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How Long Does It Take To Get Addicted To Suboxone

Can I Become Addicted To Suboxone


If youre addicted to opioid substances, Suboxone is a great medication to help you curb your addiction. Its one of the few medications that can be used to help people slowly and painlessly wean themselves off of their addiction. However, since it is a drug, you might be wondering can I become addicted to Suboxone? Replacing one drug for another seems like a bad move, so this is a valid question to ask.

Luckily, were here to answer your questions. Our hotline is open at all times and can be reached at to provide you with answers and help you find the right treatment for your opioid addiction.

Who Is Most Likely To Abuse And Become Addicted To Suboxone

The high a person gets when they snort or inject Suboxone is not as intense as injecting heroin. What researchers have found is that people who are recovering from a heavy dependence on heroin are the least likely to abuse Suboxone. However, people who are in recovery for a less intense or short-lived addiction to painkillers are the most likely to abuse Suboxone. Its possible that since the high a person gets abusing Suboxone isnt early as severe as heroin high, and past heroin users are not as likely to become addicted to Suboxone.

Rehab Centers That Allow Suboxone

Suboxone can be a useful part of an addiction treatment plan, but not all facilities use Suboxone as part of their treatment. If you are interested in pursuing treatment that include Suboxone, make sure to check that the facility you are looking at includes Suboxone with their MAT regimen.

American Addiction Centers has various facilities around the country that provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment. If you go to an AAC rehab facility, it may offer and/or prescribe Suboxone as a treatment method if is determined to be appropriate through screening and assessment, although treatment with Suboxone is not guaranteed.

AAC facilities that may include Suboxone as part of their MAT strategy include:

If you are unsure about rehab and what treatment plan might be best for you, including the use of Suboxone, reach out to one of our admissions navigators at . They can provide you with the information, advice, and support to help you begin your journey toward recovery.

***While addiction to Suboxone is uncommon, if the facility determines that a patient is addicted, the facility can help with detox.

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How To Detox From Suboxone Safely

It is important not to attempt to detox from Suboxone on your own. People who attempt to do so often find that their withdrawal symptoms and cravings are too difficult to manage on their own. Many people who try to stop on their own fail to have a complete detox.

To have a safe, comfortable, and complete detox from Suboxone, it is important to follow these guidelines:

Get medical supervision: a doctor can tell you how to safely stop using Suboxone after determining it is safe to do so and can prescribe medications to keep you as comfortable as possible during the process.

Taper slowly: your doctor will help you taper your dose of Suboxone slowly over weeks or months. This will help you stay as comfortable as possible during detox and be able to manage your withdrawal symptoms effectively.

Get support: in addition to medical supervision, you may want to join a support group or attend substance abuse support meetings. Being part of a community can help you keep your focus and commitment during the difficult phases of detox.

Self-care can be an important part of Suboxone detox. Take care of your physical and mental health by making sure you are getting adequate sleep, eating regular, nutritious meals, finding time for exercise and meditation each day, and staying hydrated. Doing so will also make the withdrawal process go by faster.

Length Of Use For Suboxone

How Long Does Suboxone Stay In Your System?

Suboxone is a drug that must usually be taken for a long time to promote opioid recovery. Because Suboxone is a partial agonist, it still allows people to form some opioid dependence. When addicts attempt to stop taking Suboxone, they need to taper their dosage under the care of a medical professional.

People who take Suboxone for a short period, such as a month, usually end up relapsing and returning to opioid abuse. Thus, Suboxone should be taken for an extended period. Taking it for six months to one year is the norm, and many people take it for even longer. However, every patient is different. A medical professional can monitor the patients progress and advise on how long each patient should take Suboxone.

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Types Of Treatment For Suboxone Addiction

Both residential inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities are available, but many people find that residential centers offer a more comprehensive level of treatment. There are also numerous types of treatment available, including non-spiritual, 12-step or spiritual, holistic, and religious or faith-based treatment options. Tools are also provided to help with sober living after treatment through aftercare services.

No matter where you or someone you know may be right now, there is no need to continue down the same path. A Suboxone rehabilitation facility can provide the help you need to break free from the addiction cycle once and for all.

What Is Suboxone And How Does It Work

Suboxone, a combination medication containing buprenorphine and naloxone, is one of the main medications used to treat opioid addiction. Using medications for opioid use disorder is known as MOUD. Use of MOUD has been shown to lower the risk of fatal overdoses by approximately 50%. It also reduces the risk of nonfatal overdoses which are traumatic and medically dangerous.

