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What Makes Cat Treats So Addictive

Do Most Cats Need Treats

Hidden Reason Why Processed Pet Food is so Addictive

There are many treats to choose from in the cat food department at your local store. Although many of these treats are wholesome, not all provide the best level of nutrition for your pet.

According to the Catster website, nearly half the American cat population is obese. The types of ingredients in the treats can have an impact on your cats overall health.

Treats and other food items with poor nutritional value can affect your cats organs, leading to chronic health conditions. A good balance of nutrition will keep your cat healthy.

Remembering that treats are not meant to make up a large part of your kittys diet will help you use the treats that you feed responsibly. You will need to avoid the temptation to give in to begging for treats on your cats part.

Do Temptations Make Cats Sick

Most cats want to have more once they get a few, but that can be dangerous for cats health. Several cat owners have reported their cat being sick after eating them, and some needed urgent care or even dying from it. In comparison, other cat owners have reported having no problem whatsoever with Temptations.

Which Ingredients Should I Pay More Attention To When I Buy Treats

Among the most harmful ingredients found in treats are salt and fat. Excess salt can cause enlarged heart muscle, heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc. Too much fat can make your beloved pet become overweight, have skin infections, heart disease, diabetes, liver problems, etc.

Other harmful ingredients found in treats are:

  • Preservatives butylated hydroxyanisole , butylated hydroxytoluene , ehoxyquin, carrageenan and carrageenan gum, etc.
  • Dyes such as caramel coloring
  • Too many carbohydrates
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Propylene Glycol.

Try to choose products marked as Organic, which ensures a better quality and safety compared to others.

Always Read Food Labels Carefully!

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Should I Bathe My Cat

In general, a healthy adult cat doesnt require bathing unless he or she has gotten into something that has coated the fur and cant be easily removed with brushing, she says. Cats groom themselves naturally, however their owners should help keep them clean by brushing or combing them regularly.Apr 23, 2021.

What Is In Cat Treats That Cats Love


Flavor enhancers make cats love cat treats. Ingredients like poultry fat, animal digest, and other mystery meats make the dry treats more palatable. The high amount of carbs also messes with the cats system. Carbs turn into sugar during the cooking process of kibble and treats. High amounts of sugar promote hunger and weight gain in cats.

What are the best cat treats?

Learn all about cat treats and proper feeding below. Or save THIS PIN to your Cat Food board on Pinterest.

This post has affiliate links through which I earn a commission. No additional cost to you. Please read my full disclaimer.

Also, nothing I say is medical advice. All photos used are of cats in my personal life.

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What Are The Healthiest Dog Treats

11 Healthy, Natural Treats for Dogs in Your Kitchen Apples. An apple a day doesnt necessarily keep the veterinarian away, and a whole apple would be a bit much for a dog anyway, but they are good for dogs just like they are people! Green Peas. Carrots. Green Beans. Watermelon. Cooked Sweet Potatoes. Bananas. Broccoli.

Can Cats Have Bananas

Bananas are a safe and healthy treat for your cat, but they need to be given in small amounts like all the items on this list. Your cat shouldnt eat a bananaor even half a banana. Instead, just give her a small slice from your banana. Dont be surprised if your cat turns her nose up at your offering.

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Why Do Pets Go Crazy For Treats

Most treats involve savory ingredients that dogs like protein-rich stuff that has a scent dogs pick up on instantly. Also, dogs enjoy treats because they can be fun to eat. Give your dog jerky, pig ears or chews and it gives them something to chew on for hours.

Why Do Cats Paws Smell So Nice

Funny Cats Videos 2022 OMG So Cute #6𤣠| Pets Addicted

Its Natural! The odor on your pets paws is typically nothing to worry about. Bacteria and fungi live on the skin and, when in balance, is healthy and normal. The Fritos feet phenomenon is from a bacteria called Pseudomonas and Proteus, which give off a yeasty odor that can smell like corn chips.

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So How Many Calories Does My Cat Need

We are now ready to answer the ultimate question. First, you can look at the cans and bags of what you have been feeding your pet and evaluate how many calories it has been receiving so far. When you get the recommended number, you can compare them and see whether you will need to feed it more, less, or slightly adjust the diet.

The formula is based on the standard daily calorie intake for an average cat and its current weight, producing the amount you should feed it. This number is additionally adjusted by the lifestyle factor. Depending on it, the daily amount of wet or dry food to feed your cat may vary greatly, as the recommended calories amount may vary immensely based on the current weight and your future goals.

However, you can leave it out for now, its important to at least establish how much food it takes to keep your cat satisfied at its current weight without threatening its condition. And in a week, when you have followed this regime, you can weigh it again and see whether its losing or gaining pounds. Then, the lifestyle factor can be used to alter the calorie content based on whether you want to increase or reduce it.

