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Podcast On Addiction And Recovery

At Vertava Health We Know Podcasts About Addiction Arent Enough

10 POWERFUL Stories of Addiction (& Recovery) | Rich Roll Podcast

Recovery is a way of life, and addicted-related podcasts are a great way to stay focused and become stronger in your recovery.

However, podcasts alone arent enough to beat addiction. Lasting addiction treatment requires laying a foundation with the help of experienced behavioral health professionals.

Vertava Health knows what it takes to set the stage for a lasting recovery. Our premier treatment facilities offer all levels of care, so you can find the treatment program that works for you.

Call today to learn more about addiction treatment at Vertava Health.

I Made It A Point To Be Open

My intent in interviewing podcast guests is to be open-minded, honest, and willing to listen and learn about what my guest has to say. In one episode, my guest and I discuss the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and the spiritual component of the recovery process.

I have gone through periods where I thought every addiction patient needed the 12 steps. And, I have gone to the opposite extreme in believing that they are not the best solution for many of my patients.

The fact is that it is not about me or my beliefs at all. My opinions on programs such as alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous are irrelevant. We all have opinions, and, hopefully, our understanding grows over time by being open-minded and listening to what others have to say.

My Child & Addiction: A Parent

Each of the three fathers hosting My Child & Addiction: A Parent-to-Parent Podcast has a child addicted to drugs or alcohol. The podcast provides insight into addiction and offers strategies to help parents cope. It explores the ways parents can approach different situations that occur. Along with the three fathers, the podcasts include parents from parent support groups that join in on the discussion. By sharing their struggles and stories, the group hopes to provide fathers, mothers, grandparents, and guardians support and let them know they are not alone. Examples of topics covered are addiction as a family disease, parental pride, and expectations.

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A Message Of Hope For Parents With Addicted Children

A beautiful and fun-loving boy transformed when he began to experiment with substances. His father, Stephen, could hardly recognize him: he became “nasty and combative,” and their home life was marred by conflict. Willing to do anything, Stephen retired from Wall Street to learn everything he could about parenting an addicted child. Now he joins host William C. Moyers to share some essential life lessons and tools for other families who still hurt.

Mental Illness Happy Hour


Comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts a weekly, hour-long audio podcast consisting of interviews with artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. The show is geared towards anyone interested in or affected by depression, addiction, and other mental challenges that are so prevalent in the creative arts. Pauls hope is that the show and his website will give people a place to connect, smile, and feel the return of hope. The biggest myth about mental illness is that you are alone and there is no help.

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Addiction Doesnt Discriminate If You Are A Drug Addict Or Alcoholic It Will Take You Down Every Time


For those unaware of this new semi-regular format, todays episode is a compilation of 10 incredible and unique perspectives on addiction and recovery taken from previous conversations.

My hope is that these stories bring you greater understanding, empathy, and perhaps a modicum of peaceand for those currently suffering, tools and encouragement to finally arrest the beast and embrace help.

The visually inclined can watch it all unfold on . And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Big thanks to Dan Drake for his instrumental help crafting this very special episode.

Masterclass Series: Click here to listen to our first deep dive on the microbiome, and here for our second on mental health. The full episodes for all guests featured in this episode can be found in the show notes below.

Final Note: This conversation traverses difficult emotional terrain. If you are struggling, please raise your hand and reach out for help. You can call SAMHSAs National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP and if you are experiencing suicidal ideation, know youre not alone. I encourage you to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1 273-TALK.

I sincerely hope you find this experiment helpful and instructiveand/or that you share the episode with those who could benefit from it.

Peace + Plants,

Is Alcohol Recovery Podcast A Genre Of Podcast

Yes, alcohol recovery is a genre of podcast. While its a niche genre, dozens of podcasts focus on alcohol, alcohol addiction, and treatment modalities for alcohol abuse disorder . Some notable podcasts in the genre are The Bubble Hour and That Sober Guy Podcast. These podcasts focus on peer support, alcoholism, and recovering from addiction.

Are Alcohol Recovery Podcasts Free?

Alcohol Recovery podcasts are free but not all of them are free. Some free podcasts can be streamed on platforms like Spotify but there are advertisements during the show. An example of a free podcast is That Sober Guy Podcast and The Bubble Hour. These podcasts are free on platforms like Spotify and users dont need to create an account or provide debit or credit card information.

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Jackie Siegel Losing A Daughter To Addiction Made My World Fall Apart

Jackie Siegel is best known forher role in the award-winning documentary feature, Queen ofVersailles , which premiered at the SundanceFilm Festival in 2012. A little back story: Jackie earned the”Queen” moniker when a decade ago, she and husband, David Siegel,began an extravagant project to build…

Dan Karaty If I’m Being Honest

AA Step three – A clinical view – Friends in Recovery Podcast

Dans career started as a danceron Broadway and on award show stages with Britney Spears. Aftertransitioning to a choreographer, he worked with Britney Spears,NSYNC, Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake andUsher.

