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Epiphany Sober Living & Addiction Recovery Services

Epiphany Sober Living & Addiction Recovery

What SERVICES do sober living provide?

1147 South Robertson Boulevard #201Los Angeles, CA

Epiphany Sober Living & Addiction Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery center. It specializes in providing patients with a comfortable environment where they can begin their journey into a life of sobriety. The center offers homelike, upscale facilities, which can include bedrooms with 42 LED satellite TVs, private pools, and whirlpool baths. Two sober living homes are for men, while one is for women. Staff is on-site 24/7 to structure the recovery period and provide services such as family guidance, intensive outpatient treatment, sober coaching, skills training, and holistic recovery services.

What patients are saying:

One former patient says, Ive been in and out of the rooms and have never quite been able to stick around. Staying at Epiphany was the best move I ever made. It gave me structure in a beautiful setting. The staff and owner truly care about their clients and given the opportunity, I would wholeheartedly recommend this house to any friends or loved ones who may be struggling with addiction.


Why Choose Recovery Place For Substance Abuse Treatment

As the only comprehensive behavioral health and substance abuse treatment provider in the region, our programs are designed to help our clients acquire the courage and the skills necessary to begin a new life. Our team of qualified professionals provides a variety of evidence-based treatment models, both in-person and virtually, that can help improve the lives of each patient and the lives of those around them who may also be suffering from the patient’s addiction. We work every day to enrich the lives of our clients while ensuring that they receive the tools necessary to cope with their substance use disorder and mental health problems.

Recovery Residential Drug And Alcohol Rehab

10533 Washington

310 Recovery Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab provides recovery services. The facility offers outpatient and inpatient programs as well as medically-assisted detoxification. Its detox program unfolds in three phases: an intake and evaluation phase, a stabilization phase, and preparation for entry into the treatment phase. The outpatient treatment combines partial hospitalization with an intensive outpatient program. The residential treatment lasts for 30-90 days, and patients are monitored 24/7 by their physician, psychiatrist, and nurse. The center offers multiple forms of therapy, including medication-assisted therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and 12 Step programs, to support the recovery process.

What patients are saying:

One alum of the center comments, Im so grateful to had the opportunity to seek treatment at this facility. All the staff was supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable of the 12 step program, and compassionate. Furthermore, the group of facilitators were very helpful and informative. This facility helped save my life. I would highly recommend anyone seeking treatment for addiction check out this place.


What patients are saying:


What patients are saying:


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Experiential Therapy At Epiphany Sober Living

Experiential therapy at Epiphany Sober Living includes helping people work through emotional disorders by participating in events in real-time. It moves away from conventional talk therapy to discuss their concerns and emotions by making patients play roles or use props. It allows people to handle trauma and feelings healthily, reducing the need to resort to alcohol and substances in Los Angeles, CA.

Levels Of Care Offered

Epiphany Sober Living offers a variety of treatment.

This center offers a variety of custom treatment tailored to individual recovery. Currently available are Aftercare Support, Drug Rehab, Intensive Outpatient, Intervention, Outpatient, Residential, Sober-Living / Half-Way, with additional therapies available as listed below.

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Opioid + Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction is one of Californiaâs most prominent forms of addiction. Drugs, including heroin, oxycontin, and fentanyl, are the most common. To relieve pain, or ease other ailments, they are professionally prescribed, but they are often abused because they and the feelings they give are addictive.

Addiction is treated by detoxifying the body, so the medicationsâ chemicals are no longer impacting the individual. Epiphany Sober Living offers therapies to correct behavior and target the root of the problem are supplemented during and throughout treatment.

Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Addiction, Healthy Lifestyle Integration, Life Skills / Life Coaching, Men’s Issues, Men’s Program Only, Mental Health, Opioid Addiction, Relationship Issues, Substance Abuse

How Do I Choose A Rehab Center Near Los Angeles Ca

Its important to find the rehab treatment plan that matches your needs. There are plenty of options for starting addiction therapy, but how do you know if one program is the right fit for you?

We can connect you directly with a referral specialist, who can answer any questions you have about picking the right treatment program. Theyll be able to check to see if your insurance will help pay a portion of the cost for each program in your area. They can also answer any questions you have about each specific facility.

Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Cost its important to see if you can get your insurance to cover a portion of your treatment. It will greatly increase your ability to choose a facility in Los Angeles, CA that matches your needs.
  • Type of addiction treatment Its likely that each treatment facility will have similar treatment plans available, but its definitely worth checking to make sure the type of treatment available matches your needs.
  • Location For some people its best to be near family and friends for support. For others, its better to get away from your current living situation to increase your odds of success. Check to make sure the location options are right for you.

