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Song About Recovery From Addiction

Linking Park Breaking The Habit

Mini Thin – Breaking Down (LYRIC VIDEO) addiction rehab song opioid opiates recovery alcoholism

I dont know whats worth fighting for Or why I have to scream I dont know why I instigate And say what I dont mean I dont know how I got this way I know its not alright So Im breaking the habit Im breaking the habit tonight. One of rock band Linkin Parks top tracks, Breaking the Habit was inspired by co-lead singer Mike Shinodas former roommate who struggled with addiction. There is not much analysis needed for this song. It is self-explanatory. The lyrics show the pangs and cravings associated with withdrawal as well as the mental anguish it can cause for an addicted individual. Confusion, guilt, anger, and self-hatred all play a part in the addiction recovery process. Whats more, the song ends on an uplifting note. It ultimately promotes sobriety. In the end, being sober has given the individual the clarity to deal with the reason for using in the first place.

If Drinking Dont Kill Me Her Memory Will George Jones

This is an 80s song that reignited George Jones career after recording remarkable success in the mainstream market.

George was known for his battles with cocaine and alcohol, constantly missing shows, and engaging the police in frequent chases because of his addiction problem.

The lyrics are open to anyones interpretation.

And according to some, George merely wanted to show how a divorce or a breakup could affect someones life, with some never recovering from it. And who cant relate that to drug and substance abuse?

It Helps Them Feel Empowered

Some songs about sobriety can help addicts feel empowered. This kind of music can even help addicts feel confident about staying sober during hard times. While songs about sobriety may not be songs that throw words like power around, they often have lyrics that suggest finding strength within oneself.

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Recovery By James Arthur

Recovery has a special meaning to Arthur, who has admitted to having struggled with addiction in the past. He has stated that at one point, he would smoke 15 joints before going to bed. Since recovering, he says that he can be present.5

In this song, Arthur describes the benefits of recovery, explaining that he is now able to soar and continue writing songs. He also alludes to taking charge of his recovery, stating, I designed my recovery.

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One Day At A Time Joe Walsh

Recovery journeys are best taken one day at a time, just like Joe Walsh puts it in his 2012 country song.

Joe pours it out in the track, describing his struggles with alcohol and cocaine addiction. Upon returning from a New Zealand trip in 1989, he sought help toovercome his addiction issues.

He acknowledges the challenging journey but concedes that he has to do it the hard way to lead a sober life again.

In one of the interviews with Billboard Magazine, the singer says, I ran out of options, and I had to stop and learn how to do everything over again sober.

And if the lyrics are anything to go by, Joes might be one of the most inspiring redemption journeys for any recovering addict.

Songs About Addiction That Will Make You Feel Empowered

We all crave inspiration in the form of music at one point or another. For a recovering addict, the need for music to empower and strengthen the spirit can strike at any time. However you source your music, it is always a smart idea to keep an addiction playlist at the ready for those moments when you could use a little extra inspiration.

We have compiled a list of our favorite songs about addiction that will motivate you and help you out through even the darkest of days.

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It Aint Me By Kygo & Selena Gomez

This song about drug addiction is from the perspective of someone who is in love with an addict. In the electronic hit, Selena Gomez sings about a partner who stays out all night. While she outgrows getting high and going out, her partner chooses to stay in that lifestyle. The lyrics, therefore, represent how relationships are affected by substance abuse.

Often, relationships suffer as a result of the behaviors associated with drug or alcohol abuse. While you may not want to stop abusing substances, the toll it takes on the people around you can cause them to put themselves first and leave. Therefore, this song about drug addiction is a good reminder that healthy habits lead to healthy relationships and unhealthy habits lead to unhealthy relationships.

Straight Lines Silver Chair

Tayla Lynn sings emotional song about overcoming addiction – ‘Lord Don’t Give Up On Me’

Straight Lines is about becoming a believer that you can make it through tough times and win. Some think this song reflects the 12-step belief that there is a higher power. The lead singer of Silver Chair, Daniel Johns, battled anorexia, depression, and arthritis. This is his story of recovery. Wake me up lower the fever Walking in a straight line Set me on fire in the evening Everything will be fine Wake me up strong in the morning Walking in a straight line Lately Im a desperate believer But walking in a straight line Its difficult to battle an addiction. Its even more challenging when addiction happens with other mental health issues. This is known as co-occurring disorder. Its important to treat other mental health issues with addiction. Things like depression and anxiety can make someone want to use again. People see drugs as an escape from these issues. However, this song does have a message of hope. The singer describes how much better they feel. In a way, the song parallels the detox process. Some users might want to be set on fire in the evening when theyre withdrawing. However, one day youll wake up strong in the morning. This shows that the bad parts of getting clean will end. When they do, youll feel better than ever before.

