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What’s Your Addiction Is It Money Is It Weed

How Much Drug Costs Affect Addiction

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Since 1999, roughly 850,000 Americans have died due to a drug overdose. Nearly 3 out of every 4 deaths , involve an Opioid . The National Institute on Drug Abuse attributes the dramatic rise in deaths to the massive proliferation of prescription Opioid Painkillers in the 1990s and 2000s. At its peak in 2012, there were 81.3 Opioid prescriptions for every 100 people.

Consequently, Opioids became easier to obtain, misuse, and become dependent on, and the cost of these drugs went down. As with other licit and illicit substances, the legal supply of a drug often affects street prices and the national rate of addiction.

Below are the average prescription and street prices for Marijuana, Opioids, and the common cost per gram of Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, and Meth.

Break free from addiction.

Coming To Terms With Your Marijuana Addiction

If youre worried you may have an abuse, you might be scared of admitting it to yourself. Unfortunately, thats the first step to getting better. Its difficult and terrifying to admit you have wronged yourself and those you love. If you get into rehab, you will learn the tools you need to get and stay sober.

How Much Does The Average Person Spend On Weed

Just wanted to share the results of my blog poll now that we have nearly 2000 responses. Looks like quite a few of our readers are spending a good chunk of change on a monthly basis. I was pretty surprised to see that 71% are spending more than $100 per month and 20% are spending more than $400 a month.

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Kevin Didnt Care That He Was Failing In School

My parents knew what was up. My 1.6 grade point average was a big clue that I had something more important to do than homework. When I got caught dealing, my parents decided to raid my room. They found everything but the pot I had on me. I didnt care. I smoked out the day after I got caught. So, I was busted. Big deal. I promised to go to MA, but I really didnt intend to stay sober. I didnt want to be in a room full of addicts because I thought I could stop anytime I wanted to. I just didnt want to.

Financial Consequence : Food

20 Of The Funniest Marijuana Names On The Market

While this may not seem like a big expenditure, in fact it is. Many marijuana addicts eat a large amount of low nutrition, easy to make, high cost foods. Addicts become less motivated to go to the grocery store and make their own food. They may go to a fast food restaurant, eat a TV dinner, or order a pizza. All of these meals are not cheap and overtime, really add up. Many addicts will say that when they are not high, they tend to eat healthier foods like more fruits and vegetables.

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For Once I Know I Will Prove Successful

Hey Tristan, My name is Matt. Im 27 years old. Ive been smoking weed for 13 years. It started slow, but got worse, with the only breaks being while I was on probation. Ive done harder drugsAll of them and quite a bit of them. Now I smoke weed, cigarettes, and drink.Im working the program. Ive set a quit date four days away. I feel with your help I was able to create a strong foundation for the structure of quitting smoking. I like the part about people with addictive personalities being obsessive-compulsive and how to achieve greatness when unleashed.That described me very well. My biggest breakthrough was that now I know how to stay calm because I have so much energy that I could become overly neurotic and extreme. I am serious about quitting. For once I know I will prove successful. Thanks again for this programMatt Richardson

What Are The Signs Of Marijuana Addiction

Cannabis dependence is much more common than dependence on other drugs due to the sheer number of people who use marijuana. The first step to overcoming marijuana addiction is to recognize that you have a problem and need help. Recognizing the signs of marijuana addiction can help you determine the severity of your problem.

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Here’s What Happens If Your Marijuana Addiction Goes Untreated

Any drug that changes the way the brain processes information can be addictive. Marijuana is no exception, with an estimated 30 percent of users misusing the drug.

“There are many warning signs of marijuana addiction,” explains Lin Sternlicht, LMHC, MA, EdM, a therapist at Family Addiction Specialist in New York City.

“Some of the major ones to pay attention to are increased quantity and/or frequency of marijuana use in order to attain the same desired effect, failed attempts at stopping or cutting down, using more marijuana than intended, loss of pleasure or interest in other activities in order to use marijuana, andrijuana use despite adverse consequences to oneâs life.”

So what happens if your marijuana addiction goes untreated? That, too, varies from person to person, says Sternlicht.

What Do We Know About Addiction To Cannabis

Is Marijuana Harmful to Health?

Research has shown that using cannabis regularly and over a long time , especially when use begins in early adolescence , can cause changes in the way the brain and body respond to cannabis and lead to problems with cannabis use and addictionFootnote 8

Addiction can occur at any age, but the chances are higher while the brain is still developing, which can continue until around 25 years of age.Footnote 4 As well, the younger an individual is when they begin using cannabis, the higher their risk of health problems, including addiction and other mental health issues including psychosis, schizophrenia, social anxiety, and depression.Footnote 9

Recent US national data estimate that 1 in 3 individuals who use cannabis will develop a range of problems with cannabis use that will have an impact on their daily lives.Footnote 10

The term Cannabis Use Disorder encompasses the concept of a range of problems with cannabis use. When using cannabis has a significant impact on daily life this can be considered an addiction to cannabis.