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New Life Medical Addiction Services

New Life Medical Addiction Services provides comprehensive drug rehab and alcohol rehab to individuals aged 18 and older who are struggling with substance abuse. The doctors and staff at New Life focus on the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery in order to prevent repeated patterns of alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Upon admission, staff members complete a comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate level of care based on the severity of symptoms, daily functioning, and the clients preference. New Lifes outpatient approach to detox and rehab allows clients to recover while still living at home and attending school or work. The facility also offers a full range of medication-assisted treatments, counseling, and aftercare planning. New Life accepts most major health insurance providers including Medicaid.

Levels of Care

Victory Bay Recovery Center

Upstate sober living, transitional house to open to veterans

Victory Bay Recovery Center provides clients with a needs-based program, beginning with various assessments that help to determine the best treatment plan for each person based on their needs and recovery goals. They offer evidence-based and holistic treatment options that address substance use disorders while also incorporating 12-step philosophies that help clients solve everyday life problems. The facilitys flexible schedule and dedicated staff of people, some of whom are in recovery themselves, enables clients to maintain a normal daily routine while also getting the treatment they need. Some of the available treatment options include family therapy, EMDR, Seeking Safety, life skills development classes, art therapy, nutritional guidance, medication assistance, process groups, psychoeducational classes, trauma-informed therapies, and case management. Victory Bay also provides specific programming for older adults in need of age-sensitive treatments. For patients who are in their first nine months of recovery, Victory Bay offers a structured sober living program.

Levels of Care

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Epiphany Sober Living Los Angeles

Our sober living homes in Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles neighborhoods offer comfortable, well-appointed surroundings within a structured recovery setting. We combine this environment with the services, resources, and expertise our clients need to move forward in recovery and continue their journey towards sober living Los Angeles. Here at Epiphany, addiction recovery takes place on a whole new level, with real-life components, all while in a luxury sober living environment.

The most common questions were asked by people interested in sober living West Los Angeles are what is sober living and how does it differ to rehab or medical detox Los Angeles?

To answer this in simple terms, the initial phase of Los Angeles drug treatment begins at one of the rapid detox centers California through a medical detox. This rapid detox Los Angeles should be followed by an addiction disorder and mental health diagnosis by a licensed psychiatrist they will recommend the best type of rehabilitation to aid in your long-term recovery. This recovery could take place in residential rehab at one of the drug treatment centers Los Angeles or via outpatient rehab in either your own home or in a sober living home.

Solstice Counseling And Wellness Center Pemberton

Solstice Counselings dedicated staff members offer cost-effective substance abuse treatment that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit of each individual. From adults to adolescents, treatment plans are tailored to fit the unique needs of each person, especially if they are also suffering from co-occurring disorders that complicate their addiction. Licensed clinical staff members use individualized treatments to address biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs while also providing the most effective addiction treatment program possible. Group therapy, medication management, and addiction education also make up key components of the recovery programs at Solstice Counseling.

Levels of Care

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Best Rehab Centers In South Jersey

Each rehab center on this page has: Joint Commission Accreditation, CARF Accreditation, and/or has been verified by SAMHSA Comparatively high composite online review scores, Robust treatment programs.

Soba New Jersey began almost 10 years ago with a simple mission: to help those suffering from substance abuse by providing high-quality, evidence-based treatment options. Our New Jersey drug & alcohol rehab centers provide you with a truly individualized experience, with a dual-diagnosis approach and expert clinical programming. From detox to residential treatment to outpatient and sober living, we offer you everything you need in order to find lasting, long-term recovery from addiction. We are 100% committed to providing our clients with comfort, community, and overall health and wellness through our multifaceted program. Here at Soba NJ, we treat the individual, not the illness. Discover why year after year, hundreds of clients have chosen Soba NJ for their addiction treatment provider. New Brunswick, New Jersey

Aftercare, Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Treatment, IOP, Outpatient, PHP, Residential Treatment, Sober Living

Editorial Note We’ve verified that SOBA has two centers with a combined Google Review Rating of 4.9 out of 71 reviews and is accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission.

Aftercare, Detox, IOP, Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization, PHP, Sober Living

Editorial Note

Los Angeles Ca Intensive Outpatient

Photos for Prestige Care Physician

Intensive outpatient programs mostly conduct meetings on weekdays. Group therapy is the main element in most intensive outpatient programs. Most IOPs last for about 90 days and include drug use monitoring and testing. A California IOP, like whatâs offerd at Epiphany Sober Living, take much more time than a standard outpatient program. Some programs offer other services as well, such as employment assistance and medication management.

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Our Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

At Recovery Place, we offer behavioral health services that include substance use disorder detoxification services, day treatment, residential services, mental health services, virtual addiction treatment and recovery support services, and long-term recovery residences. Our detox program helps manage the physical withdrawal process, while the 28-day residential program assists patients who need short-term, intensive care. Our rehabilitation program includes individual counseling and group therapy. We also provide services geared towards families, such as our eight-week educational program. Our other services include the following:

Los Angeles California Addiction Information

More than 3 million of California’s citizens are addicted to illegal drugs. Almost 800,000 people use hard drugs, almost 5 million use marijuana, and another 2.1 million abuse alcohol every year. Other substance abuse issues such as binge drinking and teen drug use are also common. Many illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana are smuggled into the state from Mexico.

