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Brooks Addiction Gts 15 Women’s

Men’s Running Shoes By Surface

Brooks Addiction GTS 15 SKU: 9515325

Road Shoes

Road running shoes feature smooth outsoles that are designed for running on paved surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, and bike paths.

Smooth Trails & Fireroads

Designed to run on a combination of both trails and roads, these shoes prioritize comfort and a smooth ride. These shoes are great for anything from smooth singletrack, park trails, and fireroads making them ideal for those who run from their doorstep on streets before hitting the trail.

Rocky & Technical Trails

These shoes are best used for hard, rugged trails such as shale, granite or sandstone where grip on smooth surfaces and underfoot protection are important.

Soft & Muddy Trails

Designed for use in muddy, soggy conditions, these shoes feature very aggressive outsoles that dig deep into soft ground for exceptional traction.

Snowy & Icy Trails

These shoes feature technical outsoles designed to grip snowy and icy trails making them ideal for winter trail running.

Men’s Shoes By Stability Level


Neutral shoes support the foot through a normal range of arch collapse and generally do not have a built-in technology to correct movement.

Minimum Stability

Minimum stability shoes help correct slight pronation during the gait cycle.

Moderate Stability

Moderate stability shoes have design features to stabilize during footstrike and keep the arch from collapsing.

Max Stability

Brooks Addiction 14 Vs Addiction Gts 1: Updates And Key Differences

We would like to start off our review with Addiction 14 vs Addiction GTS 15 comparison. You might be wondering the updates and key differences between the old and the new version of the Brooks Addiction.

So, what is new with the GTS 15? Here is the main difference between Brooks Addiction 14 and Brooks Addition GTS 15:

  • The first, Brooks just implemented its GuideRails Technology on the Addiction 14 and released it as the Addiction GTS 15. Frankly, this is the only update on the Brooks Addiction series which is worth noting.
  • The second, Brooks also trimmed the weight a little bit on the Addiction GTS 15 in comparison to Addiction 14. But, this is not a remarkable improvement. So, the Addiction GTS 15 is 0.4 oz lighter than the Addiction 14.

To sum up, the Addiction GTS 15 has GuideRails technology which delivers holistic support to allow your hips, knees and joints to move naturally.

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Our Analysis And Test Results

The best thing about the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 is the generous stability it offers at a reasonable price. The posting is dense and dependable through every mile and the low cost coupled with excellent durability make this model an affordable stability option.

The Asics Gel-Kayano 21 and the Asics GT 2000 2 also provide a lot of support and stability when landing. They’re designed for over-pronators. The Adrenaline GTS is the most affordable of these three models.

Midsole & Cushioning Review

Brooks Women

The midsole technology of the Addiction GTS 15 is the BioMoGo DNA which keeps a good balance between softness and responsiveness. So, the Addiction GTS 15 is not the softness and the most responsive Brooks Running Shoe , but it has a good performance in overall.

Brooks removed the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar from the new Addiction series and implemented the GuideRails technology instead. The Guide Rails works very well and allows your hips, knees and joints to move naturally while providing the needed support. You can check out our Adrenaline GTS 22 Review to learn more about the GuideRails technology of the Brooks, since we already explained what the Guide Rails is in there.

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Here’s What You Are Going To Love About The Addiction Gts 15

  • Comfortable Upper: Multi-dimension Engineered Mesh creates the right blend of stretch and structure for supreme comfort.
  • Premium Fit: The 3D Print Saddle allows for a supportive fit.
  • Extreme Cushioning: Full Length BioMogoDNA Midsole provides long-lasting cushioning in an environmentally friendly package.
  • Efficient Motion: The updated GuideRails 2.0 holistic support system allows your body to embrace its natural motion path while limiting excess movement.

Brooks Addiction Gts 15 Women’s Gray/navy/aqua

Support your feet in the Brooks Addiction GTS 15! This motion control shoe provides holistic support from GuideRails® to keep your stride aligned. Enjoy a roomy fit that accommodates orthotics or wide feet. Get the perfect blend of stretch and structure from the 3D Fit Print and engineered air mesh upper. For runners with orthopedic needs, the Brooks Addiction GTS 15 provides max support and supreme comfort!

What’s New?

  • GuideRails® holistic support system aligns your body in its natural motion path while keeping excess movement in check.
  • One-piece outsole prevents the shoe from flexing too much, helping runners with orthopedic needs.

Who’s it for?

  • Runners or walkers who severely overpronate and need a motion control shoe to support their daily activities.
  • Athletes who wear orthotics and need a shoe with a wide toe box for an accommodating fit.

Key Updates:

  • GuideRails® holistic support system: Aligns your body in its natural motion path while keeping excess movement in check.
  • Roomy fit: Unique forefoot construction adds space for orthotics or wide feet.
  • Comfortable upper: 3D Fit Print and engineered air-mesh create the ideal blend of stretch and structure for supreme comfort.

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Pros And Cons For Addiction Gts 15

Based on our hands on run test, here we listed the Pros and Cons for the Brooks Addiction GTS 15.

Pros for Addiction GTS 15:

  • GuideRails Technology for Holistic Support
  • Great for Heavy Body Weight and Severe Pronation
  • Plush Feeling Top Comfort

Cons for Addiction GTS 15:

  • Heavy compared to its contenders
  • Not so breathable

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