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How To Beat Alcohol Addiction

How To Beat Drugs And Alcohol Addiction On Your Own

How Do You Beat Alcohol Addiction? Ask The Stop Drinking Expert!

Addiction to drugs and alcohol often goes hand in hand as both substances are usually used closely. Recreational marijuana or party drugs such as Adderall are often used during drinking bouts and the effects of one can be escalated by the other, not to mention that it can leave you vulnerable to diseases.

When people start to use drugs and alcohol, they have a preconceived notion that addiction is simply a myth that could never take hold of them without a fight they feel that they can quit drugs and alcohol whenever they want. This idea begins to change when the users health starts to deteriorate and they find themselves with cravings beyond their control and the need to invest all of their finances on securing alcohol and drugs either through illegal dealers or by doctor shopping for prescription drugs.

Once a person succumbs to addiction it becomes extremely difficult to quit on your own. Some individuals go into drug and alcohol use because of peer pressure and many feel that they are safe from addiction since the others who may have been drinking or doing drugs longer than they have, do not show any signs of an addiction. It is important to understand that addiction is a condition that occurs differently in various individuals, and some people may be more susceptible to drug and alcohol addiction than others. Some causes of alcoholism and drug use include:

Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

Its actually not all that uncommon to be unsure about whether or not youre an alcoholic. However, before you can beat alcohol addiction, you need to know if thats what youre struggling with.

As alcoholism begins, there are some warning signs that are actually quite clear. These are things you can look for in your own life to determine if you have a problem with alcohol.

Some warning signs of alcoholism include:

  • Having issues at school or at your job that can be linked to your alcohol use
  • Drinking in risky situation, such as right before you drive a car
  • Frequent blackouts that cause you not to remember what happened while you were drinking
  • Experiencing legal problems because of alcohol, such as a DUI.
  • Getting hurt or hurting someone else after you have been drinking.
  • Continuing to drink even though it is causing you to have serious health concerns.
  • Having friends or loved ones who are worried about you because of your drinking habits.

Have you noticed any of these present in your own life? If you have, alcoholism might be something you need to consider.

You may only have early warning signs of alcoholism. Either way, its not too late for you to beat alcohol addiction. Its never too late.

How To Stop Drinking Without Rehab

This is a common question, and the answers turn out to be many and varied. You can go the support group route, as discussed above. You can also find a program that gives you a similar level of medical support as rehab, but without the expense or disruption. Ria Health is one of several programs now offering rehab at home through telemedicine. This means access to expert medical advice, coaches, prescription medication, and digital tracking toolsall from your phone or personal device.

In addition to these options, there may also be outpatient programs, or other affordable forms of medical care near you. Talk to your doctor about whats available. If your doctor thinks its safe, there are also ways of cutting back on your own beforehand. The Sinclair Method may be able to help, and there are a number of apps on the market that can help you quit drinking.

To summarize, regardless of which path you choose, you have choices. If you dont think rehab is right for you, there is likely an option that will suit you better.

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Dry January And Other Chances To Take A Break

Dry January has become a popular way for people to experiment with drinking less. Officially begun in Great Britain in 2013, it has grown quickly, with over four million people in the U.K. participating in 2018.

Taking a break for a month can give you some perspective on how much you drink, and what it feels like when you dont. For some people, this can be a motivating step towards sobriety or moderation. For others, it can be a chance to start pursuing long-term abstinence at a time when fewer people around them are drinking.

Regardless of when you choose to take a break, there are more and more socially condoned opportunities to see what its like to drink less alcohol. The health benefits of even a month without alcohol may surprise you. If youre thinking of cutting back, this can be a great way to test things out, or get started on your journey.

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How Can Daylight Detox Help With Alcohol Addiction And Alcohol Abuse

How To Beat Addiction And Alcohol  Wikishopline

With decades of experience, we have shown that alcohol addiction treatment is most successful when we act with a clear purpose, rapid responsiveness, expertise, and hold onto our unwavering set of sound philosophical principles.

We use evidence-based alcohol abuse treatment and alcohol intervention approaches that have been proven to be successful. Each patient needs to be in a clean and structured environment for an alcohol addiction treatment plan to be effective. You can expect private and group therapy sessions, counseling, learning more coping tools, and how to prevent relapse as part of your alcohol addiction treatment plan. We also provide motivational, science-based integrative services such as auriculotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, meditation, and nutrition education.

