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Can Acupuncture Help With Addiction

Will Acupuncture Help Me Quit Smoking

Can acupuncture help treat addiction?

The goal of acupuncture is to help curb any cravings you have for the nicotine itself.

Generally, I tell patients to be tobacco-free for at least 24 hours before their first consult for acupuncture, says Starkey. If they take that step, this tells me they have the mindset it takes to be tobacco-free. Many times, a patients spouse has scheduled the appointment, or peer pressure spurs them to come in, and theyre not really ready.

Its important to be mentally ready to quit and that means being OK with the idea of throwing away those cigarettes.

Once patients are committed, I start seeing them two or three times per week in the beginning, she says. Then the visits taper to once a week as withdrawal symptoms fade. Eventually, visits are discontinued altogether when they are tobacco-free.

Before your first visit, be sure to check with your acupuncturist for protocols regarding the coronavirus pandemic .

How Acupuncture Is Used In Addiction Treatment

There are meridians all over the human body and this is the core belief of acupuncture. These meridians are stimulated by pressing on certain parts of the body. Energy is able to flow freely through these points, improving organ function, circulation and so much more.

To ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, acupuncture is being used more often in addiction treatment. Ear acupuncture remains the most popular type of acupuncture used to manage symptoms of addiction. Here are the five areas:

Liver Point: Toxins are pushed out of the body by pressing on this point. Some acupuncturists have also reported an improvement in aggression levels.

Kidney Point: Kidney point facilitates organ repair. It can also help addicts to focus more on the positives of their recovery and reduce fear as well.

Lung Point: The lung point can lessen feelings of sadness and grief and it also delivers a boost to lung function

Shen Men: The shen men is also known by its other name the spirit gate. It is known to open up the doors to greater spirituality and decrease anxiety at the same time.

Autonomic Point: The nervous system relaxes and the body feels at ease when pressing on this point.

Using Acupuncture To Treat Alcoholism

Some alcohol addiction treatment centers have incorporated acupuncture in their treatment protocols. Acupuncture has definite advantages in helping patients get through withdrawal from alcohol detox but the ancient Chinese medical therapy may have other positive benefits for recovering alcoholics.

Acupuncture is painless. A licensed practitioner will take between two and five minutes to insert thin and delicate needles into strategic places in the human body and the patient will remain still for 30-40 minutes with the needles in place.

Advocates of acupuncture for alcoholics say that at the least the practice will help restore the alcoholics balance and ease the anxious feelings and cravings that alcoholics are bound to feel while in treatment. Advocates say that auricular acupuncture or acupuncture to certain areas around the ear opens up meridians or lines of energy that run through the human body. These meridians are typically blocked in recovering alcoholics. Auricular acupuncture allows the patients chi or life force to once again flow freely. This is how balance is restored.

Acupuncturists can apply needles to five areas in or around the ear that will help treat the kidneys, liver or lungs that typically suffer as alcoholics consume excessive levels of alcohol. Acupuncture has also proven to stabilize body temperature.

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Get Holistic Addiction Treatment At Footprints

Footprints to Recovery takes a holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We combine evidence-based therapies like individual, group, and family therapy with alternative approaches so that you can begin repairing the physical, mental, and spiritual wounds of addiction. We have acupuncture specialists trained in the NADA approach, and we offer a variety of other alternative therapies. Depending on the Footprints to Recovery location, alternative addiction therapy options include approaches such as yoga, drum circle, psychodrama, nutrition services, EMDR, and art therapy.

Our alcohol and drug rehabs offer a full continuum of care that includes:

Acupuncture To Quit Smoking

Can Acupuncture Help With Treating Substance Use Disorders?

Several pieces of research concerning the effectiveness of using acupuncture to quit smoking have been carried out. While the poor methodology was a primary concern in several medical studies concerning the use of acupuncture to quit smoking, a research study in 2019 showed that the use of acupuncture to quit smoking was more effective than attempting to quit on your own without professional help.

The research also showed that using acupuncture to quit smoking was most effective when combined with medical addiction counseling and a smoking cessation educational program, which was found to help short-term and long-term smoking cessation.

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Can Acupuncture Help Treat Drug Addiction

When it comes to addiction treatment, there are several potential modalities therapeutic care and holistic care being the two predominant treatment methods that most inpatient treatment facilities will employ. Most reputable treatment centers will combine proven therapeutic care with time-worn holistic methodologies, seeing as it has been repeatedly shown that comprehensive and integrated care is the most successful in paving the road for long-term sobriety. Some holistic approaches to addiction treatment include art therapy, yoga, and meditation, nutritional guidance, and acupuncture.

Is Acupuncture An Effective Addiction Treatment

Alternative therapies for the treatment of opioid addiction are adding to the tool belt of addiction treatment facilities struggling to slow opioid addiction and its effect on communities.

One type of alternative treatment is acupuncture, a therapeutic approach that seeks to stimulate the bodys own natural healing process through the insertion of tiny needles into the body.

This article explores whether acupuncture is really an effective part of a holistic addiction treatment program.

