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Addiction Treatment Centers Columbus Ohio

Addiction Treatment Centers That Accept Medicaid In Columbus Oh

Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment in Columbus Ohio | The Recovery Village Columbus

Recently, OH has noticed an increase in the amount of drug and alcohol issues, especially in Columbus. If you are suffering from addiction and live in the area of 43287, it may be time to get help for your addiction. Treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient, can help you recover from addiction so that you can begin to enjoy life once again. Choosing to get help is the best decision you can make for yourself as well as those close to you, and addiction affects not only the addict but the family as well. OH offers a wide selection of accredited, certified addiction care facilities that can help you. Many of them are currently accepting new patients which makes it the ideal time to seek help. Sustained sobriety is achievable with your dedication and commitment to a treatment program from a rehab in OH. offers a free advisory service to help you or your loved ones who are struggling with addiction and may receive compensation from our Featured or Sponsored listings.

NA/AA DISCLAIMER: is not affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous.The information on is provided for informational purposes only. If there are any discrepancies of times, dates, or locations of meetings,please contact us so we can update the information as we strive to keep the information as current as possible.


Getting Help In Columbus

Start by determining your coverage

To determine your best options for a rehabilitation center, it is important to first learn about your health insurance coverage. Reach out to your private or healthcare marketplace insurance provider to find out which substance abuse treatment centers are available to you. Regardless of the type of coverage you have, both public and private insurance companies must cover substance abuse treatment for qualified individuals.

To learn more about addiction and the rehabilitation process in your state, read our guide to rehab in Ohio.

Use our database to find a treatment center near you

The tool below lists all of the treatment centers in the state of Ohio recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration . Enter your zip code and select the filter icon to find relevant treatment centers near you.

Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Programs That Accept Medicaid

If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is crucial that you receive rehabilitation before it is too late. However, many addicts often have money troubles arising from their persistent alcohol and drug abuse over the long term â which may affect their ability to earn a living due to job loss and the escalating cost of drugs and alcohol. Still, this should never stop someone from getting into rehabilitation.

Today, there are a large number of drug treatment facilities that accept Medicaid. By getting into one of these programs, you can easily receive the treatment and care you need for effective rehabilitation and recovery from your substance abuse disorder and any other co-occurring disorders you might be struggling with.

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Seacrest Recovery Center Ohio


Seacrest Recovery Center Ohio is a unique addiction treatment program that offers affordable outpatient and intensive outpatient services. Our founder is in long term recovery and has found a passion in delivering the best treatment to those seeking freedom from their own addictions. You can rest assured that your loved one will be provided top-notch care from our highly qualified team of professionals.

We utilize both traditional and holistic therapies in our comprehensive approach to treating your loved one. Unlike many other rehab programs in Columbus, Ohio that only provide a cookie cutter approach, each of our clients receives a treatment plan that is customized solely for them based on his or her presenting issues and specific situation.

We know you are facing a big decision right now. You want to make the right choice for yourself or your loved one. We invite you to call and visit with us for a few minutes to see if we are the right fit for you. Should you need help finding a different program, we would be more than happy to help you with that too.

Dont hesitate any longer. Today is your day and we are here to help.

Best Rehab Centers In Columbus Oh

Buckeye Clinic Columbus, OH Addiction Treatment Centers

In the state of Ohio, there are multiple Columbus drug rehab programs that can treat addictions to alcohol, opioids, and other substances. Treatment ranges from inpatient programs to behavioral therapy and counseling.

Columbus drug rehab facilities offer a wide range of treatment programs to help clients conquer their addictions.

These programs range from inpatient treatment to medication-assisted treatment , outpatient treatment, aftercare, and more.

Medicaid, Medicare, or a major health insurance provider can cover expenses at the drug and alcohol treatment centers listed below.

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Medicaid Drug Rehab Center Near Cleveland Oh

Mikaela Taylor is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and is the Vice President of Clinical Operations for Ohio. Mikaela has grown withâ¦read more

The cost of substance use disorder treatment can make some people feel that it is not an option. However, your financial situation should not stop you from getting the treatment you need to overcome SUD. If you are eligible for Medicaid benefits, you can find affordable help from a

Medicaid drug rehab center near Cleveland, Ohio.

If you or someone you care about needs help finding a drug rehab center that accepts Medicaid, look no further than BrightView. We strive to make treatment for substance use disorder accessible to everyone, regardless of their finances.

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Our Addiction Recovery Philosophy

At Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, we believe that recovery is possible because we have seen it in our own lives and the lives of others. We know that every person is unique, and we approach addiction treatment with that in mind. Individual care plans are designed around each clients specific needs. We believe that a one size fits all approach to recovery is nowhere near as effective.

