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How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships

Addiction Can Affect Sexual Function

How Relationships Effect Addiction Recovery

Along with a lack of libido, addiction can actually affect a persons ability to function during sex. Specifically, it can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Furthermore, for both men and women alike, addiction can make it harder for the body to reach orgasm. Mostly, individuals who utilize specific substances are at an increased risk for sexual dysfunction. These specific substances include heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. If your drug of choice is either of these substances and youre having trouble maintaining function during intercourse, it could be due to addiction.

Drug Addiction In Relationships Leads To Trust Issues

Addiction is typically a gradual process. You try a substance for the sake of experimenting with it and then you go back to it because it makes you feel good. The person denies being hooked to a vice for a long time. They keep telling themselves and their loved ones that they can stop whenever they want. Needless to say, this is far from the truth.

As addiction grows stronger, the person starts lying to their partner and their family to cover their dependency. From erratic behavior patterns to discrepancies in finances and sudden disappearances, the signs of drug addiction become apparent. The addict hurriedly tries to cover them up with lies. To a partner, it can feel like a never-ending string of untruthful excuses. Seeds of distrust and discord are sown in the relationship. Once trust takes a hit, the rest can unravel pretty quickly.

The tricky part about trust issues in a relationship with an addict is that their partner or family may find it hard to believe them even when theyre trying to kick the habit in recovery. This can be a huge setback for the addict. They can use it as an excuse to fall back on their old habits. It sets a vicious cycle in motion. This is how drugs ruin relationships in a very fundamental manner.

The Physical Toll Of Substance Abuse

There is no doubt that drug and alcohol abuse takes a toll on your body. Whether it is liver disease, lung disease, cardiovascular issues or dangerous diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS, the toll addiction has on your body is devastating. Your deteriorating health and physical appearance can cause your loved ones undue heartbreak and emotional distress as your physical appearance creates a visual representation of just how bad things have gotten.

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How To Support Someone With An Addiction

Loving an addict is challenging on many levels. Supporting them is a Herculean task because they keep slipping back into the same patterns. Theres not much congruity in their promises and actions how can you help someone who doesnt want to help themselves? Your exasperation is completely valid as you struggle with their addiction. To help you cope, here are 4 ways of supporting someone with an addiction.

Change does not occur overnight. The journey of recovery is long and demands patience and perseverance. You can contribute to your partners efforts by taking these steps consistently. As Robert Collier wisely said, Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

People Dont Understand You

5 Ways Substance Use Affects Relationships

Depending on what youre using and how long youve been using it, the chemistry of your brain can be permanently changed. This, along with the immediate effects of the substances, can cause you to make a number of irrational decisions. These decisions can be hard to understand, especially when you see a loved one doing things that dont make sense.

Many people struggling with substance abuse are running away from or covering up underlying issues and emotions. These emotions can include insecurity and feelings of worthlessness.

When you dont feel worthy, you allow yourself to be put in tough and toxic situations because you dont believe you deserve better

What many people dont understand is that addiction becomes more than just using drugs. Everything becomes a manipulation game, and you cant maintain regular relationships because youre in a committed relationship with drugs.

More often than not, the people with good intentions will get caught in the crossfire of this manipulation. This can be confusing for friends and family who cant understand why their loved one continues to hurt themselves and others.

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Trust Lost From Drug Addiction

Trust is an essential element in a healthy relationship. Drug addiction often leads to lost trust. Its not uncommon for an addicted individual to engage in secretive behavior and lie about drug use. They might lie about who they were with or what they did that day. They might steal money from a family member to buy substances.

Lying, stealing and general dishonesty can make both partners feel a widening gap between them. Lying to a loved one makes them feel hurt, uncared for and disrespected. Family members and significant others may not understand that cravings are often more powerful than the need to be honest.

Nevertheless, when a loved one cant trust an addicted person, theyll feel like they cant rely on them or get close to them. A lack of trust can lead to anger, resentment, jealousy and fear. Trust takes time to rebuild once its been broken, but its not impossible.

Cocaine & The Respiratory System

Cocaine abuse can also induce a persistent cough in users due to the widespread damage that the substance does to the respiratory system specifically, complications in the upper respiratory and pulmonary systems often result breathing troubles, which lead to an inadequate supply of blood to the heart muscles . Repeated exposure to cocaine through snorting and smoking can also cause infections and tissue death of the nasal linings and sinuses. Users can experience chronic cough, chest pain, and fatigue due to lung damage , as well as pulmonary hemorrhage and a number of other conditions, such as pulmonary barotrauma, foreign body granulomas, a cocaine-related pulmonary infection, obliterative bronchiolitis, and asthma, to name some listed by the Recent Developments in Alcoholism journal. Long-term cocaine users are often easily fatigued, have trouble breathing, and regularly experience chest pains.

