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How To Stop An Addiction To Masterbaiting

Awesome Ways To Quit Masturbation

How to STOP Masturbation Addiction | 5 Tricks To Avoid Masturbation | Asad Ansari

Lot of people will tell you that masturbation is good for health as it helps to relieve stress and release sexual tensions. But, the truth is that when masturbation becomes an addiction, you will go through a lot of pain mentally and physically.

According to studies, you can masturbate three to seven times per week, but when you over do this, it becomes an addiction. Researchers have stated that excessive masturbation can cause lesions and swelling of the genitals in men and women. In many situations, when this addiction goes out of control, it will also be difficult for men to reproduce sperms as regular masturbation can reduce sperm count.


It is also noted that excessive masturbation leads to premature ejaculation, which can affect your sexual life greatly. There are some important reasons you should not get addicted to masturbation. If you get addicted to this habit, there are a lot of different ways to quit it successfully.

To quit masturbation, you can avoid things that get you turned on or reject things that give you a high. You can also inculcate a new habit to avoid excessive masturbation.

Here are some of the ways to quit masturbation the easy way. These simple ways are considered safe for men and women!

Tests Performed By Professionals

Tests performed by professionals are available for professional use. That is, they are conducted by professionals. These are preferred because the assessments used are likely based upon research by credible resources and are conducted by trained professionals. If you believe that you or a loved one may struggle with masturbation addiction, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

Replacing Porn And Masturbation

  • 1Start a new hobby to distract yourself from your urges. Choose a fun hobby that really interests you. Watching porn and masturbating are both pleasurable activities, so your hobby should produce a similar effect. For instance, try something like:XResearch source
  • Joining a recreational sports team.
  • Making art.
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    Strategies: When Some Solutions Become The Problem

    When a human being experiences a terrible event like child sexual abuse, the memories of that event become charged with very strong emotions, like feelings of horror and disgust. This is actually a biological process that has an adaptive advantage: It makes us want to avoid that same situation again, which helps us to survive.

    But, where we are not able to avoid the threatening situation such as when a boy is being hurt by the very family which keeps him fed and alive then these memories and feelings can build up and start to feel unbearable.

    When a child is not able to avoid the abusive situation physically, he must learn to avoid the memories and feelings about the abuse psychologically. Thinking about the abuse triggers the feelings that are attached to the memories, so the child learns ways to not remember or think about the abuse. There are multiple strategies children develop to do this.

    All the strategies we are going to talk about work the same way. The purpose of the strategies is to avoid the feelings which are linked to the memories of the abuse.

    Very often strategies are developed in childhood, using a childs mind. A child cant be expected to think though all the consequences of the strategy, and sometimes is in too much pain or danger to be able to afford to. The strategy may then take on a life of its own, and ultimately become a problem in itself.

    Here are some of the most common strategies.

    Realizing That Quitting Is Actually Possible Was A Very Difficult First Step

    How To Stop Masturbation

    But then I remembered the different times in my life when for weeks I was too happy and busy to even think about masturbation. Helping at my grandfathers farm, summer camps, holidays at the beach, etc. If during those times for weeks I would not even THINK about masturbation, then it cannot be a physiological need!

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    By The End Of The One Year Challenge I Had Gotten Rid Of Many Bad Habits And Had Built Some New Good Ones

    And I had one new tool: the powerful thought of I could do this for 1 year, so why stop now!Continuing after that point was much easier. For me personally it never became completely easy, and I had to learn to manage my expectations in that aspect: even now, after almost 8 years of sobriety, some days are difficult and require focus. But the big advantage is that even though that struggle remain difficult at times, it makes the struggle with porn and lust easy.

    Have you or your spouse had to deal with quitting masturbation in your marriage? What are some things you found helpful? Let us know in the comments below and help some couples going through it now!