Addiction is a powerful disease that affects the lives of everyone it touches. This includes the addicted person, their family members, and the community in which they live. The effects of substance abuse can be absolutely devastating. Our private rehab in Columbus, Ohio provides solutions and starts the healing process by uncovering the underlying causes of addiction and alcoholism so that you can go on to lead a happy, healthy life in recovery.

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You Do Not Have To Do This Alone

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has the most highly trained team of drug and alcohol addiction experts in central Ohio dedicated, compassionate specialists including psychiatrists, physicians, nurse practitioners and counselors. With their partnership, youll learn new strategies for overcoming old habits and breaking the grip of addiction.

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Columbus Detox & Inpatient Rehab

Central Ohio treatment center shifts to caring for adults battling addiction

3880 Jackpot Road, Grove City

4.9162 reviews

  • Clean and friendly atmosphere. The technicians and nursing staff at OARC were amazing. They made my stay welcoming and never made me feel judged or insecure about read more seeking treatment. Their peer lead AA/NA were my first experience to any type of meeting which was great exposure prior to attending outside meetings on my own. OARC is a top treatment facility of Central Ohio.jacquea week ago
  • OARC saved my life. All the counselors were great. I especially love Sarah Ochs. She has gone above and beyond for me. My recovery would not be so strong if it wasn’t read more for her. She always checks on me since I’m in sober living. And she is very supportive and loves me for who I am. I’ll never be able to thank her enough. Thank you all for helping me with my recovery.Anna5 months ago
  • OARC was a great experience for the start of my recovery. I took the next steps and decided to go to OARC sober living house. I was apprehensive about what to expect. read more But it was a great decision! There were a few of the guys from my group who also went so that made the transition easier. Charles and Chase have a great setup for men of all ages and I am very happy with my decision. I would highly recommend not only Oarc but also sober living. They help you transition easily and it’s good to remain with some of the same people!Kyler6 months ago

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Our Drug Treatment Center In Columbus Ohio

You have many choices regarding addiction recovery programs in Ohio. While you have many choices, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center should be your first choice. We feature qualified, experienced and licensed staff that respect the confidentiality and integrity of each client. Our facilities are run by knowledgeable and licensed staff in a clean and safe environment. Our counseling and therapy programs have a proven track record of success and are backed up by studies done by impartial outside sources. These programs can be flexed to fit the specific and unique needs of each client and can be easily adaptable in group and one-on-one settings. Additionally, we offer comprehensive outpatient and aftercare programs that help reinforce healthy life and coping skills. If you are seeking drug treatment services for yourself or for a loved one, dont wait another day.

The Need For Medicaid Drug Rehab In Columbus

The opioid epidemic has hit every corner of the country, and Ohio is no exception. According to the Ohio Department of Health, the state saw 5,017 drug overdose deaths in 2020, which was a 25% increase over 2019.1 As families around the state struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one, theyre also searching for answers.

For many people, the answer is drug addiction treatment. But traditional drug rehab programs can be expensive, and not everyone has insurance that will cover the cost. Thats where Medicaid comes in. Effective addiction treatment programs with Medicaid coverage can help those in Columbus and beyond get the care they need to recover.

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Why Look For A Treatment Center That Accepts Medicaid

Many of those who struggle with addiction put off receiving the help they need due to concerns about the cost of care. However, many addiction treatment centers accept insurance, including Medicaid. If youve avoided reaching out for help in the past, take the first step towards recovery today. Treatment is an investment in your future. Youll be able to get your life back on track with the help of a dedicated team of professionals, medication to help you heal, and a community of support from others in recovery.

Look for a treatment center that accepts Medicaid so that you can take your life back from addiction.

What Happens At An Inpatient Rehab Center In Columbus

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

Inpatient rehab usually includes a few of the same programs, but keep in mind that each facility has its own method of practice to follow.

You can expect some of the following:

  • behavioral health counseling services
  • holistic therapy and activities administered in individual and group settings
  • 12-step meetings
  • educational classes on relapse prevention, addiction, and more
  • step-down programming

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Why Do People Need Addiction Recovery Resources In Columbus Ohio

Franklin County, where Columbus is located, has seen an increased need for addiction recovery resources. The rate of deaths due to overdose per 100,000 people rose sharply from 32.1 in 2017 to 61.1 in 2020.1 This rate now far outstrips the rate for the whole of Ohio, which has actually decreased from 44.1 in 2017 to 42.9 in 2020.

Ohioans have also increasingly turned towards the use of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 50-100 times stronger than morphine. Because it is so cheap and readily available, it is now associated with over 87% of overdose deaths in Franklin County.2

The top five drugs that have caused overdoses include:

Better access to addiction treatment resources in Columbus, Ohio could very well save hundreds if not thousands of lives each year. It could also improve the quality of life of thousands of people in recovery, allowing them a better shot at staying sober.

