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How To Pray For Someone With An Addiction

Prayer For Deliverance From Drug Addiction

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Dear Lord, I thank You that You care for people like me who have gone so far astray from the way of truth. Thank You, that You have never given up on me despite my addiction to drugs. Thank You, that I can come to You to seek for deliverance and know that You will not turn me away. Thank You, that Your mercies are new every morning and thank You, that You are faithful and true to Your Word, even when we prove faithless.Lord, I know that Your Word promises a way of deliverance to all who seek You and I believe that in Jesus is found healing and wholeness, salvation and security, deliverance and joy. And Lord, I ask for You to deliver me from these drugs and free me from being in bondage to this cursed addiction.Help me I pray. Save me Lord and set me free from these drugs on which I have become so dependant. Give me the means to break loose from drugs and the ability to see it through to the end. I know that on my own I will fail but Lord, I do believe that in Christ I can be set free. Help me Lord in Jesus’ name,Amen.

Lord, people are losing their lives each day because of addiction. Have Mercy on them, dear God and help them to know their true worth. Deliver them from drugs and alcohol and help them to know the truth that is found in the gospel. Help them to know your son Jesus as their Lord and Savior so that they can be clocked in righteousness and be free from the lies of the enemy. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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Living Beyond The Lies

Please note that the lies we endure on this journey is infinite and goes beyond this list. Many of our perspectives are skewed from lies that we have believed most of our lives. How we have learned to cope with our pain or what the world around us tries to sell as truth may be masking the path to fulfillment and healing. The best way to defeat the lies is by knowing what God says, what the real truth is.

If you are in the midst of loving someone who is struggling with an addiction, then get into the Word of God. Open your bible every day and ask God to speak His truth to you. Just like light drives out the darkness, the truth of God will drive out the lies. The way S2L Recovery leads addicts to sobriety is through a Christian faith-based program, allowing everyone walking on the road to recovery can be embraced the words and love of God.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. John 1:5

If you or a loved one needs help, please contact us for support and guidance.

Prayers In Time Of Need

Almighty God, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, come to my help and deliver me from this difficulty that besets me. I believe Lord, that all trials of life are under your care and that all things work for the good of those who love you. Take away from me fear, anxiety and distress. Help me to face and endure my difficulty with faith, courage and wisdom. Grant that this trial may bring me closer to you for you are my rock and refuge, my comfort and hope, my delight and joy. I trust in your love and compassion. Blessed is your name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

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Prayer For Addicts In Recovery

Dear LordThank you that I have had the courage and admission to go into recoveryIt is not an easy road back, I knowBut I am determined to pull through with your strengthThere are days when I feel like I want to trip upDays when the devil tells my body that it is worthless and no one wants me anyway

Days that I doubt myself and question if I can even do this at allI do not want to give upI want to be clean and go back to my family and my communityCome and fortify my spirit and encourage me to do thisHelp me avoid any bad influences that will set me backI know that with your strength and your love and the love of my family,I will go through this with gloryAmen

I come to you today asking for this favorI know gambling is not something that you approve ofI am a gambling addictIt is beginning to affect my work, my family, and my financesI cannot go a day without gambling on something

Sometimes I try to quit but before I know it, I am gambling twice as hard as I did beforeI do not want to lose everything I have worked forPlease help me quit this habitHelp me develop a good work ethic for my moneyKeep me from the bad company that encourages me to gambleShine your light unto my life and grant me the strength to kick this habitAmen

Heal me o Lord and I will be healedCause my body to renew its strength and reject any urge for this substanceLet my road to recovery begin at this very pointHear my cry,o Lord, and save me from the hands of the devilAmen

Prayers For Time Of Need

Addiction Prayer

Almighty God, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, come to my help and deliver me from this difficulty that besets me. I believe Lord, that all trials of life are under your care and that all things work for the good of those who love you. Take away from me fear, anxiety and distress. Help me to face and endure my difficulty with faith, courage and wisdom. Grant that this trial may bring me closer to you for you are my rock and refuge, my comfort and hope, my delight and joy. I trust in your love and compassion. Blessed is your name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

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How We Used To Pray

Often, people in recovery recall praying when they were addicted to drugs or alcohol. The prayers usually sounded something like please let this work outplease let my dealer answerplease let me get high just one last timeplease let me score this. Alcohol and drug addiction will hijack your brain, and really make all of your thoughts and behaviors revolve around using drugs or alcohol above all else. Our prayers were once pleas for the next fix, and as we enter a drug rehab program, our substance use disorder can finally take a seat we now begin praying with true meaning, for true meaning. Our daily prayers will transform the way we think and feel no longer obsessed with drug abuse, we are able to pray with gratitude for the opportunity to change our lives.

