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Amino Acid Therapy For Alcohol Addiction

Increasing Glutamine Intake Assists With Addiction Treatment

IV Amino Acid Therapy (NTR) For Addiction

We have found that eating foods that are rich in glutamine can assist in recovery by reducing anxiety and sleeplessness. This promotes relaxation and helps reduce the loss of GABA which is an amino acis and the most abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. .

Studies have shown that increasing the consumption of these amino acids helped a test group of cocaine addicts to reduced their desire to use the drug.

So What Do Amino Acids Do

As most people who suffer from alcohol addiction are sometimes nutrient-depleted. Reinstating these nutrients assists recovery, and this is especially true for amino acids as they have an impact on the brains neurotransmitters.

Amino acid supplements have been shown to help curb the appetite for unhealthy habits, especially in early addiction when the body isnt producing any positive hormones on its own.

Amino acid replacement therapy can aid in bringing a sense of control back to the individual. The amino acids used are the precursors that our bodies use to create the neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for well-being and pleasure.

As good amino acids flood the brain and help neurotransmitters function properly, people who are recovering from addiction may experience improved moods and, eventually, the ability to experience feelings of pleasure and reward once again naturally.

20 percent of the human body is made up of protein, and amino acids are the building blocks of protein. This makes amino acids vital to a huge number of the bodys structures and functions.

Addiction causes long-term damage to the brain, which is one reason that relapse is so prevalent. For individuals to make a full and continual recovery, treating and repairing the brain is necessary.

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction,

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Eliminate Drug Cravings From

Cant You Get Amino Acids From Food

The amino acid profile of various proteins varies greatly. Foods that contain protein, whether they are vegetarian or animal in origin, contain different combinations of amino acids. While we do need to keep up our overall daily intake of protein to maintain our health, proper neurotransmitter balance cannot always be achieved through diet alone.

Protein intake increases the level of amino acids circulating around in the blood stream. Once proteins are broken down into amino acids by the digestive system, they are then released into the blood stream. In order for these amino acids to be taken up into the brain, they have to be carried across the blood-brain barrier using a specific transport system.

This transport system will not help to correct amino acid imbalances within the brain. For example, if you have become depleted in serotonin because of high stress, dietary deficiencies or other lifestyle factors, the tryptophan uptake will not increase in any capacity across the blood-brain barrier.

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Reach Out To Coalition Recovery In Tampa Today

If you or someone you love would like to learn more about amino acid therapy in Tampa or receive details about the other forms of treatment we offer, complete our confidential form online or at today. Our helpful and experienced staff are available anytime to answer your questions or schedule a free consultation. Dont wait. Coalition Recovery can help you get back on the road to your new life.

Why Are Amino Acids Important In Recovery

IV Therapy for Drug &  Alcohol Detox

Being treated for alcohol use disorder covers many different realms, including restoring physical health. By the time someone seeks addiction treatment for alcoholism, their health may be significantly deteriorated, including the presence of nutritional deficiencies. Amino acids, which are the foundational building blocks of protein, can be seriously deficient in alcoholics because of poor diet and gastrointestinal conditions that inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

When weighing all the potential methods to help achieve a successful treatment outcome for alcoholism, one of the newer treatment elements on the recovery scene is amino acid therapy. Amino acids occur naturally in the body, and amino acid therapy can provide a long list of benefits, including easing withdrawal symptoms as well as healing the brain. Amino acid therapy for alcoholism offers holistic supplemental therapy to add just one more tool in the recovery toolbox.

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How Does Amino Acid Addiction Therapy Work

Substance abuse depletes your reserves of amino acids. That plays a role in the withdrawal symptoms you experience once you decide to stop using drugs and alcohol. Amino acid therapy replenishes your amino acids through supplements. Changes to your diet can also increase your levels of amino acids and help you start feeling better.

Amino acid therapy isnt intended to be a quick fix for addiction. It works well as part of a comprehensive treatment plan provided to you while in addiction treatment. You still need to do the work of attending therapy sessions to work through the issues that drive your addiction.

The treatment typically starts with a genetic test for clients. That helps us discover specific numbers of modifications present in your alleles. It also provides insight into whether you are genetically predisposed to addiction because of your genetics.

Coalition Recovery believes in providing a full continuum of care to clients dealing with a substance use disorder. This approach gives our clients the best chance of achieving long-term recovery.

Amino Acid Iv Therapy For Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse develops an imbalance in the brains nerve activity, requiring ever-increasing doses of the substance to produce the same feelings of enjoyment or contentment. When the substance is withdrawn, the brain experiences a neurotransmitter deficiency %20plays%20a%20vital,nucleus%20accumbens%20and%20prefrontal%20cortex. rel=nofollow> dopamine, GABA, serotonin, and endorphins), which causes the intense cravings associated with substance withdrawal.

Individuals who abuse illegal drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol for a long time have significant changes in brain chemicals. These chemical changes can lead to major health problems.

Amino acid IV therapy can help correct these brain chemical imbalances in the brain and neurological repair of the addicted brain using a holistic approach to treatment. This is because amino acid therapy infuses the body with essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. By doing so, the alcohol and drug detoxification process goes faster. In addition, this can also assist with easing painful withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings.