Theres Hope Theres Help

Whether you or someone you love struggles with substance abuse, treatment can be life-changing. And life-saving.

Substance abuse is a difficult and dangerous illness thataffects millions in the United States not only people who are addicted butalso their family and friends. Every story of substance abuse is different. So,each individuals addiction treatment should be different, too.

At our Columbus, OH-area facilities, youll be treated as a person, not an addict. We offer medically supervised detox to help you get off drugs or alcohol, and both inpatient and outpatient therapy to help you stay sober. Our beautiful facilities provide a safe and welcoming environment where you can focus on recovery. If you choose treatment with us, youll work with a team of physicians, therapists, clinicians, and other specialists who will create a treatment plan specific to your needs and goals.

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Experience Our Comprehensive Drug Rehab In Ohio

At the Recovery Institute of Ohio, we provide multiple levels of care through customized treatment programs dedicated to helping individuals live a sober life on their terms. All of our addiction treatment plans are individually designed to produce long-term, sustainable wellness and recovery. Located in an environment set up to reduce the number of outside distractions and triggers, our drug rehab in Ohio offers individuals a supportive setting where they can focus on their sobriety and gain the tools needed to live a happy, healthy, drug-free life. There are several phases of addiction treatment for substance abuse. Our rehab center in Ohio assists each client in finding the right recovery program to meet their needs.

About Ethan Crossingof Columbus

Grand Opening – Fresh Start Recovery Center – Columbus, Indiana

Our mission is to inspire hope, restore peace of mind, and heal lives. We offer a full continuum of care to help our clients achieve sustainable recovery. Our experienced addiction treatment specialists will work with you every step of the way. In our drug and alcohol treatment center, youll find a wide range of care, from detox to outpatient programs and transitional housing. No matter where you are on your journey to recovery, Ethan Crossing of Columbus can help guide you on the right path.

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Ohio Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

Ohioâs robust addiction treatment services provide its 11.7 million residents with access to 554 substance abuse facilities, according to SAMHSA. In March 2019, they were serving 66.296 patients. These programs include 85 detox centers and 230 outpatient treatment programs. Other services patients can access include 48 long-term inpatient rehabs and 50 transitional living facilities.

Patientsâ recovery needs are not always the same. Some patients, because of their life circumstances, require specialized services to help them succeed in their recoveries. Ohioâs drug rehab centers offer tailored services to 18 specific groups, including the following:

  • Active duty military members
  • Minimal charge or no-charge treatment for patients in need: 55.2 percent
  • Federal military insurance: 48 percent
  • ITU funds: 2 percent

Ohioâs many payment options, particularly their alternatives for needy patients, put addiction recovery within reach for many patients.

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The Treatment Approach In Our Dual Diagnosis Program

Our dual diagnosis program at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry in Columbus is for patients whose primary diagnosis is a mental health disorder with substance abuse or addiction as a secondary condition. We are not a detoxification program. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach with our nursing team assisting in the development of individualized, goal-directed nursing care through the use of the Nursing Process.

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Treating Addiction With Your Needs In Mind

You should not have to feel like you are compromising while you are seeking addiction recovery treatments. At Cedar Oaks Wellness Center, you dont have to. We have a variety of treatment methods and programs that are designed to help you recover in a way that matchesyou. After all, the reasons why you have become addicted or dependent on a substance are unique, so the ways to defeat that addiction must be unique, too.

Five of our most popular addiction recovery services are:

You might also benefit from ourgroup orfamily therapies. During these sessions, you can explore what began your addiction because understanding it is often the best starting point for defeating it.

Columbus Springs East Columbus Ohio

Columbus OH Free Rehab Centers

This mental health clinic provides treatment for substance use disorders with detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient rehab.

Outpatient treatment programs include partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment.

Trusted features of Columbus Springs East include:

  • LegitScript certification
  • medication-assisted treatment

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What Type Of Addiction Treatment Program Is Right For Me

Every treatment program varies, but in general there are two main types of treatment for drug and alcohol use disorders. The first type is an inpatient or residential program, where patients must stay on the treatment centers premises for a set amount of time before they have a chance to return to their normal lives. This type of program typically lasts 30 days at a minimum, with many patients staying up to 90 days before leaving the treatment center. Inpatient programs offer 24/7 monitoring of patients and intensive treatments and therapies. However, inpatient treatment isnt right for everyonemore flexibility and support for recovery in the context of everyday life can be beneficial.

The second type is an outpatient program, which can then be split into several different types of treatment programs depending on how much time the patient spends at a treatment center or how often they must visit. This type of program offers much more flexibility in terms of scheduling and can be the ideal choice for those who have work, school, and family obligations. Outpatient programs can often provide patients with the same level of care and support as inpatient programs.

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