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Christian Alcoholics And Addicts In Recovery

What Is Outpatient Drug Rehab

Huntsville faith-based treatment helps those battling addiction, alcoholism

Outpatient addiction rehab is a non-residential, therapy-based type of treatment for drug addiction. Here, well review the main types of therapies found in most outpatient programs. Then, we invite your questions or comments about drug rehab at …

drug rehabdrug rehabdrug rehabALCOHOLDRUG

Have The Courage To Change What You Can

Substance users avoid addiction treatment because its a difficult process to go through in order to achieve the reward of a sober life. Families likewise avoid intervention because they dont want to go through the difficult process of saying no to their loved one and weathering the emotional firestorm that it will bring.

To get through this process, families need two things:

  • Courage: Yes, this will be uncomfortable. Yes, your loved one will probably say that they hate you for refusing to continue accommodating them. Yes, you can weather the storm and enjoy a better life if you have the courage to do so.
  • Professional intervention assistance: If your loved one had cancer, you wouldnt try to treat it all by yourself. Interventions also require expert help to have the best chance of success.
  • Seven Principles For An Addiction Free Life

    1. Bring Past Out Into The Open

    Talk about your past with your counselors or trusted friends. The goal is to rid your past from your spiritual bank by forgiving all the people you need to forgive. It is also important to forgive yourself! If you have a difficult time forgiving, express yourself on paper and then mail it to them. Give up your past by not hanging on to it any longer. You can be free of your negative past for good when you just let it go.2. Treat Yourself With Love and Kindness

    You dont have to beat yourself up every night, for whatever reason you might try to do that. You have to treat yourself good. Addiction does not make you a bad person addiction in itself is bad, period! There is a beautiful person behind the addiction that needs and wants to break free from its hold let yourself free. Breaking free deserves loving the person you are. Because you love who you are and care about the person God created you to be, you can break free from addiction and live a productive, healthy, and happy life.

    3. Take Control of Your Addiction

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    John Leonard Founder & Ceo

    Disciple of Jesus, redeemed opiate addict. John is a graduate of Millsaps College in Jackson, MS and was the Director of Marketing and Intake at The Retreat in Wayzata, MN for over eleven years. He helped grow the organization from a 20 bed experiment to a 145 bed continuum of services. Prior to joining The Retreat, John spent ten years in sales and marketing in the telecommunications and real estate industries.

    John lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota. He is an avid cyclist and enjoys fishing and spending time outdoors with his wife Lesley and their two boys Joseph and Julian. His personal experience with addiction and passion for sharing the hope and promise of the gospel are the driving forces behind the Redemption House vision.

    What Is Alcohol Rehab Like

    Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

    Alcohol rehab has been described as an intensive therapeutic experience, like a combination of sleep-away camp and counseling. Read on to find out what to expect during alcohol rehab here. Then, we invite your questions about rehab at the end. …

    alcohol rehabsalcohol rehabAlcoholAlcoholDrug

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    Find A Christian Drug And Alcohol Rehab Today

    Christian addiction treatment can help people rediscover their faith in God while also helping them build a life free of substance abuse. If youre an individual of the Christian faith and struggling with addiction, you may find that a Christian recovery plan works better for you than other treatments options. Contact a treatment provider today to talk about rehab options.

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    Reviewed by Certified Addiction Professional: January 15, 2020

    David Hampton

    Christian Drug Rehab Centers: 5 Must Haves

    ARTICLE OVERVIEW: This article reviews what to look for from a quality Christian drug rehab. Then, we invite your questions in the comments section at the end. ESTIMATED READING TIME: 5 minutes TABLE OF CONTENTS: Quality Indicators 5 MUST HAVES 1. …

    alcoholdrugsChristian drug rehab

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    The Christian 12 Steps

    Those who are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction often find it helpful to gain strength from a higher power and to work to develop their own spirituality. Christians naturally gain strength from their faith in Christ, and some organizations …

    drugs, alcoholChristian rehab

    Overcoming Addiction & Enabling With Gods Help

    “God, I can’t Stop” – God Delivered him from Drug Addiction

    Remember, it is out of a well-intentioned heart that families enable the addictions of their loved ones you dont desire someone you love or care about to suffer.

    The reality is consequences, and suffering itself is an intervention by God.

    Galatians 6:7 states, Dont be misledyou cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.

    Loving discipline involves letting your loved one feel the consequences of their actions. For the addict or alcoholic to see the results of their behavior absent of your help and support. By letting go, you are allowing them the opportunity to be held accountable. Enabling disables Gods work.

    Enabling tells an addict that its okay to harm themselves and those around them and allows the addiction on its best day to remain the same and on its worst day to strengthen in destruction. Addiction is progressive, chronic, and fatal. Enabling expedites this and puts the family in the drivers seat after kicking God out. The acronym for EGO is Edging God Out.