Prayer For Strength And Forgiveness

Precious Lord,I come to you in prayer today for salvationLord, Im an addict, but I dont want to be defined by that anymoreI pray for your forgivenessPlease forgive me for this act and cleanse me of all unrighteousnessTake my hand Lord, and deliver me from this habitGive me the strength to let go and not look backHelp me to avoid friends that will tempt or influence me to give in to addiction againFill me with your grace so that I dont relapse into addiction.Thank you for the life you have given to me in Christ JesusThank you for setting me free through your Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ,Amen

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What Is Samhsas National Helpline

SAMHSAs National Helpline, , or TTY: is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. Callers can also order free publications and other information.

Also visit the online treatment locators.

Impactful Verses For Addicts And Concerned Loved Ones

Prayer for Addiction! BE HEALED While Watching!

August 14, 2020|Posted in Recovery Resources

Most people struggling with addiction are really looking for comfort aside from addiction treatment in Atlanta. They seek something to help them deal with stress and with situations that are outside of their control. Their loved ones are also seeking comfort. However, theyre looking for comfort regarding the addict and their loss of control. If youve spoken to a drug and alcohol counselor, they may have suggested you seek solace in your faith. Both those with addictions and their loved ones can find peace and comfort in certain Biblical verses.

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Powerful Drug Addiction Prayer

Father, consuming harmful substances lead me far away from you. Today, I want to come closer and follow your path willingly. Please grant me the wisdom and courage to do so. Amen.

Dear God, My will to be better and walk on your path is stronger than my habits, but I am losing control. Please provide me strength so that I can be the person you want me to become. Amen.

Living a life one day at a time is one of the most effective ways to develop a new habit and leave the old one. Have a long future vision but learn to live only for the day.

Additionally, using these prayers for Addiction will help you to leave drugs or any other addiction.

God, Just for today, grant me strength to control my craving today, grant me wisdom to understand your teaching. Please be with me so that I can spend my today wisely and silently. Amen.

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Prayer For Addicts Family

Father Lord in heaven,Thank you for the life of our precious onewe cant say that we understand what they are going through each dayBut we can say that we want to be there for them spiritually and physicallyWe pray that you give us the strength and courage to help them fight through thisLet us not for one-second try to give up on themWe know who they are and this is just a patchy part of their lives they are going through

Never let us be judgmental or inhospitable to themHelp us find the best help we can for themGive us the power to turn this around as a familyHelp us bring our lost sheep back to this flockThey will always belong with us no matter whatThank you, Lord, for hearing our prayerAmen

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Prayer For Family And Friends Of An Addict

Addiction affects the whole family. No family, however, is born with the knowledge of how to deal effectively with addiction, and it can stress a family to the breaking point. At times like this, there are things you can do: Run an intervention, get educated, don’t enable, and pray for guidance and strength and let God’s grace and love flow through.

A Prayer For Those Suffering From Addiction

Pin on Prayers for addiction

To find healing and overcome requires faith in someone more powerful than the addiction, and dependence on something stronger than personal abilities. The only power stronger than the call of addiction is Jesus. He breaks down strongholds and ministers with compassion and love. He does not condemn or persecute. God sent Jesus to bind up the brokenhearted and heal their wounds . When it feels like we have no strength to carry on, we can trust in His power to keep going. Jesus will not leave us alone to face the battle.

Does addiction trap you? Do you want help, but not sure where to start? Help is not far away. One of the first steps can be prayer. Cry out to God. He hears and waits for you to reach out to Him. His desire is for you to know you are loved and wanted, and that healing is possible. Are you ready to lay down your burden? There are no perfect words to pray, but here is a prayer to get started.

