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Drug Addiction Questions And Answers

Are Opiates The Same As Heroin

Self-Harm Questions – ‘Is drug and alcohol abuse self-harm?

âOpiatesâ is the given term for any controlled substance derived from opium, a naturally occurring chemical found in poppy seeds. These controlled substances, or drugs, are often clinically prescribed for those suffering from mild to severe pain, hence also being referred to as opioid painkillers. Due to their calming effects and pain relief, opioid painkillers become highly addictive if abused.

Illicit substances such as heroin are also classed as opioids as they come from the same origin. They have the same effect on the abuser but are acquired via different channels, though both have the same high potential for addiction. Find out more about opioid addiction here.

Do Helplines And Hotlines Support With Thoughts Of Suicide

If you’ve had thoughts about harming yourself or even ending your life, there are suicide prevention hotlines that can help. These helplines, otherwise known as lifelines or crisis lines, are typically available to offer support 24/7. Most suicide hotlines also support with any topic that is on your mind, which means you don’t have to be suicidal to contact them.

Is Detoxification Necessary When Treating Alcohol Problems

Yes. If you drink heavily, every day, quitting abruptly is very dangerous. Everyone who is quitting alcohol has to detox from the drug. That simply means that the alcohol is going to leave their body. There may or may not be withdrawal symptoms when this happens.

Its not something you want to take a chance with. Allow the medical professionals help. Depending on many factors, detox symptoms could be very minor, or they could be extremely dangerous. That means that the person could die if they stop drinking. Many people dont realize that alcohol withdrawal can be fatal.

So the bottom line, go to rehab and seek detox if you are quitting alcohol. Its hard to know how bad your withdrawal will be.

If you have ever been through detox before, realize that every time you detox after that, your symptoms will always get worse. They never get better. That is part of the progression of the disease.

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You Drink Alcohol So Why Cant I

Remind your child that underage drinking is against the law and for good reason. Point out that adults are fully developed mentally and physically, so they can handle drinking. Childrens minds and bodies, however, are still growing, so alcohol can have a greater effect on their judgment and health.

What Can I Expect At A Substance Abuse Assessment

Solved: A Scientist Wants To Investigate Whether The Drug ...

At a substance abuse assessment, youll talk with one of our trained and compassionate intake counselors who will be able to discuss treatment options as well as answer any questions you or your loved ones may have.

We complete a biopsychosocial evaluation that includes questions about what kind of substances have been used, how frequently they are used, and other issues related to the substance use. Its also important to know how much support an individual has on the road to recovery, which means we will also ask about the living environment and family situations.

Through your assessment our staff will be able to gather information needed to place you in the best treatment available. If you need a level of care which we dont provide we will work with our network of providers to assist you. Learn more here.

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Recovery Is A Lifestyle

People who receive treatment for their addictions are not cured of those addictions, so recovery is also a lifestyle. Like other chronic conditions, like diabetes, addiction is not cured, but it can be managed.

One of the first steps in recovery is to get the substance out of the system, and so recovering addicts will go through detoxification . There are some who think that detox is the solution, but its really only the beginning. Because recovery is a lifestyle change, addicts need to learn new skills and coping mechanisms to keep control over their addiction, rather than addiction controlling them.

Some require a medical intervention, to ease the craving for a drug. Others respond well to counseling or psychotherapy. Everybody is different, so programs are as diverse as the addicts themselves.

Another important drug addiction questions: The 12-Step Recovery Program is popular, mainly because addicts can share their experiences, receive help and support from each other, and in the years since Alcohol Anonymous introduced those steps in 1935, over 25 self-help groups have adapted the steps to fit their needs. But recovery is not limited to 12-step, and its important to understand that individual needs will dictate treatment options.

For more answers to Drug Addiction Questions please go to 12-Step

Signs that you or your loved one arein recovery.

Recovery is necessary to avoidrelapse.

and Finally Remember:

What Is The Difference Between Addiction And Dependence

A dependence presents itself when someone builds up a physical tolerance to a substance, meaning they may have withdrawal symptoms if they stop using the drug. Dependency can usually be resolved by slowly weaning off the drug and changing behavior patterns.

On the other hand, addiction occurs when a person’s brain chemistry has been changed from prolonged or extensive substance abuse. Both drug addiction and behavioral addiction cause uncontrollable cravings, which the user will strive to fulfill despite the negative impact on their life. Often, the only way an addicted person can get help is through professional substance abuse treatment.

Read more about addiction vs dependence here.


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If Marijuana Is Legal In My State Why Cant I Use It

If marijuana is legal in your state, young people may also have more exposure to the drug. State laws allowing medical or recreational marijuana use for adults could prompt more youths to believe that the drug is safe. Its important to have a conversation with your children and remind them about the drugs potential harms, and that recreational marijuana is still illegal for those under 21.