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What Ive Learned Helping People Quit Weed An Addiction No One Believes Is Real

The founder/moderator of r/Leaves believes the subreddits recovery strategies are also highly useful when dealing with any curveball life throws at you like, you know, a global pandemic

As an alcoholic and drug addict for 10 years, Dave knew that as marijuana trended toward legalization, more and more people were going to need support kicking it. So I made a post on r/trees and said, Im not against people smoking who want to be smoking, but if people dont want to be smoking and they cant find a way to quit, we should be helping them as a community.

With that, he started to build r/leaves, an adjacent subreddit to r/trees meant to help those looking to stop smoking cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, edibles or getting high. He proudly tells me that hes read every single post and comment ever written in the nine years its existed. In the last couple of weeks, though, the chatter there has never been more intense. Since the quarantine and social distancing has happened, its taken over the sub, he explains. Ive never seen anything take over the thoughts of the group like this.

So while theres no question hes learned a lot about addiction and how people find strength to overcome it, hes also become equally adept at dealing with the curveballs life provides more generally like, you know, a global pandemic.

* * * * *

I drew a comic about why i quit smoking weed from leaves

Coronavirus Anxiety from leaves

Once The Addict Begins Recovery We Suggest You Try:

  • Encouraging the addict by changing your attitude and approach to the problem.
  • Focusing on yourself and your own life. The newly clean addict will be doing the same. Living with an addict affects everyone involved.
  • Detaching yourself from the addicts behavior. Detachment is not unkind. Detachment facilitates looking at the situations realistically and objectively, thereby making intelligent decisions possible.
  • Being encouraging. There may be a significant amount of time while both you and the addict adjust to a new way of life. Try to nurture harmony and balance in this new life style.

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Financial Consequence : Delaying Bills

A marijuana addiction may contribute to delayed or even forgotten bill payments. Many addicts will delay or forget to pay their bills because they do not have the money to pay them, are too lazy, or are too stoned to think about it. This can cause service disconnection, negative credit scores, and in worst case scenarios can cause legal problems.

Early Intervention And Secondary Prevention

The marijuana industry in California may push the state to ...

Although more people are seeking help for problems with marijuana today, they still represent only a small percentage of those who may benefit from treatment. Of the approximately 4 million persons in the United States who reported problems consistent with a marijuana use disorder in a 2005 survey , only about 7 to 8 percent received treatment. Adolescents who report signs of problematic usea relatively small percentageseldom present for treatment. Those who do almost never self-refer they are typically forced into treatment by parents, the juvenile justice system, or their school administration, and most do not admit that their use is problematic . Responding to this situation, one group of researchers recently developed check-up interventions to reach marijuana users who have not sought treatment, either because they are ambivalent about stopping or do not perceive their use to be a problem, or at least not a problem severe enough to warrant treatment .

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What Is Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Therapy is the cornerstone of treatment for marijuana addiction. The goal of therapy is to provide people with the ability to avoid or cope with marijuana triggers, so they wont relapse to use when put in tempting situations.

How long has it been since the last hit? Where can I get more? What happens if I get caught? Why doesnt this stuff work as well as it once did?

These are the sorts of thoughts that can consume every waking minute of the day for people with a marijuana addiction issue. Rather than focusing on the good things in life, theyre exclusively focused on the drug and what it can do for them.

Life like this is hard, but everything can change in an instant. As soon as people agree to get help for a marijuana addiction, they can see everything about their lives change for the better.

Spending And The Brain

Just like that next drink can mistakenly trigger your brain to interpret alcohol or drugs as a reward, so can something as simple as your spending habits. The same thing happens here.

Buying something new triggers a response in the reward center of the brain. Its why people joke around about retail therapy. It feels good.

For the non-addict a shopping spree is just that, a singular spree. It wont hugely impact their bank account or potentially cause a downward spiral.

But, for the addict, the response shifts from a simple reward to a strong euphoria of getting high. This turns the response away from a rational experience to something much different.

The same part of our brain that can trigger a healthy response to pleasure is also responsible for controlling impulses, anxiety, and depression. You can see how this becomes a slippery slope.

Its also the same part of the brain that makes it almost impossible for an addict to say no. At a certain point, this part of the brain prohibits an addict from saying no to the euphoria that comes after a spending spree.