Although he quickly became knownfor his work dancing and choreographing for pop music…

About the Podcast

This podcast addresses hope and recovery successes for individuals, friends, family, parents and associates who have been or may be addicted to opioids, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, fentanyl, alcohol, etc. These are stories and interviews with former addicts, parents and loved ones that describe the horrors and ultimately methods they have sought and found to save lives and help. We talk also with law enforcement, doctors, authors, sports figures, academia and advocates.Issues include the changing world of drug abuse and rehab from 12 step programs to alternative and holistic approaches to detox, withdrawal, and education for stable life style changes. The “Point of no Return’ is when the individual has come to a realization that they need and want help. Also for friends and family of addicts who are at their wits end and don’t know what to do.This podcast is intended to bring hope and inspiration for recovery.

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Gridiron To Guardian: Student Athlete Inspires Change At His Alma Mater

Mike Heuerman’s football career at the University of Notre Dame took a heavy toll on his body. He needed surgery to repair the labrum in his hip and the torn muscles in his lower abdomen. But, as is often the case, the prescription opioids introduced him to addiction. Now Mike is five years sober , and spreading the hope of recovery to college students at his alma mater. Hear how else he’s inspiring people in the full conversation with host William C. Moyers.

Clean And Sober Radio

Created and hosted by Gary Hendler and co-hosted by Mark Sigmund, Clean and Sober Radio features real people telling their stories of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. Both men have first-hand experience with addiction and share their commitment to helping others achieve successful, long-term recovery. Their podcast can be heard three times a week listeners can call into the show and join the conversation. All episodes can be accessed anytime. Recent podcast guests have included comedian Gary Lewis, bank robber Nolan Burchett, Jackass Star Brandon Novak, and Tommy James of the Shondells. In addition to interviews, the podcast also explores topics such as addiction and the family, trauma and addiction, and round table discussions on recovery.

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Understanding Addiction Episode 1

This is the first episode of six “Understanding Addiction”. Chris is a recovering addict who is in remission of the disease of addiction and is now an addiction counsellor. He has been in remission for multiple years and through his own experience during active addiction and recovery, he has recorded his perception and understanding of the disease of addiction that was never explained to him. Chris hopes that giving his own story, will give this important information to those caught in addiction, the families of addicts, and those who are yet to active their addiction disease.

How To Cope With The Lasting Effects Of Addiction

Are You Investing In Your Recovery?  Addiction Unlimited Podcast

The road to sobriety and recovery brings with it many positive, life-altering changes however, individuals must also be aware of, accept and manage the residual health effects from previous years of drug dependence. Clare Waismann, M-RAS / SUDCC II of Waismann Method® Advanced Treatment for Opiate Dependence and David Livingston, LMFT specializing in addiction therapy discuss the difficult transitions that occur during this time, as well as various techniques individuals can put in place to ease them. From recognizing their residual symptoms to creating personal goals towards achieving long-term stability and success in life post-treatment, both experts stress that there must be an honest evaluation of one’s situation before creating a supportive and successful plan for coping with such life changes. ——- Email your questions about addiction, recovery, and mental health to info@opiates.com and have them answered on our next episode! WAISMANN METHOD® Opioid Treatment Specialists & Rapid Detox Center Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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The Addiction Podcast The Point Of No Return

This one is a bit heavy but no less important. The Point of no Return is when the individual has come to a realization that they need and want help, the podcast shares. Each episode features a different guest sharing their experience in recovering from drug abuse and how they found the recovery they needed.

Breaking Free: Your Recovery Your Way

The Breaking Free podcast discusses everything it means to be in addiction recovery and thrive independently. Through lively discussions based on lived experiences, research and experts in the field, the hosts unpack the ways recovery has been limited. That could be stigmatizing language, disordered eating, the impact of diet culture, trauma, unhealthy relationships and boundaries. They also host interviews with experts on topics like sex, recovery from trauma, boundaries, Latinx culture, recovery and harm reduction.

The podcast is passionate about people both in recovery and seeking recovery being free of the shame and the limitations that culture places upon them. Co-hosts Liv and Tiffany want to empower people to reclaim their identities and be proud of how they identify, the recovery they choose and their wellness goals. The Breaking Free podcast empowers listeners to reclaim their identity, their process of recovery and their wellness, so they can live a more fulfilled, free, and self-directed life.

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Recovery Happy Hour Podcast

Like many who struggle with alcohol, Tricia Lewis was afraid that if she quit drinking shed miss out on all life had to offer. The fear of missing out is what keeps so many of us from ever giving it a solid chance. That fear is the biggest liar and it wasted so much of my time, she shares.

