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How Does Nad Help With Addiction

Replenishing And Reinvigorating The Body

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Especially after a more severe or long-lasting addiction, the body may be depleted in various ways. Low levels of NAD and general deficiencies in nutrients make it harder for people to face the challenges of withdrawal and addiction recovery.

NAD therapy can help build up the strength of the brain and body. It can elevate energy levels, reduce fatigue, and enhance peoples overall sense of well-being.

Nad Treatment And Opioid Withdrawal

In seeking treatment for opioid addiction withdrawal many individuals feel they are limited to conventional in-patient or outpatient centers that employ the cold turkey method or regimens of MAT. The development and spread of NAD treatment, however, creates the prospect of another way to detox.

Unlike MAT treatments that use opioids to treat opioids, NAD treatments boost the amount of the NAD molecule which naturally occurs in cells. Long-term usage of opioids diminishes the bodys natural production of NAD, but through IV infusion of NAD, the pre-addiction functions of brains, organs, and the neurological system can be repaired. With a rejuvenated brain and body from NAD supplements, withdrawal symptoms are often less acute.

In 2014, Dr. Richard Mestayer presented a cravings study at the Society of Neuroscience Convention on how intravenous NAD treatments reduce cravings with opioid and alcohol withdrawal. The study examined the severity of cravings in a group of sixty patients over a 12-20 month period. From the data collected and displayed in the charts below, there is evidence that NAD is effective in reducing cravings and relapse episodes. This study shows that NADs potential as a long-term therapy for maintaining sobriety.

Nad+ Promotes Natural Cell Regeneration

NAD coenzymes play an important role in the health of your cells. They convert food energy into cellular energy that fuels your body and your mind. NAD+ infusions stimulate DNA repair and improve cellular communication throughout the body.

NAD+ therapy is thought to have anti-aging benefits because of the way it regenerates cells within the body. When used for detoxification, it speeds up your bodys natural restorative power. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can deplete your bodys natural NAD levels and infusions restore them. Treatment may enhance mood, increase energy, curb cravings, and flush drugs from the system.

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Is Nad Addiction Therapy Safe

NAD occurs naturally in your body, so NAD therapy wont harm you. The licensed professionals who administer NAD at Tres Vistas Recovery have extensive training and experience. They monitor you throughout your treatment.

NAD IV therapy is not yet approved by the FDA. However, current research supports NAD IV therapy as an effective way to support detox and addiction recovery.

To learn more about NAD, an all-natural treatment option for addiction, schedule a confidential consultation at Tres Vistas Recovery. Call the office today.

What Are The Benefits Of Nad For Alcohol And Drug Addiction

How NAD IV Therapy Can Help Addiction

Dr. Repass uses a special formula of NAD, Brain Restoration Plus Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide to help patients detox from alcohol and drug addictions. There are several benefits of using BR+NAD.

For starters, it stops your cravings. Whether youre addicted to opioids, stimulants, benzodiazepines, or marijuana, cravings are significantly diminished in the first day or two of treatment for most patients, and the results are long-lasting.

Another reason BR+NAD is such an exceptional detox treatment is that its natural so you can detox safely without taking other medications that may be addicting. Finally, NAD resolves neurochemical imbalances and restores energy to your brain, improving its overall functioning and memory.

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What Health Conditions May Improve With Nad

Restoring normal levels of NAD may slow the aging process by supporting proteins called sirtuins. Sirtuins have a vital role in aging, as they regulate cellular health and DNA expression. However, sirtuins can only function when NAD is available.

In its role as a signaling molecule, NAD shows promise for improving Parkinsons disease and slowing down the progression and even enhancing cognitive function of dementia, including Alzheimers disease. It may also help patients with tardive dyskinesia, a movement disorder caused by psychiatric medications.

What Is Nad+ Therapy

NAD is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a metabolism catalyst involved in the creation of a variety of different types of cells. It occurs naturally in the body as part of many key functions, but the primary one is the bodys process of creating energy for processes to take place.

NAD IV therapy involves being put on an intravenous drip with a solution containing NAD. The infusion may also contain other ingredients like amino acids. Allegedly, it causes a near-immediate increase in energy and overall health.

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How Do I Become Deficient In Nad

You can end up with a NAD deficiency if you dont get enough niacin or vitamin B3. Your body needs niacin to synthesize NAD.

Levels of NAD naturally decline as you get older. Its also depleted due to the stress of:

  • Mental health disorders
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Physical illness and stress

When patients receive NAD detox treatment, brain function is restored. They have better clarity, improved concentration, a boost in mood, and of course, increased energy.

How Nad Iv Therapy Can Help Addiction


NAD is a co-enzyme that plays a major role in the metabolic processes in the different systems of our body like digestion, mental clarity, aging, cognition, our overall health as well as energy levels. It helps increase your bodys serotonin levels which is a regulator of our moods and basically improves the symptoms of anxiety and depression. For individuals who are undergoing therapy for addiction and substance abuse, NAD IV treatment can help in various ways. NAD IV therapy can reduce the withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings while providing energy for the body that helps to boost the regeneration of brain cells. But with all these benefits, how helpful is this treatment?

