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How Do You Beat Addiction

What To Look For When Attempting To Beat Addiction

Ask Andrew – How do you beat addiction?

The best programmes for rehabilitating addicts and beating addiction share certain hallmarks or benefits that you should be on the lookout for. Its hard to sum up the best way to quit drugs because there are so many techniques out there that suit a variety of people.

Rehabilitation for drug addicts involves seeking professional help, studying the lives of reformed addicts and learning from their example, and moving forward with their life one day at a time by establishing a clear vision of what they want in the future.

When their self-sabotaging tendencies hit due to their past addictions, they can use this renewed values to remind them of what theyre struggling for .

Turn It Off At Bedtime Or Set Your Phone To Airplane Mode

If your phone is on, beeps, buzzes and blue light omissions can keep you up, or wake you up. Try turning your devices off when you go to sleep. If anything really important happens, youll find out about it in the morning.

Or, if you need to keep your phone on because you use it as an alarm, set it to airplane mode and dont turn this functionality off until youre ready to face the day. Give yourself some time in the morning to connect with yourself and do whatever puts you in an optimal state of mind such as meditation, reading a book, exercise, yoga or even just having a leisurely, nutritious breakfast.

Recognize And Avoid Your Triggers

It’s not uncommon for people to relapse once they step out of rehab. Many people think that relapse is unavoidable, however, it is not impossible to stay sober for good. One way to do this is to recognize and avoid triggers that set you off.

To recognize your trigger, create an awareness list. Write out everything about yourself that contributes or could contribute towards creating bonds with substances or behaviors . Once these things are on paper, review them and see how many of them you can realistically change or avoid in the future.

This list will help you to understand what your triggers are and strengthen your commitment to quitting, because it’s easier to say no when faced with a temptation if there is a plan for how one will respond.

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Best Way To Stop Addiction

While we would always advocate that professional treatment is the most successful form of overcoming addiction, some people do find recovery through other means.

12 step fellowships such as Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous have proven to be a very effective tool in many individuals recovery toolbox . Others find that a combination of both professional treatment and mutual aid groups work for them. The key element for both pathways of recovery is that the individual is no longer trying to beat addiction on their own.

Local drug and alcohol action teams can also prove to be a valuable source of free professional treatment on the NHS, as can your GP. We would recommend looking at what you have tried so far. For some, usually, those who suffer from physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, a more intensive and comprehensive form of rehabilitation is the only option left.

How Long Does It Take To Break A Compulsive Habit

How to Beat Facebook Addiction #infographic ~ Visualistan

The main evidence-backed time frame for habit breaking comes from 2009 research, which suggests it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days. This study looked at 96 adults who wanted to change one specific behavior. One person formed a new habit in just 18 days, but the other participants needed more time.

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Rewired: Changing Brains To Beat Addiction

LOS ANGELES, Calif. Fifty percent of teens have used drugs at least once. Among college students, 43% report frequently abusing drugs and alcohol. These teens who experiment early could be setting the groundwork for decades of abuse.

In fact, kids who start drinking before the age of 15 are seven times more likely to develop alcohol use disorders as adults than those who wait until after age 18.

One woman is using her own experience to help young people rewire their brains and break the habit.

It was first beer and alcohol, drifted onto marijuana, said Jacob Lara, a recovering teen addict.

Jacob Lara, 29, has battled substance abuse for half his life. Soon that addiction would get him kicked off of his football team and kicked out of his private high school.

It got to the point where I was on cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth, Lara explained.

Lara is not alone. Almost 20 million Americans struggle with substance use disorder. Many of their addictions begin as teens and young adults.

Ive been sober 14 years. Erica Spiegelman said.

Spiegelman uses her own experiences to help others beat their addiction. Spiegelman teaches people to rewire their brains. Overwriting old patterns with new habits. The first step: accept it.

I completely accepted that abstinence and just putting it to death is what I call it for my clients to saying goodbye, grieving it, Spiegelman states.

Practice being kind to yourself.

Recognize your triggers.

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Continuously Taking Personal Inventory

This is the step which must be constant in your life in order to ensure that you dont relapse.

You would have made major progress in your recovery by now. However, the many effects of watching porn videos include getting strong urges to watch such videos again.

You might tell yourself that since you have been so good, it wont hurt to watch just one video. Dont! This is when you are in danger of relapsing, and this is the sole purpose of this step.

Be Receptive Of Treatment Methods

How Do You Beat Alcohol Addiction? Ask The Stop Drinking Expert!

Admitting yourself to a rehab facility is not the end of the solution in itself. It’s important to be receptive to the treatment plan which means following the rules of the facility and becoming actively involved in group therapy sessions.