10% of adults in Los Angeles have used illicit drugs or abused prescription drugs within the past year. Heroin, marijuana, prescription pain relievers and cocaine are widely abused in Los Angeles. Over 130,000 people in the city struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many residential rehab facilities in the area can provide long-term care. The best way to find the right treatment option is to speak with a professional.

Treatment in Nearby Cities

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About This Los Angeles Ca Facility

Learn more about Epiphany Sober Living from this summarized breakdown.

Epiphany Sober Living is a and Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center located in Los Angeles, California, offering professional substance abuse and mental health services to people in need.

Please call us to verify your insurance coverage and help to find a center that accepts it. They also offer self-pay.

A detailed list of the primary issues commonly treated.

The Four Major Dimensions Of Recovery:

Sober Living: Success in Recovery Resolutions Arlington
  • Health: overcoming or managing ones disease or symptoms, and making informed, healthy choices that support physical and emotional well-being
  • Home: having a stable and safe place to live
  • Purpose: conducting meaningful daily activities, such as a job, school volunteerism, family caretaking, or creative endeavors, and the independence, income, and resources to participate in society
  • Community: having relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love, and hope
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    Rehab Centers In Los Angeles Ca

    by admin | Apr 26, 2019 |

    If youre looking for the top-rated rehab facilities and addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles, CA, youve come to the right place. Below is a list of rehab facilities nearest you:

    What are the best rehab facilities in Los Angeles, CA

    Proactive Treatment
    12740 Pacific Ave # 3, Los Angeles, CA 90066 403-4707
    Axis Sober Living for Men
    Axis Sober Living for Men 3215 Cheviot Vista Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90034 975-2590
    3415 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034 909-3070
    Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living
    Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living 10513 Northvale Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90064 441-8041
    Free N One Drug & Alcohol Free
    Free N One Drug & Alcohol Free 5838 Overhill Dr # 2B, Los Angeles, CA 90043 215-1764
    2001 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025 279-7979
    The Greater Hollywood Area of Narcotics Anonymous
    The Greater Hollywood Area of Narcotics Anonymous 7377 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046 850-1624
    3718 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066 391-6100
    4041 Redwood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066
    Step To Freedom
    2443 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033 446-0005
    7125 Hawthorn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 722-3796
    1322 N Curson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 850-1167
    3112 Castle Heights Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034 204-3351
    11729 S Victoria Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066 914-4210
    S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90011 300-0185
    8929 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 649-5167
    11301 W Olympic Blvd # 386, Los Angeles, CA 90064 903-6100

    Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill

    Sunrise Detox offers safe, comfortable, and effective medical detox programs as the first step to addressing drug and alcohol addiction. Sunrise believes removing substances from the body before longer-term rehab services helps to restore clarity and enable treatment of any medical, emotional, or psychological issues causing problems alongside the addiction. The facilitys Detox with Dignity program uses nutrition, counseling, Suboxone or Subutex, and other prescribed medications to help guide clients through a successful withdrawal process without the fear of pain or discomfort. Sunrise accepts self-pay and a range of health insurance plans that are both in-network and out-of-network. With professional certified addiction counselors, detox technicians, nurses, and an on-site pharmacy, Sunrise Detox is able to provide all of their clients with effective drug and alcohol treatments.

    Levels of Care

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    What Is Samhsa’s National Helpline

    SAMHSAs National Helpline, , or TTY: is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.

    Also visit the online treatment locator, or send your zip code via text message: 435748 to find help near you. Read more about the HELP4U text messaging service.

    Epiphany Sober Living & Addiction Recovery Residences Of West La Announces Property Expansion Into Upscale Luxury Beverly Hills California Property In June 2015

    New Jersey

    Epiphany Sober Living & Addiction Recovery Residences

    Epiphany Sober Living has set out to completely redefine the concept of merging high-end sober living and transitional recovery housing…

    Los Angeles, California June 15, 2015

    Often regarded as being among the more affordable high-end, structured sober living recovery residences throughout West Los Angeles, California, Epiphany Sober Living & Recovery Services announced this week the expansion into a nearby, luxuriously appointed Beverly Hills neighborhood. The announcement follows the companys May 2015 roll out of expanded clinical services entailing intensive outpatient drug rehab, among other networked clinical addiction treatment services.

    With the service focus being men ages 18 and up in early recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders, Epiphany House launched its initial West Los Angeles, CA sober living in mid-2014. The facilitys rapid growth has been largely attributed to its deviation from typical luxury and structured sober living homes, in that, they were successfully able to offer a higher level of care while simultaneously charging lower rates than other comparable recovery residences in the area.

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