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Broward Addiction Recovery Center Reviews

What Are People Saying About Broward Addiction Recovery Center

The new Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) video tour

Here are some reviews from our users.

“Love Barc best place ever. Robin is the best from the minute I came in she made me feel so welcome and love she is the most amazing and wonderful person love her so much. Robin is superwoman “

“BARC has saved my life. Robin and Beatriz are amazing women they have inspire me to want to be the best version of myself.”

“I was extremely lucky I was referred to the barc in coral springs for a day program. After a every day + year drinking problem I was able with the grace of God too, stop drinking percent and now for + years and able to finally finish my reming years on this planet with at least some type of peace and happiness. Thank God for barc..YES it works if you give it a chance.”

“I was informed i will be contacted tomorrowI am dieing . Ian I no with it but my children wont let me. Lets see if they call tomorrow or its good by because I cant live like this. I have no money I have a phone I cant get a job I cant stay clean I need so much pain thats a hell of a way I can get out of it I want to end The lady that helped me was very kind and I could feel her compassion to the phone I understand theres nothing she can do for me with this moment please help me I dont have much longer to go I cant take it anymore”

Primary Focus Of Provider

Substance Abuse:Substance rehabs focus on helping individuals recover from substance abuse, including alcohol and drug addiction . They often include the opportunity to engage in both individual as well as group therapy.Alcoholism:The goal of treatment for alcoholism is abstinence. Those with poor social support, poor motivation, or psychiatric disorders tend to relapse within a few years of treatment. For these people, success is measured by longer periods of abstinence, reduced use of alcohol, better health, and improved social functioning. Recovery and Maintenance are usually based on 12 step programs and AA meetings.Opioid Addiction:Opioid rehabs specialize in supporting those recovering from opioid addiction. They treat those suffering from addiction to illegal opioids like heroin, as well as prescription drugs like oxycodone. These centers typically combine both physical as well as mental and emotional support to help stop addiction. Physical support often includes medical detox and subsequent medical support , and mental support includes in-depth therapy to address the underlying causes of addiction.

Family Counseling + Treatment

Patients who receive generous support from their loved ones have better chances of completing their recovery. Genetics play a role when it comes to addiction, so its better to approach the problem as a unit. Family members can help an individual avoid addiction triggers and guide him or her in making lifestyle changes.

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User Questions & Answers


What is your current addiction that you are seeking help for? How long have you been addicted to it?

I Went to BARC 26 Years Ago. At The Time I Watched People Play The Court System & Find Loop Holes. But Anytime You Goto Rehab. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. I Have Gone To BARC. DAF-Drug Abuse Foundation, Wayside House & Village For Change. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WAYSIDE FOR WOMEN, Im ALUMNI & BEST Place I Ever Went. Beautiful, Well Funded, Clean, Excellent Staff and Therapy.. But You Have To Want It. You Can. xo

Meth/ 30 years

Have you ever been to a rehab facility before? How was it? What did you pay for treatment?

Insurance but the facility did not bill correctly insurance could not pay till they did

Yes turning point bridge great treatment

Yes Great and I had Medicaid. Barc Inpatient Coral Springs Fl

Once Behavioral Health got sponsorship with 5 grand down

I went to Banyan in Boca Raton I had insurance at the time and it was a good place

Yes. Insurance covered the cost

Yes. It was fine, it was free

Do you have health insurance? Do you have a high deductible?

If you have any other information you would like us to know, please enter it here.

i need help be for i die

Need inpatient treatment is best, also counseling to help through recovery and anything that will help the back issues besides pain pill or surgery

I need to get help for myself and to be healthy for my child

I have extreme depression and axiety. I’m irritated easily.

I am looking for residential

Broward Addiction Recovery Center

Susan B Anthony Recovery Center Reviews and Ratings

Broward Addiction Recovery Center is dedicated on helping adults who are struggling with substance and co-occurring disorders. Services include detoxification and non-residential program. Broward Addiction Recovery Center is located at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Broward Addiction Recovery Center

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Drug Abuse Foundation Of Palm Beach County

400 South Swinton Avenue Extended Care, Delray Beach, FL 33444

  • 1940 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, FL 32405

    Outpatient Services Outpatient Services Cognitive behavioral therapy,Dialectical behavioral therapy,Substance abuse counseling approach,Trauma-related counseling,12-step facilitation approach,Anger management,Relapse prevention

  • 2208 West Roosevelt Boulevard, Monroe, NC 28110

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  • 161 Saint Helens Street Suite 102, Saint Helens, OR 97051

    Outpatient Outpatient Cognitive behavioral therapy,Dialectical behavioral therapy,Substance abuse counseling approach,Trauma-related counseling,Brief intervention approach,Motivational interviewing,Relapse prevention

  • Broward Addiction Recovery Center Overview

    Broward Addiction Recovery Center located in the city of Fort Lauderdale, is a treatment center which provides services to adults 18 and older in the Broward County dealing with substance abuse problems and co-occurring mental health disorders. The centers missions include helping to enhance the successful recovery of patients and reintegrating them back into society while also teaching them how to be self-reliant and productive after completing treatment. The center boasts of a professional, experienced team dedicated to assisting clients to attain and maintain healthy lifestyles while also improving their life management skills and engagement in community support groups. BARC frequently collaborates with myriad referral sources and health care providers to help clients in undergoing treatment which supports their recovery. The admission unit, open seven days a week, is conducted by licensed clinicians, intake caseworkers, and financial staff and performs more than 5,000 assessments every year. BARC also offers some levels of care at various locations in Florida. These include an outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Program in Fort Lauderdale and a residential treatment facility in Coral Springs. Additionally, BARC also offers detoxification services which help more than 1,800 adults per year.

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    About Broward Addiction Recovery Center

    34 bed detoxification unit provides a safe, medically supervised environment for clients who would otherwise be at risk of life-threatening complications from withdrawal. The focus of BARC’s outpatient program is long term abstinence from drugs and alcohol and stabilization of any other co-occurring mental health disorders associated with substance abuse. The program focuses on individual abstinence and relapse prevention tools. Treatment goals include abstinence, improved life management skills, improved interpersonal relationships and involvement in community support groups. 30-day residential treatment program is a 92-bed facility located in Coral Springs. The Stephen R. Booher facility is staffed by licensed medical and clinical professionals and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • Do not treat opioid addiction
    • Medications for psychiatric disorders)

    Levels Of Care Offered

    Broward Health North Rehabilitation Tour
    Broward Addiction Recovery Center – Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of treatment.

    This center offers a variety of custom treatment tailored to individual recovery. Currently available are Detox, Drug Rehab, Dual-Diagnosis, Inpatient, Outpatient, Partial-Hospitalization, with additional therapies available as listed below.

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