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How Do You Take L Glutamine For Cravings

L-Glutamine can be taken in dosages of 500 mg up to 5 grams at a time for cravings. For the fastest relief, buy a powder version or break open a capsule and let the powder dissolve under your tongue. If youre in early recovery from quitting drinking, be sure to check out other supplements for natural alcohol detox.

New Holistic Treatment: Amino Acid Therapy For Addiction

Amino Acid Therapy For Addiction Recovery – Part 2 | WholeHealth

As many addicts will tell you, addiction is less about what they are addicted to and more about why they are addicted to it. As more and more research emerges around addiction and treatments for addiction, it is clear that the brain and its functions play a huge role. Without physically changing the way the brain is working, addictions are nearly impossible to overcome. Even if one habit is dropped, another will be picked up just as quickly. This is why many addicts are known to jump from substance to substance, habit to habit.

According to Psychology Today, many addictions are indeed psychologically based, which means that the actions of an addict are more psychological than they are physical. Of course, whether or not an addiction is truly a disease or a mental illness is still up for debate and remains to be a highly controversial subject. However, debating what causes addiction or why people become addicts isnt immediately helpful for individuals dealing with its effects right now. In order to help individuals with addictions function in daily life, and to perhaps even save their life in some cases, effective treatments need to be discovered and made available.

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What Are The Benefits Of Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acid therapy offer many unique benefits for those in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Among the most significant are:

When you begin a treatment program at Coalition Recovery, well determine if youre a candidate for amino acid therapy during an initial evaluation. This therapy can complement behavioral therapies and can lead to lasting positive outcomes.

Discover Amino Acid Therapy At Coalition Recovery

If you are suffering from a mood disorder, amino acid therapy may be the right treatment for you.

Our Tampa Bay facility offers hope to individuals who feel lost and out of control because of substance abuse. Coalition Recovery helps individuals in need of:

  • Intervention programs

If youre ready to make a change, call Coalition Recovery today at , or contact us online.

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Amino Acid Therapy/neurotransmitter Restoration Therapy

At The Shores we have partnered with Dr. Kenneth Blum as our science advisor who is one of the worlds leading experts in Amino Acids and Neurotransmitter restoration therapies for addiction treatment, and is also one of the scientists who discovered the human gene responsible for alcoholism. In Short, this all natural therapy is composed of balancing a clients diet with healthier foods and incorporating a daily blend of certain vitamins tailored for each persons needs. Amino acid therapy also utilizes Dr. Blums patented aqua-nano liquid. NTR has shown remarkable published scientific studies that clearly show major anti-craving effects, enhanced well-being , reduced AMA rates that keep patients in treatment, increased focus, reduced relapse rates and an overall redemption of joy. All while, in most cases, eliminating the need for prescription drugs to manage cravings.

Addressing The Actual Biology Of Addiction

Julia Ross on Amino Acid Therapy For Opioid, Alcohol And Other ...

She gets to the roots of addiction and life damage that twists who we could be, into a wreck that is hard to face and then helps to find the path, the real and walkable path out. The guidance and education she gave me LITERALLY helped me find my way to the, Me, I always hoped was really still in, there.


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Where Do You Find Amino Acid Treatments For Addicts

Many clinics and treatment centers today offer amino acid therapy as an effective holistic treatment for addiction. Although the treatment is becoming more common, its always important to make sure it is done properly in order to get lasting results. Some professionals recommend having tests done that show which amino acids your body needs the most in order to receive those that will specifically help you during recovery. Replacing amino acids that the body is deficient in during treatment sessions is a powerful form of lasting therapy.

While you can find clinics that offer one-day treatment sessions, that is not enough for an addict or alcoholic. Sporadic treatments, although not harmful, will not have the same results as ones that are done consistently for several days, or weeks, at a time. If you deal with chronic addiction and need help, amino acid therapy treatments are effective. However, you will need to commit to back-to-back therapy. You should also choose a place where you are supported through the recovery and treatment process.

Find an addiction treatment center you can trust, one that can see you through from start to finish. You can use amino acid treatments to finally beat your addiction. Serenity Springs has helped so many do just that. Cutting-edge treatment options are available to all and are another component of our formula for success!

Weight And Food Issues

Modern weight gain has to do with much more formidable problems, like brain neurotransmitter dysfunction, appetite-hormone dysregulation, and genetic misprogramming. It is a deep, complex, and often harmful issue. With the Aminos, you can easily improve the kind of calories you eat as well as lose your desire for excessive calories. Brain-targeted amino acid supplements eliminate cravings for toxic, high-calorie, low-nutrient, weight-disturbing, craving-promoting foods. These same Aminos, teamed with a stabilizing diet, eliminate the negative moods and overstress that drive us to emotional overeating. Weight loss begins with craving elimination which is best accomplished with nutritional brain repair.