Tricia hopes her podcast will inspire you and help you navigate your relationship with alcohol, whether you consider yourself an alcoholic or not. Every episode features a different interview, sharing stories of recovery, mental health, and the gray area of alcohol abuse.

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Will my insurance pay for a Rehab Center?

Get Help Breaking Your Addiction At A Comfortable Facility Under The Care Of Medical Professionals.

  • Rehab centers provide treatment for alcohol, opioid, kratom, heroin, and behavioral addictions including eating disorders.
  • Most rehab centers work with multiple insurers and for free will look up your insurance benefits.
  • If you like the rehab center, you can book a tour.

The Only One In The Room

Thrive in Recovery – Friends In Recovery Podcast

This show is hosted by The Temper and HuffPost contributor, Laura Cathcart Robbins. The concept for this podcast came from being the only Black woman at Brave Magic, a writing retreat hosted by Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed. Robbins wrote about her experience for HuffPost and then the comments came pouring in. Folks who have also been othered finally felt seen by the article. Each guest is someone whos been the only person in the room. Topics range from sobriety to race to politics and more.

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Podcast No : Busy Living Sober

Busy Living Sober is a podcast that seeks to give all people a chance to adopt a sober lifestyle with enjoyment and without shame. It is hosted by Elizabeth Chance, who personally struggled with substance abuse before achieving long-term recovery. This program features interviews, lessons, and personal musings related to addiction. It currently has more than 240 episodes that are available on Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.

Podcast No : Recovery Elevator

Recovery Elevator is one of the addiction podcasts which gives hope by connecting people who are aiming for sobriety with other like-minded persons. This podcast showcases positive relationships, co-occurring disorders, the benefits of being sober, and challenging areas of recovery. At present, Recovery Elevators has already recorded over 300 episodes which may be accessed via iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

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Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts For 2022

There are several addiction podcasts that can help you through the process of your substance abuse recovery. Although attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings can help you to maintain your sober lifestyle, here are some examples of uplifting podcasts which can help you to continue to navigate your particular situation:

A Sober Girls Guide

This podcast is produced by Jessica Jeboult. Jessica Jeboult once lived a life filled with alcohol addiction before she focused her attention on providing those around her with options for overcoming addiction and staying sober.

Sober Speak

Sober Speak is meant to enhance your experience with the recovery community that you may have found during the time that you were in Alcoholics Anonymous. The message of strength and hope that you receive is undeniable and it will help you in the process of staying sober.

The Bubble Hour

Although this podcast is focused on providing support to those with an addiction to alcohol, The Bubble Hour can provide strength and hope to any individual who is struggling with addiction and may be listening.

The Addicted Mind

The Addicted Mind focuses on the fact that addiction is, in fact, a disease. Therefore its important for you to take the time to understand addiction and how to process what youre thinking and feeling.

The Sleeping Tiger Episode 2

Dismantled Life : A Podcast about Addiction and Recovery

An insight into the life of recovering addicts. What is an addictive personality? What is addiction? The sleeping tiger within us. Do we all have some sort of addictive personality? Amy, a recovering addict, shares her story of being in recovery with her husband who is still an active addict.

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A Sober Girls Guide Podcast

Women in recovery, start here. A Sober Girls Guide is, in its own words, a one stop shop for women in recovery. Here you will find honest conversations about mental health, self development, wellness and spirituality and how they influence your recovery journey. One of its offerings is the weekly podcast of the same name. And all of this comes straight from the real-life saga of Jessica Jeboult, who emerged from a 10-year battle with addiction to help others fight the fight. On A Sober Girls Guide Podcast, the host shares her experiences along the way to complete and utter sobriety. That includes: health and fitness, relationships, dating and even sober sex. In the most recent episode, number 123, celebrity guest Eden Sassoon discusses the difficulty in sobriety of Taming Your Inner Voice. Receive tools, guidance and motivation by joining in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the PodBean app.

Podcast No : That Sober Guy

That Sober Guy is a podcast that serves as a mens guide on how to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. It features the recovery stories of celebrities and ordinary people alike, as well as answers to listeners questions. Host and producer Shane Ramer has already recorded more than 350 episodes of this program. The program is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts.

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F*cking Sober: The First 90 Days

This podcast breaks the mold of the others on this list since it follows a fictional, narrative arc. Its like a dark sitcom for your ears. Join Anita Drake as she navigates her first 90 days of sobriety in New York City. The show opens with an oh-so-relatable Im never drinking again moment then we follow Anita for some more cringe-worthy scenes before she finally decides to go to a meeting. This show will make you laugh, cry, and wish you could give Anita a socially distanced hug. Fun facts: You can read along with the transcriptions of each episode and each episode features music from sober musicians!

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