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Dior Addict Lip Glow Bronze

Get A Glossy Sheer Tint Without The Stick


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  • Adds a natural, sheer tint to lips

  • Beautiful packaging

  • High price point

  • Not ideal for those who want a more dramatic tint

Dior’s Lip Glow Oil is now my favorite lip product. It enhances the natural color of my lips while moisturizing them and adding shine. The product has the consistency of a gloss rather than an oil, but it’s non-sticky and highly nourishing.

We put the Dior Lip Glow Oil to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

I have always loved the full-on glam look that results from a pigmented matte lip, but lately, I’ve been obsessed with the high-shine, glossy trend. Since the pandemic started, I have only used lip balm since my lipstick would transfer onto my mask. Interested in working other lip products back into my routine, I started looking for something that was both hydrating and capable of giving my lips a pop of color.

Best for: Anyone who loves a glossy look and could use additional hydration on the lips.

Uses: A glossy lip oil that adds shine and subtle tint while keeping lips hydrated with a nourishing, non-sticky formula.

Hero ingredient: Cherry oil

Potential allergens: CI 42090 see full ingredients list below if you’re sensitive to certain dyes and pigments.

Price: $35

Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion Dioriviera

Here comes the Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion Dioriviera foundation, which features the iconic bayadere motif and it simply exudes luxury.

This foundation offers 24 hours of high coverage, delivering a fresh and luminous complexion while moisturising the skin and protecting it from environmental aggressors.

It is available in two finishes, luminous matte or dewy glow, and in three different shades that are well suited for Asian skin tones: 0N, 1N, and 2N.

The Dior Forever Perfect Cushion Dioriviera retails for S$110.

Dior Backstage Eye Palette

Brand Description

The 1st Dior lip balm formulated with 97% natural-origin ingredients** that subtly revives the natural color of lips with a custom glow for 6 hours,*** and hydrates lips for 24 hours.*

A new couture case, a formula unique to Dior made with natural-origin ingredients infused with cherry oil, and shades to suit all skin tones: the iconic Dior Addict Lip Glow lip balm has been reinvented with a texture that is just as always sensorial for lips that are both more beautiful and preserved from dryness.

Multi-purpose lip makeup, Dior Addict Lip Glow can be worn on its own as a lip balm or as a lip primer under lipstick.

Shades Include:

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How To Apply: Simply Swipe On

Karla Ayala

Dior’s Lip Glow Oil features a soft, thick applicator that is simple enough to use. Even after one coat, my lips looked and felt luxurious and nourished. I tried the shade 001 Pink, which is a light pink. My usual routine included one to two coats of the oil, which is closer to a gloss but avoids the stickiness common to many formulas. Each time, the product went on nearly clear and quickly gave my lips a natural-looking tint with a gorgeous glow.

Review: Dior Backstage Addict Lip Glow Color

Spring Look 2021 Addict Lip Glow Oil von DIOR

This is a Dior makeup product. Since Dior is a luxury brand, you just know this is a pricey product. At full price this retails for 38 but I never pay full price for my Dior products. I always use voucher, buy them when a sale is on and I basically dont buy their products unless I can get a discount. Dior is quite widely available to me and I can get it from any luxury makeup store.

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What Is Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max

At first glance, theres a clear difference between the original Dior Lip Glow and the new Lip Glow To The Max: the candy-cane, two-tone pattern of the bullets. The two tones are: firstly, the glow colour, which has the colour reviver, pH-adapting technology that imparts a gorgeous hue on the lips and secondly, the glow shimmer, which is powered by a new butterfly shimmer light-changing effect this is what makes lips glow beyond compare. Upon application, the two tones blend effortlessly into one to create a harmony of colour and radiance.

Lip Glow To The Max has all the things we love about the original too. Two of which are the fresh, minty scent and the inclusion of wild mango butter, which helps to keep lips plump, smooth and hydrated for 24 hours. You can think of Lip Glow To The Max as Lip Glows alter ego its made for those that want even more radiance, colour and shine.

Dior Forever Bronzer And Backstage Blush

I recently partnered with Dior Beauty to share a makeup look in action with some of the new launches. You can see the video on Reels here. I know some of you still prefer blog posts with images as a reference guide so I thought Id swatch everything and share some more thoughts here too.

The Dior Forever Nautral Bronzer is one of the best matte bronzers Ive tried. Its available in 8 shades and Ive tried Shade 03 Soft Bronze and 05 Warm Bronze and love both. Its a natural bronzer with a matte finish and doesnt look muddy. Shades range from ultra light to deep. For the Summer Dioriviera Collection they have Shade 04 and 05 with the limited-edition embossed texture which I think is beautiful!

The Backstage Blush is often sold out but pops back in stock every now and then. If you find it I do recommend it! The Pink shade gives the skin a very soft pink glow. The flush depends on how much you layer onto the skin. If you dont want to wait to track this down I find that NARS Blush in Thrill gives me a similar effect.

