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24 Hour Drug Addiction Helpline

Are Prescription Drug Helplines Free

Intervention: Sierras Frightening Drug Use Leads to Psychotic Break | A& E

The National Drug Helpline on is a free prescription drug hotline. Your calls to this toll-free number are free. The information provided is also free. You can call the National Drug Helpline even if you dont have health insurance. However, if you decide to start treatment, you will need insurance or pay out-of-pocket for rehab.

Besides the risk of serious health consequences, prescription drug misuse puts you at risk of accidents, legal trouble, poor performance at work, breakdown in relationships, and death from overdose. Call the National Drug Helpline on to start your recovery.

Dr. Jennifer Merrill

Dr. Jennifer Merrill is an Associate Professor in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Brown University. She received her PhD in 2012 from the University at Buffalo, and is a licensed clinical psychologist in Rhode Island .

Dr. Merrill has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, Addictive Behaviors and Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Her published work includes ‘Drinking over the lifespan: Focus on college ages’ and ‘Event-level correlates of drinking events characterized by alcohol-induced blackouts’.


Drug Abuse Vs Addiction

An Introduction to Drug Abuse and Addiction Drug abuse, addiction and alcoholism are three of the most common problems plaguing adolescents, teens, and adults alike. Recent reports place the numbers of Americans, aged 12 and older, suffering from …

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Alcohol And Drug Addiction Helplines In California

An interesting fact about California helplines is that thats where they originated from. The first telephone helplines in the United States were suicide prevention hotlines that appeared in 1959, in San Francisco. However, during the 1970s, it became evident that other vulnerable and sensitive population groups were also in need of this kind of service. Thats why this form of help started providing support to sexual assault victims, survivors of domestic and child abuse, the LGBTQ+ community, individuals with mental health issues, and, of course, people with substance abuse issues. The California hotlines were free, anonymous, and allowed callers to talk about anything that was on their minds without fear of consequences.1

Alcohol or drug addiction helpline remains an indispensable resource for substance abuse in California since thousands of lives are still being lost to opioid addiction. Between 2006 and 2017, more than half of all drug overdose deaths in LA County involved prescription drug abuse, more than 70% of which were prescription opioids.2 Its estimated that 45% of drug overdose deaths in the state involved opioids in 2018, while deaths involving heroin continued to rise. These drug abuse statistics speak volumes about the California drug problem.3

Among individuals aged 12 or older, only 7.2% of those dependent on alcohol received treatment for alcohol abuse, while 11.7% of those addicted to illicit drugs received treatment for their drug abuse .4

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Addiction Hotline Questions: Am I Addicted To Drugs

Addiction is different for each person living with the disease and can be difficult to identify. However, certain indicators are common among substance users, including the following criteria, which are used by professionals to assess if a person has a substance use disorder :2,3

  • An inability to stop using the drug.
  • Spending a lot more time alone than normal.
  • Spending a lot of time obtaining, using, or recovering from the drug.
  • Sleeping at odd hours.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Engaging in illegal activities to obtain the drug.

These are some of the signs of drug addiction, but they are not the only ones. If you or a loved one has experienced 2 or more of these signs within the last 12 months, it may be time to seek help. Calling an addiction helpline number may be an important first step towards sobriety.

What Are The Signs That A Persons Dealing With Alcohol Addiction


Its not uncommon for someone to keep drinking despite the damage excessive and frequent abuse of alcohol is causing them and their loved ones. Its especially dangerous for expecting mothers to consume alcohol, as the damage this can cause the unborn baby could be beyond repair.9

Typical signs that a person may be diagnosed with alcoholism may include:1

  • Excessive or prolonged abuse of alcohol, even in situations where this can cause great harm such as driving.
  • Intense cravings and a strong urge to use alcohol.
  • Being tolerant to alcohol and having to increase alcohol intake and frequency of consumption to achieve the desired effect.
  • Developing unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal when not using alcohol.
  • Losing interest in any activities that do not involve alcohol use.
  • Inability to fulfill regular personal, professional, or academic obligations because of alcohol abuse.
  • Continuing to abuse alcohol in spite of the issues it causes, including its detrimental effect on the persons interpersonal relationships and social life.
  • Inability to reduce or stop alcohol abuse despite multiple attempts to do so.
  • Investing time and effort into procuring, using and recovering from alcohol abuse.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment And Rehab

Drinking alcohol is a common and often problematic occurrence throughout the United States, where approximately 17 million people were classified as heavy drinkers in 2020. 1 In that same year, more then 28 million people in the U.S., ages 12 and …


National Institute Of Mental Health Information Resource Center

The National Institute of Mental Health Information Resource Center hotline helps people suffering from mental illness find the resources they need to get treatment, including crisis intervention. Services are available in English and Spanish at 1-866-615-6464 or 1-866-415-8051 for TTY users. Live help is limited to regular hours, though online chat is also available.

