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How To Tell If Your Addicted To Video Games

Depression And Video Game Addiction

Are you addicted to Gaming – How tell if you’re addicted

Two recent studies concerning the ties between video game addiction and depression showed an alarming correlation between the two. If you suffer from both conditions, its important to seek help at a treatment facility that can address both issues. If you attempt to treat the video game addiction without treating the underlying depression, the addiction is more likely to recur.

Finding Yourself Unable To Quit

We all know those gamers who refuse to quit and play for hours on end into the dead of night. This could be a sign of an addiction as they find it impossible to put the game down for even a second.

They might always be online or have completed a game several times in a few short days. One way gamers could handle this issue is to set a bedtime or a certain amount of time to play in order to prevent their gaming from getting out of control.

When Should You Be Really Worried

Most children and adults play video or mobile games for recreation, so when should you be worried as a parent? If your child shows any of the following signs, it is definitely time to tackle the problem.

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  • Your childs social interactions have reduced considerably. They refuse to go out of the house or meet their friends.
  • Your childs grades are failing and they refuse to do their school work or dont even seem bothered about it anymore.
  • Stopping video games causes a huge meltdown, anger outburst or makes them aggressive or excessively irritable.
  • Your child lies to you about the time they spend playing or steals money to play video games.

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Provide Alternatives To Gaming

Spend time with your children and introduce them to alternatives to video-gaming, which may include board games, joining a library, physical sports, learning a new hobby or going out with friends.

Seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist to help with strategies to cut down on usage or explore if there is an underlying condition like ADHD or social anxiety that makes them vulnerable to addiction.

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Determine If You Need More Support

Signs Your Child Has a Video Game Addiction

If most of the above examples sound like your child, or if your child becomes destructive, aggressive, threatening or violent when you try to enforce or set limits on their gaming, it might be helpful for you to talk to someone in your area who can work directly with you and your child as you make changes. This might mean talking to your childs pediatrician or working with a local therapist to determine what kinds of changes are appropriate, how to respond to negative behavior, and how to effectively enforce your limits with your child.

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How To Know If Your Child Is Addicted To Video Games And What To Do About It

by Joanne Orlando, The Conversation

If your child spends long hours playing video games, you might be worried they’re addicted.

“Gaming disorder” is real, and has now been classified as a disease in the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems . The new ICD will be adopted in 2022.

If you are worried about your child’s gaming, this new classification will help you identify whether they have a problem and if you need professional help.

Gaming disorder is not just for kidsit can be experienced by gamers of all ages: children, teenagers and adults.

The condition isn’t defined by gaming too much, or the number of hours played, but rather it’s when gaming interferes with a person’s daily life.

To be diagnosed, a person will demonstrate all three of the following symptoms for at least 12 months:

  • losing control over gaming
  • prioritising gaming to the extent that it takes precedence over other activities and interests
  • continuing to game despite negative effects on work, school, family life, health, hygiene, relationships, finances or social relationships.

The classified disorder focuses on gaming only, it doesn’t include other digital behaviours such as overuse of the internet, online gambling, social media, or smart phones.

It also relates to gaming on any device, although most people who develop clinically significant gaming problems play primarily on the internet.

Serious health condition

Tips to manage your child’s gaming

Figure Out Why Hes So Obsessed

The last time you played a video game wasa few rounds of Mario Kart in college. For you, its easy to dismiss them as a pointless, juvenile waste of time. But believe it or not, the average gamer is 34 years old, and 60 percent of Americans play video games daily, reports the . According to a study conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Psychology, most people play video games for three reasons: to escape daily life, as a social outlet , and to collect in-game rewards . Once you realize that hes glued to Red Dead Redemption for the same reason you tune in to This Is Us every weekbecause it helps you decompress and unwind after workthe more youll be able to sympathize with the way your partner spends his free time.

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Psychological Signs Of Video Game Addiction

Dont let a video game addiction affect your childs well-being know the signs of addiction!

