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How To Avoid Adderall Addiction

What Causes The Adderall Comedown

How to stop Adderall addiction – 24-hour Addiction Help

The use of central nervous system stimulants like Adderall produces a release of excitatory neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and forms of glutamate in the central nervous system. Abuse of these drugs leads to a significant increase in the availability of these neurotransmitters. This release of excitatory neurotransmitters accounts for the effects of the drug, such as increased attention concentration, higher energy levels, decreased appetite, decreased need for sleep, etc.

Abuse of the drug is often associated with taking the drug at higher doses than would normally be taken for medical reasons and taking it more frequently. The massive neurotransmitter release that the drug induces is counterbalanced by a massive depletion of these neurotransmitters once the effects of the drug begin to wear off. The acute effects that occur with abuse of the drug, such as feelings of euphoria, increased energy, etc., wear off rapidly, and stimulant abusers typically begin to binge on the drug once the desired psychoactive effects begin to dissipate.

Take Medications That Relieve Symptoms

Quitting Adderall on your own can be dangerous and life-threatening, depending on your personal health history and on the length of your addiction. Certain medicines and medications may help relieve one or more Adderall withdrawal symptoms. Talk to your doctor about prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines that can best help treat withdrawal symptoms, based on your health history.

Do I Need Health Insurance To Receive This Service

The referral service is free of charge. If you have no insurance or are underinsured, we will refer you to your state office, which is responsible for state-funded treatment programs. In addition, we can often refer you to facilities that charge on a sliding fee scale or accept Medicare or Medicaid. If you have health insurance, you are encouraged to contact your insurer for a list of participating health care providers and facilities.

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Finding An Adderall Addiction Rehab For Your Loved One

When your loved one is ready to accept help for his or her addiction, its essential that you have a rehab facility chosen and available. You dont want your loved one to have a change of heart and think that he or she doesnt need the help.

Adderall addiction is best treated first with a detox program and then followed up with an outpatient or inpatient treatment program. Detox alone isnt enough for long-lasting sobriety and recovery. In an addiction treatment program, your loved one will be educated about addiction, have therapy, learn coping skills and relapse prevention techniques, and have any underlying psychiatric issues addressed. All of these things increase the chances that your loved one will get and stay sober.

At My Time Recovery, we have experience helping Adderall addicts detox and learn the tools they need to maintain sobriety and recovery. Contact one of our addiction professionals for help deciding how to proceed with your loved one.

Tips For Quitting Adderall

How To Stop Adderal Withdrawal Symptoms While Searching ...
  • Get professional help. Those who dont know how to wean off Adderall safely are putting themselves at risk. The relapse rate for stopping the use of Adderall is high, and many with Adderall dependencies use other substances as wellparticularly sedatives to deal with unpleasant side effects.4 The co-occurrence of other drug use complicates the process of quitting and increases the risk of complications. People with Adderall addictions may also need treatment for ADHD, PTSD, and antisocial personality disorder.4
  • Address the root cause of the addiction. Stopping the use of Adderall is important. But why did you become addicted in the first place? Were you or your loved one using Adderall to increase academic performance, push yourself to work too many hours or control your weight?

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Dangers Of Adderall Abuse

An obvious danger of abusing any drug is the development of a formal SUD. Individuals who develop SUDs are also at risk to be diagnosed with some other mental health disorder.

Research studies, such as one published in the American Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, note that the abuse of drugs like Adderall can lead to some other serious potential consequences. These include:

  • The development of cardiovascular issues due to prolonged increased blood pressure and accelerated heart rate, leading to damage that can increase the risk for heart attack or stroke
  • Complications with physical health as a result of dehydration, damage to nasal passages due to snorting the drug, poor judgment as a result of stimulant intoxication, and issues with appetite and sleep
  • Significant alterations in the central nervous system that may increase the risk for the development of neurological issues, such as seizures or other potential issues
  • An increased probability to develop issues with psychological functioning, such as hallucinations, delusions, depression , apathy, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, etc.
  • An increased potential to engage in risky behaviors that can be detrimental to health as a result of stimulant intoxication
  • Risk for potential overdose with escalating abuse

The development of a substance use disorder as a result of Adderall abuse is a serious issue. Treatment for these disorders should only be delivered by licensed, trained, mental health clinicians.

Adderall Dependence Vs Adderall Addiction

An Adderall dependency is a natural, expected physiological response to the drug. The individual has a physical dependence due to the interaction of the chemicals in the body but not a psychological dependence where they are abusing the medication to reach a high. They may require assistance from their doctor to get off the medication due to the way the chemicals affect the brain however, they are not mentally obsessing over or craving Adderall.

An Adderall addiction refers to a persons physical and/or psychological reliance on Adderall along with a specific set of behaviors. These individuals are usually unable to cope when they stop taking Adderall and will go to any length to obtain more of the medication. Use of the drug becomes the main priority of the individual. They often run out of their prescription early due to taking more than prescribed, leaving them in withdrawal from the substance, which results in going to any length to obtain more of the substance. Obsessive thoughts about Adderall and cravings are also indicators of addictive behavior.