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The Effects Of Drug Addiction On Relationships

Fact Checked

If left untreated, the destructive effects of drug addiction eventually damage every aspect of the addicts life. Drug use consumes the addicts existence. Responsibilities and moral standards fall by the wayside. The repercussions of addiction reverberate throughout the social, familial and vocational areas of the addicts life, with disastrous consequences.

Alienation from friends and family increases the addicts sense of hopelessness. Sometimes, the loss of supportive relationships is the final blow that pushes an addict to seek help. Other times, the addict attempts to cope by falling deeper into addiction.

How Interpersonal Relationships Are Affected By Addiction

How Substance Abuse and Alcoholism Affects the Family – Reach Recovery

A common misconception about substance abuse is that it is solely the problem of the person struggling with addiction and only affects them. When this falsity is believed, it can cause the person to battle their addiction alone, without the help of others as a support system.

In reality, addiction affects more people than just the person struggling with drugs or alcohol. In many cases, interpersonal relationships are physically, mentally, and psychologically harmed by their loved ones substance abuse.

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, understanding how your relationship is affected can help the person struggling get assistance sooner and may help you both resolve ill feelings substance abuse caused.

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The High Cost Of Drug Abuse

In essence, the most effective way to reduce all costs related to drug abuse is to focus on addiction prevention and treatment programs. It has been calculated that treatment programs can lead to a savings-to-cost ratio of 12 to 1 in regards to crime and health care. Plus, individuals who successfully complete an addiction treatment program have the opportunity to improve their health, successfully repair dysfunctional relationships and re-enter the workforce with renewed productivity.

The key is finding a rehabilitation program that focuses on individualized, whole-person treatment that equips someone for life in recovery. Casa Palmera has proven success in helping people who are struggling with drug addiction and the toll it is taking on their lives. If you or someone you know needs help, contact us today.

Addictions Effect In Ones Relationship Psychologically And Economically

The Issue of How Families Are Affected by Drug Addicts Is Not Recent.

SAMHSA analyzed pre-existing research in 2004 on addiction and relationship concerning drug addicts, and discovered that addiction affects different relationship systems differently. To cover or compensate a parents who are drug addicts, children can be pushed into awkward or unfamiliar positions. If their relationship with the addicts including their behavior is discovered, members of the extended family can be subjected to traumatic feelings of guilt and embarrassment.

When coping with a spouse that is a drug addicts, the effects of a drug abuse issue are usually divided into economical and psychological . When addiction and relationship is involved, money may be diverted from investments and mutual interests to fund a habit. Mood swings, lack of commitment from the person they love, decreased sexual desire and functioning, and other emotional neglect types could be experienced by the partners of drug addicts psychologically .

They may even be forced into being accomplices in their partners drug addicts actions, tricked into covering up their actions on their behalf, or going as far as even supplying them with narcotics, all in the name of love and trying to maintain both addiction and relationship.

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Can I Help A Family Member Overcome Addiction

You can help a loved one overcome addiction, but not by trying to be a therapist or police officer of their behavior. Lots of people try to take full responsibility when their loved ones are going through addiction, and it simply isnt sustainable. You have your own life to lead and your own wellness to take care of and attempting to save someone else is a major barrier for you personally.

You can help someone overcome a substance use disorder by calmly and gently pointing them in the direction of rehab. If they ask for advice, provide them with resources that offer information about how addiction works and gently encourage them to go to outpatient addiction treatment. For someone who continues to resist treatment, you might need to stage an intervention.

Codependent Relationships With Drug Addiction

How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships

Some couples use drugs together, and their shared addiction may seem like the only thing that makes them feel close. It can be especially challenging to recover in a relationship centered around addiction. A person may learn to associate their partner with the addiction.

Addicted couples may also show they care about one another by helping each other obtain drugs and avoid withdrawal. This can form a strong relationship of codependency. Despite the challenges, its possible to recover from addiction together.

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How Drug Addiction Affects Spouses

Drug addiction can occur on a spectrum. The severity of the problem, and its effects on those who bear witness to it, can vary from mild to severe.

The effects of drug addiction on a marriage can be physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Materially, substance abuse can also have a steep financial cost.

Find the right treatment program today.

