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How To Know You’re An Addict

Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

How To Know If Your Addicted Loved One Is Just Using You?

Unfortunately, public perception of alcohol may be that since it is legal, it is not a drug, but it is, and a lethal one at that. The history of alcohol and the Prohibition lay bare that this drug is legal mainly because of its popularity and commercial profitability, not because of its widespread acceptance. Even today, some Americans would support the efforts made in this time period, especially those who have firsthand experience with this illness.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are associated with physical symptoms such as weight loss, redness of the cheeks and nose, and gastritis . This illness also gives rise to many of the behavioral changes discussed earlier. However, there are additional negative experiences associated with alcohol abuse, including:

Dont Give Up After The First Attempt

Persistence is a drug.

Of course, Im not talking about being persistent when a girl clearly said no or leave me alone you creep. You have to respect that. I dont want you to read this article and end up in court saying it was Sebastians idea.

Sir, you got officially by the law of attraction!

I want you to be persistent when

  • She rejects your first attempt to kiss her with a smile.
  • She giggles while you try to touch her breasts.
  • She moans while you unclip her bra.

Dont give up after the first attempt.

These situations are made for persistent men. Quitting is for losers and she knows it. A woman doesnt reject your kissing attempt with a smile to hurt you. She wants to see if you try it again.

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Work Or School Performance Suffering

  • Has your performance at work or school suffered as a result of your substance use?
  • Have you been unable to finish projects or assignments as a result your substance use?
  • Have you been fired from your job or expelled or suspended from school because of your substance use?

Individuals with drug and alcohol addictions often find it difficult to complete school or work responsibilities. Those struggling with addictions may have issues keeping a job or may find themselves in trouble at school, resulting in suspension or expulsion. If substance abuse has affected your work or school habits and hindered your performance at either, addiction may be the cause.

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Am I An Addict: How Can I Tell

Its important to note that the definition of substance use disorder has evolved over time. In fact, as Dr. A. Thomas McLellan pointed out in a 2017 paper in the journal Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association, Until recently, the continued use of substances despite adverse consequences was considered substance abuse. In contrast, addiction was the diagnostic term reserved for conditions manifest by physiological tolerance and withdrawal. This suggested that only substances capable of producing tolerance and withdrawal could be addictive and that substances such as , LSD, and even cocaine were relatively safer.

However, the official diagnostic criteria the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders produced by the APA and the product of more than 10 years of effort by hundreds of international experts in all aspects of mental health revised the standards of abuse and dependence into a single disorder measured on a continuum from mild to severe, according to the APA. And while each specific substance is addressed as a separate use disorder nearly all substances are diagnosed based on the same overarching criteria.

So what are those diagnostic criteria?

Problems In Different Areas Of Life

You Know You

Signs of addiction can surface in different areas of a persons life. If a persons psychological dependence drives them to illegally obtain and use drugs, they may be subject to legal consequences. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency maintains a list of illicit substances and the legal consequences for people who use them.7

Other areas of your loved ones life that addiction can impact include.4,5

  • Participation in hobbies or other valued activities

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Signs Of Drug Addiction

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, Fifth Edition describes signs of addiction and symptoms of SUDs.5 These symptoms can range from mild to severe in their intensity. Some signs of addiction may appear mild when a person first begins to misuse drugs and worsen as their substance misuse continues.

How To Tell If Youre An Addict

One of the hardest parts of being a person addicted to drugs or alcohol concerns getting to the point where they can admit it to someone else. Before that can happen, the person must first recognize they have a substance use disorder, which can be a difficult realization for anyone to have. A person who struggles with whether or not they may have a problem and need help often gets a feeling they are in trouble but learns to push it away. Weve compiled a list of 6 signs that point out how to tell if youre an addict to help individuals look at several warning signs to see if they or someone they love is in trouble and needs addiction treatment.

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How To Know If You Have An Addiction

To be honest, if youre wondering how to know if you have an addiction, theres a strong likelihood youre already there.

Dont worry, however, the fact that youre asking means youve already covered one of the first steps recognizing theres a problem. After you read the rest of this article, you can take the next step. If necessary, you can admit you have an addiction.

Before we get there, though, its important to read through these 7 important signs. Take each of them seriously and be honest with yourself. While reading this, set excuses and doubt aside.

In the end, have an honest conversation with yourself. If you recognize that you have an addiction, reach out to your family and friends, people you trust.

Then, with or without their help, start looking at recovery programs. Find a place with professionals who know how to treat addictions and put people back on their feet.

Now, lets take a look at how to know if you may have an addiction.

