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How To Break Weed Addiction

What Is A Weed Tolerance Break

How to Stop Smoking Weed NOW – Step By Step Guide To Weed Addiction

A weed tolerance break is deliberate abstinence from cannabis for a specified time frame in order to reduce the levels of cannabinoids present in your brain and body. A study published in the journal Journal of Open Neurology found that chemicals present in cannabis can build up to levels that reduce its effects and significantly impact ones experience. Anyone who consumes cannabis regularly may notice the need to consume even more over time to achieve the same results they once experienced. This is where a tolerance break comes into play.

Can A Person Overdose From Weeds

An overdose may transpire once a person consumes too much of a drug and toxic reactions had gone serious and harmful that it may cause death. There are no reports of teenage or adult fatally overdosing on marijuana alone. Overdosing from marijuana combined with other drugs are most likely to happen.

Despite that, people can still feel some intolerable side effects like uneasiness and shake, else, some extreme psychotic reaction such as anxiety, paranoia or hallucination especially when using dope with high THC levels.

Enlist Support From Loved Ones

Friends and family who know you dont want to keep smoking can offer support by:

  • helping you think of hobbies and distractions
  • practicing coping methods, like physical activity or meditation, with you
  • encouraging you when withdrawals and cravings get tough

Even knowing that other people support your decision can help you feel more motivated and capable of success.

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Using Despite Negative Consequences

Someone with a weed addiction may realize that their drug use is affecting them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Studies have found that some of these consequences include:

  • Impaired memory
  • Inability to fulfill work commitments
  • Financial instability

Despite the negative influence their addiction has on their life, however, someone with cannabis use disorder will continue to use marijuana.

Which Treatment Options Are Available For Marijuana Addiction

Brain scans predict at

Overcoming marijuana can be a difficult journey because you are already in a rut, you are probably anxious and depressed, you may have changed your social circle to one that revolves around smoking pot, and you have likely suffered various other problems as a result of your pot abuse, which will need to be addressed. Fortunately, there are many options for help when it comes to overcoming marijuana addiction and taking back control of your life:

Recovery from marijuana addiction is not something that you should try to tackle all on your own. In addition to seeking professional treatment, it is a good idea to have a support network of people who can help you through hard times and celebrate your successes with you. This support network can be made up of family and friends, fellow patients you meet in treatment, people you interact with at 12-step meetings, and even online support groups and forums.

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Build Some Structure Into Your Day

If youre smoking lots of cannabis, life can feel a bit all over the place.

You may be sleeping irregular hours, not eating properly and neglecting things like college or work.

If you want to cut down or stop, its helpful to get some structure back into your life first.

  • Set alarms to get up and go to bed at the same times each day.
  • Try to eat regular meals and drink plenty of water.
  • Plan activities you can do every day. This could be going for a walk, doing some exercise or making some art whatever suits you.

Once youve got more balance in your life you can think about your cannabis use.

What Happens When You Try To Quit Smoking Pot And Youre Addicted

Pot smokers who are classified as marijuana abusers frequently report that they have withdrawal symptoms that include sleeplessness, no appetite, anxiety, cravings to use, and irritability. While any of these can make quitting difficult, the combination of several symptoms can make it difficult to stay on the road to recovery. This is where SMART Recovery can help.

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Quitting Weed Cold Turkey

This is the harsh way to quit its harder, but quitting cold turkey can be achieved as long as you have the support of your friends and family, and an iron will. Here are 4 steps to quitting weed cold turkey:

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Why Does Marijuana Cause Withdrawal Symptoms

How to Not Get “ADDICTED” to Weed! (Tolerance Breaks)

Marijuana is the name for dried extracts from the plant Cannabis sativa. This plant contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol , and terpenes, with THC contributing to the primary psychoactive effects associated with marijuana use.

THC defines the potency of marijuana, while terpenes define the aroma and flavor. The more THC the marijuana contains, the greater the effect of marijuana on the brain.

Using marijuana regularly means that the brain and body get used to a regular supply of THC. When this supply is stopped, the body takes some time to adjust to not having it. This causes uncomfortable physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Once the brain and body have adjusted to not having THC, the physical withdrawal symptoms will stop. People may still experience psychological cravings for marijuana for some time, however.

Over the years, based on samples of confiscated marijuana, potency has steadily increased . The THC content has risen from around 3.8 percent in the 1990s to 12.2 percent in 2014.

This indicates that the current effects of marijuana, including withdrawal, may be more extreme compared with their effects in previous decades.

The mood difficulties and physical discomforts of withdrawal peak in the first week of quitting and can last up to 2 weeks.

Though the physical effects of marijuana withdrawal will stop after the drug has left a persons system, the psychological symptoms can last longer.