Question: Why Do You Get Addicted To Drugs

Family Support for Addiction Treatment | Experts Answer

– merek

Answer: Drugs cause addiction by changing brain circuits over time. Many addictive substances increase levels of a chemical in the brain called dopamine. Circuits in the reward system use dopamine to teach the brain to repeat actions we find pleasurablea process called reinforcement. When people take drugs, the brain releases a lot of dopamine, which strongly reinforces the action of taking the drug. Over time, dopamine is released less by taking the drug itself than by other activities, people, and places that are associated with drug use. This leads people to feel highly motivated to take the drug whenever they encounter those cues.

– Emily Einstein

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What Percentage Of Addicts Are Cured By Rehab Services Or Treatment

Addiction is tough to recover from. Its a chronic disease. Beware of places that give a sober guarantee or a percentage of success rate. It is very difficult to get an accurate number. Thiss because addiction is a long-term disease. You would literally need to track the rehab participants for the rest of their lives to find out the success. For us, a lifetime of sobriety is the goal.

Dont get discouraged. Lots of us have double-digit sobriety. Thats because its worth it!

When we place people in the right rehab for the correct amount of time, we are dazzled by the results. Dont give up hope.

Am I Overreacting To A Substance Use Problem

If you are noticing problems in friend or family members work, health, family, finances, relationships, social functioning, legal issues, self-esteem or self-respect, you are not overreacting.

Continuing to use substances in spite of the fact that such behavior is causing problems, is a problem in and of itself. It shows that substance use has become more important than the problems it causes. Someone who is unwilling to discuss the issue or consider whether there might be a problem is a strong indicator that a problem exists.

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What If My Friends Ask Me To Drink

Helping your child say no to peer pressure is one of the most important things you can do to keep him or her alcohol-free. Work with your child to think of a way to handle this situation, whether it is simply saying, No, I dont drink, or I have a game tomorrow, or I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Question: How Are People With Drug Addiction Treated

Pin on Addiction Healing Centre

– Limely lu

Answer: Limely Lu, good question! Drug treatment can take different forms depending on the drug and needs of the individual. In some cases, medications can be used to treat addiction. Cognitive-behavioral treatment can be useful by helping people better understand the reasons they use drugs and address them, such as learn how to deal with stress and cravings for drugs, and develop different friends and activities to replace drug use. More information about drug treatment can be found at:

-Redonna Chandler

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Is It Bad To Let My Teenager Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol as a teenager can be bad for their physical and mental health.

As a parent, you might allow your teen to drink under your supervision. For example, you might let your teen have a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage during holidays or celebrations.

While many parents see this as being okay, you might want to reconsider. Even if your child is under your supervision while drinking, they might get the idea that drinking is okay for them. Teens might think you are permitting them to drink in other scenarios.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism , Study after study shows that even during the teen years, parents have enormous influence on their childrens behavior.

In addition, parents disapproval of youthful alcohol use is the key reason children choose not to drink. Your teens will listen to you and pick up on your attitudes about alcohol use. Your influence will help them make better decisions when you arent around.

You cannot be with your teens 24/7 and supervise them when they cave to peer pressure to drink alcohol.

Even if your teen drinks responsibly in your company, they might assume they can handle alcohol without your supervision or the limits you set for them. This false sense of confidence about drinking alcohol can lead to binge drinking behaviors when you arent around.

What Is The Connection Between Teen Addiction And Mental Health

Teen addiction and mental health are almost one and the same, as the presence of one might indicate the presence of the other.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse , over 60 percent of adolescents in community-based substance use disorder treatment programs also meet diagnostic criteria for another mental illness.

Alcohol and drug addiction in teens could be a sign of an underlying mental health concern. Substance abuse itself is a behavioral health concern. Your teen might be using drugs or alcohol to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma.

In addition, drug and alcohol addiction in teens could create mental health problems in teens. They might develop a substance use disorder during the teenage years or later in life. Teens who abuse substances are likely to continue this behavior into adulthood.

Addiction treatment and other early interventions can keep teens and young people safe from developing substance abuse and mental health problems throughout their lives.

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Is Anyone Having Trouble Getting Off Ambien Any Advice For Getting Back Natural Sleep Cycle

I have been on ambien for 7 months now and am trying to stop using it. I am seeing a sleep/addiction doctor and its just been hard. Ambien makes me feel sick to my stomach even when I think of it. It used to make me feel great, now I feel anxious all the time and sleep is constantly on my mind – or… read more

Addiction Questions And Answers

Addressing Early Substance Use as a Parent | Experts Answer

Drug and alcohol abuse are chronic diseases that rip through families. Addiction takes down everything in its path. Once in a while, I will talk to someone, who insists that their substance abuse is not hurting anyone. This is because they isolate while under the influence. This is a myth. At the very least, youre a negative presence in the world and denying society your value and talent.

Drug and alcohol abuse makes everyone sick. Its hard to be objective. In addition, drug and alcohol problems are confusing subjects. Youre going to have a lot of questions. Find answers to 10 of our frequently asked questions below.