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What Comes Next After Calling The Nevada Drug Abuse Hotline Number

Upon calling an NV addiction help hotline, your call will be answered by a well-trained representative, who will ask a few questions and carefully evaluate your situation. Its up to you whether you want to share any of your private information. However, if you decide to do so, you will help the hotline advisor to assess your condition, present you with available options and suggest possible next steps. Some of the questions youd generally be asked are:7

  • Are you experiencing a crisis or is your life in immediate danger?
  • How old are you and whats your location?
  • Are you aware of any co-existing mental health issues?
  • Do you think youre ready to start treatment?
  • Specifics about your alcohol or heroin addiction.
  • Insurance or other financial status information.

Dui Laws In Louisiana

Tour Hazelden Betty Ford – Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Newberg, Oregon

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Have you recently been charged with a DUI? This article reviews laws, penalties, and general legal procedures for DUI charges in Louisiana. We invite your questions at the end. TABLE OF CONTENTS: DUI vs. DWI Checkpoints Legal …

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How To Help A Loved One With Dilaudid Addiction

How to Approach a Dilaudid Addict Helping a loved one with a Dilaudid addiction can be incredibly challenging. It is important to be supportive and helpful without enabling your loved one to continue using. Some tips from the National Council on …


Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Programs: How Long

Are you considering alcohol rehab for yourself or a loved one? First of all, good for you! Programs for alcoholism typically last for 1-3 months, although some suggest longer terms of stay based on individual need. More here on the duration of both …

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Substance Abuse Hotlines Offer Help To Those In Need

Overcoming addiction can be the struggle of a lifetime and finding help at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. Many of the people who are ready to start treatment need help to find the right programs and other resources nearby that can get them off to a good start. Likewise, many family members of people with substance abuse issues often feel helpless and confused. Finding help for themselves and their loved ones can make all the difference in the world for them.

This guide summarized what a substance abuse hotline is, what services it provides, and how it can help people with addiction and their loved ones when they need it the most. Its also a resource that should help you quickly browse through the major national helplines and find the one that is best tailored to your personal needs. If you believe that you or a loved one is dealing with substance abuse issues, mental health problems or suicidal thoughts, calling a substance abuse hotline on this list may be the most important step you take toward recovery.

Note: The purpose of this guide is to inform readers about substance abuse hotlines and not to provide medical advice. Always consult with a physician or addiction treatment specialist if you feel you have a substance use disorder.

What Questions Can I Ask The Hotline Operator

Alcohol Abuse Hotlines

You can ask the drug and alcohol hotline operator any question thats on your mind. Even if you dont have specific questions in mind, speaking to a friendly advisor can help you collect your thoughts and give you clarity of mind. Nonetheless, it is useful to be prepared with some questions before you call the hotline. Here are some of the most common questions people ask when they call a drug and alcohol helpline.

  • How do I know if my friend or family member needs addiction treatment?
  • What steps can I take to prevent my teenager from drinking or doing drugs?
  • What are the health effects of drug and alcohol use?
  • What precautions should I take to prevent a drug overdose?
  • Are there any affordable addiction treatment programs near me?
  • Will my health insurance cover substance use treatment?
  • Are there any state-funded addiction treatment resources in my community?
  • Is addiction treatment effective? What are the success rates?

When you call the National Drug Helpline at , you are taking the first step on the path to recovery. Compassionate and helpful advisors are on hand 24/7 to give you the information and guidance you need in complete confidentiality and to help you move towards a better future.

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How Do I Choose The Right Alcohol Rehab Center

When picking an alcohol or drug rehab center for oneself or a loved one, the cost of the program is often a decisive factor. However, there are affordable and free programs nationwide.14

Other factors that may be important include:7

  • The location of the rehab center, whether inpatient or outpatient.
  • Diversity of treatment options.
  • The experience and credentials of the staff.

Opioid Addiction: Treatment And Rehab

If you or a loved one abuses opioids, you should know that opioid addiction treatment can be a beneficial and potentially life-saving intervention. 1 It can be challenging and uncomfortable to stop using opioids on your own. 2 Opioid rehab can help …

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How To Get Help For Ketamine Addiction

About Ketamine Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic-a chemical cousin of PCP. Its popular use as a recreational drug can further increase the risk of addiction and hasten the emergence of long-term psychological effects, including: Memory …


Will My Insurance Cover Drug Addiction Rehab In Ohio

Support for British Columbians who have lost loved ones because of drugs

Many insurance plans will cover some of the cost of addiction treatment. However, your individual costs will vary depending on your insurance provider and the type of coverage you have.