According to

Some current treatment options include:

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Tips To Help Beat Marijuana Addiction

  • Addiction Center
  • 10 Tips to Help Beat
  • If you find that you are relying heavily on marijuana and have developed an addiction, know that there are ways you can beat it. If you are thinking about the ways you can beat marijuana addiction, let Sunflower Wellness Retreat offer these tips and guidelines to help you through your addiction. Recovery is possible.

    Here are ten tips that will help you keep that commitment to yourself and help you beat your marijuana addiction:

    Be Ready For Mental & Physical Symptoms Of Withdrawal

    Notoriously, the worst part about quitting weed cold turkey are its side effects. Youre going to experience marijuana withdrawal anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability and an increase in body temperature .

    In the short-term, youll have mood swings and times where youll just want to give up. The good news is, its only temporary. Try to hold onto the reasons why youre doing this.

    Make a list of reasons and paste it on your fridge or where you keep your wallet to server as a reminder.

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    Remove The Substance Dont Buy Cannabis

    This is the most simple and obvious first step to quitting your dependency on weed. After all, if you dont buy it, you wont smoke it. If you dont buy yourself anyway, make sure you just dont get it at all anyway.

    The extent of the challenge of not buying weed partly depends on your circumstances. For instance, whether youre living in a place that has legalized marijuana or not. Or, whether your friends and the social group also smoke weed.

    Either way, this step certainly involves bucket loads of willpower to get through it. You are almost certainly going to experience strong temptations to go back to your old ways. The best way to counter these urges is to distract yourself by calling a friend for a chat or going out with non-smoking friends for coffee, and to remind yourself the reasons for wanting to quit.

    Let us emphasize once again:

    Delete your weed dealers phone number .

    Change your daily route if there is a cannabis store on your way.

    What Are The Signs Of Marijuana Addiction

    Parkdale harm

    Cannabis dependence is much more common than dependence on other drugs due to the sheer number of people who use marijuana. The first step to overcoming marijuana addiction is to recognize that you have a problem and need help. Recognizing the signs of marijuana addiction can help you determine the severity of your problem.

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    Child Development In Pregnant Women

    There has been a popular belief that marijuana can help pregnant women deal with their nausea. However, medical experts are firm in their warning against it. Marijuana use in pregnant women is known to be linked to low birth weight. Such babies are also observed to have behavioural and brain problems.

    When a pregnant woman is a marijuana user, then there may be effects on the way that the brain of the fetus develops. When these babies grow up, they are observed to have problems with memory, problem-solving, and attention. Even THC from breast milk can affect the childs developing brain. The studies regarding these effects of marijuana on babies are still ongoing.

    How To Treat Cannabis Withdrawal

    There are no definite methods via which to completely avert withdrawal symptoms when you initiate abstinence. However, with adequate professional help, your symptoms can be significantly reduced, allowing you to get through this phase fairly comfortably. If your case of addiction is severe, doctors could choose to gradually taper you off the drug.

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    You Cant Stop Using It

    If controlling the amount of marijuana you use is difficult, then its most likely that stopping or quitting altogether is seemingly impossible. Even if you want to quit, you just cant. At this point, you will need help to successfully get rid of the drug in your system and kick the habit of smoking or consuming marijuana.

    Why Is Cannabis Drawing Concerns

    Why I Stopped SMOKING WEED – 9 Years Sober. Breaking Weed Addiction.

    Despite the legal status and medical purposes of weed, it is quite difficult to turn a blind eye from the statistical data surrounding marijuana abuse and addiction.

    According to the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse, 28% of Canadian youth are using marijuana and this figure is significantly higher compared to the same group demographics in other developed countries.

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    What Is Cannabis Dependence

    Cannabis dependence is associated with cannabinoid receptor type 1 downregulation. The more CB1R in your system, the more dependent on and tolerant of cannabis you are.

    In one study, peoplesâ CB1R receptor density returned to normal levels after about 4 weeks of not using marijuana. The study showed how your brain uses the CB1R receptors to increase your cannabis tolerance.

    Effects Are Only Temporary

    Many people believe the effects of cannabis will wear off after a while.

    Unfortunately, studies done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse have revealed that cannabis can cause permanent damage to someones memory.

    Even if someone quits using cannabis, the damage inflicted never goes away.

    Long term use of cannabis can cause memory loss, reduced dopamine production, and chronic use is even associated with the risk of developing testicular cancer.

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    Misusing Cannabis Is Risky

    When smoking cannabis, you can experience a lot of strain on your heart.

    Aside from just the tar or other dangerous chemicals found in cannabis while smoking it, your heartbeat can jump to up to 120 beats a minute.

    When used and abused consistently, cannabis can lead to a possible stroke or heart attack.

    The risk is especially high if youre already older and youve been diagnosed with heart problems.

    Cannabis can also cause hallucinations. While these are not as strong as using LSD or other, harder drugs, these effects make actions such as driving or operating heavy machinery dangerous.

    This is why its illegal to drive while under the influence. Many people have also noticed feelings of depression or paranoia.