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Build A Worklife Balance To Conquer Adderall Addiction

Being that stress is a relapse trigger, work-life balance is an integral part of staying sober. Equally important, developing a work-life balance can help you abstain from using Adderall. People with drug addiction problems cannot often maintain structure in their life. Given this, most people with drug addiction problems tend to prioritize their habit over their health. To emphasize this, Adderall addicts also struggle with co-occurring issues such as workaholism, depression, and the inability to focus. With attention to this, we believe that a healthy work-life balance can help anyone overcome their Adderall Addiction.

A smart way to start building a work-life balance is to develop a schedule. Your schedule will help you map out your days and prioritize your time. Also, creating a schedule can help you allocate time for your family and yourself. Furthermore, creating a work-life balance can help you battle your anxieties. For instance, you will never have to worry about getting caught off guard by what the day brings because youre prepared. In the long run, the benefits of creating a work-life balance go beyond overcoming your Adderall addiction.

Finding The Best Adderall Treatment

How To Stop Adderall Addiction – 24 Hour Addiction Help

You can begin a search for treatment for Adderall addiction by accessing web resources like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website, and clicking on the link that says “Find Help.”

You can then click on the link for a behavioral health treatment services locator, which will allow you to put in your zip code to search for local treatment facilities. After you press the search button, you will be brought to a screen that allows you to limit your search to substance abuse treatment facilities.

The decision for the right Adderall treatment type is quite personal and depends highly on an individual’s specific situation. The process can be aided greatly by the advice and direction of a qualified addiction treatment professional.

  • Parents of Addicted Loved-ones
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration treatment locator

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The Dangers Of Mixing Adderall With Alcohol

Another risk of overdose associated with Adderall is when the substance is mixed with other substances like alcohol. Adderall has the ability to mask certain indicators of intoxication that people would otherwise use to slow or stop their consumption. If these signs go unnoticed, the user is at risk of continued drinkingpotentially leading to alcohol poisoning, coma, or death.

Signs That May Indicate Abuse

Adderall use and abuse can cause a range of signs and symptoms that range from short-term side effects to long-term consequences.

Common signs of Adderall abuse include:

  • Rash.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using .
  • Dependence.

Adderall becomes more dangerous when mixed with alcohol as it reduces the perceived effects of alcohol. This leads to increased intake of alcohol, which can result in alcohol poisoning. The combination of Adderall and alcohol can dehydrate the user as well.

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How Long Does Adderall Withdrawal Last

Adderall withdrawal symptoms are typically not experienced until a few days after stopping Adderall use.

Symptoms of Adderall withdrawal usually last up to one week. This depends on how long the individual was abusing the drug.

Someone may take Adderall for an extended period and stop using it suddenly. In this case, they may experience long-term withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms can be experienced for a few weeks to a month or longer. Many people experience lingering psychological symptoms and Adderall cravings.

Take Our Adderall Addiction Self

Adderall Withdrawal

Take our free, 5-minute Am I Addict to Adderall? self-assessment below if you think you or someone you love might be struggling with drug addiction. The evaluation consists of 11 yes or no questions that are intended to be used as an informational tool to assess the severity and probability of a substance use disorder. The test is free, confidential, and no personal information is needed to receive the result.

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Am I Addicted To Adderall

One of the more common signs of addiction is something referred to as doctor shopping. This occurs when you visit more than one doctor to get multiple prescriptions for Adderall. If you have more than one active prescription for the drug, you have a problem. However, you can get help when you call our hotline at Who Answers?. Our treatment support specialists can help you get into the best treatment center for your needs, so can begin living the life you deserve today.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, please call us today to talk to a trained advisor. Call us at Who Answers?

Tips For Coping With An Adderall Crash

The following tips may help a person to cope with an Adderall crash:

  • Assure yourself that cravings are only temporary. The longer a person spends without taking the drug, the better able they are to resist cravings.
  • Create an environment that fosters better sleep. This includes a cool, dark room with quiet or white noise. A person should instruct others not to disturb them and refrain from distractions, such as using a mobile phone.
  • Stay hydrated and nourished. Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Teas, such as chamomile or drinking warm milk, may also help.
  • Stay relaxed. Do activities that do not involve too much concentration. Examples can include deep breathing or listening to music.
  • Avoid other stimulants. Anything else that acts as a stimulant could make sleeping and resting harder to achieve. These substances include caffeine and cigarettes.

Symptoms of an Adderall crash can sometimes take a person by surprise. It may be tempting to turn to other stimulants or alcohol, but these are poor coping mechanisms and will often only delay the crash until a later time.

There are no currently approved medications to treat an Adderall crash. However, if a person is experiencing severe mood or withdrawal symptoms, they can talk to their doctor for help and advice.