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Recover From Addiction With The Owls Nest Recovery

These songs about drug addiction and sobriety can help move you towards recovery or help you stay sober if you are struggling while in recovery. However, if you are actively abusing substances, music alone wont be enough to quit. Addiction requires specialized treatment. If you are struggling with substance addiction, dont wait to reach out. Contact us today at The Owls Nest Recovery to start your journey towards recovery.

Pop Songs About Healing

Recognizable songs from the radio may brighten your day or remind you that others are going through the same things you are as you recover or heal.

7. “In Repair by John Mayer

Mayer discusses how his recovery, in this case from a heartbreak, isnt easy or quick. This hopeful song acknowledges that recovery takes time, and that Im not together, but Im getting there.

8. “Be Okay by Ingrid Michaelson

This beautiful and earnest song discusses how much Michaelson longs to feel okay in the moment, and many who are going through something tough or in healing will empathize with her journey and her wish for a day-to-day okay feeling.

9. “Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

While this song is metaphorical and includes many references, the bridge is clear: in the Spring, Ill shed my skin, and it will blow away with the changing wind. Her vocals point to the possibility of things changing after a long and difficult winter, much as those in healing and recovery must find transition points.

10. “Fix You by Coldplay

This lilting song offers a simple message that one person wants to be part of anothers progress, hoping to be their inspiration. While no one person can fix another, moments in the song may resonate with someone in a healing process.

11. “Swim by Jacks Mannequin

This song encourages people to keep going even when things are hard, to just keep swimming through the tough parts of healing and recovery.

12. “Breathe by Anna Nalick


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The A Team By Ed Sheeran

This song tells the story of a young woman who seems to be struggling with crack cocaine addiction. Ed makes reference to the cocaine use by describing the woman breathing in snowflakes and going mad for a couple grams. He also sings of her spending long nights with strange men and being a call girl, suggesting she is prostituting herself to support her drug use.

Ed has admitted to being personally tempted by the substance abuse that occurs among people in the music industry. He has described the drug and alcohol use that is prevalent among the ones who party, and he has stated that he took some time away from music to cut back on his own drinking and get healthy again.

This Is Me Trying By Taylor Swift

Freedom Song: A Musical About Addiction &  Recovery in the Jewish ...

This Is Me Trying is a song about addiction recovery. Its about how you emotionally drop after giving up drugs and alcohol. The powerful and uplifting song is about how despite all their struggles and hopelessness, theyre still trying. They told me all my cages were mental, so I got wasted like my potential, is about how people use alcohol to deal with their problems. But in the end, pouring out my heart to a stranger. But I didnt pour the whiskey shows that they eventually figured out how to resist the temptation because at least trying.

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Mr Brownstone Guns And Roses

Mr. Brownstore was written by a couple of band members addicted to heroin. Mr. Brownstone is a slang term for the drug. I used to do a little, but a little wouldnt do it, So the little got more and more, is a line that refers to their increased tolerance to heroin. They never set out to become addicted to the substance and express regret at trying it in the first place. They personify heroin as this Mr. Brownstone character. They say that he is not leaving them alone is a way to emphasize how hard it is for them to stop using it.

The Needle And The Damage Done

Released in 1972, this song is backed throughout with acoustic guitar and describes the damage caused by heroin addiction.

In the songs lyrics, Neil Young talks about a close friend he lost through a drug overdose and the damage done.

I caught you knockin at my cellar door

I love you, baby, can I have some more?

Ooh, ooh, the damage done

I hit the city and I lost my band

I watched the needle take another man

Gone, gone, the damage done

I sing the song because I love the man

I know that some of you dont understand

Milk blood to keep from running out

Ive seen the needle and the damage done

A little part of it in everyone

But every junkies like a settin sun

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Sober Tom Macdonald & Madchild

Sober is a song sung by two people with two different stories of addiction. Both stories describe real-life problems addicts face, such as their teeth rotting completely away and running from the law while carrying large amounts of drugs. Tom MacDonald sings, Then I got sober, the madness was over, now I am proud of the man Ive become, to emphasize his recovery.

