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How To Overcome Addiction To Ponography

How Common Is Porno Addiction

How to overcome Pornography addiction? | A Real life experience | English | Motivational

Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it has been suggested that because so many people are using porn today, the pornography industry is making more money than all of the professional sports combined.

According to statistics:

  • 20% of men admit to accessing porn at work, and 13% of women admit to the same
  • 40 million US adults regularly visit porn sites
  • 10% of adults admit to watching pornography
  • 17% of women suffer from this addiction

According to the latest study published in the setting of the covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and social distancing has led to an increase in the viewing of pornography. One of the biggest websites of pornography, Pornhub, reported an 11% increase in its viewership in just one month from February 2020 to March 2020.

The Magnitude Of The Problem

Finding valid statistics on the prevalence of pornography is challenging. However, the web-filtering company Covenant Eyes created a report, Porn Stats, that contains some of the most updated statistics available. Among the startling statistics reported are these: 40 million Americans routinely view online pornography about a third of Americans search for pornography at least once a month every second, more than $3,000 is spent on internet pornography. Fifty-five percent of married men and 25 percent of married women report viewing pornography a minimum of one time a month. Some studies have suggested that more than half of divorces are attributed at least in part to online pornography.

Young people are being exposed to sexuality in ways that were not possible in earlier generations. The explosion of internet availability has made it easier than ever for children to accidentally stumble across adult material. A simple misspelling can pull up a highly sexualized website. According to Covenant Eyes, 93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls are exposed to pornography before age 18, and 14 percent of boys and 9 percent of girls are exposed to pornography before age 13.

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How To Overcome An Addiction To Pornography

By | Submitted On November 04, 2008

With access to pornography so incredibly easy due to the nature of the internet the number of people viewing online pornography has skyrocketed and its loss of taboo status to almost be a norm for many people has led to a sharp increase in people who have become mired in the world of smut. How to overcome pornography addiction has become a major topic because of the enormous numbers of people who have realized that it has gone beyond cheap thrills and occasional titillation and has started to control their life.

One of the biggest problems we start with when looking to break free of an addiction like this is the social stigma associated with it, many people would laugh if you admitted to having an addiction to porn that was inhibiting your life where if you admitted that you had an addiction to alcohol or a drug people would be more sympathetic. This compounded with the high number of people who have become addicted to the world of porn because of low self esteem means it can be a real uphill battle that many face on their own without any help.

So if you need to stop your addiction to pornography and need more information and help please visit: .

Replace Watching Porn With A Healthy Habit

How to overcome a pornography addiction

A trusted way to rid yourself of a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit whenever you begin to feel the urge to indulge in that bad habit. For instance, going for a run when you feel the familiar urge to watch porn is a great way to healthily distract yourself.

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The Truth Love And Power Principle

GoldJacketLuke explains the high-level concept. This is a great way through which to view life and to create the life you want in all aspects of your life. This is just an introduction and has been passed down through many different people, but it looks like people accredit Steve Pavlina to coming up with the way this model is shown today.

Psychological And Emotional Needs

It is important to remember when working towards recovery that your addiction is routed in complex emotional and psychological causes.

Treatment must identify and address these causes. It is also essential that you maintain a focus on these causes as you continue your recovery. So it may not be always easy for you to quit porn cold turkey or gradually on your own.

You may need to alter your life in other ways to help you in your recovery. There may be certain relationships or habits in your life that jeopardize recovery.

It may also be necessary to consider how you process and express emotions and how you communicate with those around you. A professional treatment centre will help you to do this.

Good treatment centres will also offer porn addiction aftercare services which will help you to maintain your focus on recovery.

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How To Stop Watching Porn

  • Sex, Love & Intimacy
  • How to Stop Watching Porn
  • Watching pornography isnt necessarily a bad thing. About 40 million Americans watch porn every day. For some, this viewing becomes an addiction with negative consequences and leaves you wondering how to stop watching porn.

    However, a porn addiction causes changes in brain activity similar to those seen in people with substance use disorders. If you are addicted to porn, your brain responds to seeing it the same way a drug addicts brain responds to seeing drug paraphernalia.