    How Will You Know If Prone Masturbation Is Having A Negative Impact On You

  • If you are not able to reach orgasm when masturbating in a different position or having sex with your partner. However you try by yourself or with your partner, if you are not able to ejaculate and/or reach orgasm, you must understand that prone masturbation has taken you over.
  • If you start disliking having actual sex or dont want to masturbate in any other position other than prone, you must understand that your body and mind got habituated to that intense pressure.
  • If you are not able to get or maintain an erection With normal stimulation by yourself or your toys or by your partner is not enough to make your penis erect or if you are not able to maintain that erection, realize that you are already in the middle of the problem.
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    Today I Made Peace With God

    , a safe place to discuss our struggles, temptations, and to lift each other up when one falls down and to set them on the path of recovery. As in any home, we ask that you will be respectful and not judgemental in this group. The feelings are real, and for many of us our self esteem has been stripped away by this addiction. Any person who sets a stumbling block for our group members will be banned.

    Find Video Answers to Lifes Hardest Questions:

    How Can I Overcome Pornography?

    For that reason, let me go through the plan of salvation. You must admit you have sinned against God.

    Romans 3:23 says, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

    You must believe the Gospel as given in I Corinthians 15:3& 4, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.

    And finally, you must ask God to forgive you and ask Christ to come into your life. The Scriptures use many verses to express this concept. One of the simplest is Romans 10:13, for, Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. If you have honestly done these three things, you are a child of God. The next step in finding victory is knowing and believing what God did for you when you accepted Christ as your Savior.

    2 Peter 1:3& 4 says, His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

    How timely.

    Here Are A Few Steps To Stop Masturbation Addiction :

    • Be positive that you can attain your goal. Here your aim is to get rid of your addiction. Staying positive is half the battle won.
    • Each person will have a different reason for masturbating. Know the reason and then to find the solution will be easy. It may be watching porn or some other activity that triggers it. So try to stop doing the activity like watching porn then you will not get the urge to masturbate.
    • Loneliness and solitude trigger this urge so try not to stay lonely. You can go for a walk or go to some public places and be surrounded by people then you may succeed in controlling your urge. Slowly you will come out of this habit.
    • You need to stay strong and not hate yourself and have the will to come out of this habit.
    • Also exercising and doing some physical activity that tires you physically may not bring in the urge to do this act which you now abhor.
    • Eating a healthy diet that has good nutritional value will go a long way in keeping you strong-willed and also give you strength to keep you active.
    • Yes, you need to keep yourself active to divert your mind from the thoughts of sexual activities. Taking up a hobby or cultivating a new skill will keep you occupied and gives you less of free time to be by yourself.

    These are just a few ways to get over the habit. If your addiction is difficult to overcome, you can contact online consultants like Drsafehands to help you and guide you to find a solution and advice to get rid of your problem.

    About DrSafehands:

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    Porn The Sexual Performance Killer

    A 2011 survey by The Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine spells it out in depressing black and white: excessive porn kills sexual performance.

    In Psychology Today, Marnia Robinson stated that when people abstain from porn and cut way back on masturbation:

    Their desire to connect with others surges. So does their confidence, their ability to look others in the eye, their sense of humor, their perception of their manliness, their concentration, charisma, their optimism, their judgment, their attractiveness to potential mates, and so forth.

    Even those formerly suffering from social anxiety are more often than not emboldened to explore new avenues for social contact: smiling and joking with work colleagues, online dating, meditation groups, nightspots, and so forth.

    In some cases it takes months, but often the shift is so rapid that it catches them by surprise.

    Without easy gratification, sex drive becomes energy expended in various parts of life.

    Quitting frequent porn and masturbation can dramatically improve the quality of your life, especially if its a problem in your life that you have not even identified.

    Youll notice that you feel more energized, sharper, and focusedbecause the biological drive that has developed to present you with an evolutionary edge is being put to use instead of squandered.

    When stuck in the endless loop of porn indulgence and easy gratification, on the other hand, forming meaningful relationships becomes virtually impossible.

    Getting In The Right Mindset

    How to stop masturbating: 6 tips and tricks
  • 1Stop punishing yourself. Remember, you’re human, and humans masturbate. Some studies show that up to 95% of males and 89% of females admit that they have masturbated. Masturbation is normal and healthy for all ages and genders.XResearch source
  • 2Don’t believe the myths about the harms of masturbation. If you want to stop your masturbation addiction, then you should do it for reasons that are personal and moral, not for reasons that are health-related. Here are some things that masturbation will not do to your body:XResearch source
  • Masturbation will not cause infertility, premature ejaculation, or impotence.
  • Masturbation will not cause insanity.
  • Masturbation will not cause blindness or even eye floaters.
  • Masturbation will not cause frequent urination.
  • Masturbation does not affect facial hair, growth, facial features, kidneys, testicles, cause skin problems, or cause any major physical issues! These are all myths.
  • 3Know that it will get better. If you believe that you can really find a way to stop your masturbation addiction, then you’ll be able to do it. Maybe your goal isn’t to stop masturbating completely, but just to limit your masturbation to a healthy amount, such as once or twice a day. That’s perfectly fine, too. If you have the belief that you really can win this battle, you’ll be much more likely to succeed than if you’re constantly second-guessing yourself.
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    Why Is Prone Masturbation Bad