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Nad+ May Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are an intense side effect of detoxing. Symptoms range from headaches and anxiety to vomiting, nausea, or even seizures. NAD+ therapy may in certain cases.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms varies depending on the type of addiction you have. Certain substances may pose greater risk for complications during withdrawal than others, so its important to understand the risks and know when to seek medical attention before beginning detoxification.

Milder withdrawal symptoms with NAD+ therapy may help you get through the first few days after you quit using and could decrease the likelihood of relapse during this time. With a clearer mind after detoxing, you may be better able to focus on counseling and behavior modification for success in the long term.

Nad+ From Nicotinamide Riboside And Nicotinic Acid Riboside

NR or NAR represent newly identified precursors that can be used to synthesise NAD+ via the NR kinase pathway . Two NRK enzymes have been identified, NRK1 and NRK2, although, their exact physiological roles remain unclear. Dephosphorylation of NMN into NR, which is required to produce NAD+ in yeast, represents a crucial step for increasing intracellular NAD+ in mammalian cells . NR can also be catabolised into a ribosyl product and NAM via an NRK-independent pathway, which can then be further recycled to yield NAD+. Purine nucleoside phosphorylase can convert NAR to NA, which is then converted to NAMN by the activity of NAPRT . NR appears to be safe and orally bioavailable in mice and humans with very few minor side effects reported . NR is currently a lead candidate in several preclinical and human clinical trials to evaluate whether it can be used for the treatment of age-related degenerative disorders , given that NAD+ decline and/or increased NAD+ consumption may be a major risk factor in these debilitating disorders.

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What Is Nad+ What It Does & How It Benefits The Body

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide has two formsone active and one inactive. In its active form, it is known as NAD+, and in its inactive form, it is known as NADH.

Scientists first discovered NAD+ and started studying its benefits in the early 1900s, but only in recent years are we beginning to understand its full potential.

Because of the role it plays in so many different biological processes, scientists and doctors are now looking at different ways it can be used to maintain healthy organs and neurological systems in human patients.

NAD+ is whats called a helper molecule because it binds to other enzymes in the body to activate them and generate molecular reactions. For example, proteins called sirtuins, which are responsible for carrying out many biological processes within the human body, require the coenzyme to function properly.

Why Is Nad Important For My Health


NAD is found in every cell in your body, where its essential for energy production. Because of this vital role, you need optimal levels of NAD to keep your brain, nerves, and organs functioning.

In addition to ensuring your body has the energy it needs to stay healthy, NAD fills other roles. Its essential for DNA repair and it stimulates the production of neurotransmitters. NAD also promotes cellular communication, strengthens your immune system, and transmits messages from nerves to smooth muscles.

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What Can You Expect From A Nad Treatment Infusion

NAD is given as a high dose infusion protocol. IV infusion boosts serum levels far above oral supplementation. NAD+ stimulates the part of the brain greatly depressed by addiction and quickly restores function.

This decreases cravings and withdrawal symptoms and boosts brain function to better allow involvement in counseling and other therapies.

NAD+ is best used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment program and we can refer you if needed.

Our NAD+ compounds come from a highly reputable experienced pharmacy. They are combined with other high dose amino acids in custom packages dependent on the main drug/type of addiction. We will combine this with infusions of our specialized Vitamin infusion, Hydrate Recovery, which contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids to continue to aid brain recovery and boost health and energy in the process.

Ketamine And Nad Reduce Cravings

In people with drug addiction, the brain creates new pathways related to drug use. When you use drugs, your brain releases chemicals related to behavior reward. Its this reward feedback information that creates new pathways in the brain meant to reinforce the behavior.

These pathways drive you to repeat drug use even if it is causing harm. Ketamine and NAD can help interfere with drug-related pathways. NAD helps flush drugs and alcohol out of the system, while ketamine blocks reward signals related to addiction.

As a result, patients experience reduced cravings for their drug of choice, making it easier to recover mentally and physically. A comprehensive treatment plan can help you abstain and recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Does Insurance Cover Nad Therapy

Although you should always check the details of your plan, its highly unlikely that NAD therapy will be covered by your insurance. Because it hasnt been approved by the FDA, and because it isnt a proven treatment for addiction recovery, this form of therapy will be an out-of-pocket cost.

Going through an entire course of NAD therapy may cost at least several thousand dollars. When considering different therapy providers, ask about the pricing and about payment options. You can also try to negotiate with your insurance company for at least partial coverage.