    Addicts, Alcoholics, and their families do not change their behavior when things are going well. They only consider something different when things are going unwell. Letting your loved one experience the consequences of their addiction is allowing them to hear God without distraction:

    No discipline is enjoyable while it is happeningits painful! But afterward, there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained this way. Hebrews 12:11

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    What Is Inpatient Drug Rehab Like

    Inpatient drug rehab definition Inpatient drug rehab is residential, sleep-over treatment where patients who have abused or become addicted to drugs come for detox and treatment. Inpatient drug rehab programs provide services for medical detox, …

    drug rehabdrug rehabdrugdrugalcohol

    Why Isnt My Faith That My Loved One Will Get Better Actually Working

    Enabling happens when families are trying to help, but in doing so, they are not allowing their loved one to feel the consequences of his or her actions. Committing to getting help to overcome addiction is the responsibility of the substance user. But usually, when families help their loved one, they are making the addict or alcoholic comfortable in their addiction.

    Comfortable people have absolutely no motivation to change their behavior. Theyd rather be comfortable than face the discomfort and discipline of change that is necessary to overcome addiction.

    Dont be misledyou cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Galatians 6:7

    When families stop enabling, this allows the substance user to experience the full consequences of addiction, which in turn is letting God do His job.

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    Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Programs: How Long

    Are you considering alcohol rehab for yourself or a loved one? First of all, good for you! Programs for alcoholism typically last for 1-3 months, although some suggest longer terms of stay based on individual need. More here on the duration of both …

    alcohol rehabdrugDrugalcohol

    The Cost Of Addiction Treatment Is A Barrier To Recovery

    Pin by Dawn Elliott on Celebrate Recovery

    Out of the 21 million people in America who require treatment for a substance abuse disorder, only about 1 percent actually received specialty treatment . According to SAMHSA, the two most commonly reported reasons for not receiving substance use treatment among people aged 12 or older who knew they needed treatment, were that they were not ready to stop using or that they had no health coverage and could not afford the cost of treatment. The cost of addiction treatment is a barrier to many who know they need help but are afraid to make the commitment to pay for treatment.

    When adding up the price of addiction, however, it becomes clear that the cost of remaining in an addiction is much more than the cost of rehab. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is costly not only because drugs and alcohol arent cheap, but because of lost wages at work, health care costs, and legal fees. When these costs are added up over the lifetime of the addiction, they greatly outweigh an addiction rehab programs costs.

    Not only is the cost of rehab less than the cost of addiction, but rehab facilities now offer a variety of ways to help clients afford treatment. Most facilities accept insurance for treatment, and many also offer payments plans, scholarships, or loans. The goal is to help more people overcome their addiction, and treatment centers are working to make their programs as affordable as possible.

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    What Is Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

    Q: What is outpatient alcohol rehab? A: Outpatient rehabs are registered clinics that provide non-residential treatment for drinking problems during which you attend daily or weekly therapy sessions for 3-20 hours per week. More here on the …

    rehabdrugalcohol rehabalcohol rehab

    Do Alcohol Rehab Centers Work

    Yes, alcohol rehab centers can help you get sober. In fact, alcohol rehab centers are one effective option for people seeking treatment for alcoholism. But do alcohol rehab centers really work? Are they worth your time and money? Read on to discover …

    alcohol-freealcohol rehabalcohol rehabdrugdrug

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    Alcohol Rehab Facilities: 5 Things To Avoid

    How to ensure success? Whether you choose to go to rehab, rely on self-help programs, get therapy, or take a self-directed treatment approach, support is essential. Dont try to go it alone. Here, we review some common DOS AND DONTS when …

    Alcohol rehabalcoholdrugalcoholalcohol

    Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers For Couples Near Me

    Christian Faith-Based Rehab Program – The Balancing Act

    Same Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers for Couples Near Me Partnerships where both individuals struggle with substance abuse disorder are common. Even if both partners are actively trying to make the relationship work, couples or married …

    Christian rehabdrugalcoholrehab is a subsidiary of American Addiction Centers . We are here 24/7 to help you understand your drug addiction treatment options.

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    Drug Addiction Rehab Centers: Whats Included

    Whats covered during a stay at a drug addiction rehab center? Are specific services charged extra? What are some of the basic treatments? We review what you can expect during drug rehab here. Then, we invite your questions about drug rehab …

    drugrehabalcoholdrug rehabrehabdrugChristians

    Justin Lakemacher Program Director

    Justin has tremendous passion for the gospel and recovery and an infectious love for the Lord. As a former heroin addict for seven years, he has personal experience with addiction. He found freedom through Christ and since 2011 has worked in the Christian rehab & recovery field shepherding men and helping them worship their way out of addiction.

    Justin has completed both the Foundations of Biblical Counseling & Topics of Biblical counseling curricula offered by the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation . He has a pastors heart and is serving in a bi-vocational role at Cornerstone Community Church where he runs a Christ-centered addiction recovery meeting, counsels those struggling with addiction and assists with preaching duties. Justin writes regularly for the Redemption House blog and devotes much of his time to thinking biblically about addiction. His lovely wife Megan is a music therapist and serves on the worship team at church. Justin and Megan enjoy travel, hiking, reading and music.