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Lip Glow To The Max 204 Coral

Coral is one of the most universally flattering shades and 204 Coral is no different. Thanks to its neutral undertone, this bright coral hue can be worn by all and will bring an immediate warmth to the complexion. Throughout 204 Coral Lip Glow there are also golden glitter particles that give a dewy, pearlescent finish.

Would I Recommend The Dior Lip Glow Lip Oil

Dior Addict Lip Glow Review & Demo | #diorlipglow

This is definitely good and I would recommend it but when you do I would say: dont buy any other lip oils. It really wont make much of a difference. So with this product I really feel that if you have one good one you will be covered for years to come. The color pay off is just too sheer to really warrant buying any more than just one item.

have you ever tried any lip oils?

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The Value: A Worthy Splurge

Dior’s Lip Glow Oil retails at $35, a price point that’s on the high end but still somewhat more affordable than I expected from a luxury brand. It’s not a budget-friendly lip product, but I think it is totally worth it. I received many compliments when wearing this, and I love how the scent and texture are barely there. The product is creamy, not too sticky, feels luxurious and hydrating on the lips, and the subtle tint of color is great for everyday or special occasions. To top it off, the packaging is classy and easy to bring along with you anywhere. In other words, the Dior Lip Glow Oil has a plethora of perks that really justified the price for me, though you can also find more accessible products that achieve similar goals if budget is your priority.

Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max Swatches

Lip Glow by luxury French makeup brand, DIOR is one of the worlds best-selling lip balms. At first, it may appear as just a lip balm, but its pH-adapting, ultra-hydrating formula, covetable packaging and its long list of celebrity fans has made Dior Addict Lip Glow the icon it is today.

At launch, there was just the universal 001 Pink shade of Lip Glow, now theres an entire fleet of them! Last year, DIOR expanded the range even more with new dewy, matte and holographic shades , and this year were getting another Lip Glow fix. For 2019, the Lip Glow franchise is pushing the limits of radiance even more with Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max: a line-up of 7 lip glow shades with a lollipop twist. Find everything you need to know below

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Release Date + About The Launch

The 2022 Dioriviera Summer Makeup Collection is inspired by a season of basking in the sun on the Riviera, where the air pulses with the joys of leisure and the effortless chic of Dior. Dive into the sunny world of Dioriviera, a collection to discover in a limited edition.

Now online

DioRiviera Eyeshadow Palette, $65.00

  • Bayadere Golden copper, peachy pink, white gold, plum bronze, velvet brown
  • Riviera Peach, pearly gold, velvet burgundy, copper, bronze

Dior Forever Luminizer, $52.00

  • Nude Riviera Luminous gold
  • Pink Riviera Solar pink

Dior Forever Natural Bronze, $52.00

Editors note: These shades are specially packaged but are part of the existing range of bronzers .

  • Tan Bronze Suitable for medium skin tones
  • Warm Bronze Suitable for medium and golden skin tones

Dior Addict Lip Tint, $35.00

  • Natural Peach Rosy peach
  • Natural Nude Dusty rose
  • Natural Tea Taupe brown
  • Natural Coral Rosy coral
  • Natural Rosewood Rosewood
  • Natural Sienna Sienna red
  • Natural Poppy Poppy red
  • Natural Red Tangerine Bright orange
  • Natural Rose Timeless pink
  • Natural Ginger Ginger orange
  • Natural Fuchsia Vibrant fuchsia
  • Natural Berry Berry red

Rouge Dior Colored Lip Balm, $39.00

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil, $35.00

  • Peach Glow Peach

Dior Vernis, $28.00

  • Golden Hour Vibrant gold

Lip Glow To The Max 201 Pink

Watch Alexa Demie

201 Pink is the perfect pink: subtle enough that its very wearable, but it imparts enough colour to bring a beautiful, dewy freshness to the complexion. It has a light candyfloss hue and cool undertone, unlike 210 Holo Pink which is more warm-toned. This shade will suit a plethora of skin tones, plus its woven with fuchsia pink glitter particles that give a radiant finish.

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How To Wear Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max

Wearing Lip Glow To The Max is easy. Apply a single coat for a subtle tint and a dewy, radiant finish or layer to build vivid colour and a dazzling glow. If you want even more shine, pair a Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max of your choice with its matching Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. This power couple will leave lips irresistible.

Lip Glow To The Max 206 Berry

If you love a just-bitten lip look 206 Berry is made for you. A vivid berry/purple with a cool undertone, its an autumn/winter classic thatll bring some colour to your lip wardrobe. More than just a lip tint, 206 Berry also contains pink glitter particles that give the lips extra dimension and an iridescent finish.