What Treatment Can Do To Treat Addiction

Food & Addiction: The Other Side – Caloric Restriction

A person who abuses drugs and alcohol has depleted NAD and this makes it hard for them to convert the energy found in food. It is also believed that people with naturally low NAD or produces less NAD are the best candidate to develop an addiction as well as a co-occurring disorder. Besides these facts, there are also other reasons as to why a persons natural reserve of CAD is depleted. It could be due to the following:

  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy
  • Neurodegenerative diseases

All of these can drain a persons energy and lower the levels of NAD. In order to boost it, one must exercise, eat a balanced diet, get plenty of protein intake as well as eating raw food. Many of these practices are often done in treatment facilities for substance abuse disorders. Dietary plans and exercises go hand in hand to help increase NAD and produce a more positive, pleasant feeling to the individual and help encourage them to avoid substance abuse.

If you are suffering from addiction and want to get better, going though IV drip therapy with NAD can help you a lot. Among these benefits include:

  • Helps in addiction recovery from alcohol, nicotine, opioids
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Improves your fatigue
  • Restores muscle function and athletic performance

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Reducing Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is the term that describes what happens when your hearts supply of blood is blocked by build-up in the coronary arteries. It is a major cause of death worldwide, and can be triggered by:

  • High blood pressure

While there are some medications available that can treat heart disease, there is no cure and every year 805,000 Americans have a heart attack.

Many studies have shown that patients with low NAD+ levels are at a higher risk of heart disease, and others have shown that when the body is experiencing heart disease, it works harder to produce NAD+ to help it to heal itself.

Utilising NAD+ therapy can lower your risk of heart disease, alongside maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by keeping the veins and arteries strong and in good condition.

What Is Nad Therapy And Can It Help Addiction Recovery

Because overcoming addiction is a struggle, people turn to a variety of therapeutic interventions at different stages of recovery. They look for ways to ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.

One type of therapy offered at a number of addiction treatment centers involves nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a molecule found in every cell of the body. Some claim that NAD therapy is genuinely helpful for people who are addicted to drugs. But its important to evaluate the evidence and consider whether this particular therapy is right for you.

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Nad+ And Sirt1 Regulate Monoamine Oxidase A

It has been reported that SIRT1 regulates anxiety and addictive behaviour, although the exact mechanism remains unclear . It has been recently reported that the NAD-dependent SIRT1 deacetylates the brain-specific transcription factor NHLH2 on lysine 49, which leads to increases in the activity of the monoamine oxidase A promoter, thus activating MAO-transcription . Since MAO-A is responsible for the degradation of serotonin, increased MAO-A leads to reduced serotonin levels, thus increasing anxiety and depression. MAO-A inhibitors have been reported to normalise anxiety differences in murine models exhibiting altered brain SIRT1 levels. Genetic analysis of unbiased human cohorts reported that the role of sirtuins in regulating anxiety and behavioural disorders is conserved. These studies provide evidence for the role of sirtuins and the essential substrate NAD+ in mediating psychological effects on stress-response pathways .

How Does Nad Work

NAD effective in ending addiction

Those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction suffer from malnutrition and neurotransmitter imbalances because they do not eat the right foods. In addition, addictive substances interfere significantly with normal brain functioning, which relies heavily on neurotransmitters and the brain cells that release them. Our NAD detox revitalizes an addicts poor health by replenishing the body with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.

Through increasing the production of neurotransmitters implicated in addiction, NAD therapy effectively promotes correction of neurotransmitter imbalances underpinning substance abuse and psychological disorders commonly accompanying addiction. Unfortunately, many who struggle with addiction also often suffer from mental illnesses that have not been properly diagnosed.

In fact, they may have become addicted to drugs as a way to escape crippling depression, anxiety, PTSD or schizo-affective disorders. NAD therapy can help treat addictions and mental health issues holistically and without the side effects sometimes caused by anti-addiction medication.

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What Makes Nad Therapy Special

Patients whove undergone Niacin therapy experienced a complete withdrawal of addictive substances without developing severely debilitating withdrawal issues. Its a direct and cheap way of treating the addiction, and it doesnt require the use of synthetic therapeutic agents.

Synthetic agents can pose a health risk. NAD treatment is different. It relies on vitamins, such as Vitamin C, B12, and B-complex, to get the desired results. Vitamin B12 is meant to help with memory loss and poor concentration from heavy drinking.

B-complex vitamins use the cocktail to assist the body in performing numerous functions, such as immunity and energy support. While Vitamin C gets involved in enhancing the body functions associated with the circulatory, immunity, bones, and muscle system.

The treatment also uses IV fluids with a sterile saline base to deliver all these nutrients straight into the bloodstream. It can rehydrate the body and ensure complete nutrient absorption. With the perfect NAD+ quantity, the therapy ensures optimal results.

Therefore, having the opportunity to rely on something with fewer adverse effects might help you restore your health. According to reports, NAD+ could remove the cravings, boost health, ease withdrawal issues, and assist in abstinence.

Is Nad Therapy A Substitute For Other Therapeutic Interventions

Dont look at NAD therapy as a substitute. Instead, see it as a potential supplement. It can become part of your overall approach to fighting addiction.

It isnt a substitute for taking medications, attending group therapy, or making healthy changes to your lifestyle, such as eating nutritious food and exercising regularly. What NAD therapy may do is give you additional strength as you confront the challenges of withdrawal and recovery.

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