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How To Get Help With Drug Addiction In Nevada

Information A Elko Treatment Center Will Need From You

State of Nevada launches website to fight drug abuse

When you call the Better Addiction Care helpline to find the best Elko, NV treatment center near you, or you call a Elko drug rehab center directly, its best to have some relevant information in order to speed up the admission process.

Here are a list of things to have by the phone when you call:

  • Your insurance company name and policy number.
  • Estimated time period abuse of drugs or alcohol has been going on.
  • How severe is the addiction?
  • Are you, or a family member, addicted to one substance or several?
  • Do you, or your family member, have any other dual diagnosis medical concerns/issues?
  • Has your, or family members, addiction caused co-occurring mental health disorder issues?
  • How will you, or your loved one, get to the facility of your choice?

The answers to these questions will make sure that the right options are made available to you and that you have the opportunity to learn about alternatives in or around Elko, Nevada that may suit you, or a family member, better.

Suggested Resources

Our Addiction Treatment Center In Las Vegas Nevada

Tucked into a quiet metropolitan area in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vogue Recovery Center is a comfortable, private setting where youll take back your life from drugs and alcohol.

Our Las Vegas rehab program uses therapies and approaches proven to effectively treat addiction and mental health disorders. Well help you reconnect with yourself and discover that you can live a healthy, fulfilling life in long-term recovery.

At Vogue Recovery Center, youll be guided through early sobriety by credentialed addiction specialists who are down-to-earth and passionate about their work. Other clients understand what youre going through and will become more than just peers in addiction treatment. Youll develop deep connections with them and learn the rewards of authenticity and vulnerability in relationships. As you begin your recovery journey with us, youll feel safe and supported while you dig into the reasons behind your substance abuse and begin healing emotional wounds.

Our rehab center in Las Vegas offers a full continuum of care as well as a chronic pain track and special programming for veterans and first responders. We treat substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders with a focus on relapse prevention, so youre prepared with everything you need for long-term recovery.

Which Drugs Are The Most Addictive

Addictive drugs affect the portions of the brain that control pleasureusing results in a quick way to stimulate the brains reward centers. The addictive qualities of various drugs may be enhanced by how good they make someone feel when they are using and, conversely, how bad they feel when they wear off. Some of the most addictive drugs are:


Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is naturally derived from the coca plant. It is illegally manufactured into either a white powder or rock form flooding the brain. The effects of cocaine come on quickly and are very intense but also short-lived. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates approximately one million adults in the United States struggle with cocaine addiction. Cocaine is considered an illegal drug that is highly addictive.


In the United States, approximately one out of every twelve adults struggle with an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol remains the most regularly abused addictive substance in America. Like other drugs, alcohol alters dopamine levels in the brain resulting in enhanced mood. However, it also works on the nervous system, depressing activity resulting in lowered heart rate and blood pressure. When someone consumes alcohol frequently, they eventually build up a tolerance to it, requiring more and more to feel the same effects. Someone with a severe addiction to alcohol requires detox and medical supervision to get sober safely.

How to Know When Someone Needs Help

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Addiction And The Brain

Excessive substance abuse affects many parts of the body, but the organ most impacted is the brain. When a person consumes a substance such as drugs or alcohol, their brain produces large amounts of dopamine, which triggers the brains reward system. After repeated drug use, the brain is unable to produce normal amounts of dopamine on its own. This means that a person will struggle to find enjoyment in pleasurable activities like spending time with friends or family when they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug dependency, its vital to seek treatment as soon as possible. All too often people try to get better on their own, but this can be difficult and in some cases dangerous.

Mental Health And Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment In Las Vegas Nv

How to Get Drug Possession Charges Dropped in Nevada

CrossRoads values you as a unique human being who is worthy of being treated with the utmost respect and dignity. CrossRoads of Southern Nevada Las Vegas Rehab provides a well-structured program with weekly scheduled activities to provide the highest level of success.

Learn More About Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

When individuals become stuck in a pattern of ongoing, problematic use of drugs or alcohol to the point that it begins to hinder their ability to function appropriately on a daily basis, they are likely suffering from a substance use disorder. Despite the known detriments that addictions to drugs and alcohol can impose on an individuals life, unfortunately, there are many who remain caught in the tortuous cycle of substance abuse. When individuals are suffering from addictions, they quickly replace things that were once priorities with the acquisition and consumption of their drugs of choice. In doing so, they are causing monumental disruption in not only their lives, but in the lives of their loved ones as well.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for alcohol & drug addiction

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for substance addiction at CrossRoads Las Vegas Rehab in Southern Nevada

Types of Treatment

Types of alcohol & drug addiction treatment offered at CrossRoads Las Vegas Rehab in Southern Nevada

  • Relapse prevention
  • Mindfulness
  • Acceptance

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Take Care Of Yourself

Although you may see this as selfish, its incredibly important that youre able to be there for others and make the best decisions possible. Make sure your own needs are met by getting enough sleep, exercising and eating well. Dont be afraid to go to therapy to get help if you find yourself struggling due to your loved ones drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Help In Nevada City Ca 95959

Drug addiction is one of the worst problems our world is faced with. It’s been a problem man has always faced and sadly enough will probably always face.