If your cat suffers from serious medical issues, make sure to consult the vet, of course. Usually, though, the health condition may influence certain products and types of foods, as well as the preferred feeding schedule.

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Creating Homemade Treats For Your Cat

This video shows how to make minimally processed treats for your cat. Although it includes grain products, it is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, making it a healthy alternative.

Your cat will enjoy new treats from time to time, so you have nothing to lose if you decide to take advantage of this recipe.

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Can I Feed My Cat Temptations Treats As A Meal

Whether we are talking about Temptations or other treats brands, these should never represent more than 10% of a cats daily calories, and thats because they do not contain the essential nutrients your cat need.

Too many treats can lead to obesity, among other medical problems! So try to keep the limit of treats per day imposed by the manufacturer.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Treats

Lola The Rescued Cat: Addiction Pet Food

report this adLets be honest! If we were to eat only healthy food for the rest of our lives, we would feel like we would lose out on great pleasures! We all love to eat once in a while a bag of chips, ice cream, chocolate, sweets, or cake. Treats are meant to bring a little pleasure into our lives from time to time, and so it is with treats for cats.

All pets are in love with treats they just go nuts about them! And this is because they are specially designed to attract our fluffy friends . Treats for cats often contain ingredients rich in animal protein , salt, and animal digest.

In general, pet food is not as appealing to them, being less palatable, while treats are often a delicious alternative .

Pets have a much more developed sense of smell than ours, and thats why they can smell the treats long before we take them out of the shopping bag.

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What Caused The Controversy Over Temptations

The belief that Temptations cat treats are bad for cats goes back to a 2016 Facebook post, according to Snopes.

This alarm-causing post referenced an unsubstantiated claim about 12 cats getting poisoned after consuming Temptations treats, with two going into acute renal failure. There are no vet-reported cases, despite a lot of the concern that exists.

Without medical documentation for these cases, it is difficult to conclude that treats were responsible for the cats health issues. Even if there is little, if any, evidence supporting a connection, there is still a lot of discussions just the same.

Popular Question: Why Do Cats Like Treats So Much


Treats have been formulated to be a more intense experience for cats. Theyre often smelly, have a more intense flavour and have interesting textures. Humans tend to prefer to buy kitty kibble that doesnt fill their home with a fragrance of fish. Convenient for people, but much less stimulating for cats.

Amazingly, why is my cat obsessed with treats? Many cats love the taste of Temptations treats so much so, they cant get enough of them. If youre wondering why cats are addicted to Temptations, the main reason is that they contain a double basting of digest, which is what is in temptations that cats love.

As many you asked, is it bad to give my cat treats everyday? Theres no rule about how often you can dole them out, as long as you limit treats to 10% of their daily calories. Some owners choose to give one large biscuit each day. Others give a handful of kibble over the course of the day, one or two pieces at a time. Giving no treats is fine, too.

Also know, why do cats love Temptations treats so much? Why do my cats like TEMPTATIONS ® so much? Our TEMPTATIONS ® treats are basted with a double basting of digest, which is a flavouring that cats love!

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Can Cats Get Hooked On Catnip

With the way our cats go crazy over catnip, its easy to see why it might appear that way. Luckily, we have nothing to worry about catnip isnt addictive, and is relatively harmless for most cats. Nepetalactone is closer to a pheromone than a drug, which is why cats cant really become addicted to catnip itself.

Commercial Wet Or Canned Cat Treats

Temptations Cat Treats Review: Are Temptations Good for Cats?

Moist treats are fantastic for cats that love wet food, as well as cats who are older or have dental issues that might make it challenging for them to eat harder kibble-style treats.

These treats come in the form of either pouches or cans and excel in high water content. This means they’re less calorie-dense and better satiate the cat’s appetite for treats.

Some canned cat treats look like regular cat food, but you’ll notice they’re missing the “complete and balanced” statement on the label. That’s how you can tell they are in fact treats and should be dispensed as such – in small quantities.

The Fancy Feast Appetizers line offers quality cat treats that are a popular choice with our members.

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How To Wean Cats Off Temptations Treats

If you find yourself in the same situation and want to wean your cat off Temptation treats dependency, you may have to try smarter than your cat. Cats will meow, and to some degree, suffer from a lack of treats if they are used to them.

If you think your cat is not too dependent on them, you can buy natural raw food treats and start giving them to your cat. If your cat is eating it and liking it right off the bat, then you are settled. You can also cook some meat or fish. Or buy some meat that can be eaten without cooking.

If you have no luck trying to take them off right away with a natural substitute, you can try to mix the Temptation treats with the new treats. I had to do this with my cat, hide the Temptation between the new treats so that he would eat them, and lower the amount each time. In this way, you can take them off Temptations.

