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Where To Buy Dior Addict Perfume

Dior Addict Eau De Parfum Review

DIOR ADDICT Eau de Parfum Review – Sexy Oriental Spicy Vanilla Floral Fragrance!

Hey gorgeous gals,

After reviewing Versace Crystal Noir and Chanel No. 5, today, I have for you a perfume from Dior and its called Addict. This is the original perfume. This perfume has played a very important role in my life. Let us find out more about it.

Product Details:The Dior Addict woman is youthful, free spirited, and throwing caution to the wind in the French resort destination of Saint-Tropez. From the beach to the café, she flirts and dances her way through life with an irreverent joie de vivre. Unexpected and boldly independent, she is vivacious and alluring. A vibrant oriental, Dior Addict Eau de Parfum indulges the senses with sumptuous silk tree flower, voluptuous night queen flower, and luscious bourbon vanilla combined with sandalwood and tonka bean to evoke a feeling of passion in the daringly sexy woman who wears it.

Notes:Silk Tree Flower, Mandarin Leaf, Orange Blossom, Queen of the Night Flower, Bulgarian Rose, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Mysore Sandalwood, Tonka Bean. Style:Independent. Vivacious. Alluring.INR 6850 for 50 ml.

Reviews Of Christian Dior Dior Addict

From Bois de Jasmin – “Life is full of ironies. The more I smell Dior Addict, the more I admire it and the more I realize that I will never be able to wear it. The contrasts between a languid floral oriental and an assertive dry chypre that fascinate me on a technical level render the fragrance very sharp. The impressive sillage of dry woody notes and rich vanilla drapes around me like heavy velvet. Russian women, whose tastes in perfume run the gamut from classical floral aldehydic to high calorie orientals, embraced it, but according to market research, they are the only ones who did. “

From Basenotes – “Addict is such a weirdo. Some days, a mellow Organza-esque floriental, all orange blossomy vanilla goodness with a slightly woody/boozy undertone. Other days, an imbalanced lactonic monster firing on all eight burnt-plastic-baby-vomit cylinders. At which point it reminds me of that line in Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin”‘: ‘It’s too early for that dress.’ So I mostly save Addict for nighttime, when it becomes the perfect perfume accompaniment to velvets and silks and heavy lids and blood red lips and overindulgent dinners and obnoxious club music.”

Dior Addict’s Perfume Prices Comparison:

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Perfume name
Dior Addict Perfume by Christian Dior 3.4 oz EDP Spay for Women female 3.4 oz
Dior Addict Perfume 1.7 oz Eau Fraiche Spray for Women female 1.7 oz
Dior Addict Perfume 3.4 oz Eau Fraiche Spray for Women female 3.4 oz
Dior Addict Perfume by Christian Dior 3.4 oz EDT Spay for Women female 3.4 oz
Christian DiorAddict Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml/1.7oz female 50ml/1.7oz
Christian DiorAddict Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml/3.4oz female 100ml/3.4oz
Christian DiorAddict Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml/1.7oz female 50ml/1.7oz
Christian DiorAddict Eau De Parfum Spray 30ml/1oz female 30ml/1oz
Christian DiorAddict Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml/3.4oz female 100ml/3.4oz

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Dior Fragrance Price Uk

This product can be ordered in different quantities. Checking the price per millilitre will help you in comparing. Dior is the epitome of haute couture, renowned the world over for cosmetics and perfumes of unmatchable quality. This classy eau de parfum is one of the more expensive options on the market.

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Dior Addict Eau De Parfum Spray

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My Experience With Dior Addict Eau De Parfum:

Packaging: The product comes packaged in deep blue cuboid glass bottle as the ml increases, the length of the bottle increases. It has a nice metal detailing and the round knob type thing on the top is the lever which when pushed, dispenses the product. The knob can be turned sideways to lock the dispensing mechanism, which is great, very few perfumes take this into account. One look at the bottle and you can make out this one will be dark and moody and it sure lives up to those ideas.

This is the original version of the perfume. Since its release, there have been two more versions released Dior Addict 2 and Dior Addict Fraiche. When it comes to perfumes, my psyche works like this if you see new variants of a perfume coming up, try the original one it must be good. Why? To me, it means the original version did well and the Company is trying to cash in on its popularity by releasing other variants of the same just like a movie franchise. Ice Age, Spider Man, the Avengers, etc if the first one does well, people will make sequel. If the original is an ok-ok product, one wont be gunning to make a sequel. Got it? So, I will always pay attention to the original version. Thats exactly why I tried this one, though I did later pick up Dior Addict 2 too.

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Spoiler alert this is my second bottle of the perfume, so you know which way this review is gonna swing! Anyway

Cons Of Dior Addict Eau De Parfum:

  • This may be too bold for some.

IMBB Rating:5/5. This perfume will remain in my vanity for more than the fragrance. It literally invokes memories and feelings in me. For me, this one is a definite keeper and a repurchase.Would I Recommend/Repurchase Dior Addict Eau de Parfum?Honestly, when it comes to perfumes, you really should try before you buy. Just because someone loves a perfume, may not be a good enough reason for you to do a blind buy because there may be a note or two in there which may not work for you. If you love oriental fragrance or woody ones or spicy ones you will quite enjoy this!

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Dior Addict Perfume For Women By Christian Dior

Dior Addict perfume for women at a discount price. FREE Shipping and Insurance with every order! No Hidden Charges. No Minimum Orders. Dior Addict perfume, launched by Christian Dior, is the very first floral oriental scent. The top notes are a blend of night queen flower, bourbon, vanilla absolute and silk tree flower. Dior Addict perfume is a very sweet smelling fragrance.We only sell 100% authentic, brand name fragrances. We do not sellknock offs, imitations or designer imposters.any

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