you can use them anytime, anywhere. If you feel the urge to drink around a specific time of day or in a specific location, the app is a great resource thats always with you. Of course, you dont have to listen to hypnosis on the go. By putting you into a relaxed state of hypnosis in the comfort of your own home, the app can help you make amazing changes very quickly.

You can also see a hypnotist for one-on-one sessions. These hypnosis sessions may be much more expensive than using a hypnosis app. However, a hypnotist can tailor their subliminal messages to fit your exact idea of wellness.

Finally, you can learn to do self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis techniques can help you overcome cravings the moment they happen. With tools like neuro-linguistic programming , there are even techniques you can do without finding a quiet room to close your eyes.

How Effective Is Hypnotherapy As Addiction Treatment

Hypnosis for Overcoming Alcoholism & Stopping Problem Drinking

Hypnosis is being used with great success in addiction treatment. There are quite a few studies that confirm its effectiveness in this setting. One study called Group Hypnosis of Drug Addicts looks at using hypnotherapy to treat people who have an opioid use disorder. The goal of the treatment was to reduce or eliminate the participants use of heroin and other street drugs.

Of the study participants who receive hypnotherapy, 90 percent completed treatment. Within six months, 100 percent of those were still off of drugs and 78 percent remained abstinent at the two-year mark.

Based on positive results from different studies, many rehabs are incorporating this type of holistic treatment into their programs. This is a powerful supplement to a comprehensive addiction treatment program that can help in several ways. These include:

  • Lessening withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be physically and mentally intense. Hypnosis can help manage these symptoms.
  • Alleviating pain. Hypnosis can alleviate other physical and emotional pain that could be a barrier to addiction recovery.
  • Changing addictive behavior. This holistic treatment works on the unconscious mind to alter ideas and change dangerous behaviors linked to addiction.
  • Boosting emotional health. Hypnotherapy can treat co-occurring disorders as well as contribute to stronger overall emotional health.

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Arrange Your 30 Minute Telephone Consultation With Steve

To be considered for my Anxiety Program, I offer a 30 minute telephone consultation. You can ask me anything you want about my therapy. If youd like that just fill out the form. Steve will text you personally to arrange a suitable time to discuss. Please make sure you are available to take the call once a time is confirmed.

Signs And Symptoms Of Alcoholism

The signs and symptoms of an alcohol use disorder can mimic mental health disorders or the product of a rough time. However, its important to be aware of the signs and symptoms to look into hypnosis for drinking or other forms of treatment. Its easier to overcome alcoholism in its early stages, and much harder when its left untreated.

The DSM-5 uses these questions to evaluate whether or not someone has an alcohol addiction:

  • Has alcohol interfered with responsibilities such as taking care of home life, as well as school and job responsibilities?
  • Has the person ended up in a dangerous situation more than once because of drinking ?
  • Does a persons drinking habits make friends and family uncomfortable?
  • Does it take more drinks to feel anything or feel the same as it once did?
  • Are withdrawal symptoms present when the person stops drinking? Withdrawal symptoms include shaking, restlessness, excessive sweating, seizures, and vomiting.
  • Has the person tried to stop drinking or cut back and wasnt able to?
  • Does the person often drink more than they expected to?
  • Has drinking led to additional health complications?
  • Does the person give up enjoyable activities to drink instead?

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