Suboxone works by tightly binding to the same receptors in the brain as other opiates, such as heroin, morphine, and oxycodone. By doing so, it blunts intoxication with these other drugs, it prevents cravings, and it allows many people to transition back from a life of addiction to a life of normalcy and safety.

A key goal of many advocates is to make access to Suboxone much more widely available, so that people who are addicted to opiates can readily access it. Good places to start are in the emergency department and in the primary care doctors office. More doctors need to become “waivered” to prescribe this medication, which requires some training and a special license.

The vast majority of physicians, addiction experts, and advocates agree: Suboxone saves lives. The U.S. Government has recently been lightening up on the requirements needed for doctors and nurses to “get waivered” in an urgent attempt to increase the availability of Suboxone prescribers, as the number of opioid deaths keeps rising.

Common myths about using Suboxone to treat addiction

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Myth #: You Arent Really In Recovery If Youre On Suboxone

Reality: While it depends on how you define “recovery,” the circa 1930s era AA-influenced abstinence-based models that have dominated the past century of addiction care are generally giving way to more modern conceptions of recovery that encompass the use of medications such as Suboxone that help regulate your brain chemistry. As addiction is increasingly viewed as a medical condition. Suboxone is viewed as a medication for a chronic condition, similar to a person with type 1 diabetes needing to take insulin. To say that you arent really in recovery if you are on Suboxone is stigmatizing to people who take Suboxone, and its not the medical reality of effective addiction treatment.

Myth #: Suboxone Isnt Treatment For Addiction If You Arent Getting Therapy Along With It

How To get off suboxone

Reality: Ideally, addiction treatment should include MOUD as well as therapy, recovery coaching, support groups, housing assistance, and employment support. But that doesnt mean that one component, in the absence of all of the others, doesnt constitute valid treatment for addiction. Currently, about 10-20% of people with opioid use disorder are getting anything that qualifies as adequate treatment for their disease, due to flaws in our healthcare system and shortages in qualified providers. So, while combination treatment is an admirable goal, it is unrealistic to expect that everyone with an addiction will receive all the aspects of treatment that they need, especially if you add in that many people who suffer from addiction often also lack access to regular healthcare and health insurance. Further, treatment with Suboxone alone, without therapy, has been proven to be effective. But it can be even more effective if combined with additional supports, such as therapy, recovery coaching, etc.

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When Is It Time To Stop Taking Suboxone

There are many reasons why people may consider stopping the use of Suboxone. For example:

  • People who experience dangerous reactions to or side effects of the drug
  • Those who are showing signs of addiction or substance abuse
  • People who have completed substance abuse treatment and want to try staying sober without medications
  • People who have shown significant progress in treatment in the manner of lifestyle and behavior changes

Moreover, the majority of people dont continue taking Suboxone forever most stop eventually and are able to stay sober. The most important thing is that you have received the counseling and support necessary to help you heal from past trauma, address mental health issues, and learn relapse prevention skills. For example, someone who has participated in several months of therapy while actively participating in a 12-step fellowship and is making healthy lifestyle choices may be ready to stop taking Suboxone.

It is vital that you dont make this decision alone. If youre considering stopping your medication, you must consult with your physician to do so properly. If your doctor and primary therapist agree that you are ready to quit taking the medication, they will devise a detox and relapse prevention plan to help you sustain your recovery.

Myth #: Its As Easy To Overdose On Suboxone As It Is To Overdose With Other Opiates

Reality: It is extremely difficult to overdose on Suboxone alone. It is much more difficult to overdose on Suboxone compared to other opiates, because Suboxone is only a partial opiate receptor agonist, so there is a built-in “ceiling” effect. This means there is a limit to how much the opioid receptors can be activated by Suboxone, so there isnt as great a risk of slowed breathing compared with potent opiates such as heroin, oxycodone, or morphine. When people do overdose on Suboxone, it is almost always because they are mixing it with sedatives such as benzodiazepines, medicines that also slow breathing.

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How Can I Find Treatment For Suboxone Addiction

Suboxone is a useful medication, but everyone has to use it responsibly. It is dangerous to abuse Suboxone by taking it too often, in excessively large doses, or without a prescription. It is a tragedy that a medication which is supposed to help end addiction may also be addictive but once someone overcomes dependence on Suboxone, they can reclaim their life from Opioids once and for all.

If you or someone you know is abusing Suboxone and needs help with overcoming Opioid addiction, contact a treatment provider today to learn more about treatment options. A treatment program for Suboxone dependence at a rehab facility will involve detox, therapy, and ongoing support in an aftercare program.

