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Addiction Counseling Services Of Colorado

Why Are Addiction Therapy Services Important For Recovery

Practice Demonstration – Substance Abuse Counseling

Stopping the use of an addictive substance is clearly the most important step in the recovery process. Still, without the addition of drug dependency therapy services, you may be at high risk for relapse.

Its crucial to uncover any co-occurring mental health issues you may be dealing with, such as depression, anxiety, or childhood trauma. Even if you do not have a dual diagnosis, its a good idea to rethink your coping skills and form new, healthy behaviors with the help of trained addiction counselors with clinical experience.

Refer Someone To Our Services

At Diversus Health, we provide treatment for clients referred from external providers and the criminal justice system. Services will be rendered and provided by our qualified providers who will determine the level of care necessary by aligning with our assessment procedures in accordance with the OBH requirement standards for serving our referral clientele. Contact us to refer someone today.

How Can Addiction Therapy Prevent Relapse

Although relapse may sound like it refers to a complete reversion of treatment or a return to where the patient was before, its not that simple. Relapse begins in the brain: Before you decide to take a drink, open a pill bottle, or locate a syringe, you have made several choices both conscious and unconscious ones. These addictive behaviors are what ultimately leads to substance abuse relapse.

Difficult circumstances in life, such as being hurt or angry with someone or feeling overwhelmed by stress can put people in recovery at risk of relapse. With the right treatment and therapy, you can develop healthy coping skills that help prevent relapse during stressful situations or life events

Similarly, if you are dealing with a dual mood disorder diagnosis, you may be self-medicating with illicit substances rather than legal, FDA-approved medications. The eventual outcome for someone with a history of dependence on drugs, poor coping skills, or an undiagnosed mental illness is often relapse.

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Change Your Life With Addiction Therapy Today

At Magnolia Medical Group, our licensed addiction counselors can assist you throughout your MAT treatment. We offer non-judgmental, client-centered individual sessions. Therapy can teach you how to increase your coping and life skills and improve your self-esteem and stress management.

Whether youve received a referral from your physician or youd like to visit us on your own, know that by taking the first steps to take back your life from addiction, youre making a choice that will positively affect the rest of your life. Contact us to set up an appointment today.

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Addiction Counseling In Littleton/south Park Co

About Brooke

Substance dependence of any sort can have a negative impact on an individuals life and those they care about the most. If you are suffering from any type of addiction, be it substance-related or otherwise, the team at A New Outlook Counseling Services in Littleton/South Park and Broomfield, CO is here to help.

We offer addiction counseling in a warm, inviting environment. Our goal is to help every patient break free from addiction in order to lead a happy, productive and successful life.

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Drug And Alcohol Overuse Are Unhealthy And Disruptive

Using drugs or alcohol is a way to cope but can quickly become unhealthy and disruptive.

We dont start using substances because we want to develop an addiction we start using substances as a way to cope, to numb out those hard emotions or avoid thinking about the struggles in life, and then later might find yourself in a position where you are dependent and not quite sure how you got there.

The Best Therapists Across The Front Range

I was recommended to Thriveworks by District 11 for my son who is diagnosed with Autism, PTSD, ADHD and RAD. He had a quite abusive life, prior to my adopting him. Directly from the onset of my scheduling his intake to his intake appointment, my spirit felt that this was going to be the correct place for him to be. Rachel, his therapist, is amazing! The entire staff is amazing. Their communication skills are dynamic and Talon is responding so positively actually more so than he has with any other therapy group. The focus is on his success! Success in overcoming his obstacles and in life. As a therapist, myself, I highly recommend Thriveworks! Empathy, Compassion, Dynamic abilities in using therapeutic tools and in teaching clients how to use and apply them in life.

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Addiction Counseling Education In Colorado

In Colorado, addiction counselors are required to hold a masters degree or their doctorate in addiction counseling. This means they should have already earned their Certified Addiction Counselor III. Prospective students may want to check out the licensing and certification requirements as they prepare to enter school.

Before they can use the LAC title, they must take the required licensing exam and pass it. This is the Master Addiction Counselor exam. Its the last exam required for an addiction counselor to hold their LAC.

To give themselves a better chance of passing the exam, students might consider taking a practice exam online other study materials are available on the Colorado State Board of Addiction Counselor Examiners website, as well.

Colorado addiction counselors are required to hold one of three certifications. Once they have earned the required masters degree and passed their licensing exam, they are called Licensed Addiction Counselor . Proof of having completed their required supervised experience is also mandatory.

As of 2018, Colorados stop industries ranged from arts, entertainment, recreation and accommodation, and food services. The top industry, by dollar amount, is the real estate, rental and leasing sector, which brought in $55.2 billion.