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Adderall Is The Study Drug

The number of children diagnosed with ADHD increased over the years. As these children grew up and went to college, they came in contact with other young adults without prescriptions for Adderall and other stimulants. Students without prescriptions became customers of students with prescriptions because they believed that the drug enhanced their abilities to study, and this is how the trend of Adderall misuse began to grow on college campuses. The students without prescriptions wanted to enjoy the stimulating effects of the drug, and they were willing to buy them without a prescription to accomplish their goals.

Can You Overdose On Adderall

HOW I STOPPED TAKING ADDERALL, how to deal with amphetamine withdrawal

Adderall is a prescription drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration .

This drug is made by combining amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These are central nervous system stimulants.1

Adderall is used to treatattention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy.

You can overdose on Adderall if you take more than the prescribed amount. Those who misuse Adderall also have an increased risk of overdose.

According to research, overdose by psychostimulant medications, including Adderall, is on the rise.2

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Help For Adderall Addicts

Adderall is the brand name for a drug that contains two active ingredients: amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These ingredients work to stimulate and speed up the body. Doctors use this drug in the treatment of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Patients with narcolepsy take the medication because it reduces the chances of unexpectedly falling asleep. Those with ADHD find that the medication reduces the hyperactive behavior and decreases the periods of inattention caused by the condition.

Abuse of the drug is common with students for two reasons:

  • The first is because students use the medication as a study aid without a prescription.
  • The second is that the drug causes a high in users who take the drug for recreational purposes. These highs can be obtained through snorting the drug, swallowing the pills, or smoking the drug.

In a 2009 study published by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 6% of all college students admitted to using Adderall. However, treatment for Adderall addiction is available. Treatment may be sought in an inpatient residential rehab center or in an outpatient program. If you need help finding treatment, call Who Answers?.

Adderall Addiction: What It Is Signs & How To Recover

Adderall misuse is most common among young adults ages eighteen to twenty-five years old. Although prescriptions for Adderall have not increased, abuse and emergency visits involving young adults have.1 In this article, we will explore how Adderall works, Adderall addiction, and how to access treatment for stimulant abuse.

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Individual And Group Therapy

A trained mental health professional can help you get to the root of your substance use disorder, as well as give you coping skills to help prevent using Adderall again in the future.

You may find it helpful to use Psych Centrals search tools to find a therapist you resonate with.

A local support group, especially with others in a similar position, may help you feel supported on your journey. Some options include:

How To Quit Adderall Once And For Good

Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms Explained

If you want to quit Adderall, you should always consult a doctor before you do so. You may need to taper down your usage to avoid severer withdrawal symptoms. If you are going to try quitting on your own, it is always recommended to tell someone and have a support system set up.

Quitting abruptly can have serious consequences.

Rather than try to quit adderall on your own, it is always recommended that you taper off of the drug within a detox facility. In detox you will have the help of medical professionals. Your health will be monitored, and you may be prescribed medicine to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. While there are no specific medications approved for the treatment of stimulant dependence, the use of antidepressants, anti-anxiety, or other mood-stabilizing medications may be helpful during detox and treatment for Adderall withdrawal, as they can serve to minimize some of the significant psychological symptoms of stimulant withdrawal.

We are always here to help. The Sober Nation hotline will provide you with free resources. 866-207-7436.

With treatment, it is entirely possible for someone to have a healthy and successful life without adderall.

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The Risk Of Adderall Dependence: How Serious Is It

Adderall is the brand name for a stimulant combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine that is most often used in the treatment of ADHD . Adderall can be prescribed in an immediate-release version that requires multiple doses or an extended-release form that can be used once in the morning . The effects of these drugs will vary depending on which version is used, with the immediate-release version having medicinal effects that last 4-6 hours, and the extended release version typically lasting for a 12-hour period.

All versions of Adderall are listed as controlled substances by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and classified in the Schedule II category of controlled substances, which is the highest level of control exercised by the federal government for medications that are available with a prescription from a physician. By this classification alone, it can be recognized that there is concern that the drug can be abused and lead to the development of physical dependence.

Overcome Insecurity To Defeat Adderall Addiction

In the evolution of the Adderall epidemic, insecurity has been a driving force. Underneath the surface, self-doubt dominates the working class decisions. Henceforth, when people feel weak, they tend to find weak solutions. As a result, some people in the workforce choose to pick up an Adderall addiction. Nevertheless, the problem is that Adderall is not a solution. Using Adderall to get the job done can hinder your capabilities. How? Its simple.

Once your workflow becomes dependent on Adderall, you will lose sight of how great you were without it. With this in mind, we recommend everyone using Adderall to take a moment to appreciate who they are. If youre trying to be everyone else, youll never get a chance to yourself. In the same light, if the job requirements are too high, you might want to consider finding a new job. Trust us. No job is worth your life. Dont let your insecurities kill you.

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