How Substance Abuse Affects Relationships

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy describes a cycle of conflict that occurs in domestic partnerships, in which substance abuse leads to verbal and physical conflict, which in turn leads to further disagreements about the substance abuse itself.

Other concerns that can occur for many couples affected by substance abuse include:2

  • Financial difficulties.
  • Legal conflicts over child custody, drunk driving, or illicit drug use.
  • Verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.

Alcohol and drugs can impair judgment, arouse feelings of anger and resentment, and create an atmosphere that leads to conflict at home.

Any experiences of abuse or potential signs of abuse must be taken very seriously in recovery. Individuals who have verbally abused or physically attacked their partners will require anger management courses and may face legal consequences, depending on the severity of the assault.

Anyone who feels that they are in danger because of an abusive partner should seek help immediately from legal authorities, a healthcare provider, or a substance abuse treatment professional. Online resources and support services on partner abuse are available through the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

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How Drugs Affect Relationships

A relationship can be very difficult when your partner is on drugs. Drug addiction is far more common than many people think whether it be to illegal drugs like cannabis are cocaine, or prescription medication use that has become out of control. Drug addiction is a disease and living with someone under its shadow is hard.

A drug addict may become obsessed with their addiction and any relationships are bound to take a back seat. Spending others in pursuit, taking and recovering from the side effects, drug addicts are not easy to live with. There may be trust issues to as an addict will go to any lengths to fund their habit, which often may include borrowing money or even stealing from their partner. Someone who is taking drugs may behave erratically and he may never know what sort of mood they are going to be in. Walking on egg shells and tiptoeing around their partner is common for someone who is in a relationship with the drug user.

Trying to help a partner with a drug problem can be a real issue. Any attempt to confront them of the drug use can be met with hostility, in difference or excuses. A drug addict has many defences that their use and may refuse to see that there is a problem. If you are in a relationship with someone who refuses to give up drugs then you must consider whether or not its a healthy or safe situation to be in. Visit family addiction support groups and seek assistance.

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Rebuilding Relationships That Have Been Broken

My partner’s substance abuse is affecting our relationship

It usually isnt until undergoing a treatment program that an addict can see how drug addiction has affected their relationships. During group and one-on-one counseling sessions, those on the journey towards life in recovery should have the chance to make amends.

At Recovery Unplugged, one of our main goals is to repair and recreate the relationship between our clients and those they love. With intensive one-on-one therapy and our Family Program, we encourage patients to constantly improve and create healthy relationships with those they love.

We dont want to just rebuild relationships we want to support our clients in renewing and strengthening these important bonds. For many people, repairing relationships can be an exceedingly difficult but rewarding process.

If youve been struggling with addiction or substance abuse and feel like your addiction has ruined relationships, were here to help. With the power of music, we want to pinpoint the underlying causes of your addiction and help you overcome it. Reach out to us today to take the first steps on the journey towards a life in recovery.

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Create And Share Some Positive Experiences

When the focus is only on solving the problem, the relationship can stagnate . You need to give attention to replenishing the well you are taking from.

What are the activities you enjoy that help you continue to see each other in a positive light? Find them and hold on to them!

Some days, it will be harder than others, but it gives the relationship a chance in the long run. Having a close relationship will also promote recovery as they are a protective factor in drug use.

Teenage Addiction Affects The Family

The CDC reports underaged drinkers have more drinks per drinking occasion than their adult counterparts. At least 19% of individuals between 12 and 20 years old drink alcohol regularly due to underreporting, the figure is most likely much higher. use is more common in teens than cigarette smoking. Teenagers deal with peer pressure in school and are also constantly bombarded with temptation.

Many are still impressionable while forming their identity. Additionally, teens who have experienced parental substance abuse are more likely to abuse substances in adulthood. Teenage addiction stems from both external factors and internal factors .

Substances like Cocaine can over-stimulate teens, causing to them sleep less and perform poorly in school. Opioids may produce euphoric effects, but consequently require frequent use with damaging side effects.

When one member is addicted, the family as a whole can be negatively impacted by phenomena such as:

  • Side effects
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Effects Of Drug Addiction On Intimacy

Loving someone with an addiction can be quite an emotional rollercoaster. Learning how to deal with a drug addict husband or wife can be painful and heartbreaking because you no longer feel you are the priority in their life.

The emotional effects of drug abuse include neglecting your partner, their needs and distancing yourself from people. Over time, secrecy and distrust increase while communication and intimacy deteriorate.

Trust is an essential component of a healthy relationship. When it starts to decay, it is expected the same will happen to your bond and relationship.

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