The Recovery Village Columbus is in-network with many different insurance companies, including:

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What Are Ca Addiction Hotline Services

A California abuse hotline number is a phone number people can call to get help regarding their alcohol or drug abuse issues. Addiction helpline advisors provide general information about alcohol, drugs, and addiction, listen to callers problems and answer their questions. Well-trained CA hotline representatives can offer support and advice, share resources, and direct callers to best-suited treatment options, and local rehab facilities.5

California was the state with the largest numbers of both facilities and clients in addiction treatment for every odd year from 2007 through 2017. The SAMHSAs 2017 N-SSATS report includes 1,311 California facilities, with a total of 118,607 clients in treatment. The number of clients in treatment under the age of 18 was 5,013.6

Types of care California clients were receiving was:6

  • Total outpatient: 104,972 clients, of which:
  • 48,501 and 8,361 in regular and intensive treatment respectively.
  • 3,170 in day treatment or partial hospitalization.
  • 1,755 in detox.
  • 43,185 on Methadone/Buprenorphine maintenance or Naltrexone treatment.
  • Residential : out of 13,020 clients in total
  • 2,758 were in short-term treatment.
  • 9,289 in long-term treatment.
  • Hospital inpatient: out of 615 patients in total, 253 were in detox.
  • The percentage of clients treated for both drug and alcohol abuse was 31.6 %, and 46.5% were diagnosed with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders.6

    What Happens When I Call A California Substance Abuse Hotline Number

    When you call a California substance abuse hotline number, a trained, well-educated advisor will ask you about your substance abuse or any other issues you might want to talk about. You dont have to talk about anything youre not comfortable with. You should also know that you are not committing to anything by calling a helpline. If all you want to do is talk, and have someone listen to your story, thats fine.5

    However, if you feel like its time to get some professional help, sharing some personal information will help the advisor evaluate your situation and guide you toward your next step. They may suggest other local resources, like a CA drug counseling or depression hotline, explain different types of therapy, direct you to nearby rehab centers, talk about what SUD treatment looks like, and what to expect during the initial steps and intake process.5

    To help the hotline representative make a correct assessment you should consider answering these or similar questions:7

    • Are you currently in crisis or is your life in danger?
    • How old are you and where do you live?
    • What are the duration and severity of your addiction?
    • Do you have any mental health issues?
    • Do you feel ready and motivated to start substance abuse treatment?
    • Could you provide more details on your or a loved ones substance abuse?
    • What kind of insurance do you have, if any?

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    Should I Call A Drug Addiction Hotline Number

    • Receive information about drug abuse and/or addiction.
    • Approach a loved one about entering treatment.
    • Find help for an addiction.
    • Find a rehab center.
    • Learn more about the different types of therapies used in treatment.
    • Receive information about the amenities offered at different treatment centers.

    Finding the right recovery center can be a difficult task. Every rehabilitation facility varies in their approach to treating addiction and substance abuse, and it is important that you find the right program to meet your needs.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    Substance Abuse Help

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline exists to help people feeling suicidal find the help theyre looking for. The lifeline also has resources to assist people with addiction issues to find help. Callers can reach the lifeline at any time of the day or night at 1-800-273-TALK , or 1-800-799-4889 for TTY users. Spanish-language services are available by calling 1-888-628-9454. Online chat is also available.

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    Reasons To Call An Alcohol Addiction Helpline Number

    is a pain-free first step to getting help. To be able to provide help to the caller, helpline representatives need to develop a better understanding of the situation the person is in. The conversation is absolutely confidential. Depending on the persons circumstances, the representative can recommend the available treatment options.6

    Alcohol is the number one substance of abuse nationwide because its easy to obtain legally and many people develop an alcohol use disorder that goes undiagnosed for a long time. Alcohol abuse is so prevalent that more and more people are seeking help for alcohol use in the U.S. each year, and alcohol-related deaths have reached alarming heights.2

    However, in case of a critical, life-threatening emergency, its of vital importance to dial 911. For non-life-threatening situations, various 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week alcohol abuse hotlines and other online resources are available nationwide.3

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    Ca Addiction Hotlines: What Are The Available Resources & Phone Numbers

    Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction hotlines for CA residents, as well as national resources and services, are available to anyone searching for treatment options for themselves or their loved ones. These 24-hour Californiahelpline resources are there to provide information, advice, support, and referral to those struggling with drug or alcohol dependence.

    • The National Institute on Drug Abusedoesnt promote any specific treatment program but it offers information to help you recognize signs of substance abuse. To find appropriate treatment for yourself or a loved one visit theirStep-by-Step Guides.11
    • LA County substance abuse hotline for screening and referral: 844-804-7500.

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