Drug addicts often are very good at hiding their addiction. They find solace for their problems in the temporary happiness elicit drugs provide them. Why people engage in this vice may be the question everybody has in mind. We can easily only reason for ourselves, and they have all of the justifications to as why.

It’s an understatment to say that putting an end to a drug addiction is difficult, especially in Nevada City, CA 95959. However, it is more of challenge seeing your friends, family and loved ones hurt due to the vice that’s ruining your and relationships.

Choosing to live is choosing to leave that destructive vice.

Don’t be in denial.

Admit to yourself that once you were into soma abuse. Realization and acceptance should come first so that you can be able to move to the next step.

Turn your back and never return.

After acceptance, moving on comes next. Move on with your life. Pick up the pieces of your life and put it together again. You possibly can look back on the lesson you have learned with that drug-addiction phase of your life, but never be tempted to come back to that mess. Always bear in mind that there is a lot more to life.

Join support groups.

There are many of organizations, groups, counselors who are happy to lend a hand and will help you get up from the mess that you were into.

Get help.

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Drug Rehab In Las Vegas

Detoxing to become substance-free requires proper medical and psychological assistance. Landmark Recovery in Las Vegas, Nevada delivers the gold standard in evidence-based medication-assisted drug rehab and treatment services.

Detoxing is smoother when assisted by prescription medicines such as buprenorphine, naltrexone, or methadone and with the emotional support of counselors.

The masters level clinicians and addiction counselors on staff at Landmark Recovery assess every patient and create a drug rehab and treatment program specific to their needs.

After successfully detoxing from substances, your drug rehab program continues with medication assisted treatment, diverse therapies, 12 step programs and more. The type of therapy a person receives depends on several factors centered around their addiction history.

Educate Yourself About Addiction

Intervention: Lexis HEAVY Drug Addiction Leads to Erratic Behavior | A& E

You see what you know. Until you have knowledge about addiction and the symptoms of drug abuse, its easy to miss the signs that are right in front of you.

Addiction is complex, and its okay if you dont know everything right away. However, taking the time to understand your loved ones disease and how it affects them is incredibly beneficial to both you and your loved one. It also helps you be more aware of the signs that your loved one needs help.

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Take Our Substance Abuse Self

Take our free, 5-minute substance abuse self-assessment below if you think you or someone you love might be struggling with substance abuse. The evaluation consists of 11 yes or no questions that are intended to be used as an informational tool to assess the severity and probability of a substance use disorder. The test is free, confidential, and no personal information is needed to receive the result.

Substance Use And Addiction Treatment

Substance Use Disorder is a progressive illness, and if left untreated it can be life-threatening. Its up to each individual to make the difficult choice to get treatment and commit to rehabilitation. Admitting there is a problem and reaching out for help is the first step, but it is not easy. For some, acknowledging the problem is the hardest part.

Once a person admits there is a problem and decides to seek treatment, new challenges often present themselves. While this commitment is difficult, making the choice to get addiction treatment is the best way to find hope, rebuild your life, and overcome the illness.

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Where Is Treatment Located In Nevada

You can find Nevada rehabilitation centers in many larger cities, including Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, Paradise, and Spring Valley. However, many other rehab centers are also located throughout the entire state of Nevada.

In a 2018 report, there were 81 documented Nevada substance abuse treatment facilities: 3

  • 74 outpatient facilities.
  • 21 residential facilities.
  • 9 inpatient facilities.

AACs Desert Hope Treatment Center is conveniently located 10 minutes from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, NV for all people struggling with substance use.

Services offered include:

  • Aftercare planning and access to our alumni network
  • Translation services .

During the COVID-19 pandemic AAC is available to answer questions about addiction and treatment options. Our Nevada facility, Desert Hope Treatment Center, is open and accepting patients and has medical experts and a caring staff who will stand by you on your journey to recovery.

What Do Parents Need To Know

How to Get Help from Drug Addiction?

When you have a child struggling with substance abuse, attempting to handle it on your own can be extremely overwhelming and can eventually become your first and only priority. It may also be difficult to take the first step because addressing the problem is disruptive of school and extracurricular activities.2 However, addiction is far more disruptive to your childs life in the end, and treatment can work. Taking the time now to get help can save your childs life.