Undergraduate Certificate In Substance Use And Recovery Counseling

TIP41 Group Therapy for Counseling Training and CEUs for LPC and Addiction Counselors

The Substance Use and Recovery Counseling certificate program contributes to the mission of the Department of Counseling and Human Services by preparing students to provide culturally- responsive, trauma-informed substance use counseling services. Students completing the course sequence engage in the rigorous training and fieldwork experiences necessary to develop the knowledge, skills, awareness, and advocacy competencies necessary for high-quality client care.

In 2018, the United States Department of Health and Human Services estimated that Colorado has a shortage of approximately 110 addictions counselors. Should the number of addictions counselors being introduced to the workforce through training programs remain constant, the shortage of addictions counselors is expected to increase to 430 providers by 2030 . There is a clear need within the state of Colorado to increase the accessibility of Substance Use Disorder training and education programs that prepare practitioners for certification and licensure as substance abuse counselors. Course content, program length, academic level, admission requirements, and prerequisites for the Substance Abuse and Recovery Counseling course sequence were determined through collaboration with the Office of Behavioral Health Certified Addiction Counselor Clinical Training Program.

Students must complete the following courses with a passing grade of 70% in each class:

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Bachelor’s Degree In Addiction Counseling

Undergraduate students enrolled in a Colorado university, preparing to begin working in an addiction counseling major, learn more detailed information about human behavior, concepts of sociology and psychology, and learn even more about addiction.

This type of addiction counseling degree program does not meet the requirements for state licensing. Students wont be ready to become licensed counselors after they graduate, nor will they be able to begin counseling. Students are required to earn their masters degree in addiction counseling and earn their license to practice before they can start working with clients.

Online coursework focuses on the basics of addiction studies and healthcare ethics. Students also work on addiction-specific topicsassessment, treatment and preventing substance abusethese are processes that private practices use with their clients. After graduation, students may take exams to earn certified addiction counselor classification. While they wont be able to directly counsel agency clients, they may have other responsibilities.

Individual Therapy & Counseling Sessions

Some people find being honest in a group session difficult, while others benefit from group counseling and peer therapy. Individual sessions pair you with a licensed addiction counselor who gets to know you as a person in order to provide the best holistic treatment and behavioral therapy possible with respect and empathy every step of the way. We strive to treat our patients as whole people struggling with complex issues rather than promising cookie-cutter addiction treatments or detox protocols.

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What If I Dont Want To Change

We will never force you into a change that you dont want to make. Our goal is to meet you where you are at and work towards small objectives. Maybe you just want to start having the conversation about it.

We commend you on your vulnerability to bring awareness to your struggles and will always be flexible regarding what you want to see change in your life.

Getting Substance Abuse Counseling For A Loved One Can Be Challenging

Addiction counseling model used in Moffat County introduced to inmates ...

As a parent or loved one of someone dealing with substance abuse struggles, you may want to address the issue, but feel that it is so emotionally charged that youre not getting anywhere. You provide education and resources, working to lead them in the right direction, only to be met with pushback or having this person pull away from you.

Maybe this is a topic that you dont know a lot about and need more help understanding so that you can support your friend, partner, parent, sibling or teen. We are here to support you, too.

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Dui Classes State Licensed Addiction Counseling Services Of Colorado

AMAZING EXPERIENCE!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Getting my DWAI was a frightening experience filled with a lot of tough questions and many steps in order to get my life back on track. Luckily, I signed up for my classes and therapy with ACSC. Mindy is an absolutely a…

We are licensed by the State of Colorado to provide all DUI classes, therapy, evaluations and screenings. We continue to provide all services via ZOOM, which is approved by The State of Colorado, The Dept. of Motor Vehicles and The Office of Behavioral Health! We are HERE FOR YOU!!!

Olivia D Hannon Cichon Ma Lac Mac

Address: 10200 E Girard Ave Suite B222 Denver, Colorado 80231

Phone: .722.1825


  • Learning new coping skills
  • Avoiding people, places, and situations that could trigger a relapse.
  • Treatment for any co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Membership in a peer fellowship to reinforce sobriety and learn from the experiences of others

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A Message From Our CEO

Medical disclaimer:

Sunshine Behavioral Health strives to help people who are facing substance abuse, addiction, mental health disorders, or a combination of these conditions. It does this by providing compassionate care and evidence-based content that addresses health, treatment, and recovery.

Licensed medical professionals review material we publish on our site. The material is not a substitute for qualified medical diagnoses, treatment, or advice. It should not be used to replace the suggestions of your personal physician or other health care professionals.

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Colorado Health Service Corps Scholarship Program For Addiction Counselors

  • All programs contacts
  • Apply for an addiction counselor scholarship. The application is open from September 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022 until 11:59 p.m.

    See below to determine if you are eligible to apply.

    Basic Eligibility

    You may be eligible to apply to receive a scholarship for addiction counseling training.