    When you lie face down and put pressure on your genitals with your hip pressing downwards and hands pressing upwards, there is a lot of pressure that is felt in that area. As you get used to get this kind of pressure to ejaculate, your body will ejaculate only when such pressure is laid next time when you masturbate.

    However, when having actual sex or masturbating in other positions, the pressure that is put on the genitals will be way less than that when performing prone masturbation. As a result, you may not reach orgasm and/or you may not ejaculate. In order to ejaculate, you may have to perform your sexual act way longer than usual, which can cause delayed ejaculation. Also, in order to stimulate and get an erection, you may have to apply a lot of pressure which can cause erectile dysfunction.

    In short, prone masturbation can cause ejaculatory problems such as anejaculation, anorgasmia, delayed ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction.

    Next comes the psychological impact. When you have difficulty getting an erection or ejaculating, your mind feels stress and anxiety. You will start doubting yourself if you can ever get an erection and have sex with your partner. This in-turn adds up to erectile dysfunction problem, making it worse.

    Two Final Reasons Why Porn Is Not Your Friend

    I have not yet mentioned how degrading porn is to all women in general and to those who expose their bodies in particular. Surely, most women and men would prefer to be thought of by others as more than just sexual objects. As humans, we are spirit, soul and body, and created in Gods image . Porn actors, however, reduce themselves to shells of skin who prostitute themselves to the entire world.

    For money, they engage in shameful and often perverse sexual immorality, while others capture their lewd acts on film for profitall of them hoping to capture the widest audience. They are the most deplorable prostitutes and pimps in human history. Together, they contribute to the corruption of children and youth and the destruction of marriages. They create a demand for human trafficking and promote violence towards women. They encourage rape, incest, and every kind of sexual perversion under the sun. They pervert one of Gods wonderful gifts and help destroy sex as He intended. How much lower can people descend morally?

    Porn users need to admit that they are joining the ranks of such despicable people. When they view porn, they participate in and support the porn industry and all the evil it spawns.

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    Biblical Ways To Overcome Masturbation

    1 Corinthians 7:5-9

    Well this is kind of awkward.

    Anytime you hear the word masturbation in a sermon, a small group, or just in the presence of another human, all kinds of uncomfortable things start to happen. The room goes quiet, faces get red, throats are cleared as people shift in their seats, we all avoid eye-contact, and everyone tries to act like they didnt just hear that word.

    Awkward or not, as Christians this is a topic we cant ignore. Our churches and community circles are filled with people who silently struggle with this sin, too embarrassed to seek the help they wish they could find.

    Perhaps you are someone who struggles with masturbation. Or perhaps you have no clue why this is a temptation for people but would like to be someone others can confide in and get advice from. Either way, here are five practical pointers that will help Christians overcome the sin of masturbation.

    1. Realize the Bible Actually Does Condemn Masturbation

    Youve probably heard that the word masturbation is found nowhere in Scripture, which is absolutely true. Therefore when most people explain why masturbation is a sin, they focus on the lustful thoughts and intentions that are almost always associated with self-pleasure.

    These two verses give us one sexual category for both the married and the single that encompasses all condoned sexual acts: All sexual activity must include the physical presence of your spouse.

    2. Dont Use Weird Mental Tactics to Justify This Sin

    Do Not Masturbate During Relationship

    How Stop Mastur Addiction Christian!

    If you and your partner live together or in a situation where you can easily have sex then masturbating is considered as a huge sin.

    Its considered a big problem to masturbate even after having a partner. This sends out the wrong message that your sexual intercourse is not satisfying.

    Therefore, This can be emotionally hectic for a person to bear.

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