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Westcare Nevada Inc Community Involvment Center Las Vegas Campus

WestCare Nevada is a non-profit organization that provides a wide spectrum of health and human services, both residential and outpatient. WestCare serves adults, children, adolescents, and families with substance abuse and addiction treatment, homeless and runaway shelthers, domestic violence treatment and prevention, and mental health programs.

What To Expect At Our Las Vegas Rehab

We know that entering treatment for drugs or alcohol is difficult. At Vogue Recovery Center we make this time as stress-free as possible. Here, youll find a welcoming environment with friendly staff and home-like surroundings.

  • Plush furnishings and outdoor patio
  • Semi-private rooms
  • Two sober-living residences

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Get Substance Abuse And Addiction Help

Substance abuse is the overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse and addiction do not discriminate. It impacts all walks of lifeevery gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class. You are not defined by your addiction.

Substance abuse can start innocently and spiral out of control quickly. It can make its way into our lives without anyone realizing its made a home there. Substance abuse impacts millions of people each year. We understand that people affected by substance abuse can feel as if there is nowhere to turnthe recovery process does not have to be complicated or confusing. We have the resources to get you, or your family member, the help that you need.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, please call our hotline number toll-free at or text IMREADY to 839863. Together, we can get to a better tomorrow through judgment-free support. We provide resources for substance abuse counseling and treatment for those struggling with addiction.

The Effects Of Drug Abuse And Addiction On Family And Friends

Intervention: Amandas Meth Addiction & Life Underground in Las Vegas | A& E

Witnessing someone you care about battle a substance use disorder can be extremely distressing and take a heavy toll on your own mental and emotional well-being. Whether the drug abuser is a close friend, spouse, parent, child, or other family member, its easy for their addiction to take over your life. It can pile stress upon stress, test your patience, strain your bank balance, and leave you racked by feelings of guilt, shame, anger, fear, frustration, and sadness.

You may worry about where your loved one is at any given time, their risk of overdosing, or the damage theyre doing to their health, future, and home life. You may be in debt from paying their living expenses, the cost of legal troubles resulting from their drug abuse, or from failed attempts at rehab and recovery. You may also be worn down by covering for your loved one at home or work, having to shoulder the responsibilities they neglect, or being unable to devote more time to other family, friends, and interests in your life.

As despairing as you may feel, youre not alone in your struggle. A Pew Research Center survey in 2017 found that nearly half of Americans have a family member or close friend whos been addicted to drugs. Across the Western world, the abuse of prescription pain relievers and tranquillizers has skyrocketed in recent years, creating a public health crisis.

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What To Avoid When Talking To A Loved One About Addiction

When talking to a loved one about getting treatment for their addiction, here are some things to avoid:

  • Preaching, lecturing, threatening or moralizing your loved one
  • Emotional appeals that may increase the feelings of guilt and the compulsion to use drugs
  • Lying or making excuses for their behavior
  • Taking over their responsibilities doing this protects them from the consequences of their behavior
  • Enabling their behavior by covering up the abuse or giving them money for drugs
  • Arguing with your loved one when theyre using drugs during this time, your loved one wont be able to hold a rational conversation and likely wont be open to what you have to say
  • Feeling guilty or responsible for their behavior its not your fault

If you feel that your loved one is abusing drugs, the best thing you can do is to encourage them to seek treatment for their addiction. Be loving and supportive, but also know that theyre likely going to make excuses for their behavior. Be firm in what you want, and keep encouraging them to get help. Although this isnt easy to do, its a critical first step in helping them achieve a healthy and happy life in recovery.

Alcohol And Drug Addiction Aftercare And Outpatient Programs

Recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol isnt over when you leave a Nevada City alcohol treatment centers, its actually just the beginning.

Relapse rates after treatment in the short term are between 20 and 50%, that is an incredibly high number, and could be higher depending on underlying disorders.

So, before you select a nearby Nevada City abuse treatment services, ask about their aftercare support network for relapse prevention.

These services will most likely include things like sober living homes in or around Nevada City, step-down treatment plans, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient care plans, group counseling, mental illness counseling, or individual therapy in an outpatient setting.

They may even include California Alcoholics Anonymous or California Narcotics Anonymous programs or Alumni programs.

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Can Addiction Be Cured

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.7 There is no simple cure for addiction however, effective treatment can help you become and stay sober.7 You will have to manage your addiction throughout your life, the same way a diabetic has to manage their condition with ongoing efforts like a proper diet and exercise.8

While some recovering drug users will experience cravings for months or years, treatment gives you the tools youll need to live a happy and healthy life without substance abuse.

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