Alcoholism is when you can no longer control alcohol use and compulsively abuse alcohol, despite its negative consequences. Fortunately, you can end your addiction to alcohol, and your body and brain can begin the recovery process with an alcohol intervention plan. However, before recovery happens, your body has to experience a time of alcohol withdrawal. During this

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Popular Substance Abuse Recovery Programs

When a person with an addiction seeks treatment, odds are they will be directed to a 12-step recovery program such as Alcoholics Anonymous , Narcotics Anonymous or similar spiritual approach to recovery. The AA model was developed by Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson in 1935, and remains the traditional model for addiction recovery in the U.S. It works like this: You admit that you are powerless over the substance or situation, you recognize that a higher power can restore your sobriety, you examine past mistakes with the help of a sponsor and make amends, then you learn to live by a new code of behavior and agree to help others who suffer from the same addiction.

There are other popular out-patient addiction recovery approaches as well. These include motivational techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and SMART Recovery, a support group model that employs a 4-Point program of building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and living a balanced life. Unlike AA, SMART Recovery does not accept that individuals are powerless, but rather helps participants find their strengths and use them.

When all else fails, there is jail! Of course, this usually is not a solution.

Get Help For Alcohol Use Disorder Today

Dealing with alcohol use disorder can feel like a major hurdle in life, especially since you cant avoid alcohol in certain social situations. But if youre given the proper tools to get sober and cope with triggers, it can be a huge turning point.

Taking the first step toward recovery can be scary. However, once you see that youre not alone and that everyones there to support you, youll be able to breathe easier and focus on getting better. And from there, youll be able to lead a healthy life free of alcohol and other substances.

If youd like to get treatment for your alcohol addiction, then find a provider through us today.

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Tips To Beat Alcohol Addiction

Overcoming alcohol addiction can be quite challenging, but there are tips you can practice to help you beat it. Delaying alcohol addiction treatment gives room for the problem to escalate. Hence, the need to start seeking solutions early enough.

The best practice you can follow is to seek the help of a medical professional. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be dire, depending on the severity of the problem and other individual factors. Therefore, its best to have the assistance and supervision of trained professionals.

In this article, youll come across different steps you can take to help you treat alcohol addiction. The secret to the success of these tips is implementation. Regularly following the tips to beat alcohol addiction will make for complete recovery.

Advice For Friends And Family Members

How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction | Beat Addictions

Caring for a person who has problems with alcohol can be very stressful. It is important that as you try to help your loved one, you find a way to take care of yourself as well. It may help to seek support from others, including friends, family, community, and support groups. If you are developing your own symptoms of depression or anxiety, think about seeking professional help for yourself. Remember that your loved one is ultimately responsible for managing his or her illness.

However, your participation can make a big difference. Based on clinical experience, many health providers believe that support from friends and family members is important in overcoming alcohol problems. But friends and family may feel unsure about how best to provide the support needed. The groups for family and friends listed below may be a good starting point.

Remember that changing deep habits is hard, takes time, and requires repeated efforts. We usually experience failures along the way, learn from them, and then keep going. AUD is no different. Try to be patient with your loved one. Overcoming this disorder is not easy or quick.

Pay attention to your loved one when he or she is doing better or simply making an effort. Too often we are so angry or discouraged that we take it for granted when things are going better. A word of appreciation or acknowledgement of a success can go a long way.

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What Are The Factors Leading To Alcohol Abuse

Some of the risk factors of alcohol abuse include:

  • Binge drinking
  • Drinking alcohol before age 15 at a young age.
  • Genetics and a family history of issues with alcohol
  • Mental health conditions
  • History of past or present traumatic experiences

Everyone who abuses alcohol does not develop an alcohol addiction. However, as alcohol use continues, the risk of developing an alcohol addiction increases.

Alcohol Addiction Help is available 24/7 at our addiction hotline 24/7

How To Do A Home Detox

At the first appointment, it is recommended that you obtain some baseline observations and blood tests. This should include full blood count, urea and electrolytes, liver function, iron studies, glucose, calcium, magnesium and phosphate. Screen patients with the following questionnaires:

* As prescribed by the authorSADQ Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire

Encourage patients to keep drink diaries either on paper or on an alcohol tracker phone app . This not only increases their awareness of how much they are drinking, but also their feelings around their intake. Patients should also be encouraged to access resources at this early stage as it may help them to become more mindful, and to decrease their reliance on alcohol as a coping mechanism. Useful resources include online alcohol counselling and resources, the Daybreak phone app, and This Naked Mind book and blog by Annie Grace.

Doctor: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Date: ……………………………………

Nurse: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Date: ……………………………………

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Get Help For Alcohol Detox And Addiction

As you can see, alcohol is no empty threat, and overcoming alcohol addiction isnt an easy proposition. If youre looking for a place where you can safely withdraw from alcohol before embarking on a long rehabilitation road, consider Bright Future Recovery center in San Benito County, California. We are one of the best rehabs in Northern California and have a long track record of helping people from in-state and out-of-state outlast withdrawal and proceed to beat alcoholism through follow-up care.