    Medically Assisted Detox And Withdrawal

    10 Ways to Break Up Your Cannabis if You Don

    Medically assisted detox and withdrawal involves help from addiction therapists to fast-track the detox process and manage your withdrawal symptoms, so that you can successfully expel all cannabis toxins from your body, in the most bearable manner possible. Medical detox is typically undertaken in addiction treatment centres, where youll be closely monitored under the supervision of medical experts.

    Alongside other therapies, medication will be applied to help you through the worst of withdrawal and stay on track. Its better to undergo an inpatient treatment programme, whereby you will receive 24-hour support and monitoring during detox. A medically assisted detox programme is known to be the best way to rid cannabis from your system and also set you on the path to recovery.

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    The Effects Of Smoking Cannabis

    In the first months of your marijuana consumption, smoking might have helped you calm down or uplift your mood.

    Considering the positive side effects in the beginning, cannabis dependence may be inevitable when used frequently.

    You may experience short term effects of joy or calmness. But you may also experience the following during or after smoking:

    • Altered sense of time

    If you recognize any of the side-effects mentioned in your own experience or loved ones, its important to take action to quit smoking marijuana now.

    Every user of marijuana has a different experience of consumption and dependency.

    Equally, there are many different reasons why people decide to quit marijuana. Whether its the financial cost, relationship problems or health worries, there are always ways to quit the habit.

    The following tactics and methods of how to quit smoking weed can be approached as single solutions or combined as a strategy for kicking the cannabis habit.

    You should ASK YOURSELF:

    Can you notice how this substance harms your life?

    If your answer is yes, lets continue.

    How To Quit Smoking Weed

    John C. Umhau, MD, MPH, CPE is board-certified in addiction medicine and preventative medicine. He is the medical director at Alcohol Recovery Medicine. For over 20 years Dr. Umhau was a senior clinical investigator at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health .

    Some people assume that is relatively harmless, but research has shown that it can have a number of negative effects on health. While it may be less habit-forming than some other substances, there is also a potential for dependence and addiction.

    If you want to quit smoking weed, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of success.

    This article explores some of the tactics that you can try if you want to quit smoking marijuana. Youll also find information on symptoms of withdrawal you may experience and types of professional treatment that can help.

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    How To Stop Smoking Weed

    First step is to honestly admit that weed is taking over your life in unhealthy ways & that you have to take back some power. There are three main ways that are tried, and trusted so you can try to help stop or quit smoking weed naturally. But none of them are easy, but if you put in the work, you can successfully kick your habit.

    In end, its not how to stop smoking weed but what youre prepared to do to quit smoking weed.

    You Use Marijuana To Deal With Problems

    I AM THE WEED *Ex Weed Addict Reflects on addiction

    Think about the way youre using marijuana. Have you been using it to deal with your problems? When you have bad grades or problems with your boss or even relationship issues, do you feel your only option is to try and get high? If this is the case then youre getting deeper into your marijuana use and addiction.

    Another way you can identify that youre addicted to marijuana is if you depend on it to feel relaxed. If you take weed before starting work or doing anything creative or other tasks, then its a clear sign that you have developed a heavy dependence on it and you are already addicted to the substance.

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    Take Up New Activities And Hobbies

    While are trying to quit smoking weeds, it is important to devote your time to new hobbies and leisure activities. They help to deviate your mind from the thoughts of smoking.

    These new activities can be like swimming, cycling, cooking, jogging or reading.

    Make sure that the time you used spent at smoking joints or the pot is fully occupied with new or other regular activities.

    Lack of activities will make you bored and depressed this leads to an urge to return to the old ways of weeds smoking once again.

    Remember the adage, an idle mind is a devils workshop.

    Exploring Professional Help In Getting Rid Of Smoking

    Most of us do not possess strong motivation and determination without someone playing the second fiddle to our plan to achieve something worthwhile.

    It is, actually, the weak-willed people who become addicted to drug abuse, alcohol, and marijuana. Naturally, most of them require the help of a mentor and psychologist to kick the bad habits out.

    Let us look at some of the external help you can avail of for getting rid of cannabis smoking.

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    What To Do If Someone You Love Is Abusing Marijuana

    If someone you love is abusing marijuana, they may be in denial about the drugs potency, or their addiction. Through open communication, you may be able to help them realize they need to quit using. Here are some reasons to quit marijuana:

    • Physical reasons to stop smoking pot to feel better, reduce the risk of lung cancer, and be more energetic
    • Psychological reasons to stop smoking pot to reduce anxiety, get back to being happy without pot, and reduce depression
    • Relationship related reasons to stop smoking pot to get out of the relationship rut that comes from smoking too much pot, find new friends, and heal from the fights or pain that marijuana has caused you and your loved ones
    • Financial reasons to stop smoking pot to free up the money spent on marijuana, so you have more money to spend, put into savings, or use to pay bills
    • Legal reasons to stop smoking pot to stay out of trouble with the law

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