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Are There Links Between Opioid Painkillers Addiction And Heroin

People who abuse opiate painkillers to the point of dependence will often begin to form cravings after a period of not taking them. This can lead to destructive behaviors, such as lying to doctors to get prescriptions drugs, as well as to friends and family about the level of their opiate abuse.

Some abusers of opioid prescription painkillers may turn to heroin if they can no longer obtain prescription pills. The effects of taking heroin provide the closest feeling to opiate painkillers and are just as addictive and dangerous. Find out more about heroin addiction here.

How Can A Person Who Has Low Income Find A Good Addiction Treatment Program

Give us a call, we will offer a solution. We have access to a variety of no-cost rehab options. You can also go to SAMHSA. It a free government service that has a no-cost treatment finder.

Other than that, get out your phone, get on the internet, and start calling. Start with local rehabs and treatment centers. Call them up, tell them what you have and that you need help for addiction.

If you are in the US, you will find help, almost regardless of your funding situation. Check out Medicaid. Look into the Salvation Army. Look at local churches for help. Persistence is key. And, be nice. Be desperate. Keep asking questions.

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Why Do I Need To Stay In An Inpatient Rehab

The short answer is because it works. And it works because there are tons of benefits. The biggest one is that if you actually stay clean and sober, in a safe environment.

Your whole life will change for the better and you get a fresh start on life. In order to make that happen, you need the care of a safe environment during rehab. A treatment center is a perfect drug and alcohol-free safe place. But you also get the support of other people who are going through the same problems.

The small group and individual therapy are immensely helpful. You will probably also be introduced to some form of sober fellowship like 12-step meetings. This will be important for when you leave the rehab. You will need to change almost everything in your life. Having a support base will make it easier.

Finally, its super important to get away from your old friends and drug dealers. Its really hard to deal with pressure from your drug-using circle.

If you dont really want to be sober, then none of these are really going to help. But for anyone who is serious about recovery, rehab is a great place to start their journey.

Are You Ready For Drug Addiction Recovery Ask Yourself These Questions

Questions and Answers on Substance Abuse with Dr. Jeff Foote

You know youre an addict. Whether its drugs, alcohol or prescription medications, you know you have a problem. This is not the question at hand youre asking yourself now, am I ready for drug addiction recovery? How do you know when its the right time to seek help?

As youre thinking about your unique situation and the implications that seeking treatment or not seeking treatment could have on your life, take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my alcohol or drug use making my work or school performance suffer?
  • Have my relationships with family or friends recently become strained?
  • Am I having a hard time relaxing or unwinding without using drugs or alcohol?
  • Have I recently been in trouble with the law because of drug or alcohol use?
  • Do I feel like I want to quit, but dont know how?
  • Do I dream about a future without drugs or alcohol?
  • Is drug or alcohol use holding me back from accomplishing my goals in life?
  • Is my health deteriorating because of my drug or alcohol use?
  • Does the thought of addiction treatment scare me or give me hope?
  • Am I tired of feeling depressed, anxious or agitated?
  • Are my finances spinning out of control because of my addiction?
  • Is my addiction affecting my familys finances and in turn, hurting my family?
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    How Long Does It Take For Someone To Become An Addict

    The answer to this question varies from person to person. Some people become after taking drugs one time.

    Drugs, like heroin, for example, can be very addictive after just one high. This is because for some people, the high can feel euphoric, and theyll constantly be chasing it.

    For others, even one hit of heroin makes them feel extremely ill. In that case, they arent likely to get hooked on it.

    How long it takes someone to become an addict depends largely on the person. If you are psychologically vulnerable and have had other addictions in the past, you may be more susceptible to becoming a drug addict more quickly.

    A family history of addiction can also be a big red flag, and you shouldnt even try drugs if you know that someone in your family has a history of addiction.

    Why Are Teens Addicted To Their Phones And Social Media

    Social media apps on phones activate similar reward circuits as drugs and alcohol.

    The likes on photos or posts signal a boost of self-esteem in the brain, just like being liked in real life. Your teen responds to positive reinforcement and compliments. Social media creates a landscape to seek positive reinforcement on a large platform.

    Unfortunately, like drugs or alcohol, social media supplies only a quick fix. Posting on social media requires minimal effort, yet teens might worry about who likes their photos and posts. They might also preoccupy themselves with how quickly people respond to posts.

    The alerts on phones also signal getting a like or attention from either a social media app, email, or text message. All of these notifications can reinforce the need to constantly look at the phone for a fix from knowing others are paying attention to you.

    Teens will need to develop healthy relationships with technology throughout their lives.

    Social media platforms, cell phones, computers, and other devices are going to be a part of your childs future. These tools can help connect people and pass along information.

    Teens are more likely to consider their relationship with social media and phones if parents set a good example. You can also set up specific rules and expectations for your family to keep your kids from getting addicted to their electronic devices.

    You can try some of the following rules to help your kids learn to use technology in a healthy way:

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