You have to be “all in” when it comes to receiving treatment because if you are not fully participative, this could backfire on you and you are just delaying your recovery.

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The Worlds Smallest Slot Machine

Just like gambling, you keep doing it because you keep getting rewarded.

But theres another side to technology, too.

Because as well as the positive aspect to social media, theres an equally powerful negative aspect. You might call it antisocial media.

Thats when someone writes something hurtful, stalks you online, or makes your life a misery in other internet-related ways.

And then you still might be glued to your phone, because even negative attention is still attention.

These things might seem obvious. But what are some of the less obvious problems that can arise due to technology addiction?

Make The Most Of Your Free Time

Got nothing to do? Rather than automatically picking up your phone, find something to fill your time. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go for a walk
  • Do some goal setting
  • Meditate
  • Make a list of 5 things youre grateful for
  • Do something kind for a stranger, like buy someones else coffee when ordering yours or give a genuine compliment to someone
  • Help someone volunteer, visit your parents and help them fix an issue in their house, cook for someone who might be sick or do their grocery shopping
  • Exercise!
  • Meet up with a friend and tell them what you appreciate about their friendship
  • Attend a Meetup or networking event to make some new, inspiring connections
  • Get into nature
  • Write a letter of appreciation to someone important in your life
  • Think of someone who inspires you, and ask yourself why
  • Name your 5 top attributes and challenge yourself to recognize another 5 ways you rock the following day, and then the day after that. Make a game of it and boost your self-esteem in the meantime.
  • Consider how you could be a better person, and set yourself the challenge to act upon it
  • Do absolutely nothing and give yourself a few guilt-free minutes to just rest and recalibrate WITHOUT any stimulation

the list is endless, really. Yep, there really was life before technology!

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Reaching Out For Support

Talk to your doctor, health professional, counsellor or drug and alcohol service about your decision to quit. Be honest about your situation. Support from a friend or family member can also help.

You can talk to someone in confidence at Counselling Online see their website for more information and for the phone number for your region.

Addiction is also associated with depression and anxiety. Contact Beyond Blue 24 hours a day on 1300 224 636.

Your doctor can refer you to a treatment service. You can also contact some services directly. Call the Alcohol and Drug Foundation on 1300 85 85 84 to find out about these services.

Consider Reaching Out For Help

10 Effective Tips to Beat Your Caffeine Addiction

If you think you might have substance use disorder, consider reaching out to a trusted healthcare professional for an evaluation and to discuss your options.

They may be able to refer you to a mental health professional or treatment program that best fits you. Treatment might include a variety of options, including:

Theres not a one-size-fits-all treatment for substance use disorder. Every person is different, and what works for one person might not work for another.

A mental health professional who specializes in substance use disorder will be able to tailor a treatment plan that is best for you and your needs.

Here are some resources that may be able to help:

  • SAMSHA. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a national helpline thats free, confidential, and available 24/7. They may be able to point you in the right direction for help and support near you or online.
  • National Harm Reduction Coalition. The NHRC is an advocacy group that provides support and resources for people with substance use disorder.
  • Drugs and Me. This organization was created by a group of educators, scientists, and analysts. Drugs and Me offers a list of educational materials that might be helpful.

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How To Beat Cocaine Addiction

There were roughly 1.9 million people addicted to cocaine in 2008, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This is a very high number of people who are dependent on this drug. It is considered by many as one of the hardest substances to beat. The question how to beat cocaine addiction is not easy to answer. Many factors come into play like, recognizing the addiction, making the decision to do something about it, setting goals, talking to friends and family, and seeking help.

How To Beat Addiction Without Rehab

Take up new hobbies that lead to better friends and do lots of exercise and drink lots of water to get over any amount of withdrawal you may experience. Though getting sober on their own is possible, its the staying sober part that most people need help with.

How I Beat Urinary Tract Infection UTI (Without

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How Tech Addiction Can Affect Your Everyday Life

For all its benefits, technology comes with its own set of specific problems. Some of the commons signs of a tech addiction include:

You might not think that youre addicted to your device, but heres something to consider. Various studies suggest that tech addiction can lead to an assortment of mental health problems, such as:

It can also create feelings of anxiety as you constantly look to your device for external validation.

It can affect your performance at school or work as you find yourself unable to focus on the tasks at hand. And wanting to spend time online might mean that you no longer have an interest in sports, hobbies or other activities that once occupied you and stimulated your mind.

Motivation: Activating Your Desire To Quit

How Do You Beat Your Sugar Addiction!!