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    Typology Of Religious And Spiritual Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities Recovery Programs And Support Groups

    We will now provide an overview of religious and spiritual substance abuse treatment in the USA, which is necessary because, in the Valuation section, we use data from A.A. as a proxy for congregationally provided recovery support groups, which can be religious, spiritual, or both.

    The Department of Health and Human Services database of more than 14,500 specialized facilities for persons suffering from SUD provides barely any searchable information on whether the providers incorporate a religious element or whether the provider is a faith-based organization . In fact, there is no central directory or coordinating body that reports on or tracks faith-based initiatives and their effectiveness. Therefore, to better understand the role of spirituality, religion, and faith-based interventions in substance abuse treatment and recovery, we propose a typology for treatment and recovery programs and support groups along the vertical axis of spirituality and the horizontal axis of religiosity . This typology aids in understanding how religion and spirituality are related phenomena and not mutually exclusive . Spirituality is also comfortable to many who have a secular orientation. For instance, A.A. Agnostics of the San Francisco Bay Area considers its branching communities as spiritual programs. The definition provided in the Introduction section illustrates the overlaps between religion and spirituality.

    Spiritual but Not Religious Substance Abuse Recovery

    Christian Addiction Recovery Program

    Prayer Of The Day

    If you are interested in finding freedom from your addiction to drugs and alcohol, Recovery Centers of America has a Christian Addiction Recovery Program, Freedom, which will allow you to fortify your faith as you liberate yourself from the chains of addiction. With its combination of proven general treatment techniques together with the best in faith-based Christian addiction counseling, the Freedom program provides ideal Christian help for addiction.

    If youd like to call me directly to discuss your recovery and/or our Freedom program, call 877-730-0438. I wholeheartedly welcome and look forward to your calls every day of the week. Do not hesitate to reach out.

    If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs and alcohol, call Recovery Centers of America now .

    Pastor Jason Krail

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    Sections Of The Study

    In this study, we will give a brief overview of the substance abuse crisis and then examine the empirical evidence illustrating faiths contribution to preventing people from falling victim to substance abuse and helping them recover from it. After mapping the extensive literature in this field, we will introduce and flesh out a typology of faith-based substance abuse treatment facilities, recovery programs, and support groups. This will provide essential background as we then make an economic valuation of nearly 130,000 congregational substance abuse recovery programs in the USA.1 We will then discuss the implications of these findings in light of the current trends of dropping religious affiliation and rising opioid addiction in the country.

    The Christian Stress And Alcohol

    We are living in an age where stress pushes at us from all sides. We live with a real threat of nuclear war. There is armed conflict in parts of our world. Famine, natural disasters, inflation and unemployment are nationwide. Things are going from bad to worse.

    Apart from the pressure in the world, each one of us face stress and tension in our daily lives and situations. Underemployment and unemployment are very real problems that hurt us not only financially, but threaten us with feelings of inadequacy and loss of self-esteem.

    Another cause of stress can be attributed to a simple lack of communication on the job, between husband and wife, or between parent and child. We have the young mother with a thousand seemingly endless duties at home. There is the husband at work with pressure to meet deadlines. At days end, when the husband comes home, there can be real conflict unless there is an attempt to honest communication.

    There is stress in the life of the single person who may have feelings of loneliness or rejection. There is the ministry whose life may become a seemingly endless cycle of handling one counseling crisis after another, while still expected to be an outstanding church leader, perfect husband, and loving father. There is the worker in the factory saddled with what seems to be a boring, dead-end job.

    In conclusion, the Christian who suffers with a drinking problem can be helped and can realize fully his identity as a new creature in Christ.

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    Christian Alcoholics & Addicts In Recovery

    • Address: 40152 S. 700 Road Jay 74346 Oklahoma


    Christian Alcoholics & Addicts In Recovery in Jay, Okla. is one of the states 49 private, for-profit rehab facilities, offering a long-term residential treatment program for men struggling with chemical dependency. CAAIR is among 52% of the facilities in Oklahoma to offer a program specifically for men. Detox is not offered on-site. CAAIR is recommended by the state for drug offenders as an alternative to prison sentences.


    Admission is granted to men with no history of violence or a mental health disorder that requires medication. The minimum length of stay is one year, and clients attend weekly individual and small group therapy throughout the duration of treatment.

    Programs are faith-based and rooted in the 12-Step model of recovery. Clients attend daily meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous . On Saturdays, the facility brings in a speaker for these groups. Clients must also attend non-denominational services for the first 16 weeks of recovery, after which they may choose to attend or not.


    CAAIR employs staff who have gone through recovery themselves, some of whom graduated from this program. The staff includes administrative specialists such as dorm managers, Christian clergy, a 12-Step counselor, licensed social workers, and licensed counselors.



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