  • Mood ShiftsA child who goes from being cranky to feeling calm and relaxed when playing video games may be exhibiting a sign of video game addiction. Over time, a child may start to turn to video games as a way of coping with difficult life issues.
  • Withdrawal SymptomsWhen grounded from playing video games or unable to play, a child will experience feelings of anger and frustration, much like a food addict or gambler experiences withdrawal when unable to eat or gamble.
  • Preoccupation with Video GamesPreoccupation with a pursuit is a key sign of any form of addiction. Children who eat, drink, sleep and talk about video games when not engaged in the activity have become preoccupied or obsessed with it.
  • Harmful Effects Of Video Game Addiction


    According to the DSM-5 18, Internet Gaming Disorder is currently considered as a condition that requires further study. There can be several harmful effects of video game addiction. They are as follows:

    • Aggressive thoughts and behaviors, particularly under the age of 10.
    • Risk of light-induced seizures, musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremities, and increased metabolic rate.
    • Reduced pro-social behaviors in social interactions.
    • It can also have physical effects characterized by tendonitis and swelling which the American Physical Therapy calls video gamers thumb i.e. an injury from a repetitive usage of thumbs.

    Research 19 has found that people who are addicted to video games show that they have poorer mental health and cognitive functioning including poorer impulse control and ADHD symptoms as compared to people who do not have video game addiction. People who are addicted to video games are usually found to have increased emotional difficulties like depression and anxiety, feeling socially isolated, and are more likely to have problems with internet pornography usage.

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    How Did The Overuse Of Video Games Start

    Maybe you just wanted to keep your teen busy so you could have some peace at home? Well, maybe those periods of peace became more numerous and extended than you intended. Those fleeting moments of calm for you may have come at a higher cost to your teen. It’s not too late to correct the problem, and youre not alone.

    It turns out that some U.S. agencies studying child development estimate that as many as 10 percent of all children who play video games are overusing them. In a study of 3,000 children who used video games, Dr. Douglas Gentile of Iowa State University Ames, found that about 9 percent of the participants were pathologically addicted to gaming.

    According to Dr. Gentile, a lot of video gaming isn’t the same as an addiction. He has found that some kids can play a lot without it having an effect on their lives. However, some children who play a lot of video games begin to neglect other areas of their lives, and this is when video games may be an addiction. Video game addiction is not a medically recognized disorder such as gambling addiction.

    Depressed kids tend to play video games obsessively . While excessive video gaming can increase depression, it is not generally believed to be a cause of depression.

    Emotional Symptoms And Behaviors

    • Thinking about gaming almost all the time
    • Feeling upset when they cant play
    • Wanting to spend time playing in order to feel good about themselves
    • Not willing to do other things you used to like
    • Inability or unsuccessful attempts to quit gaming or even play less
    • Gaming addiction affecting or interfering with work, school, home or relationships
    • Playing even though there are issues at home, work, or school
    • Lying about how much time you spend playing
    • Playing games to change your bad mood and feelings
    • Withdrawal symptoms when gaming is not available or possible
    • Using gaming to escape negative emotions

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    Signs Of Video Game Addiction

    Studies 6 have found that around 1 to 16 percent of video gamers meet the criteria for addiction. Like all addictions, video game addiction should be evaluated not on the basis of time spent playing but also taking into account the behavior of the individual. Video game addiction is only problematic when it starts to interfere with the academic performance or social life of the individual. The American Psychiatric Association states that gaming must cause significant impairment or distress in several aspects of a persons life, to be considered as an addiction according to the DSM-5.

    Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of gaming disorder that you might want to pay attention to:

    Know When To Find Professional Help

    Is your child addicted to video games? Hereâs how you can ...

    If your partners video game playing has veered into full-blown addiction , its time to call in some extra support. Consult a couples counselor and voice your issues in a session, encouraging your husband to come along. Once you both have a clear idea of the difference between healthy and unhealthy habits, you can get on the same page and, if youre both committed, work back toward a closer relationship.

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    Parents Can Stop Video Game Addiction

    Rememberâ¦Your son does not have to accept that he has a problem.Your son does not have to want to change his video game habits.Yes, it will make your task much easier if he gains insight into the problem and can practice self-control. But, if this does not happen, you have the power, the authority, and quite frankly, the responsibility to impose tight restrictions on gameplay or the complete removal of the problematic games.

    How To Help Children Addicted To Video Games

  • Terms of Service
  • How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games: A Guide for Parents

    TechAddiction is very proud to offer the most practical, straightforward, comprehensive, up-to-date, and useful book available anywhere for helping children or teens overcome video game addiction. If your child is addicted to video games or if you work with children addicted to video games, this step-by-step book for helping kids or teenagers addicted to computer games is available right now as an instant download.