Quitting And Handling Withdrawal

9 Signs You’re a Stationery Addict
  • 1Stop the addictive behavior as planned. When the big day arrives, keep your promise to yourself and quit. Those first few days are going to be hard. Keep yourself busy and stay positive. Youre on your way to an addiction-free life.
  • 2Fill your time. If you need distractions, try exercising, taking up a new hobby, cooking, or hanging out with friends. Joining a new club, sports team, or another kind of community group will help you make new friends and start a new chapter of your life in which addiction is not a part of. Positive social interactions can stimulate the release of neurochemicals which elicit feelings of happiness and satisfaction without the need for drugs.
  • Exercise releases endorphin chemicals like the ones released in addiction, which is why sometimes youll hear the term runners high.XResearch source Exercise could open a lot more windows for new and improved health and could lessen the blow of withdrawal by giving you something else to feel good about.
  • 3Keep clear of your triggers. Stay away from the people, places, and things that make you want to go back to your old habits. You might need to construct a completely new routine for a while until the edge wears off a bit.
  • Common rationalizations include the idea that its a free country or we all have to die sometime. Resist taking on this defeatist attitude.
  • Visit support groups and your therapist each time you feel in danger of relapsing.
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    Is There A Genetic Component To Drug And Alcohol Addiction

    Yes, genes do play a role in the risk of developing a drug addiction. But genes are only part of the equation and do not necessarily determine if someone will become addicted or not. It is estimated that genes, as well as how the environment affects someones genes, accounts for 40% to 60% of an individuals risk of a substance use disorder.4 That said, genes arent destiny many other factors, such as school, family, trauma, and community affect whether someone develops an addiction or not.

    Confession Can Be Cleansing

    While the confession itself may seem scary, after all your secrets are laid bare, your spouse will probably have a strong reaction. They may need time to think about what they want to do. This is frightening because youre at your most vulnerable point, but theres no turning back. If your spouse embraces your recovery, it will be a big relief and a confidence booster.

    They may not embrace it initially and its not uncommon for a spouse to unleash a firestorm of rage, anger and disappointment. You have to look at it from their side: they may have been lied to for years and are wondering what else you lied about during that time. This is only natural. In some cases, your spouse might already know about your addiction but didnt know how to confront you. In either case, the admission is a necessary step in the recovery process. Having your spouse on-board early in the process is far better than calling from rehab after an arrest.

    Once your friends and family are aware of your addiction, there are other benefits. Friends support during your recovery can be helpful and knowing that you can pick up the phone and call them for encouragement is a nice feeling.

    If youre are looking for a treatment center, Renaissance Recoverys California rehab is here to help. Reach out to our team today and inquire about our Orange County rehab or one of our partnerships if youre looking for inpatient or a detox program.

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    Speak With Your Friend And Encourage Them To Engage With Addiction Treatment

    Initiate a conversation with your friend about substance abuse when they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When approaching your friend about addiction, try to create a dialogue instead of delivering a lecture.

    Tell your friend the specific behaviors you have observed, emphasizing that you are concerned about the effects of their substance use, both on them and their family.

    Reinforce that you are approaching them purely from a position of love and concern.

    Impress upon your friend how engaging with addiction treatment is the best chance they have of reclaiming their life before things get even worse.

    Do everything you can to ensure your friend finds a suitable treatment facility with an appropriate level of care for their needs.

    Get Help At Renaissance Recovery

    To the Addict Who Still Suffers We Have Never Met Before Recovery Is ...

    Whether you need treatment for yourself or for a loved one grappling with an addiction to drink or drugs, we can help here at Renaissance Recovery. We offer a variety of outpatient programs at varying levels of intensity for alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorder.

    If you commit to recovery here at Renaissance Recovery, you will benefit from evidence-based therapies, including:

    • Individual counseling
    • Talk therapies like CBT and DBT
    • Medication-assisted treatment

    We also provide access to a range of holistic therapies for a whole-body approach to recovery and healing.

    For those who prefer the idea of gender-specific addiction treatment, we offer both mens rehab and womens rehab here at Renaissance.

    To take advantage of this opportunity to create a solid foundation for your loved ones recovery, reach out today at

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    Signs Of Cocaine Abuse

    Cocaine is best known in its white powder form. Most often, this drug is snorted, smoked, or injected. As cocaine is a stimulant, one of its hallmarks is that its main effects wear off around 30 minutes to 2 hours after the last use. In addition to the general signs of drug abuse discussed above, cocaine has some specific side effects, including:

    • Increased energy
    • Fast white lady

    As Medical News Today discusses, cocaine is highly addictive and the strongest natural occurring stimulant in existence. Cocaine addiction is associated with dramatic personal losses there are reports of professionals spending $20,000 to $50,000 on cocaine binges, parents selling their children, and people becoming unemployed, having to file bankruptcy, and ending up homeless. It is clear that cocaine use can spiral out of control. For this reason, the earlier the abuse is intercepted, the better.