If you have no time to cook and want to buy natural treats, you can try RAW PAW PET FOOD. It is simply raw treats and raw food with no additives.

For example, Freeze Dried Green Beef Tripe Treats for Dogs & Cats, 4 oz:

Look at the ingredients:

100% Green beef Tripe. That is what we want. There are many types of meat and treats available. This can be a valid alternative to the Temptation treats.

Here some related questions to Why do cats like temptations so much? and related answers:

  • Are temptations bad for your cat?
  • Can cats become addicted to temptations?
  • Are cat treats healthy?
  • What happens if a cat eats too many treats?

Homemade Recipe For Cat Treats

One of the simplest and healthiest homemade recipes for your cat is the following:

  • A can of tuna mixed well with a whisked egg to which you add 210 g of wholemeal flour. For extra flavor, you can add a tablespoon of dried catnip to this composition. Skip this step if you dont have any catnip around the house!
  • Mix everything well until it becomes a dough. Divide the composition into four and put three pieces in the freezer for future use. Spread the dough up to a centimeter thick, and then cut it into small shapes that are suitable for your cat preferably 1 cm wide.
  • Put them in the preheated oven at 180 °C for 20-25minutes. Let them cool down and serve them to your cat. We are sure your cat will lick its whiskers!

These homemade treats can be stored for up to a week in a sealed container.

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Are Cat Treats Bad For Cats

Most cat treats are bad for cats because they contain high amounts of carbohydrates and low-quality meat ingredients. Cats get addicted to treats because of the flavor enhancers sprayed on dry foods. The cats natural diet is fresh, raw meat. Cats are not grain-eaters by choice. So companies spray discarded restaurant grease and flavor enhancers on dry food.

Yes Cat Treats Really Are Addictive

Is your cat addicted to junk food?

Cat treat addiction is not cute

Weve just stopped feeding our cats treats because they had become whiny and insistent for them. Sometimes, in clear signs of addictive behavior, they would slap or scratch us if treats were not forthcoming. As it turns out, cat treats are sprayed with a substance cats cannot resist. Its heroin to them. So, its cold turkey in our house now for kitty treats.

From a vet:

The companies also spray the surface of the kibble with animal digest which is similar to MSG and has a taste cats cant resist. I liken this to Doritos. I personally do not care much for plain old corn chips. However, when those same chips are sprayed with that Doritos coating, I cant resist. Similarly, the cats natural proclivity to eat a healthy diet is hijacked by the technology of flavor enhancers.

Sometimes you got to be cruel to be kind. From the comments:

Animal digest sounds so healthy too. Thanks pet food industry for deliberately foisting addictive crap food on our pets.

Animal digest is produced by the chemical or enzymatic hydrolysis of clean animal tissue that has not undergone decomposition. These animal tissues may not include hair, horns, teeth, hooves, and feathers, with the exclusion of trace amounts that are unavoidable even after acceptable processing methods.

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Is It Bad To Give My Cat Treats Every Day

Its bad to give your cat treats every day if youre feeding unhealthy treats.

Treats loaded with carbs and mystery meats are not healthy for your cat. Especially daily.

Your cat is more likely to gain unnecessary weight eating bad treats every day.

The better option is to feed treats made with one ingredient: meat.

What Happens If A Cat Eats Too Many Treats

Too many treats will interfere with your cats appetite for her regular food. This can contribute to a nutritional imbalance in the long term, and can turn her into a fussy eater, making it particularly challenging to use special diets should the need arise later in life to manage a disease nutritionally.

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How Do You Choose

The answer is complex, taking into account your cats special health requirements, her weight and her age. Many cat treats do a good job of supplementing your cats diet, providing additional nutrition and benefits that they cant get from their regular food.

Treats provide the opportunity for important one-on-one time with your cat and can go a long way toward strengthening your bond. Giving Fluffy treats before you leave for work and when you return at night can provide a predictable routine that many cats find comforting.

If you understand a treats ingredients panel and what your cats needs are, you can provide healthy cat treats for you cat that wont contribute to obesity, diabetes, FLUTDs, or other health problems.

How Frequently Should My Cat Eat Treats

Cat Food Is Delicious My Strange Addiction

If we are talking about different types of treats, it is recommended to give your cat no more than 15 pieces throughout the day and not all at once. Overweight animals mustnt eat more than half of this number. Obese pets should not consume treats at all and follow a low protein diet.

For kittens, it is recommended that treats should be given after they have reached the age of 8-10 weeks when they start eating dry food. At this age, you can offer your kitten about two treatsper day, and when your baby cat is growing, you can increase the number to 6treats per day.

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