The simplest answer to the question When do people change? is When they want to. No amount of science, therapy, and brain scans is ever going to change this truth.

3.1. The Role of Motivation in Change

AA considers willpower to be utterly ineffective. The idea that people have the commitment and power to be able to change on their own is anathema to the group. Yet what is it, if not willpower or motivation, that makes some people join, stay with, and succeed in AA?

Wanting, seeking, and believing that you can change do not necessarily translate into immediate success. The fact that Uncle Ozzie could do it in one shot does not mean that you will do it that way. It is much more common for people to make several attempts before successfully quitting their addictions. Indeed, this persistence is a sign that you really want to quit.

It is true that repeated failures are demoralizing and may signify that you need to try something new. It can also mean that you have simply not been in the right place in your life to change, and that you need to do more groundwork. The Life Process Program can help you begin to lay that groundwork.

3.2. Stages of Change

Stages of Change

  • Precontemplationyou havent thought about changing
  • Contemplationyou have begun to muse that your life might be better if you did change
  • Preparationyou make a decision and start planning to change
  • Actionyou take steps toward changing
  • Maintenanceyou have had some success and now need to keep it in place
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    Asking The Higher Power To Eliminate Your Shortcomings

    While you already showed your humility when you first realized you need help to get rid of your porn addiction, this step again calls for you to expand further your humility throughout your recovery journey.

    This step encourages you towards self-introspection and to remind you that you are powerless over your porn addiction and need the higher power to eliminate your shortcomings.

    You must be willing to change and adapt the positive character traits you listed in the previous step, and have the desire to eliminate all the negative traits.

    With this, you must once again place your belief in the higher power to assist you make these changes.

    Stay Away From People Who Encourage Addiction

    If you want to stop using drugs, you wont make any progress by associating with drug abusers often. You have to surround yourself with people who focus on their health and indulge in positive habits such as exercising, traveling, eating healthy foods, journaling and striving to achieve their dreams.

    Since you are an addict, its likely that your closest friends are addicts too. When you start your recovery journey, your friends may not understand why you dont hang out with them anymore. Yet, it is necessary to keep a distance.

    The same applies to gambling, food, sex or any other kind of addiction. Your closest friends are a reflection of who you are.

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    Disable Any Unnecessary Notifications And Do An App Clean Up

    As well as being the worlds smallest slot machine, your phone is part of a multi-billion-dollar industry where virtually everyone on the planet is vying for your attention. But all those marketing messages are not necessarily going to be important.

    And in terms of your social media notifications, do you really need to know how someone on the other side of the world is feeling at 2am? Probably not. If it doesnt make a significant impact on your real life, then its a notification you can do without.

    In addition to turning off your notifications, consider taking it one step further by deleting the apps that end up being the biggest black holes and dont contribute anything to your well-being or productivity. For example, the F bomb. Yep, Facebook.

    Do you really need to scroll your newsfeed when youre bored and have a few minutes? Does it make you feel good? Do you really need to see that your ex has a fabulous new life and partner? Or do really care who has a new job/baby/dog/couch/car/breakdown/toothbrush or any of the other stuff thats filling up your newsfeed?

    Think about it. Is it REALLY making you happy? Or does it make you feel anxious, cause you to make comparisons, become judgemental, feel jealous, depressed or even unsuccessful?

    Wed like to hedge a bet all the time you spend looking at everyone else could be spent achieving your own goals and doing things that make you happier, wouldnt you agree? Just sayin.

    Is It Possible To Treat Addiction

    Pin on life // decluttered

    Yes, addiction and substance use disorders are treatable. Like other chronic, relapsing diseases, such as asthma or heart disease, addiction isnt curable but it can be successfully managed through proper treatment. Addiction has a relapse rate similar to other chronic diseases for example, the relapse rate for asthma or high blood pressure is 50-70%, while addiction has a relapse rate of around 40-60%. Addiction relapse is considered to be a normal part of the recovery process relapse does not mean that treatment has failed, but can mean that your treatment plan or treatment methods need to be re- evaluated.10

    Effective treatment plans benefit from being individualized and constantly adjusted to your changing needstaking into account all of your biological, psychological, and social considerations. Your plan may involve a continuum of care, starting from the moment you enter detox, which focuses on treating withdrawal and helping you become medically stable. Once youve completed detox, youll be ready to transition to additional rehabilitation. Though treatment lengths vary, research supports relatively longer periods of treatment for optimal treatment outcomes. As a formal treatment program comes to an end, youll then move on to aftercare, which is designed to promote lifelong sobriety.5,8,13,14

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