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Similar Products: You’ve Got Options

Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly: This lip gloss alternative has all the benefits of a luscious gloss without any of the drawbacks. Plant-based compounds that are genuinely beneficial to your health ensure a nourishing, protective finish. However, compared to the eight Dior Lip Glow Oil shades, the Tower 28 Lip Jelly has only four.

Lilah B. Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil: Liliah B.’s Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil is a potent mix of lip oil’s treatment benefits and gloss’s shine and pigment. It leaves the lips soft and smooth, with sheer to medium coverage. This glossy oil is available in six shades.

Dior’s Lip Glow Oil is one of the only products that leaves my lips looking naturally plump while subtly enhancing my lip color and adding moisture. I’m in love with this product because it has the characteristics of a lip gloss without being too sticky or thick. I have super dry lips, and this lip oil has become my favorite way to keep them moisturized while simultaneously enhancing my look. I will definitely continue to use this and try out the rest of the brand’s shades.

  • Product Name Lip Glow Oil
  • Product Brand Dior

Dior Lip Glow Lip Oil Review

DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW DIOR 8 swatch & comparison

So you will know by now that I have been trying lipgloss. But a niche within the lipgloss realm are lip oils. And I had heard great things about the Dior Backstage lip glow lip oils. With lip oils you really dont need a tonne as they are a sheer lip product that perhaps give a bit of a stain but it is mainly clear and just adds a lot of healthy shine. Thats what I was hoping for with this one and since it did exactly that I havent really put my money towards any other lip oils since then. Heres why.

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Dior Forever Couture Luminizer Dioriviera

Iridescent highlighting powders join the Dioriviera game, housed in gorgeous beige compacts.

There are two shades to choose from: sensual gold Nude Riviera and radiant Pink Riviera, which are both inspired by the shimmers of the golden sun setting over the crystalline sea.

The Dior Forever Couture Luminizer Dioriviera retails for S$95.

Dior Holiday Limited Edition Backstage Collection Plum And Bronze

Hey There! Just a quick heads up. Our posts may contain affiliate links, meaning we may earn commission. All images courtesy of brands mentioned.

Dior has just released their new Backstage Limited Edition Plum and Bronze Collection and weve got all the details! The collection is available now with products ranging in price from $35 to $49.

Brand Description

Dior Backstage reveals a new collection to celebrate the upcoming year: two new palettes for a sparkling bronze or intensely plum eyes, to pair with the matching Dior Addict Lip Glow lip balm & Dior Addict Lip Maximizer gloss and create an all-over holiday look.

Official Release Date: October 2nd, 2021


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What Does This Lip Oil Have To Offer

The way these lip oils work is a bit like a tinted balm but then in liquid form. This product comes in a few shades but dont expect too much of them. This is the pink version that should give a bit of a pink glow to your lips. It definitely does, but I dont wear this for the color. The reason I love this is how hydrating it is. It also goes very well with my makeup aesthetic. I prefer a more natural everyday look and sometimes all I want is to just put something on my lips and not do too much else. This is for those days where I want that no makeup makeup look.

Dior Rouge Dior Baume & Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil

DIOR Addict Lip Glow Berry (206)

Lip tints arent the only lippies that Dior is releasing in this collection, as theyve also got new colours for the Dior Rouge Dior Baume and Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil.

The Dior Rouge Dior Baume features healthy glowing shades from a luminous bronze to a sunburst coral, while the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil features a more seductive bronze and a delicate peach.

The Dior Rouge Dior Baume retails for S$58 and the Dior Addict Lip Glow retails for S$54.

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The Results: Plump Glowing Lips

Karla Ayala

The Dior Lip Glow Oil features a light, minty vanilla scent that refreshes the senses without overpowering. The huge applicator has a luxurious feel to it, and the consistency is silky smooth and long-lasting. Instead of an oil, the formula feels more like a gloss, but it’s not as thick and uncomfortable as ordinary glosses. It glides on smoothly and gives my lips a slight pink tint while creating a plump, moisturized, and full appearance. Like other lip glosses, it wears off after eating, yet it still leaves your lips rosy and hydrated.

Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation

Dior reformulated their Forever Skin Glow Foundation and the Matte Foundation and the reviews out there have been mixed. I tried the Glow variation which has been revamped to contain 86% skincare with more hydration and improved lasting power. I really loved the original and I think the new one performs the same on me, but I would say your mileage may vary depending on your skin type and sensitivities to alcohol . My skin is hit or miss with formulas that have alcohol and I was fortunate to find this worked for me.

The colors in my shade range are different in the original versus new version. Im usually in the N neutral range for Dior foundations. In the original version I was a match to 2.5N because 3N oxidized and darkened once it set. The newer version seems to be more true neutral in undertone and I had no oxidizing with the new formula. For the new version 3N is a good match. Feedback from a lot of you indicates many also experienced the same color-wise with the new formula .

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