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The Cost Of Heroin Addiction

The cost of Heroin continues to drop, while potency levels rise. However, Heroin and Black Tar Heroin continue to be cut with a range of harmful products to increase drug trafficking organizations prices. A baggie of Heroin typically costs between $5 and $20. In 2016, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported the average price of Heroin in the US was $152 per gram .

People with severe Heroin addictions have described purchasing 10 to 15 bags of the drug per day. Following this model of use, an individual would spend between $438 and $1,750 per week and between $22,810 and $91,250 per year on Heroin, depending on its street price.

Common Questions About Rehab

How Will The Body React After Quitting Weed

Marijuana Moms Claim Pot Makes Them Better Parents | TODAY

Often, the body will take some time to recover from the effects of weed. The body has been used to receiving a specific chemical from MMJ for a very long time. It’s also important to realize that there will be several stages of rehabilitation where you are likely to feel different sensations. These can include:

Headaches and nausea: Many people who quit smoking weed have experienced headaches or some nausea due to withdrawal. However, most people report feeling better after a few days without using the drug as often.

Mild flu symptoms: It’s possible that you’ll feel fatigued and suffer from some runny nose, nausea, and headaches when you’re withdrawing from weed. This stage is often referred to as mild flu because symptoms can be similar to the common cold or flu.

Depression and mood swings: It’s not uncommon for people who have an addiction to experience some depression immediately after they quit weed, especially if it was their drug of choice for a long time. However, some users report feeling much better within weeks of quitting.

Increased urge to use weed: After you quit smoking weed, you may experience an increase in your urge to use the drug. It’s normal since your body is going through a natural physical and emotional withdrawal. However, this feeling will likely go away as you adjust to life without weed.

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How Can You Tell If Youre Dependent On Marijuana

Assessing marijuana dependency begins by asking yourself a few questions about your drug usage. If you find yourself answering Yes to any of the below questions, you may be marijuana dependent, and may want to schedule consultations with drug rehab facilities.

Usage Questions to Ask Yourself About Marijuana Use

  • Do you use marijuana every day?
  • Do you find yourself smoking pot even though the thrill is gone or it feels dissatisfying?
  • Do you ever find yourself getting high alone?
  • Have you tried to cut back your marijuana use and failed before?
  • Do you feel anxiety when your marijuana stash begins to run out?
  • Has your marijuana usage increased since you started smoking pot?

Emotional Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Marijuana Use

  • Do you have trouble imagining life without weed? Do you find yourself traveling with marijuana, or smoking out before work or important occasions?
  • Do you use marijuana when you are sad, depressed, stressed out or anxious?
  • Do you find yourself more depressed now than when you first started smoking marijuana?

Safety Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Marijuana Habits

  • Have you committed crimes or unkind actions you normally would not while high on marijuana?
  • Have you ever driven a vehicle, operated equipment, or taken care of child while high on marijuana?
  • Have you ever combined alcohol or other drugs with pot use in order to achieve a greater high?

Lifestyle Questions to Ask Yourself About Pot Use

The Price Of Opioid Dependence And Addiction

Because the category of Opioids includes so many substances, prices vary widely. Many insurance companies continue to place more addictive Opioids into the lowest cost tiers while less addictive alternatives remain more expensive. Comparatively, roughly 0.3% of the population used Heroin in the past year up to 80% of these individuals previously abused prescription Painkillers.

Vicodin costs about $126 for 100 pills without insurance . The same, single pill costs $5 on the street .

The average yearly cost of an Opioid addiction depends on the severity of the addiction, the location of the individual, and what prescription and Synthetic Opioids are available at the time. Since many people with an Opioid dependency get their supply from their doctor, insurance can also inadvertently defray the cost of addiction. For instance, Vicodin® costs about $126 for 100 pills . Commonly, the same pill costs $5 on the street, or $500 for a bottle of 100. High prescription and street prices for these types of pills often lead people to search for cheaper alternatives like Heroin and Fentanyl.

Prescription Opioid Painkiller Prices Compared To Street Values

Prescription Opioid
$0.62 $2

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Which Treatment Options Are Available For Marijuana Addiction

Overcoming marijuana can be a difficult journey because you are already in a rut, you are probably anxious and depressed, you may have changed your social circle to one that revolves around smoking pot, and you have likely suffered various other problems as a result of your pot abuse, which will need to be addressed. Fortunately, there are many options for help when it comes to overcoming marijuana addiction and taking back control of your life:

Recovery from marijuana addiction is not something that you should try to tackle all on your own. In addition to seeking professional treatment, it is a good idea to have a support network of people who can help you through hard times and celebrate your successes with you. This support network can be made up of family and friends, fellow patients you meet in treatment, people you interact with at 12-step meetings, and even online support groups and forums.

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