    How To Overcome Sexual Addiction

    The BEST Advice To Overcome Porn Addiction | Ft. Noah Church

    This article was co-authored by Trudi Griffin, LPC, MS. Trudi Griffin is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Wisconsin specializing in Addictions and Mental Health. She provides therapy to people who struggle with addictions, mental health, and trauma in community health settings and private practice. She received her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marquette University in 2011.There are 18 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 14 testimonials and 91% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 532,649 times.

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    When Should You Seek Treatment For Porn Addiction

    Generally, its a good time to seek professional porn addiction help when:

    • Youve already tried to stop watching porn, but you cant quit.
    • Youre constantly thinking about viewing erotic content and masturbating all the time, even when youre working or socializing.
    • You feel as if you have to hide your porn consumption from your partner.
    • You feel as if your addiction is keeping you from having a satisfying sex life with your partner.

    Since its an addiction, quitting porn on your own can feel impossible, especially since a long-term addiction can affect brain chemistry.

    However, a good addiction treatment center will take an individualized approach and provide aftercare services that help you heal and recover from pornography.

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    Tips For Overcoming Pornography Use

    The author lives in Utah, USA.

    In working with young single adults trying to overcome compulsive pornography use, Iâve found some tips that you might also find helpful.

    When I was set apart as a new bishop of a young single adult ward, there was a line of young single adults outside my office door waiting to meet with me. Guess what we discussed in that first interview?


    And for the next three years, trying to help young adults overcome a compulsive habit was a big aspect of my calling, so I knew I needed to learn as much as I could. I fasted, prayed, attended the temple, counseled with other leaders, reviewed all available resources, attended addiction recovery classes, and learned from those working to find recovery. I want to share some hope-filled thoughts about what Iâve learned.

    If Youre Concerned About A Loved One

    Ep 30: How to Overcome Sex Addiction part 2

    Looking at porn isnt always cause for concern.

    It could be a case of curiosity, or the person may genuinely enjoy porn with no ill effects.

    It may be a problem if you notice that your loved one:

    • watches while at work or at other inappropriate places and times
    • spends increasing amounts of time watching porn
    • is unable to keep up with their social, occupational, or other important obligations
    • is experiencing relationship difficulties
    • has tried to cut back or stop, but cant keep themselves away from it

    If someone you care about shows signs of a compulsion or addiction, it may be time to open the lines of nonjudgmental communication.

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    How Porn Addiction Lies To You

    Like any addictive behaviour, porn ultimately never delivers what it seems to promise. First there’s the feeling of building expectation before you start viewing. At first there is excitement but then, bit by bit, you start to feel hollow as the ‘pornographic gorge’ gathers pace.

    And, as with all binges, you start to feel overloaded, bloated with images. When you do finally stop, you feel worse than you did to start with as you experience the post-binge comedown.

    But, as Jeremy found, there is a way back. Here are five key steps to overcoming porn addiction.

    How I Overcame My Porn Addiction

    I saw hardcore pornography for the first time around the first or second grade. The effects it had on my life were similar to those of abuse.

    I was reintroduced to porn at a bookstore as a middle-schooler. Those were hard years for me and porn felt like a relief something good in the midst of something bad. I was hooked.

    Learn real solutions to overcome hurts and struggles, and start to thrive in life.

    I came to Christ at a young age and grew up in church, but there was always a dark side to me. I began feeling guilty in high school but learned it was better not to talk about it. I thought I needed to figure it out on my own, just Jesus and me.

    Maybe youve fought a similar battle. Maybe youre fighting one now or know someone who is. Youre not alone.

    When I was 21, I attended Bible school in Austria and later entered full-time Christian ministry. I brought my pornography addiction with me. I lived two lives, and my shame started to grow. I didnt understand why I was powerless over this sexual darkness, so I hid that life at whatever cost.

    I took a year away from ministry to focus on restoration. It was a great year, but it didnt help with my addiction. I attended counseling, but that didnt help with my addiction.

    I can now say Ive had three years of solid sobriety with no acting out. Im taking what I learned from Ted and teaching others because this topic is something people are desperate to hear.

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    Internet Pornography And The Coolidge Effect

    The below graph illustrates these same mechanisms hold true for the human brain when we watch Internet pornography. Arousal is skyrocketed exactly when new pornographic material is introduced:

    The above spike in arousal occurred when researchers switch to porn that the users had not viewed before. Without novelty and the Coolidge affect, there would be no spike in dopamine and no Internet porn addiction. Endless sexual novelty clearly means Internet pornography is a super-normal stimulus in that it amplifies qualities we find especially compelling. Modern junk food and video games are another form of super-normal stimulus.