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Type Of Intervention And Needling Method

Four studies used auricular acupuncture, 4 studies used body acupuncture with manual stimulation, 1 study used body acupuncture with electrical stimulation, and 1 study used HANS on the treatment group.

The reported courses of treatment in 6 studies were between 1 to 2 weeks. The courses of the remaining studies were 3 days, 3 weeks, 8 weeks, and 6 months.

Acupuncture Can Relieve Anxiety And Stress During Substance Abuse Recovery

ADDICTION SUPPORT 101 – How this 5 point acupuncture protocol can help with addiction

Acupuncture is a therapy dating back thousands of years to ancient Chinese culture. It involves placing thin, sterile needles into key points in the skin. One of the benefits of acupuncture is that the therapy can help relieve stress.

Most clients who are in recovery report several sources of stress. While some pressure is a regular part of life, feeling overwhelmed by fear can be dangerous. Too much stress is often why clients end up relapsing.

Fortunately, after a session of acupuncture therapy, many clients feel calmer and more relaxed. Many people also feel less anxious and more confident about their future and their recovery.

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Ear Acupuncture For Addiction

Are you or someone you love suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism? Have you tried all conventional methods of treatment but yet to find one that works for you? In this post, we look at an alternative type of addiction treatment: ear acupuncture.

With many physical and psychological benefits, ear acupuncture is slowly becoming one of the most unorthodox types of addiction therapy in modern cultures.

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The Risks Of Acupuncture

The inherent risks of acupuncture treatment are extremely low if you have certified, competent therapists using safe needles. Some common post-treatment side effects of acupuncture include soreness, minor bruising, or brief bleeding. Still, not everyone is a good candidate for acupuncture and you may be at greater risk if you have any of the following issues:

  • Bleeding disorders or clotting issues- You may be at greater risk for increased bleeding if you have a bleeding disorder or are taking blood thinners.
  • Have a pacemaker- Because some acupuncture uses minor electrical pulses, you should not seek acupuncture treatment if you utilize a pacemaker
  • Are pregnant- Some forms of acupuncture can potentially induce labor and lead to premature delivery.

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Acupuncture Benefits For Alcoholics

Opinions on the effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment for alcoholism vary. It is, however, a widely recognized practice. Well-regarded medical institutions are exploring its role in modern medicine, and organizations like the Mayo Clinic maintain online records related to acupuncture.

Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into the skin at traditionally prescribed energy points. This is believed to balance the patients life force, or chi, which flows through 14 energy meridians. By puncturing strategic points along the patients meridians, the traditional acupuncturist aims to balance a persons natural energy.

But there is a Westernized, scientific slant on acupuncture, as well. Some specialists believe that puncturing key points in the body stimulates muscles, nerves and other tissue. This light stimulus boosts blood flow and results in a disproportionate release of natural pain killers in the body.

Why Acupuncture Helps Addiction

Can Acupuncture Help Treat Drug Addiction?

It is not entirely understood how acupuncture is effective in treating drug addiction. Research results show evidence that acupuncture raises the level of endorphins in the nervous system. The endorphins are the bodys natural painkillers. Therefore, cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be alleviated by raising endorphin levels. However, Chinese medicine explains the efficacy of acupuncture in a different way. It describes treatments as a way of balancing yin and yang energies. In a healthy person, yin and yang are described as being in relative balance. However, substance abusers suffer from a deficiency of yin, which is only aggravated by their drug use. Acupuncture treatments nourish the yin energy and causes the substance abuser to feel less desire to consume drugs.

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Diagnostic Criteria And Characteristics Of Participants

Five studies used the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria on opiate dependence, 1 study used the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders , 1 study used the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems criteria on opiate dependence, and 4 studies did not mention the criteria used in diagnosing opiate dependence.

Ten studies involving 1034 subjects were enrolled, of which 711 cases were from China, 200 were from the USA, 83 were from the UK, and 40 were from Iran. Forty participants were HIV positive.

How Is Acupuncture Used In Addiction Treatment

Acupuncture has been used to treat addiction to various substances since the 1970s when it was first introduced as a method for treating addiction in the Lincoln Memorial Hospital in New York.

The doctors at this hospital found it so effective as a treatment for heroin addiction that instead of prescribing methadone they began performing acupuncture instead.

This led to the formation of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association in 1985 by Michael O. Smith, one of the doctors at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

NADA lobbies for the inclusion of auricular acupuncture in addiction treatment. This is now the most common form of acupuncture used in addiction.

The NADA Protocol is a methodology for performing ear acupuncture as part of addiction treatment. It recommends inserting five needles into the ear at specific points. The points are as follows:

  • The Shen Men Point

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How Does Acupuncture To Help Quit Smoking Work

Acupuncturists target certain areas of the body for certain conditions. When it comes to helping smokers quit, pressure points in the ears are especially effective in suppressing cravings. The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association even has an entire protocol around this set of ear suppression points to combat addiction.

In between acupuncture treatments, you can also use ear seeds at home which work as a form of acupressure. This involves placing tiny balls on your ear with adhesive tape in targeted areas. This technique allows you to self-treat by applying pressure to points on the ear to help temper the urge to smoke.