    In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must:

    • Be on a path to become a licensed Certified Addiction Technician , Certified Addiction Specialist , or a Licensed Addiction Counselor .
    • Apply to the scholarship program.
    • Get accepted into an approved clinical addiction counseling training program within six months of accepting the scholarship award.
    • Complete your coursework and required hours within 18 months for CAT or 24 months for CAS and LAC.
    • Work in a Colorado Health Professional Shortage Area at a CHSC-certified site for six months after becoming fully licensed as a CAT, CAS, or LAC. The practice must accept public insurance and offer discounted services to low-income and/or uninsured patients on a sliding fee scale and must follow CHSC guidelines on direct clinical care.
    Approved sites
    Scholarship Award and Service Obligation

    The scholarship must be applied to the cost of tuition and fees up to $5,000, however, the award will not exceed the cost of any clinical addiction counseling training program.

    Additional eligibility details:
    Education and Training Status

    Types Of Treatment For Addiction

    Models of Treatment | Addiction Counselor Exam Review

    Though there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction in Denver, a few methods have been tried and tested throughout the past decades that show results and promise for recovering drug users. Below are three methodologies that we utilize at Magnolia Medical Center to care for patients recovering from being addicted to drugs. Counseling, when provided by a licensed therapist or psychiatrist who truly understands drug habits, is one of the cornerstones of treatment here and in many other treatment facilities as well.

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    Level 2 Dui Class & Therapy Addiction Counseling Services Of Colorado

    AMAZING EXPERIENCE!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Getting my DWAI was a frightening experience filled with a lot of tough questions and many steps in order to get my life back on track. Luckily, I signed up for my classes and therapy with ACSC. Mindy is an absolutely a…

    We are licensed by the State of Colorado for all DUI classes, therapy, evaluations and screenings. We continue to provide all services via ZOOM. This is approved by the State of Colorado, The Department of Motor Vehicles and The Office of Behavioral Health! We are HERE FOR YOU!!

    Master’s Degree In Addiction Counseling

    At this level, graduates with a masters degree in addiction counseling will be ready to begin working directly with clients who are looking to address their addictions and related mental health issues. As soon as they earn their licensure, they will be able to handle all of the responsibilities involved in counseling people who struggle with substance abuse. They may also act as mental health counselors for clients who suffer from co-occurring disorders .

    This degree program covers and explores the development of addictions and their treatment. Much of the course material helps students to prepare for their licensure exam. However, students can still take advantage of study courses provided by the Colorado State Board of Addiction Counselor Examiners. Students may also provide clinical mental health counseling as a masters degree in this area also prepares them for this work.

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    Phd Degree In Addiction Counseling

    At this advanced level, a doctorate in substance abuse counseling can prepare students for research, where they study the human mind, mental disorders, chemical dependency, and counseling. A PhD gives students the foundation needed for both qualitative and qualitative research methods. They also acquire the background in counseling theory they need. Students with a masters in a different field may enter a PhD program in addiction studies. Doing so may qualify them to earn their license in addictions counseling if they want to become an addiction counselor in Colorado.

    Also, some PhD students may be more interested in academia, where they may begin teaching in the best addiction counseling schools in Colorado. The coursework is rigorous, preparing students for their career goals. This type of degree program can also focus on practicing addiction counseling and may include the opportunity for fieldwork-an internship.

    Are You Curious Whether Alcohol Or Drugs Are A Problem For You Or A Loved One

    Addiction Treatment Staff
    • Have you ever wondered whether alcohol or drugs are a problem for you?
    • Are you struggling to find ways to support your loved ones addiction and take care of yourself?
    • Do you worry about how drugs and alcohol affect your teenagers brain development?
    • Do you feel that drugs or alcohol are the only solutions to help you manage life?
    • Are you feeling pressure from others to stop your substance use, but dont feel like you have a problem?
    • Do you want therapeutic support in your recovery?

    Substance abuse of any kind can feel like its taking over your life, whether its your own use or someone elses. It can feel like you lost who you once were or who your loved one once was.

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    Our Substance Abuse Counselors In Denver Are Ready To Help

    Our support begins with a 90-minute intake appointment. During this first appointment we will gather information about you and your relationships between family members, current problems, goals, previous treatment, education, family history of substance abuse, medical issues, mental health struggles, and history of trauma and other helpful information.

    This helps us understand the bigger picture and how we can best assist you in meeting your goals for treatment whether that is no use, minimizing use, help with understanding substance abuse, or help with supporting a loved one.

    Following the intake, individual therapy sessions are 50-minutes. Should family sessions be part of your treatment plan, those sessions with family members are 60-minutes and billed accordingly.

    What If I Dont Only Want To Talk About My Alcohol Or Drug Use

    This is a fear that a lot of people have when beginning their journey with substance abuse treatment. We dont want to just talk about substance abuse either. We want to understand you as a whole and not just label the problem.

    In our work, we have learned that mental health issues and other difficult dynamics are the leading cause for substance use struggles. We know that in order to address substance use, we must first address those underlying causes.

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