    Believe In The Saviors Healing Power

    How to Overcome ANY Addiction

    Jesus Christ can help you in the growing process of repentance, and He has the power to enable you as you strive to overcome pornography. He understands how you feel and is waiting to take that burden from you. Donât think that turning to Him adds to His burden. He has already paid the price for you. Instead, do your best, come closer to the Savior, and ask Him to help you heal, to change your desires, and to give you more strength to move forward.

    As Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught: âAs we continually strive to overcome our challenges, God will bless us with the gifts of faith to be healed and of the working of miracles. He will do for us what we are not capable of doing for ourselves.â4

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    Rebooting: A Viable Cure

    If you suffer from a porn addiction and particularly porn-induced erectile dysfunction, we recommend you undertake whats been termed a reboot. This requires you to unplug your brain from all artificial sexual stimulation. This includes avoiding Internet porn, but also other distractions such as YouTube, FaceBook, dating website etc. This means stepping away from your computer monitor and stop clicking in order to receive your dopamine hits.

    If you accidentally bump into sexual material online, thats not a problem. Problems arise when you actively go looking for such materials.

    Different Treatment Options For Recovery From Pornography

    Virtual Treatment Programs:

    Being addicted to porn may feel you ashamed. Unlike other addiction types, it may feel more embarrassing and humiliating to talk about it in front of other people.

    Having individual therapy sessions and participating in specific groups from the comfort of your home may be easier.

    You can start your recovery journey with a comprehensive and structured online treatment program through a secure telehealth platform.

    Outpatient Addiction Counselling:

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    Am I Really Addicted To Pornography

    Being addicted to porn isn’t, strangely, just about sex. Viewing porn is hypnotic in that it narrows the focus of attention and makes us lose track of time. So people use it for escapism but, in the end, people always want to escape the very thing they were using… to escape. Jeremy said as much: “If I was having a rough time at work or been rowing with the girlfriend, I’d use porn to just forget about everything.” Eventually, of course, the cure becomes the curse.

    How do you tell if you’re actually addicted to porn? Well, if you feel it controls you and you regularly view porn for hours and often feel you can’t stop if it affects work, social life, sleep, and even made him miss meals, then it needs to be dealt with.

    “The problem,” Jeremy told me with a shaking voice, “is that my job needs lots of very detailed concentration.”

    Porn blunts the senses and leaves you feeling unable to focus or concentrate on anything else. It can also leave you feeling disgusted with yourself.

    Excessive porn viewing steals time away from actual real-life and potentially productive projects. The more porn you view, the more you want to view and the more extreme it needs to be to give you the same ‘buzz’.

    Engage In Meaningful Activities

    My Addiction To Pornography

    Doing other fruitful and fulfilling things like exercising, volunteer work, gardening, etc., helps fill the emptiness that might be felt when one is going through porno addiction withdrawal. Making sure this withdrawal does not go out of hand is critical to making sure one doesnt falter or fall completely back into the old habits.

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    Porn Addiction May Encourage Mental Health Disorders

    Having a heightened appetite for erotic material has been associated with anxiety disorders. In addition, this hypersexual disorder may also cause mood disorders and even substance abuse challenges.

    While this is merely speculative, there have also been links drawn to excessive pornographic consumption and erectile plus other sexual dysfunctions.

    The Choices Are Ours To Make

    Let it be our choice to figure out how to stop addiction to pornography. As Shakespeare uniquely observed, The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves.

    We are who we are today because of our past choices. If we choose to look the other way and not do something about this problem then we become a part of the problem. Haile Selassieformer emperor of Ethiopiaput it this way,

    Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted the indifference of those who should have known better the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

    At Utah Family Therapy, counseling teenagers, young adults, and families, we are educated and experienced in addiction recovery.

    We see the suffering and the pain that is created in its wake. We have also had the privilege to be a part of the success of many recovered addicts. There are large scale events that need to occur, and this article is meant to speak out against this detrimental force that is ruining lives and relationships, to build awareness, and to get you to act and make the choices necessary on a daily basis.

    In addition, though, this is very much an individual endeavor, and we are here to make a difference one life at a time. If you or your loved one is caught up in addiction or struggles with this destructive behavior in any way, please give us a call at:

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