The cranial nerves, accessed through the ears, stimulate the nervous system to suppress the urge for cigarettes, explains Starkey. Were trying not only to suppress cravings, but also to engage the relaxation response. Were really manipulating the body using needles and targeted pressure to help support people as they work through withdrawal symptoms.

After acupuncture, you may have fewer cravings, decreased irritability, improved mood, improved bowel movements and improved sleep.

Benefits Of Adding Acupuncture To Your Recovery Regimen

Acupuncture for addictions

There are many benefits if you add alternative medicine to your recovery plan. It is always worth trying, even if youre not sure it will work for you. Many of our patients are surprised to see the results of therapies that they enjoy when they keep their minds open. Here are the key benefits of acupuncture in addiction treatment:

  • Safe and cost-effective

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Acupuncture For Addiction: How It Can Help You Recover

Acupuncture has played a medicinal role for thousands of years. It originated in Chinese medicine and is still used to cure diseases, relieve pain, and improve overall health.

But it wasnt until the late 20th century that acupuncture made its way to many other areas of the world.

Addiction has been around just as long as acupuncture. But the United States inaugurated the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse less than 30 years ago.

There is a myriad of non-traditional therapies available to help you recover from your addiction.

In particular, acupuncture for addiction will help your mind, body, and spirit during recovery from addiction.

Keep reading to learn more about acupuncture and how it helps during recovery from addiction.

How This Therapy Is Used In Addiction Recovery Assistance

The NADA protocol is designed specifically for those in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Its focus is to manage withdrawal symptoms, ease physical pains, help balance emotions, and reduce stress and anxiety. The process is simple: inserting five needles into specific places on each ear. This can be done privately or in a group setting and usually takes about 30 minutes.

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Ear Acupuncture Factors For The Nada Protocol

Whereas conventional acupuncture classes would possibly contain the location of needles in numerous factors on the physique, the NADA protocol is an auricular or ear remedy. Needles are positioned in 5 particular factors and sufferers relaxation for about 30-45 minutes with them in.

The factors are:

  • Kidney This level promotes therapeutic within the organs and will help ease fears.
  • Liver The liver ear level helps with blood purification and cleansing. Its additionally believed to scale back anger and enhance confidence.
  • Lung The lung ear level will help with the discharge of feelings and increase lung capability.
  • Shen Males Also called the Divine Level or Heavenly/Spirit Gate, the Shen Males level is believed to have a relaxing impact on the thoughts and physique. It may well additionally promote cleansing, cut back ache and assist energize different acupuncture factors.
  • Sympathetic This level helps handle the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system. Its good for ache reduction as properly as a result of it may well dilate the blood vessels.

NADA is often provided in group settings which makes it extra inexpensive. However theres one other added worth on this neighborhood acupuncture method. Folks experiencing it would know that theyre not going by way of issues alone.

What Happens During An Acupuncture Treatment

Can acupuncture help prevent opioid overuse and addiction ...

Pressure points that are treated during acupuncture are located in all areas of the body. Oddly enough, the areas treated may not be close to the area for which you are seeking relief. For example, someone seeking acupuncture treatment for addiction may be surprised to find needles placed far away from their head and neck. Your acupuncture therapist will discuss the areas that he or she will be treated prior to your appointment. You will be given a gown, sheet, or towel and asked to lie facedown on a comfortable,massage-style table. The actual treatment involves the following

  • Needle insertion-Specialized needles are placed below the skin, to varying depths, at pressure points across your body. Most patients do not even feel the needles. Generally, between five and 25 needles are used during treatment. IT is possible you will notice a mild ache at the point of insertion.
  • Needle manipulation-Your therapist may lightly move or wiggle the needles once they are inserted. He or she may also apply other stimulants, such as heat or electrical stimulation.
  • Needle removal- Generally, acupuncture needles are left in place for ten to twenty minutes before removal. Most patients report little to no discomfort after the needles have been removed.

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Acupuncture For Locomotor Sensitization

Repeated administration of addictive drugs may result in a progressive, and long-lasting enhancement of the locomotor response termed locomotor sensitization . To study the effect of EA on ethanol-induced locomotor sensitization, Jair and colleagues conducted a series of experiments, showing that EA over a combination of ST36 and PC6 reversed the ethanol-induced locomotor sensitization in the acquisition, expression and maintenance phases. These effects were accompanied by inhibition of ethanol-triggered diminution in the homer1A mRNA expression in the hippocampus, striatum, and prefrontal cortex . EA given concomitantly at DU14 and DU20 had similar effect upon locomotor sensitization, which may depend on extracellular signal-regulated kinase signaling .

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What Is Acupuncture For Alcohol Detox

In the past century, acupunctureâs science has been researched and investigated in its relation to traditional Chinese medicine. For centuries, the acupuncture technique has been used for medicinal purposes to treat diseases and enhance health. Acupuncture is applied to different body locations, but the most common acupuncture points used in the treatment are called âJing Qiâ. Jing Qi is divine energy and is the primary energy of our body. Acupuncture targets these energy centres to stimulate the meridians or energy channels. Acupunctureâs principle is to cultivate Qi, which in Chinese medicine refers to the human bodyâs health and facilitates Qiâs flow within the meridians.

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