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Who Is Addiction Network Guy

Terrible Commercials: The Addiction Network

The Addiction Network Commercial

The one problem with watching a small, nothing of a TV station is, the commercials are often very cheap, very annoying, and played constantly because that station is the only one they can afford to advertise on. And the station doesnt get a lot of traffic, so no bigger names will advertise on it. What you get is three commercial breaks every half hour where you see the same 4 or 5 commercials for years at a time.

Out of those commercials, sometimes, comes one that rules them all. The one that is so terrible, that people love it for being so terrible, so that advertiser thinks the people want more of it, so they make more and more terrible commercials. It is almost a decent show in and of itself, because everybody is always wondering just how bad can they get? Each new installment is met with wide, staring eyes, and bated breath.

Thats how J.G. Wentworth got famous. Not that its needed, but Ill have a post on them one day.

From the very first moment I saw this commercial, I was floored. It only took once. The guy acting in this is just phenomenal at being terrible. If overacting got an award, this guy should win it year after year.

Not to mention his awesome costume. I mean, hes wearing surgical scrubs.

Why is the guy in the addiction network commercial wearing surgical scrubs? Is he going to operate on the pizza center of my brain?

Andy Richter

Its okay! Im a douchebag!

Instead, hes T.A.N.

So now that we know who he is, the mystery is over.

The Ethics Of Returning An Unknown Call For Treatment Services

As any first year graduate student in psychology can tell you, privacy and confidentiality are significant concerns of anyone seeking treatment services for a behavioral health or substance abuse issue. Many people dont want their family or even partner knowing that they are getting or seeking treatment. That is their right and is considered protected health information under the law.

A professional should never call back an individual and leave any identifying information about the service theyre calling from, because the person might be in an abusive situation. You just dont know. The person may have called from a shared home telephone number. Leaving identifying information could open the victim up to further, additional abuse.

Now, had I been an abusive husband who is dealing with alcohol addiction, and my wife had just tried calling this referral line, Id have reason to believe my wife betrayed me. And sadly what follows in this hypothetical situation isnt all that difficult to imagine.

To me, this is very simple. Therapists and addiction treatment referral people should not make any assumptions about the people who contact them. And there is no relationship established just because I call your number and hang up. Assuming it is perfectly okay to contact someone who hung up on you without saying a word and leave a voicemail message is wrong. Doing it twice is doubly wrong.

A Doctor With A Phone And A Mission

Startled by the hard sell addicts face, a psychologist discovered the rehab industrys customer acquisition tricks, one crank call at a time.


More than 200,000 people seek addiction treatment on the phone or online every month. Few of them realize that their pleas for help are a valuable commodity one that is quietly fought over by those angling to turn a distress signal into cash.

Addicts represent big money to treatment centers, which are happy to pay a middleman $50 for a lead on a patient who might generate $40,000 or more in insurance claims in a matter of months. That is why television ads offering help to addicts air constantly nationwide.

But lead generators, or lead gens, arent necessarily the ideal path to rehab clinics as Dr. Alan Goodwin, an inquisitive psychologist in Palm Beach, Fla., accidentally discovered earlier this year. That discovery led him on a monthslong personal mission to try to understand the ethically murky business of customer acquisition in the treatment world.

It started when Dr. Goodwin, who works as an education and health care consultant, phoned a local substance abuse awareness coalition with a question about the format of a presentation he was to make. Instead of the organization, he got a recording saying the number had been disconnected but before he could hang up, the message continued.

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Before Fieri Made It Big On Food Network He Had A Different Kind Of Tv Job

In 2001, five years before Fieri won “Food Network Star,” he was working for a;company called Flowmaster;that specialized in mufflers and other car parts.

He was featured on;a couple of commercials;for;the brand, but he’s a more subdued version of the TV personality we know today.

His Name Hasn’t Always Been Guy Fieri

Finding nearby SKS

He was actually born under the legal name Guy Ramsey Ferry, according to

But he didn’t just make the name up Fieri is actually his grandfather’s given family surname.;

When his grandfather immigrated to the US from Italy, he changed the spelling to Ferry. As a nod to his grandfather, Guy changed his last name from Ferry to Fieri when he married his wife, Lori, in 1995.

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A Comprehensive Introduction 9th Edition

Drug addiction network guy. Narconon was established 19 february 1966 as a drug rehabilitation program based on the book scientology. The last image we have of patrick cagey is of his first moments as a free man. Howard abadinsky cengage learning 2018 416 pp isbn.

Drug use and abuse. He has just walked out of a 30 day drug treatment center in georgetown. What follows are stories of.

The opioid epidemic killed more than 33000 people in 2015. Would rats choose to take drugs if given a stimulating environment and company. Palm beach florida us.

A look at americas opioid crisis. Comic about a classic experiment into drug addiction science. Welcome to the soberrecovery.