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How Do I Know How Long To Wait Before Suboxone Can Start

To say that you must be in moderate to moderately severe withdrawal sounds like a lot. And, the fact is that the appearance of withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on what opiate youve been taking. A short-acting opiate such as Percocet or Vicodin might mean a wait time before your physician can prescribe Suboxone of 24 hours. But, for long-acting opiates, such as Oxycontin, youll likely have to wait at least 48 hours. For methadone, it could be as long as 72 hours.

There are many reports of people whove tried to come off opiates and have their doctor prescribe Suboxone too soon. That plunged them into very uncomfortable, even severe withdrawal. The general advice is to wait as long as you can before taking Suboxone, as the buprenorphine will better take hold and work. Too soon, and the Suboxone will not work properly. Besides, youll very likely experience nasty withdrawal, known as precipitated withdrawal. This type of withdrawal can also occur if you take too much Suboxone, abuse it or divert it for the purposes of getting high.

There Is A Danger In The Use Of Buprenorphine

If you are medicinally using buprenorphine or prescribing it by a doctor doesnt matter anybody will create buprenorphine dependence. Dependence is dangerous for life, because even the most important marriages, jobs, and hopes can be demolished.

Buprenorphine addiction rehabilitation is a chance for a fresh start for anyone who needs it. It is important to remember that even if you have attempted therapy in the past, there are many more effective treatments available nowadays. If you get quality support, you have a better chance of healing. Reach out to us at for buprenorphine therapy.

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How Long Does It Take For A Once

Asked by Ann, Central Pennsylvania

Because of the complexity of this viewer question, three of CNNHealth’s expert doctors are offering advice. Last week, Diet and Fitness expert Dr. Melina Jampolis had ideas for gaining weight in a healthy way. Yesterday, Dr. Jennifer Shu offered information about concerns for a baby born to an addicted woman. Today, Mental Health expert Dr. Charles Raison weighs in.

My daughter is a heroin addict — the “new face” of the heroin addict. My question concerns her weight. She is 5-foot-3 and is probably somewhere in the 85-to-90-pound range . She has always eaten a large amount of food, even to maintain her before-addict weight of 108 to 110 pounds. I realize most of the population does not have this problem, but how can we add weight gain to her? Is GNC OK? The one supplement I found has over 2,000 calories, and I told her to halve that amount and eat regularly. She still is not gaining weight. Are there any weight-gain “diets” out there for this small minority of people who have trouble gaining weight? I would like to have her eating something healthy to gain and maintain the weight. Is there a daily drink she could have? I’m afraid her little body will just give out one day.

Mental Health ExpertDr. Charles RaisonPsychiatrist,Emory University Medical School

What Is Samhsa’s National Helpline

Taking a closer look at Suboxone

SAMHSAs National Helpline, , or TTY: is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. Callers can also order free publications and other information.

Also visit the online treatment locator.

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How Much Buprenorphine Take Which Indicates Addiction

While dependence on Suboxone is impossible, it is undoubtedly possible to misuse Suboxone.

  • The police seized illegal distribution of Suboxone by opioid dealers to people around the U.S. In 2018, more than 6,000 illicit doses of Suboxone in one place, Cincinnati.
  • Instead, they seek relief from opioid dependence.
  • How Long Does Suboxone Block Opiates

    Suboxones effects at blocking opioid receptors generally last at least 24 hours. However, factors such as weight, metabolism and history of drug abuse play a role here, too. For some, Suboxone and its effects may last for up to 60 years. It varies person to person. However, for most people, if an opioid such as heroin or fentanyl are taken within 24 hours of a dose of Suboxone, these drugs wont work.

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    Suboxone: Miracle Addiction Treatment Or Opioid In Disguise

    Have you heard of the new miracle drug that’s going to solve America’s opioid epidemic? No, we haven’t either. There is a relatively new medication, however, that is making a major difference in the lives of millions of opioid addicts. If you bring up the topic of Suboxone in mixed company, you may notice some extreme and polarized reactions to its use in addiction treatment settings.

    ” made me feel normal. It lifted the physical obsession and cravings for me… It is not to be used lightly, but it saved my life. I would be dead without it.” –Kristen Johnston

    While Suboxone is not exactly a modern miracle, it is the first medication of its kind. Some recovering addicts swear by it, like ’90s TV star and author Kristen Johnston. Certain medical experts, on the other hand, insist that the drug causes as many problems as it solves.

    ” is the new methadone… If you had an opiate addiction, would you be using this stuff? No, you’d be in therapy and doing it opioid-free.” — Dr. Drew, Celebrity Rehab

    As you can see, there are mixed opinions on the use of Suboxone film to treat opioid addiction, even within the drug treatment community. What makes this drug so controversial, and which opinion is the right one? Keep reading to get the truth on Suboxone – the good, the bad, and the scary.

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