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Support Addiction Recovery With Amino Acids

  • Support Addiction Recovery With Amino
  • Food should do more than just taste good. Choosing a diet rich in amino acids gives your body the nourishment it needs to repair damage caused by drug or alcohol abuse. Think of proper nutrition as a key part of your recovery toolbox: working in tandem with counseling and other treatments to help you begin a life free from the burden of substance use.

    Further Considerations For Stopping Alcohol Cravings

    Amino Acid Therapy for Mental Health Addictions

    Chronic alcohol use damages the lining of the stomach and intestines, leading to problems absorbing nutrients including L-glutamine. It can take weeks or months for an alcoholic to restore gut health, even with a proper diet and nutritional supplementation.

    While L-glutamine itself can help to repair the gut lining for alcoholics, I highly recommend taking probiotics and digestive enzymes. These will help to restore balance to your gut and increase the absorption of everything you consume.

    You can find digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements on Amazon or in your local grocery store. You can also help to repair your digestive system by consuming the following foods:

    • Fresh Papaya contains enzymes that help you digest
    • Aloe Vera contains compounds that protect the gut lining
    • Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds and eases digestion
    • Kombucha or Kimchi great source of probiotics
    • Greek Yogurt or Kefir great source of probiotics

    If you take L-glutamine along with Calm Support and integrate some of the above recommendations to repair your gut health, then youll be well on your way to enabling your brain-body system to enjoy life without alcohol!

    The following resources can also help you a TON on your mission of self-discovery without alcohol:

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    Amino Acid Therapy Overview

    • Use The Craving Type Questionnaire or the Amino Acid Therapy Chart to determine which neurotransmitter systems are depleted.
    • Cross reference any conditions / disease and medications or supplements youre taking on the precautions sheet.
    • Determine bio-unique targeted amino acids to trial for effect.
    • Order an Amino Acid Trialing Kit from Julia Ross’s Clinic, where you can sample the 5 main amino acids, lithium orotate and a zinc deficiency test .
    • Conduct the Trialing Process to determine your bio-individualized amino acid solutions and dosage.
    • Take regularly and chart your progress weekly.
    • Make adjustments as symptoms resolve.
    • Enjoy your craving-free life!

    Chris Scotts Tip Combine L

    In addition to taking L-glutamine, you can reduce your cravings and begin to repair your body from toxic alcohol by taking an ingenious supplement called Calm Support.

    Calm Support contains high quality nutrients and herbs that are very effective for alcohol cravings.

    These ingredients cost a lot of money when purchased separately, and I discuss many of them in my article on the best supplements for alcohol detox and recovery:

    • B-Vitamins Highly depleted by alcoholism and necessary for energy and cognition
    • Vitamin C Restores cellular health damaged by alcohol consumption
    • Magnesium Supports relaxation, sleep, and nervous system functioning
    • Zinc Restores the immune system and hormonal balance after alcoholism
    • L-Tryptophan Amino acid that helps with relaxation and sleep
    • NAC Amino acid that detoxifies the liver and the lungs
    • Valerian Root Herb that reduces insomnia
    • Phyllanthus Herb that detoxifies the liver
    • Mucuna Pruriens Herb that restores dopamine in the brain
    • L-Theanine Amino acid that improves anxiety

    A number of my coaching clients have been able to quit drinking with the help of L-glutamine and the ingredients in Calm Support!

    You are what you consume, and its very important to have your nutritional bases covered so that your other strategies for recovery can be given a chance to work.

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    Who Benefits From Amino Acid Therapy

    Everyone can benefit from proper amino acid intake, however, individuals that improperly regulate and struggle with the synthesis of amino acids in their body can benefit from this specific therapy.

    This therapy may benefit individuals with deficiencies, typically relating to mental health disorders. They often face issues with generating the needed proteins to function throughout the day.

    Older individuals may also benefit from this therapy. As age begins taking its toll on the body, their ability to properly utilize amino acids drops as well.

    Chronic fatigue is more common in older individuals. Without the proper supplementation intake of vitamins and amino acids, the bodys metabolism may struggle with synthesizing necessary proteins for repair and use.

    Health conditions such as phenylketonuria, a disorder where the body produces excessive amounts of phenylalanine, can find relief in this treatment. Individuals suffering from phenylketonuria are typically placed under a lifelong low-phenylalanine diet.

    This method of dietary treatment allows these individuals to avoid phenylalanine overproduction. An amino acid therapy, with the use of large neutral amino acids, was introduced alongside a low-protein diet as an improved method for nutritional intake.

    Sarcopenia is another health condition, determined to be age-related, that shows a decline in muscle strength, fatigue, chronic illness, and many bodily functions.

    Who Does Amino Acid Therapy Work For

    Opiate Detox: Amino Acids For Opiate Detox

    Addiction treatment servicesand addiction therapy services continue to evolve, and IV amino acid therapy is at the forefront of the newest techniques. Ardu Recovery Center has a successful amino acid therapy program for treating both drug and alcohol addictions. At their core, both types of addictions result in chemical imbalances.

    If you want to learn more about amino acid therapy or believe that IV amino acid therapy would work for you, please contact us. Dont hesitate to reach out, your health and life are on the line. Contact Ardu Recovery Center at today to get started.

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