A wonder drugs trail of addiction and death. Inside a killer drug epidemic. Your guide to alcoholism drug addictions help and information.

Alcoholism drug addiction help and information. Radio host political. Several drug manufacturers targeted in lawsuits over the opioid crisis have asked a federal judge in cleveland to sanction ohios governor elect and.

Among the most common psychotropic drugs are opiates hallucinogens barbiturates. Southeast missouri state university did not graduate occupation. Drug use use of drugs for psychotropic rather than medical purposes.

Shaun Hittle On Twitter I Wouldn T Let The Guy From The Addiction

The Addiction Network Commercial Drug Or Alcohol Problem 30sec

Addiction Network I Wish My Video Commercials I Hate Page 2

Pillow Guy Or The Sealant Guy Telecaster Guitar Forum

He Started Eating Sushi When He Was A Kid

Per a 2017 interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Fieri said that he was eating sushi as a young kid.

He attributes his adventurous taste buds to his parents, saying that, “My dad was the one who probably had the most influence on me cooking because he would always challenge me to try different things.”

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This Guy From An Addiction Rehab Commercial

“I could have had the best treatment if my parents had insurance”- if we don’t have insurance, don’t bother calling.. Absolutely ridiculous

What are you talking about?

I thought all drug counselors and behavioral therapists used stethoscopes. Listening to heart and breath sounds are an integral part of breaking the cycle of addiction

Nah the passages Malibu guy is worse. “I used to be an addict. Now I’m not.” Like who the fuck says that? You don’t just “stop” being an addict.

“I was an addict for ten years, AND NOW I’M NOT.”

The way he fucking says it, too! Like poof, magic.

Yes! I want to punch my tv everytime he comes on and says that bulshit.

A month late but I used to be friends with his daughter.

Pax is a pretty nice guy actually, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he still snorted rails.

I think the “I tried crack cocaine” guy that looks like he is close to laughing is easily more hittable.

I’m not getting the pang of impotent rage that I joined this sub for. Do I need to have seen the ad?

It might help to know that this guy isn’t a doctor, he intentionally wears his glasses like that, and imo- acts like a savior for addicts. But I guess it’s different for everyone

I love these commercials! “I smoked crack cocaine” guy is my hero. Also, this doctor has such a pissy tone the whole commercial, like, “you stupid junkies, you’d better call this number or I’ll kick your ass”. Classic commercial.

Who Is The Addiction Network & Why Should You Trust Them

Dwight’s Addiction Network

The Addiction Network appears to be a service of Pro Media Group, a direct response marketing and advertising agency in Miami, Florida. Thats right youre getting your addiction treatment referral from a marketing and advertising company.

The registered corporate manager of The Addiction Network LLC in Florida is one Jonathan Peress, an executive vice president at Pro Media Group.

The only web presence I could find for The Addiction Network is at That site says it was created by Soap Creative Services. Soap Creative Services CEO is Anthony Provenzano, according to Florida corporate records. And the owner of the website is registered to a company called Winston Wolfe Media Group and, yes, the same Anthony Provenzano. Tony also just happens to be a senior vice president at Pro Media Group.

Why are there so many shell companies involved in this effort, all seemingly owned or run by the same people at Pro Media Group? We reached out to the company for comment, and our call was returned by their attorney who wanted to understand the type of article we were writing before the company would respond to our questions. When asked about the multitude of companies, the attorney replied:

Which doesnt do much to explain why the principals of these other companies are all senior management at ProMedia.

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Who Are These Tv Commercial Actors

Though we know their iconic faces and taglines, we know so little about the actors behind TV’s most memorable commercials. Get to know more about the spokespeople selling you insurance, fast food, mobile plans and more.

Remember the Bugle Boy Jeans Woman? In the ’80s, guys hoped all it would take to snag a drop-dead gorgeous woman like her would be to slip into a pair of these now-extinct jeans. But there’s more to British model Annabel Schofield than just denim curiosity; she had her own production company. BING: WHAT HIT SHOW OF THE ’80s WAS SHE ON?

Theres A Better Way To Measure Tv & Streaming Ad Roi

  • Real-Time Ad Measurement Across Linear and CTV
  • TV Ad Attribution & Benchmarking
  • Real-Time Video Ad Creative Assessment

The Addiction Network is offering a free consultation and referral to people who have problems with drugs or alcohol.

None have been identified for this spot
  • Submit ONCE per commercial, and allow 48 to 72 hours for your request to be processed.
  • Once verified, the information you provide will be displayed on our site.
None have been identified for this spot.
  • Submissions should come only from actors, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency.
  • Submit ONCE per commercial, and allow 48 to 72 hours for your request to be processed.
  • Once verified, the information you provide will be displayed on our site.

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Be Careful When Calling Those Addiction Treatment Hotlines

You have to love a guy dressed up in surgical scrubs with a stethoscope trying to sell you addiction treatment services. You know, those seedy inpatient rehab facilities that claim they can self-police their own horrible, terrible marketing practices.

