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How To Stop Mastur Addiction Islam

How To Overcome Masturbation

Addicted to masturbation? WATCH THIS! | #ASKSQ Ep: 27 | Islamic Advice | WAYOFLIFESQ

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Duas To Stop Masturbation

Are there any duas to help with stopping masturbation?

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Thank you for your question.

The Messenger of Allah used to say, O Allah, I ask You for guidance, piety, dignified restraint, and freedom from need.

The following supplication has been narrated by Qutb al-Din al-Hanafi in his Kitab Ad`iyat al-Hajj wa al-`Umra and is attributed to Hasan al-Basri.

O Allah, I seek Your forgiveness for every sin in which I gave preference to my base desire over Your obedience and my passion over Your command thus I contented myself with Your wrath and subjected myself to Your displeasure, though You had forbidden me, presented Your admonition to me, and established the proof of it to me through Your warnings . I seek Your forgiveness, O Allah, and repent to You.

O Allah, Your mercy I am hopeful for, so do not leave me to myself for the blink of an eye, and put all my affairs in order, there is no god but You.

And Allah alone gives success.

Answered by Tabraze Azam

Thinking About Porn Through Worry Anxiety Guilt

You state that you are in a constant mindset of depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and guilt. I am wondering if your constant thinking about all of this keeps it fresh in your mind, and in a cycle that cannot stop. In other words, if you wake up every day feeling guilty, horrible, depressed, shameful, and filled with anxiety because of the pornography and masturbation, then your brain never has a chance to rewire itself. You are always thinking about it in one way or another. If you can get the pornography under control, meaning stop watching it, inshaAllah you may find that masturbation may decrease.

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Getting In The Right Mindset

  • 1Stop punishing yourself. Remember, you’re human, and humans masturbate. Some studies show that up to 95% of males and 89% of females admit that they have masturbated. Masturbation is normal and healthy for all ages and genders.XResearch source
  • 2Don’t believe the myths about the harms of masturbation. If you want to stop your masturbation addiction, then you should do it for reasons that are personal and moral, not for reasons that are health-related. Here are some things that masturbation will not do to your body:XResearch source
  • Masturbation will not cause infertility, premature ejaculation, or impotence.
  • Masturbation will not cause insanity.
  • Masturbation will not cause blindness or even eye floaters.
  • Masturbation will not cause frequent urination.
  • Masturbation does not affect facial hair, growth, facial features, kidneys, testicles, cause skin problems, or cause any major physical issues! These are all myths.
  • 3Know that it will get better. If you believe that you can really find a way to stop your masturbation addiction, then you’ll be able to do it. Maybe your goal isn’t to stop masturbating completely, but just to limit your masturbation to a healthy amount, such as once or twice a day. That’s perfectly fine, too. If you have the belief that you really can win this battle, you’ll be much more likely to succeed than if you’re constantly second-guessing yourself.
  • It Does Not Honor God

    Addicted to masturbation? WATCH THIS!

    No addiction honors God. As Christians, we are not to be slaves to anything, even our bodies, which we are supposed to regard as the temple of God . We are commanded to honor God with our bodies. Even those of you do not feel you are addicted, think about those moments you masturbate. Ask yourself if God is watching you and thinking, Thats my child I am so proud right now.

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    How Do I Kick A Masturbation Addiction

    Jessica Harris is the founder of Beggars Daughter, a ministry dedicated to walking with women who have an addiction to pornography. Telling her own story of porn addiction and struggle with lust, Jessica seeks to help other women find hope, healing, and grace. Jessica enjoys traveling and speaking on the topic of female lust addiction and how churches can minister to women who struggle. She resides just outside of Washington DC where she works as a teacher and serves on the Biblical counseling team in her church. She is the author of Love Done Right: DevosA Journey From Lust into the Love of God.

    For quite a while now, masturbation has been a gray area of Christian sexuality. It is fairly accepted for men and rarely discussed among women. It gets to sneak around under the name natural sexual release. Natural is not a synonym for godly, but for the most part, we are pretty content to leave it alone. We already have enough battles to fight, no need to add another to the list.

    But this battle is worth our attention for many reasons. Here are three.

    When Young Muslims Want To Stop Masturbating They Turn To Reddit

    This story is republished from MEL Magazine, a new mens digital magazine that understands that theres no playbook for how to be a guy. Sign up for their newsletter here.