    • Instead of a 30 – 40 page eBook , How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games – A Guide for Parents is over 200 pages of completely original content and essential information on how to win the battle with video game addiction.

    • Compared to books in printed form , this step-by-step treatment guide is always up to date and is revised several times per year with new interventions, advice, and techniques. Given the pace at which technology advances, do not be surprised if you find other books referring to very outdated games and technology like Doom, “muds”, Netscape, AOL, ICQ, and pay-per-minute dial-up internet access.

    • Compared to books offering only a handful of brief, rather unhelpful tips How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games – A Guide for Parents is packed with dozens and dozens of detailed strategies to help a child or adolescent overcome video game addiction.

    • The three golden rules that must be followed for any video game addiction intervention with a child to succeed

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    Here Are Some Signs To Look For:

    Neglecting other interests or responsibilities – Do you find that your teen is ditching his or her chores and even ignoring hobbies that were former favorites? If your teen is spending nearly every waking hour playing video games and is insistent on it, then it may be overuse.

    Setting healthy guidelines can give your teen the time for both play and schoolwork . You can work together with your youngster to figure out a balanced daily routinewith a portion spent on other kinds of play, such as regular exercise and outdoor activities.

    Forgetting to do homework – Do you often get notes on your teens school progress report stating, Homework not turned in or something similar? This may be a sign that your kids academics need some monitoring. Could excess video gaming be the culprit? Have you set boundaries when it comes to dividing up video time and homework time? You may want to give your teen a sense of being responsible for his or her time, but it is also important to teach time-management skills. It would be a shame if your teen doesn’t learn those skills and, as a result, falls behind in schoolwork.

    Is There A Test Or Self

    How to tell if you are addicted to gaming and how to get help

    The most effective self-assessment that can be done is to examine the above list of symptoms associated with video game addiction. If you find that you or someone you care about exhibits any of these warnings signs, it may be a good time to cut back on the amount of time spent gaming. If you are unsure whether these symptoms apply to you, we can help. Call our toll-free number at to discuss your possible symptoms or to learn about treatment options.

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    Decreased Performance In Work Or School

    Gaming, like any hobby, can begin to affect performance in work or school if it turns into an addiction. The focus will be taken away from supporting yourself or learning to better yourself in life, to that of becoming a better video game player.

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    This coincides with the last sign that it will become all a gamer thinks about as they lose focus of what really matters. Video games should never affect life at work or school, and this is a major sign that changes need to be made.

    How It Is Working

    We have created this test with research and have checked its validity for getting accurate results. We have placed 14 questions in the form of quiz and it takes only 3 minutes to get results. Video game addiction test covers those questions which are found as signs in a person addicted to video games. Every statement has two options and you have to check accurate response for getting accurate results. If you strongly agree to a statement, then check and if you do not agree then check option.

    After you have finished all questions, result page will be created immediately. It is the place where you will find yourself as video game addicted or not. Every statement is filled with points and levels so you will get what you have provided in the video game addiction test.

    If you want to take this test behalf of your child then answer every question carefully and answer whether your child is experiencing these signs listed in the test. You can also take internet addiction test here , if you are spending lot of time on internet, searching video games.

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    Important Considerations In Gaming Addiction Symptoms

    A list of symptoms can be a useful tool in helping you determine if youre addicted to gaming. Before we get to that, though, its important to put gaming addiction symptoms in context. Gaming is a behavior that becomes an addiction when it is all-consuming. The games take up more and more of your time, and your performance in school or at work begins to decline.

    Hallmark symptoms of gaming addiction are

    • Impaired control over the activity
    • Increased amounts of time spent gaming
    • Escalation of gaming despite problems it causes

    The continued gaming, even when you know its causing problems, is one of the key signs of gaming addiction. Each of these signs can be helpful in identifying gaming addiction symptoms. When these are present, mental health professionals begin to consider symptoms.

    Dual Diagnosis: Video Game Addiction And Substance Abuse

    How To Know If You Are Addicted To Video Games

    Because video game addiction has been linked to depression, sleeplessness and an overall lack of concern for ones own health, it is not surprising that substance abuse is also a problem for many gamers suffering from this compulsive disorder. For those suffering from video game addiction as well as substance abuse, proper treatment is imperative to recovery. If you or someone you know is currently suffering from one or both of these disorders, seek professional guidance immediately by calling us at .

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