But as this television commercial, thats been airing for years on cable TV, clearly demonstrates, there remains very little thats ethical about addiction treatment marketing. Thats especially true if you get suckered into calling one of those addiction treatment hotlines you see on TV or on a website.

As we noted in August 2018, the rehab industry still needs federal oversight and regulation. Thats because its shown a curious detachment from the typical morals and ethics that govern most industries whose job it is to help people get well.

Enter The Addiction Network.

Ostensibly some sort of referral network that treatment centers need to pay in order to be a part of, it runs laughable television commercials on cable TV, preying on people who dont understand how the rehab industrys aggressive treatment referral pipeline works.

Debates On The Classification

The Addiction Network TV Spot,

A meta-analytic review of pathological gaming studies concluded that about 3% of gamers may experience some symptoms of pathological gaming. The report noted problems in the field with defining and measuring pathological gaming and concluded that pathological gaming behaviors were more likely the product of underlying mental health problems rather than the inverse.

Barnett and Coulson expressed concern that much of the debate on the issue of addiction may be a knee jerk response stimulated by poor understanding of games and game players. Such issues may lead both society and scholars to exaggerate the prevalence and nature of problematic gaming, and over-focus on games specifically, while ignoring underlying mental health issues.

Other scholars have cautioned that comparing the symptoms of problematic gaming with problematic gambling is flawed, and that such comparisons may introduce research artifacts and artificially inflate prevalence estimates. For instance, Richard Wood has observed that behaviors which are problematic in regards to gambling may not be as problematic when put into the context of other behaviors that are rewarding such as gaming. Similarly, Barnett and Coulson have cautioned that discussions of problematic gaming have moved forward prematurely without proper understanding of the symptoms, proper assessment and consequences.

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Fieri Officiated 101 Same

When Florida lifted the ban on same-sex marriage in January 2015, Fieri started planning an extravagant celebration during which he would officiate a huge wedding ceremony.

He and chef Art Smith invited 101 same-sex couples to join him for the free event in Miami, where they gathered other celebrity chefs, including Duff Goldman, to cater fried chicken, crab-stuffed avocados, and a seven-tiered wedding cake.

He reportedly did the event in honor of his late sister, according to USA Today.

He Also Codirected And Starred In A Documentary That Chronicled The Restaurant Industry In 2020

“Restaurant Hustle 2020: All on the Line” premiered on December 27, 2020, and documented four restaurants across the US as they were forced to close or curtail operations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The documentary focused on the innovative strategies the owners came up with to save their businesses, keep their workers employed, and serve their communities.

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What Do The Presidents Son George Floyd And Rapper Dmx Have In Common A Disease Called Addiction

Unveiling of a mural painted by artist Kenny Altidor depicting George Floyd on a sidewall of CTown … Supermarket on July 13, 2020 in Brooklyn, NY.

On the surface, they couldnt be more different. A lawyer and son of the current United States president. A high school athlete and father whose life gained national attention because of the gut-wrenching way it ended. And a multiplatinum rapper and actor who is currently on a ventilator, fighting for his life. The common thread among these individuals was the illness they battled throughout their lives for which they were shamed and judged: substance use disorder or addiction.

Today is the release date of Beautiful Things, a memoir by Hunter Biden. In it, the oldest surviving son of President Joe Biden describes the pain of losing his mother, baby sister and big brother; the dissolution of his marriage; as well as his decades-long addiction to and ultimate recovery from alcohol and crack cocaine. Like most people with an SUD, Biden went to extraordinary lengths to score his next hit, from staying in cheap motels to being held at gunpoint. His ordeals with addiction-induced indignities are not unique.

Combine with addiction and it is a really hard thing to overcome, said Hunter Biden. I was basically drinking myself to death.

Hunter Biden credits his recovery to the unconditional love from his family, … including Jill Biden , President Joe Biden and sister, Ashley.


What Happens When You Call


I decided to call the number that flashed on my screen during a TV commercial break one weekday evening earlier this month. The number connected me to Treatment Management Behavioral Health. I called twice just to make sure I would get connected to the same referral service.

The company is part of an enormous rehab empire called Treatment Management Company that is apparently owned by Bryan Deering, according to The Verge: .))

But those arent the only businesses in Aid in Recoverys network. Company filings and court records reveal a tangled web of holding companies within blandly named holding companies, adding up to a multimillion-dollar rehab business, all tied together by an LLC called Treatment Management Company. It spans four states, and includes phone rooms, urinalysis labs, detoxes, and rehabs. All of them are connected to one man, Bryan Deering, a millionaire who made his money in concrete.

The concerning thing wasnt that I was connected to something that clearly wasnt The Addiction Network. No, far more worrisome was that after I had hung up on them , they called me back immediately. They also left a voicemail:

Polite, right? But oh so wrong.

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