    On a Friday night a few weeks ago, Ibrahim Ibby Mamood was frantically typing on his laptop, shaking, with droplets of sweat dripping from his forehead. Every so often, he peered over his shoulder, just in case someone was still awake and could come into his room. I did it again, he typed to the members of a private Facebook group. I lost control of myself. May Allah, the greatest, the most kind, the most merciful, forgive me.

    Mamood, 27, lives in Birmingham, one of Britains largest cities and home to the countrys largest Muslim population outside of London. Hes a practicing Muslim who prays five times a day and teaches children in madrassa . He lives in a neighborhood almost entirely filled with Muslim families, all of whom know each other, attend the same social events and congregate at the same mosque.

    This makes what he calls an addiction to masturbation even harder to talk about. Calling me from a cafe in central Birmingham, far away from his home, he says that he started masturbating in his late teens without really knowing what I was doing.

    All were trying to do is serve Allah, and to do what he commanded us to do, the MuslimNoFapper adds.

    In Ayubs opinion, communities that have told young men to disregard their sexuality are basically waiting for a volcano to erupt.

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    I Am Addicted To Masturbating Will God Forgive Me

    I love Allah. I am a very religious person. I love people and try to help them as much as I can, but I masturbate. I tried it one day and ever since that day I can’t stop. When I first started, I didn’t know it was wrong, but now it’s too late. I try to do good deeds and repent and pray and fast, but the thought of letting Allah down makes me want to cry. The only time I don’t do it is in Ramadan.

    I am addicted to masturbating and I don’t think I could ever stop. Will Allah forgive me?

    • 1I see where this is going. Instead of giving proof from sources that it’s Haram, I’ll say that you must stop. You may ask, “How?” Well, I know people who did this sin and they were told to slap themselves or hit the “thing”, when it’s hard, on the wall, head-on . Doing this causes pain, so you will soon stop as you know pain comes from doing sin, which of course, will happen in Hellfire, if not here. May Allah save you from this sin. Don’t give up, be strong friend!

    You must get married and replace masturbation with sex with your wife and don’t lose hope for God’s forgiveness because it’s the biggest sin of all.

    Salam,I will share a personal story as your story resonates with mine. I was 35 and I recently controlled my addiction which started at 13. Yes it is a life time.

  • Get out of ur PJ when ur awake. Loose clothes make arousement and access easy. So no loose clothes.

  • May Allah help you and me and many of us who had been infested by this disease. Ameen

    Tips On How To Give Up Masturbation

    How To FINALLY Quit Porn Addiction (10 Tips) | Wael Ibrahim

    As for curing/treating the habit of masturbation, we recommend the following suggestions:

    1. The motive to seek a cure for this problem should be solely following Allah’s orders and fearing His punishment.

    2. A permanent and quick cure from this problem lies in as soon as the person is able, as shown in the Prophet’s hadeeth.

    3. Keeping oneself busy with what is good for this world and the Hereafter is essential in breaking this habit before it becomes second nature after which it is very difficult to rid oneself of it.

    4. Lowering the gaze will help suppress the desire before it leads one to commit the haram . Allah orders men and women to lower their gaze as shown in the following two verses and in the Prophet’s hadith.

    Allah’s Messenger said: “Do not follow a casual look with another look.” This is a general instruction by the Prophet to abstain from all that may sexually excite a person because it might lead him/her to commit the haram .

    5. Using one’s available leisure time in worshipping Allah and increasing religious knowledge.

    6. Being cautious not to develop any of the medical symptoms that may result from masturbation such as weak eyesight, weak nervous system, and/or back pain. More importantly, feelings of guilt and anxiety that can be complicated by missing obligatory prayers because of the need to shower after every incidence of masturbation, especially in the winter, and the invalidating of the fast.

    And Allah knows best

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    Be Gentle And Patient With Yourself

    Recovery is a lifelong journey, so dont expect instant results! The more pressure you put on yourself, the more likely you might actually fail. Think of recovery as a marathon instead of a sprint. It is normal to feel disappointed when you relapse, so use that as an opportunity to surrender to Allah, repent and start again.

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    Practical Steps To Help Cure The Habit Of Masturbation

    Answered by Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


    I just wanted some help. I am a 21 year old male and ashamed to say that I have a bad habit of masturbating. I just cannot stop this habit. Would you be able to give me some tips that would help me get rid of this habit?