    You Make Broken Last Time Promises

    The sincere truth mentioned above is validated if youve made and broken endless promises to never use again. Sadly, its an incredibly common behavior among addicts of all types.

    As you begin to recognize that your substance usage may not be entirely in your control, you start making last time promises. In fact, youll often use these promises to justify one more relapse. In your mind, you honestly believe youll use one last time, and then your road to recovery will start.

    Unfortunately, however, this is a form of denial. The fact is, there will always be an opportunity for one more use and addicts, by definition, cant say no.

    If youre wondering how to know if you have an addiction, taking note of broken promises of last time substance use is a clear place to start. If you do find yourself making these promises, start making them to someone who can help keep you accountable. Additionally, this is a good time to seek counseling and other forms of professional help.

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    You Feel You Need It To Deal With Your Problems

    Alongside what Psychology Today calls the “craving or compulsion” to keep doing an addictive thing, there is often another motivator: the belief in its necessity to your functioning. The most common reason that addicts refuse to seek treatment, according to a study of 2.8 million drug users, is that they’re “not ready to stop using,” at a whopping 38.8 percent. Life without the addiction seems terrifying and impossible it has become one of the only reliable ways to deal with your issues and life in general, and you aren’t prepared to try to experience the world without it.

    What Is An Addiction

    How do you know if youre addicted to Nicotine

    Recognizing an addiction problem in someone you know can be harder than it seems. The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as a chronic disease that affects the brains reward, motivation, and memory functions. Someone with an addiction will crave a substance or other behavioral habits. Theyll often ignore other areas of life to fulfill or support their desires.

    General signs of addiction are:

    • lack of control, or inability to stay away from a substance or behavior
    • ignoring risk factors, like sharing needles despite potential consequences
    • physical effects, like withdrawal symptoms or needing higher dosage for effect

    These signs are commonly linked. The degree of intensity for each sign may depend on how long the addiction has been going on.

    A healthy person can usually identify a negative behavior and get rid of it. This is not the case with someone with an addiction. Rather than admit the problem exists, theyll find ways to justify and continue the behavior.

    The first step to getting help is being able to recognize the physical, mental, and emotional signs, like abrupt weight or personality changes in your friends or family members. If you or someone you know has an addiction, call 1-800-622-4357 for free and confidential treatment referral and information from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration .

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    Ask For Help And Explain Why You Want Help

    If you have researched the sort of help available, tell your parents the type of treatment you feel that you need.

    For those with no idea of how to find the right rehab, now is the time to pool your resources with your parents. Look together for therapists, addiction treatment centers, or 12-step support groups near you so you can kickstart your recovery with all the help you need in place.

    Next Steps Towards Recovery

    Its important to have quick access to treatment. If you or someone you know has an addiction, call 1-800-622-4357 for free and confidential treatment referral and information from SAMHSA. You can also seek help from your doctor, local treatment center, or support group.

    Addictions often affect many areas of a persons life. The most effective treatments are comprehensive. They often have several steps that vary from person to person. These steps can include detoxification, behavioral counseling, and long-term follow-up.

    Here are some ways you can support a friend or family members recovery process:

    • Learn more about the substance or behavior dependency and the treatment.
    • Stay involved, like offering to go to meetings with them.
    • Provide a sober and trigger-free setting.
    • Speak up and express concern when there is a relapse.

    While you can treat addiction, in most cases, someone with addiction must want to change for recovery to be successful.

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    Prioritization Of Substance Use Over Previously Enjoyed Activities

    Have you lost sight of the value in certain social or recreational activities that previously brought you joy or fulfillment? Have you stopped participating in those activities in favor of activities that involve or allow for substance use? Do you find that it is difficult to enjoy social or recreational activities when not feeling the effects of a substance?

    How To Tell If You’re Addicted To Alcohol

    How to Tell if You Are Brainwashed? â Shane â Laura â Allyssa

    If you want to know if you have an alcohol problem, ask yourself these questions:

    Do I drink more than I should?

    Is drinking interfering with my life and how I feel about myself?

    If people are concerned about my drinking habits, should they be?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it’s time to get help!

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