Max Flinn After Ive Lost It All

Story of an addict – Joe Nester

This is one of the acoustic songs about addiction recovery written by Max Flinn. In After Ive Lost It All, he sings about his own struggles with addiction and how the lifestyle of addiction goes. In the lyrics, he talks about hitting rock bottom and how he dont usually learn their most important lesions until they are losing it all

If you are in an addictive lifestyle, this song can motivate you to get the addiction treatment you need. Just remember, you dont have to hit rock bottom before you ask for help. You can get help here at Blue Hills Recovery Center today.

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I Surrender By Hillsong Worship

This faith-based song expresses a persons cry to God for help. The song speaks of surrendering to God and relying on him for his strength through difficult times. Many individuals, especially in recovery, find that seeking out God and developing their relationship with him helps them stay sober and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Staind Its Been A While

This song peaked at number 5 on the Billboard charts, and many thought it was a song about lost love. It was a song about loveloving heroin. The song is low and dark and shows how deeply loved the drug a heroin addict becomes. Aaron Lewis wrote this song about a man who lost the woman who could cure his addictions and get him on his best self.

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Sixx: Am: Life Is Beautiful

Released as a single in 2007, Life is Beautiful by rock group Sixx:A.M. encourages listeners to focus on positive life experiences. The song provides hope for people enduring challenges, including substance addiction.

    Just open your eyes
    Under the bridge downtownI gave my life away

In the song, Kiedis expresses his desire to remain sober. In a 2016 interview, Kiedis said that he enjoys sobriety because it allows him to spend time with his son and play music.

Truthful Songs About Addiction And Recovery

Pin on Mental Health Group Board

Music. When it comes to artistic expression that communicates the depth of the human experience, there is nothing like it. Sure, we are moved by beautiful artwork, literature, theater, and dance. Oh, but, music! It has a way of reaching in and grabbing us by the soul. One author wrote in Psychology Today that music is a universal language. We hear lyrics that speak to us and immediately feel a profound human connection. This connection transcends race, gender, economic status, and social barriers. This is especially true when it comes to songs about addiction and recovery. Music inspired by the pain that comes with having a drug or alcohol problem calls out to those of us who have been there. In some strange way, hearing the words of another human being who has struggled with substance abuse is cathartic. Songs about addiction speak to our personal history and let us know we are not alone in the world. It tells us that others have shared in our personal struggles, survived, and found a way to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol.

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Freaking Out By A R I Z O N A

Its refreshing to see a diverse group of men talk about anxiety so openly in their music, and this song by A R I Z O N A accurately describes how it feels to have a panic attack. Its a relatable song that can highlight the reality you feel during recovery. It can make you feel less alone knowing that others have felt these same anxieties.

Lately, right now I feel like its all overCause Ive been trapped inside my head for so longIm sorry, I shouldve called when I was soberSome days I get scared to be alone

I, Im blacking outAnd I cant help itI, I scream and shoutAnd I cant help butSleeping with the light on every nightI cant stand my bedroom, I put blankets on the couchWoah, its killing me, Im burning up insideWoah, Im a mess right now and Im just freaking outIm seeing sounds, Im freaking out

Drawing The Line Between Glorification And Addiction

Melodies and notes can have a profound effect on brain chemistry but what about lyrics?

Things start to get dicey here because many songs glorify drug use and addiction. Songs like this may not be the devil like many Christian preachers might say, but they can lead to a relapse in the initial stages of recovery.

Hearing a song about having an ice-cold beer after a long day at work could definitely send a person over the edge if theyre new to recovery or dont have a solid support system especially if alcohol wasnt their drug of choice, for example.

On the other hand, some people may think a song glorifies substance use but on closer examination of the lyrics, it talks about the horrors and despair of struggling with addiction.

In these cases, each person needs to think about what the song means tothem.

If a song brings up vivid war stories of using and reminds someone of their best days in addiction like grabbing a fix but the lyrics mention nothing about drugs, they should still probably avoid listening to that song, for example.

Songs can bring up suppressed memories and emotions, so its important for everyone especially people with substance use disorders to be hyper-aware of how songs affect them.

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