Evaluating The Costs And Benefits Of Drinking

Beating Alcoholism: Why is Alcohol Addiction so Hard to Beat?

Make a table like the one below, weighing the costs and benefits of drinking to the costs and benefits of quitting.

Is drinking worth the cost?
Benefits of drinking
  • Id have to find another way to deal with problems.
  • Id lose my drinking buddies.
  • I would have to face the responsibilities Ive been ignoring.

Need to talk to someone?

Get affordable online counseling from BetterHelp or visit HelpGuides directory for free helplines and crisis resources. HelpGuide is reader supported. We may receive a commission if you sign up for BetterHelp through the provided link. Learn more.

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Medications Used In Alcoholism Treatment

Most medication used in the treatment of alcoholism serve one primary purpose they help reduce cravings for alcohol, they reduce symptoms of withdrawal and or promote a negative feeling when one consumes alcohol. The medications include:

  • Acamprosate These meds lower cravings for drinking as well as the symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Naltrexone Minimizes cravings for alcohol
  • Disulfiram Promotes unpleasant effects when one drinks alcohol. The feelings include headaches, nausea or vomiting, and others.

Moderation As An Option

Alcoholics Anonymous and many rehab programs often present abstinence as the only option. However, scientific evidence indicates that this is not the case. In fact, for several decades now, the medication naltrexone has been successfully used to help people cut back and moderate their drinking, without requiring total abstinence. And in general there is sufficient research to suggest that moderation-based programs can be an effective alternative to traditional treatment.

There are several reasons that moderation may work better for an individual than complete abstinence. One may be that a persons drinking problem is mild enough that changing their behavior around alcohol isnt as big a challenge. Conversely, their addiction may be so severe that its best to think about harm reductionfinding the best way to reduce that persons drinking to a safer level for the sake of their health. The goal of cutting back can sometimes feel easier to attain.

Finally, even if your long-term goal is abstinence, moderation can be an effective bridge. Under the Sinclair Method, for example, participants can continue to drink moderately over a long period of time as long as they take naltrexone beforehand. The result of this method is that some people lose interest in alcohol completely, and wind up abstaining.

At the end of the day, alcohol use disorder can be treated through behavior modification, which means that some people can learn to drink moderately.

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How Can Medications Help Treat Addiction

Treating Withdrawal. When you stop using alcohol or drugs, you will usually experience withdrawal symptoms, including restlessness, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety and mood disorders. Certain medications can help to reduce these symptoms and make it easier for you to cope.

Staying in Rehab. Certain medications help your body adapt to the absence of the substance on which it has become dependent. They can alleviate cravings, calm your body, and allow you to focus on your treatment programme.

Preventing Relapse. The most common triggers for relapse are stress, exposure to alcohol or drugs, and cues linked to your own experiences of drinking and drug-use . Certain medications are being developed to lessen or interrupt the effects of these triggers and help you maintain your recovery.

Support Online Or Over The Phone

Alcohol Addiction: How To Get Healthy & Beat Alcoholism

You can also find support remotely:

  • Drinkline, a free, confidential helpline for people who are concerned about their drinking, or someone else’s. Call 0300 123 1110
  • If you live in Wales, you can contact theDAN 24/7alcohol and drug any time of the day or night. Freephone: 0808 808 2234, or text DAN to: 81066.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, whose helpline is open 24/7 on 0800 9177 650. If you would prefer, you can also email them at or live chat via their website at
  • You can join a SMART Recovery meeting online here. SMART holds both face-to-face and online meetings which support people in managing harmful addictive behaviour. The SMART Recovery Programme helps individuals and family members of those who are struggling. They also have women’s only meetings and those specifically for members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Al-Anon which offers support and understanding to the families and friends of dependent drinkers. You can call their confidential helpline on 0800 0086 811 . There are lots more resources for families and friends here.
  • Nacoa support anyone affected by their parent drinking, including adults. Here are some of the questions that children often ask about alcohol and the effects on them and their family. For more information, visit, call 0800 358 3456 or email . You can also find them on and .

If you are looking for urgent support please contact the Samaritans, who are available 24/7 on 116 123 or .

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Make A Plan To Prevent Relapsing Again

With the help of a therapist, a professional addiction counselor, or a sponsor, try to analyze your relapse and create a plan to avoid a similar scenario in the future. This should include triggers, coping tactics, and specific people in your support network who you can ask for help.

âBy connecting with sober supports and clinical resources, a framework for prevention can start to take shape in oneâs life,â Harshal Kirane, MD, medical director of Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research tells WebMD Connect to Care. âRecovery from alcohol use disorder is ultimately a personal journey, but it can only begin by reaching out for support.â

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