    In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,

    To begin with, its good to know that you are concerned about this unfortunate practice, Al-Hamdulillah. This is the first step. May Allah Most High make it easy for you to free yourself from this problem, grant you strength and make you, and all of us, pious and righteous individuals with whom Allah and his beloved Messenger are pleased, Ameen Ya Rabb!

    As for practical ways of getting rid of this habit, I suggest the following:

    1) Take all necessary means to control your sexual desire , and avoid anything and everything that may lead you to masturbate. As such:

    b) Do not watch TV even for news or sports. Avoid surfing the internet unnecessarily, especially when you are alone. When there is a need, try using the internet in a public place or when your family members are around you. In particular, avoid YouTube and other similar sites where there is a greater risk of seeing something Haram.

    2) Always be around family members and other people try not being alone unless when necessary. Do not sleep alone in your room, and do not have TV or internet to yourself.

    May Allah protect us all, Ameen.


    Will I Be Forgiven If I Can Not Control Masturbation

    How to stop MASTURBATION Addiction in 1 Day

    I have recently converted to Islam, earlier I was an atheist and did very bad things, now I have changed and for the good, I am full of empathy and piety and help people. I have completely withdrawn myself from greed and lying, and dedicated myself to knowledge, wisdom and helping others.

    I work a lot towards self improvement. However, one thing that I am not able to control is lust. I am unmarried and have had no girlfriends since I converted, however truthfully I still wander but come to my senses shortly. However I do masturbate, earlier I used to almost everyday but now I have cut it down to once a week and I deeply regret after doing it. I always ask Allah to show me the right way and help me be a better person and control myself and ask for forgiveness whenever I sin or have a thought of it.

    After having tried and not being able to control it, I think I might never but I keep trying.

    All I ask is will Allah forgive me? I do not crave for heaven if I am a bad soul I deserve hell but I cannot bear to have disappointed Allah and don’t want to repent with my head down in front of him when I meet Him.

    • Allah will forgive you if you don’t relapse and do your best to compensate for your past sins. You may also want to try my formula for controlling sexual urges for the unmarried: islam.stackexchange.com/questions/12647/

    First your are welcome to islam.

    Yes ALLAH forgive you because He says:

    And the Prophet says:

    But you must never repeat this sin and make a Tawba.

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    Address Your Physical Tension

    Our sex drives will inevitably build up physical tension, but it is our reaction to that tension that matters most. What are we believing that makes masturbation seem like the only way to release the build-up of testosterone?

    For single men, God has created built in release mechanisms: either nocturnal emissions or absorption.

    For married men, God has provided sex as a means of marital intimacy. Do we believe these systems are God-given means of taking care of our bodily drives, or do we believe masturbation is the only way? We must repent of our beliefs about masturbation and praying for a non-sinful release of tension in our members.

    Prohibition Of Masturbation In The Quran

    Al-Imam Shafi’i stated that masturbation is forbidden based on the following verses from the Quran :

    Here the verses are clear in forbidding all illegal sexual acts except for the wives or what their right hand possesses.

    Some scholars used as evidence the ayah ,

    This verse also clearly orders whoever does not have the financial means to marry to keep himself chaste and be patient in facing temptations until Allah enriches them of His bounty.

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    Creating A Healthy Mindset

  • 1Recognize that masturbation is totally normal and may be healthy. While you might feel embarrassed or guilty, your body naturally wants to masturbate. It makes you feel good, relieves stress, and helps support your sexual health. Understand that theres nothing wrong with you. Make the decision to stop only if you think its the right decision for you personally.XResearch source
  • You may want to talk to your doctor about your concerns about masturbation or pornography.
  • 2
  • It Does Not Honor Your Spouse

    How To Quit MASTURBATION (हसà¥?तमà¥à¤¥à¥?न) ADDICTION in Hindi | Hilana Kaise Band Kare | Aayush Kumar

    Remember, ladies, sex is about two becoming one. It is not about your husband using you and then you taking care of yourself. Whether you are single or married, masturbation can lay a groundwork for difficulty. You are training your body to respond to certain environments, stimuli, and triggers. These might be environments, stimuli, and triggers your husband either will not be able to recreate or will choose not to recreate . You have separated yourself from him and, unintentionally, have limited the intimacy you can experience with him.

    That being said, fighting this battle is not easy. It would be far easier to believe that this is an OK thing to do and that you will be able to recover from this later. However, sin is sin and habits are habits. The sooner you can get them out of your life, the better.

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