God, my Father, help me to turn my eyes toward you. Where does my help come from? My help comes from You, who made all things . You alone possess the power to break the chains of my addiction and break down the bars of this prison. Release me from the bondage of drugs and alcohol. Return me to my family and friends. Restore what has been stolen. I do not possess the strength, but through Jesus, I can do anything . Give me the strength to say no and turn my eyes heavenward.


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Prayers For Addiction Recovery

Whether or not you subscribe to traditional religions, like Abrahamic religions or follow more spiritual religions like Buddhism, Taoism, etc. Spirituality in some sense is crucial for your recovery experience.

Choosing a higher power, to form a source of faith, is one of the most life-changing experiences in your recovery journey. Usually, drug rehabilitation involves finding something outside of yourself to believe in, that something will provide faith, hope and courage for you as you are on your journey in rehab and beyond.Prayers seem somewhat controversial, although you do not have to belong to a certain religion to believe in the words used in some of their prayers. We believe any form of praying is a beautiful and transformative experience.

Our Prayers Have Value

My father has worked incredibly hard to work past his addiction to become a healthy person. I am so proud of him and the work he did to become the wonderful man he is today. It was only through applying Gods principles to his personal journey that he was able to overcome obstacles and create a life of peace.

No matter what, our prayers have value, and they can help those who are struggling with addiction to move forward toward healing and rehabilitation.

In your Service, Stephen Scoggins

People often wonder where God is when they struggle with an addiction. Many of the men I work with who struggle with pornography addiction have prayed fervently for God to take it away. However, they feel their prayers have fallen on deaf ears because they continue to struggle. Some believe that God doesnt even care about them. They believe that because of their sins they are unlovable.

While it may be difficult for someone struggling with addiction to see God working in his life, the fact is that God is intimately involved. However, it takes some time and skill to recognize how God is at work in the healing process.

  • We admitted that we were powerless over lust that our lives had become unmanageable.
  • We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  • We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

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    I Cant Tell Anyone Else

    One of the most common lies Ive seen loved ones of an addict believe is that we cant share with anyone because they wont understand. Ecclesiastes states, History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. Understand that nothing we are going through is new, many others have gone through these struggles, too. The enemy wants us to feel alone, isolated, and secretive. The enemy wants us to believe that our loved one will never forgive us. However, if we reach out, if we tell someone whats going on, then we might hear the two best words Me too.

    God created us in His image to be relational. We were never supposed to walk through life without support and accountability. When we find a person we can trust and we share what we are going through, we create an ally in the fight. We have someone to pray for us, someone to check in on us, who asks about things and someone who will keep us accountable for how we handle situations, struggles, and life.

    Another healing verse from Ecclesiastes that helped me through my loved ones addiction is:Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

    Prayers For Trials Of Life

    Prayer For Addiction

    Lord Christ, you came into the world as one of us, and suffered as we do. As I go through the trials of life, help me to realize that you are with me at all times and in all things that I have no secrets from you and that your loving grace enfolds me for eternity. In the security of your embrace I pray. Amen.

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    Acre Ranch Is Here To Help Call Now: 1

    Many people in recovery have been greatly helped by a higher power, a personal relationship to God with the benefits of forgiveness, healing and hope. This personal relationship can give a person the motivation to stay on track towards recovery and sober living. Many people claim that once they surrendered themselves to God, they found their commitment to real recovery. These experiences are exemplary of various biblical scriptures that anyone in a substance abuse treatment program can relate to.

    Prayer For Those Addicted To Drugs

    Oh Lord, I come to You to pray for all who are weighed down with some form of addition. Lord, You are the One Who came to set the captives free and to release the sinners from the chains that bind them. So I lift before Your throne of grace all those that have become addicted to drugs. Lord, I know some personally and others that I know nothing about, but You know everyone that is enchained by the curse of drug-addiction. Look with compassion on all that are ensnared by any form of addiction, and send help and freedom to all who would accept help. Lord, I pray that they may be released from this imprisonment and returned to a life that has dignity and meaning. Give wisdom to their family members and those that care from them, that they may be given the support and help to put them back on the road to recovery. Endow them with patience, understanding and perseverance, knowing that this can take time to address. More than anything Lord, I pray for their salvation. You died for every drug addict and it was Your love for them that caused You to die on the cross of shame that they might be lifted up and seated with Christ in heavenly places. Save them Lord, in Jesus’ name I pray,Amen.

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